Second Chance

New York City

In New York City, they now realize that everyone deserves a fair hearing, and that democracy and republican government can be practiced on the airwaves … without the specter of, say, the Hitler scarecrow.

The Money Power haunted us all … drove us to do stupid things … almost like an Invisible Hand. Just by studying the European Middle Ages (with the assistance of a library card), you will realize that the Hand of God doesn’t move that way.

No one realized it on their own. It was a collective insight. Just people talking and sharing their “own two cents” of insight at what appeared to be a “pivotal” historic moment. The “partisan divide” in Washington seemed incredibly silly.

So everyone can get their chance to be Leonardo now. It is a Brave New World this afternoon.

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  1. Gotta get inside, first. Gotta get past what’s stopping you. You can think it – but ya gotta DO it.

  2. Who is “they” by the way? The Creatures in Power that just fired Frank Borzellieri , and are gloating aobut it?

    Getting the Republic, or even sanity, restored in NYC is gonna take a firefight.

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