Jesse James In Georgia

Bonnie and Clyde on the loose again


I’m watching MSNBC talk about the White kids who robbed the bank to get the Federal Reserve dollars in Georgia.

I’ve done nothing but sit here and drink a glass of water. Instead of working for the Federal Reserve, I study the world around me and try to learn something about how it operates.

Each piece of information (your “two cents”) has been a clue to a puzzle:

He was also unemployed. Hollywood made a movie about him. I am sure that I have seen it on HBO. It has been on HBO several times. This is another clear example of someone acting out a fantasy ideology.

The saddest thing about this is that “Doughtery” sure rings a bell. I believe there is a Doughtery County, GA. Why are White kids in Georgia whose names are on Albany, GA engaged in a crime spree on television?

It is just a symptom of a collapse of confidence in the system. Ruined people acting out their own fantasies. Probably not unlike Milwaukee, Philadelphia, or England.

Here’s a novel idea: let them work for their own state and county. A public jobs program instead of an EBT card and a TANF welfare check.

Teach them about their own history. Show them the great churches their ancestors built in Doughtery County. How about a lesson or two in ethics and high culture?

Just as an observer of the cultural scene, I see Sodom and Gomorrah all around me. It was inevitable that such a licentiousness culture (which affects everyone) would break down eventually.

I will pray that the born again “cultural engineers” on television and in cyberspace will learn a thing about this and start doing their own jobs. That would certainly be more interesting to watch than the “partisan divide” in Washington.

Note: I finally figured out the other day why I had spent a decade working for a “non-profit” called White America. It was an exciting discovery. I apologize for scaring you.

I realized that I identified with my own people because I was related to them. I loved our history, our culture, our universities, our great cities and towns, the great architecture of the American South, and especially our race of heroes as described on Goat Hill.

In fact, you could say that the irresistable allure of working for the “non-profit” called the White Race Foundation (collecting and analyzing ideas taken from various sources) showed me that this is an idea that has commercial applications.

If I was working for a non-profit called Dixie and Western civilization, why couldn’t anyone? Why couldn’t anyone work for their town or their family or their country or their state or their “county” their brothers and sisters in Christ or for the God’s honest truth? Why couldn’t you work for civilization?

Think about it. You could be the Duke of the County.

In the Middle Ages, we worked for a non-profit, the Catholic Church, the Realm, the Lord, etc. It was really a stunning experience to wake up and realize that we had been working like “monks” or “guardians” on a “metapolitical project.”

It was worth a lot of money to find out that we work for symbolic power and cultural narratives that have legitimacy in our own eyes. Reality made sense to me. It was my own “two cents” that made sense. My opinion was worth quite a lot to me.

The Confederate lottery is figuring out you don’t have to work so hard for the Wall Street credit card or the Countrywide home mortgage. Just for your own community. 😉

I knew the Yankees had it wrong.

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