#14. His Radio

There is good music on the radio


His Radio is singing a beautiful song tonight. The Word of God sounds like it is literally in the air.

I think I will just drive around and listen to all these songs. I have plenty of Washington dollars to pay for the gas. I like to hear songs, but I don’t care much for this scrap of paper.

There is a mood of celebration on the airwaves. It is music to my ears. I want to listen to music for a change. It almost sounds like something very important (i.e., St. Benedict) has been discovered in Christendom.

Whatever it is, it sounds great. It is almost like everyone is a Medieval Knight now or a Dominican or a Franciscan. The voice is echoing across the land. It sounds like the enchanted world of the Middle Ages has come back in some kind of way or the Millennium has arrived.

Note: If you are not tuning into His Radio, you are missing something really interesting going on. There is “peace in their minds.” A taste of Heaven even.

It sounds like prayers have been answered, people have been saved, great deeds have been accomplished, eyes are looking up to Heaven, and everyone wants to sing about it.

Just an observation.

I’m going to exercise my “right” to listen to this.

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