#5. Symbolic Power – Edmund Pettus Bridge

How many black people have walked across it?


When I walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, I realized that it was no ordinary bridge, but it was something much more significant.

Why is this bridge so important? Is it a magical bridge? Not really. It is just a symbol of something important that has a sort of magic power over minds.

The Edmund Pettus Bridge is a shrine in the narrative of Black America. That is why Obama and Hillary felt it necessary to walk across that bridge. They were like pilgrims in the Middle Ages visiting a holy place to find witness something meaningful.

I learned something very important about the mechanics of power on that bridge. Obama used that bridge to frame himself in the myth of Black America in order to establish his legitimacy through a symbolic photo op for the Democratic Party.

Over the years, I have toured all kinds of places that have symbolic power to me, in much the same way that the Edmund Pettus Bridge is a shrine to African-Americans.

The list is rather long:

(1) Jamestown
(2) Appomattox
(3) The Alabama State Capitol
(4) Valley Forge
(5) Cowpens Battlefield
(6) Yorktown

I was drawn to these places for some reason. They were significant enough to me to visit and see for myself. They were significant because they were part of a narrative that I identified with. They had symbolic power over me.

Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox. He laid down the sword, but it is time to pick up the pen of John C. Calhoun. Perhaps we can convert people to our point of view? Talk some sense into them.

Note: I’m referring to Calhoun in the sense that he was an Antebellum political theorist, not in the sense that was a defender of slavery.

The only slavery that we need to oppose today is Washington, Hollywood, and New York City selling us all into slavery to their manufacturing plant in Communist China.

It is like we are all sharecroppers again who buy what we need at Wal-Mart with BRA dollars from the Federal Reserve. Black people can join this alliance.

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