#6. Washington’s Plantation

We all pick the cotton now


I knew there was something familiar about the world in the year 2011.

It has started to resemble a world that is very familiar to White people and African-Americans who lived in the American South after the War Between the States.

In that world, poor people in the American South (black and white) spent a lot of their time picking cotton. Today, instead of picking cotton to give us something to do with our time, we work ourselves to death for fast food restaurants, muffler shops, Big Box stores, Wal-Mart, etc.

It is the “service industry.” From where I am standing, it looks more like the “servant industry.” You are a servant of something. What could it be? It is debt and the dollar.

You work very hard to get that Washington dollar. Then you use that dollar to buy things at stores like Wal-Mart. It is very reminiscent of the post-slavery economy.

Back then, it was the Midwest that made everything, which was controlled by Lincoln’s Republican Party, and we spent a lot of time here picking cotton for basic sustenance. Has the Midwest been outsourced (sold down the river) to China?

Ohio and Michigan, what do you think?

There is something called the “financial services industry” headquartered in New York City. How is Wall Street in any sense an industry? What does it make? Oh wait, it is debt.

Wall Street is very good at convincing us to invest our “money” (send our money to Wall Street) in the stock market. Why should anyone invest a nickel with Jefferson’s face or a penny with George Washington’s face in a place like Wall Street?

What about Hollywood? The “entertainment industry” is headquartered there. What does the “entertainment industry” make? It manufactures illusions about reality. Its role in the system is to control the narrative and to manufacture symbols to legitimize power.

What about the mainstream media? The corporate media across the whole land echoes BRA’s moral voice into every community. It keeps us all standing in all and sounding like robots.

What about the disciplinary institutions? The disciplinary institutions are institutions like the SPLC, the ACLU, the ADL, the NAACP, the NCLR which whip everyone into line. They prevent us from talking to each other about our problems.

What about the non-universities? The non-universities these days are engaged in a grand project of rotting the English language. They have polluted the English language with all kinds of stupid concepts and ideas. Their role is to rot our minds.

What about the drug dealers? Drugs keep us distracted from what is going. Instead of trying to understand the world like Darwin or Galileo, you will go debaunch yourself with a six pack or blow your own head off or join a gang if you are black

Does that many any sense to you? It has always made a lot of sense to me. That is why I would rather live on Alabama’s plantation (and work for my own people and our state) than the plantation that is owned by Washington, New York City, Hollywood who have sold us to China.

Patriotic songs:

Come on, let’s all have a party. We have figured out something here.

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  1. 2011 looks familiar to me, too. It looks just like the early chapters of “The Turner Diaries”.

    I’ve been pointing that out all over the blogs in an attempt to get White folks to read or re-read that book. Pierce wasn’t much of a writer, but he was able to look into the future.
    We are now living in Earl Turner’s world.

    Read the book for free online and you will see what I am talking about.

  2. Hunter is reincarnating Foucault in everyman’s language. An incisive look at the relation between Power and Discourse (symbols); made easily accessible to those who don’t have time for “philosophy”. Some very useful tools are presented, tools that enable people to see outside their box-prison.

  3. To an lot of us, the period from 1993 to 2011 (an 18 year period) looks a lot like the insidious establishment of the Weimar Republic to dominate and demean the indigenous German peoples.

    The Weimar Republic began its loathsome existence with the fall of the German Empire in November 1918 and fell in its turn in March 1933, a brief lifetime of no more than 15 years, yet it set the stage for global events that still reverberate around the world.

    So the question is when will this new Weimar Republic on North American soil collapse into its own filth, hatreds, abuses, and viciousness?

  4. We can talk too about the fact the world gets more and more quick and fast everytime, we lost touch we things essential to life thanks to this new world… the objetive of the elite for a fast world its to destroy social capital in which we can invest in cooperation to destroy it… fast means relative and antisocial… and relativism means viciousness and viciousness is the product of fastness that makes the world desenchanted

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