Sir Walter Scott’s Killer App

In the nineteenth century, Sir Walter Scott created a discourse of power which was reflected in Southern Romanticism, which eventually became the Confederate currency


What would it be like to work for a non-profit foundation called Christianity and Western civilization? Your race of heroes. Your dreams. Your hometown. Beautiful women.

Haven’t seen those in Dixie in a long, long time. We built better looking communities back then. ‘Thera was a slowa pace of life. After the War Between the States, the world mysteriously sped up.

Not to have to listen to Sky Yankee on television? Time Clock Yankee at work saying “time is money”? School Marm Yankee in the New York Times (and all its media satellites) saying “shame on you” and “diversity is our strength.”

Civil Rights Activist Yankee accusing you of the sin of xenophobia and heteronormativity? Federal Reserve Yankee printing his worthless money? Carpetbagger Yankee write nonsense on his blog at the SPLC in Montgomery. Wall Street Yankee sending the bill for the Countrywide Mortgage.

Instead, we sit on the front porch and drink a nice glass of lemonade or a mint julep, build a better world for ourselves, relax a little, have ourselves a real good laugh, enjoy the sunshine, a Southern BBQ with our friends, and listen to the dog bark at us in the Plantation Nation when we “violate his territory.”

All is forgiven.

What do we really need? Wisdom. Great Books. Electricity. Mutual Aid. Philosophy. Labor. Real Money. Pets. Technology. Food. Water. Myth. Smart People. His Radio. Electricity. Strong Communities. Social Compact. Fine Things, etc.

Just think about it: St. Benedict, John C. Calhoun, Jesus Christ, Sir Walter Scott, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Thomas Edison, James Madison, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jeff Davis, and Booker T. Washington … DEFEAT Sky Yankee … and create “communitarianism.”

It is the new paradigm.

Note: Every little idea was a coin in the Confederate piggy bank. An investment in the mind of this “community organizer.” Investors lost “a trillion dollars” on Wall Street by not working for Main Street. Lulz.


Apollo – (God of Reason)
Dionysus – (God of Emotion)

Wax out of ears? Scales fall from eyes? Symbolic power.

Donation check? How much is it worth to figure out money and profit?

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  1. WOW!!!!!!! That Southern Soldier Boy song was absolutely wonderful. I am very glad you posted that. I just shared it with all my friends and family.

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