Hate’s Parable

It was really that simple


It was just another day in the Sunny South.

One day a philosopher king walked by a dog (he was out trying to get some physical exercise) who started barking at him. The dog was barking up a storm.

The philosopher king took off his iPod, his curiosity aroused, and looked at the dog. The philosopher king asked the dog, “why are you so angry at me”? Do you hate me or something? Your bark is very disturbing and makes me want to mace you.

The dog kept barking. He refused to stop barking. The dog was clearly irritated about something. The distance between the dog and the philosopher king was like, say, a “partisan divide,” or a “legitimate grievance.”

The philosopher king scratched his chin and thought to himself: “oh, I see that I am violating your territory.” You are pissed off because I am in your territory.

Well, look.

I will cut you a deal. If you stop barking at me, I will go to the grocery store and get you something like a steak, which will make you happy. That is something you will like. It will be a delicious piece of red meat which you can digest. Organic material.

I will give you a name, “Cujo.” How is that for a name? Instead of being my enemy, “Cujo,” you can be my ally, and you can like defend me or something.

Do you accept the terms of this alliance? Cujo stopped barking. He started wagging his tail, smiling, sticking his tongue out. Cujo and the philosopher king were friends now.

The philosopher king figured out where Cujo was coming from that day. Then he used reason and observation to fix the problem.

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