#15. Alabama’s Great Discovery

Dothan is a place in Southeast Alabama named after an ancient city in Israel


It sure sounds good riding around tonight on the Jefferson Davis Highway listening to the songs on the radio. Someone has been looking out for their brothers and sisters.

This verifies that everyone who is listening to the radio is hearing the same thing that I am hearing. It is a great night to listen to the radio in Alabama. The monks have won a great victory over New York City for our state.

It sounds almost like Alabama has discovered its own voice: Protestant Christianity. I don’t remember the radio sounding exactly like that before. It sounds really uplifting and inspiring to listen to this frequency.

They must be hearing this in Dothan:

Dothan (Hebrew: ?????) (also, Dothaim) was a city located at north of Shechem, and about 100 km north of Hebron. It was known to Eusebius, who places it 12 miles to the north of Sebaste (Samaria); and here it has been discovered in our own times. It has been identified with the modern Tel Dothan located ten kilometers (driving distance) southwest of Jenin, near Dotan Junction of Israel Route 60.[1][2][3]

It is first mentioned (Genesis 37:17) in connection with the history of Joseph. Here, at the suggestion of Judah, the brothers sold Joseph to the Ishmaelite merchants (Gen. 37:17). It later appears as the residence of Elisha (2 Kings 6:13) and the scene of a remarkable vision of chariots and horses of fire surrounding the mountain on which the city stood.

The modern Israeli settlement of Mevo Dotan’s name, approach to Dothan, is derived from its nearby location. In addition, its mention in Genesis was the basis for the naming of Dothan, Alabama.

Whoops. Wrong Dothan.

I meant this city:

Dothan ( /?do???n/) is a city located in the southeastern corner of the U.S. state of Alabama, situated approximately 20 miles (32 km) west of the Georgia state line and 18 miles (29 km) north of Florida. It is the seat of Houston County, with portions extending into nearby Dale County and Henry County. Its name derives from Genesis 37:17: “let us go to Dothan.” According to 2007 Census Bureau estimates, the city’s population was 65,447,[1] making it the largest town in this part of the state.

Let us go to Dothan, AL and see what is happening tomorrow.

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