#18. Morris Tetzel

Frederick The Wise agreed it was ridiculous!


The word went out that day across Alabama: are you telling me that Morris Dees has sat in judgment of us all? The final authority on hate?

Are you telling me we – Protestant Christians – all had to conform to the script of this man for decades? He has made himself quite a lot of money preaching his gospel.

But what of ours?

Note: That was another home run. It was the beginning of a “new paradigm.” This “paradigm” feels really, really good! It is so obvious that you can paint it.

Sweet Jesus, it sounds good!

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  1. Thank you Denise.As claims to fame go it IS pretty cool I think,Dusty being Dusty.

    Mind you,I had not even been born at the time,my parents(and sister)were living in London in the mid 50’s.

    Dusty was not even Dusty back then-she was still Mary O’Brien-an Irish doctors daughter,so ideal to babysit my Irish Catholic sister.

    BTW-I mention it every chance I get.

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