Linder’s Error

Alex Linder created a vanguard of common people who barked at authority

The Vanguard

Linder’s error was assuming that he was the smartest person in the world who had it all figured out. For years he wasted his time on Hitler and Vanguard News Network.

The smart people out there have always fantasized about being Crusaders and Roman Senators and Knights Templar and Dominican Order. You can find all their great ideas in these things called books in the university library. The smart people can now use James O’Keefe tactics to take back their rightful place in the public square.

No one enjoys being lectured to by idiots and scolds. The consequences of neglecting the foundations of civilization are too obvious now. The opportunities are too vast to be realized. There is such a thing as an “Appeal to Heaven.”

Instead of “Head Start,” you could have Plato TV or Aristotle TV or Jesus Christ TV or Stephen Hawking TV or History TV or Civitas TV. Everyone could swap their “two cents” online and solve most of the problems in the world.

Smart people like curiosity, conscience, ethics, reason, art, passion, righteousness, common sense, non-violence, intelligent solutions, hard hitting analysis, business models, music, poetry, etc. Dial them up on Amazon.

You could work for your own town. Enjoy your leisure time as a county squire. Who knows? Relax a little.

It is the new paradigm.

Note: Move to some other town in Mizzou.

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  1. I don’t think Linder is an idiot. Linder is very blunt, which can turn some people off. What people like about the past German National Socialists was their ability to succesfully confront the problem in their own country, gain power, defend Europe from mass murdering Communists and restore their own culture.

  2. Thank you for posting the very nice photo of Alex. I’ve admired your writing and ability to analyze, and I’ve stated that several times, most recently at MR again. But the fact is that you have a quite a way to go before you can compete with Alex Linder in either of those departments. I don’t mean that to insult you, but to praise Alex for his high intelligence, focused and informed understanding of the problems, and courage in stating it outright. When I was on a list with him, I resented his perpetual promotion of VNN, and I opposed his alliance with one person and poor treatment of another. But an idiot? Not likely. I visit VNN rarely nowadays, but each time I do, there’s something there worth copying and saving, especially if Alex has written it.

  3. Hunter Wallace writting and argumentative skills suck big time.

    You just have to read a couple of his articles to figure that out.

  4. Linder had a great idea: create a “Vanguard News Network.” What he lacked was a business plan for that idea.

    The smart people can take that idea, “Vanguard News Network,” and use all the tools of social media (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Cable TV, WordPress) to decapitate and/or transform the corporate owned “Mainstream Media,” share their own “two cents” and solve long festering problems, especially what passes for “discourse” in the United States.

    In other words, Dylan Ratigan can be the “Vanguard” of Wall Street, Anderson Cooper can go to Somalia to be the “Vanguard” of the Crusade, Chris Matthews can be the “Vanguard” of fixing the “bipartisan divide,” everyone has been sitting on some kind of grievance for years.

    You can be a “vanguardist” without being a Neo-Nazi. In fact, you can be a “vanguard” intellectual or economist or an opportunist with your own “two cents” that can be shared in the public forum.

    You can be a “vanguard” artist or musician.

    Note: I’ve read and/or analyzed 1000x more material than Alex Linder.

  5. The term “neo-nazi” is now used to attack mainly Celtic and Germanic people who agree that Germans had a right to control their own country. There is no real German National Socialist Workers party in Germany or the USA now. The word “neo-nazi” is now just an slander word . Actually, Germany in the 1930’s flourished culturally and financially. Most Americans have only seen the Jewish idea of 1930’s Germany- the History Channel version full of scary music and one sided propaganda(no mention of Jewish communists who were mass murdering russians in death camps, mass-murdering christian priests, burning down churches, mass killing russian intellectuals, businessmen, policeman, military men, etc. in the Soviet Union.)

  6. I don’t know why or for what reason you’ve raised the Specter that is Alex Linder.

    I can only speak for myself. I found his VNN site a few years back. I began to post on it from time to time, and the utter visceral, lower-class white TRASH that put down a) myself, b) Christianity, c) White MORALITY based on the Bible/Ten C’s. etc. made me wonder if I had ventured into a neo-pseudo Odinist confab of men with big brawny arms, Thor hammers, and long hair and beards, ready to wreak havoc on FBI and SWAT teams in riot gear, if just given the chance.

    I soon realized that they were all poseurs; armchair “WN”s whose only raison d’etre (that’s French, btw) was to ‘hate on everything’ that wasn’t their own perverted version of white pre-Christian PAGANISM. Seeing the effete picture of Mr. Linder, I now wonder what all the fuss is about? He could (and probably should) be sitting in a pew in my parish some Sunday morning, where his raising a family, earning a living, and tithing to change the little town where I live, might actually mean something, in about two decades or so, if we are LUCKY…. rather than rant and rave, only to make other ranters and ravers feel better, before their next brewski… or joint.

    The Restoration of Christendom is going to need a lot more honest, REAL men, who are willing to get their hands dirty, before the Left/Jewsmedia is going to take us seriously.

  7. Even when I was making posts that were testy on the Jews, to myself, I was debating. I was seriously considering the idea that Jews a problem but did not want to say it.

    But now I’m convinced that the real problem is people like Linder, and the Jews are just reacting to enemies, real and imagined. Sure they are overzealous and sure they fight against imaginary enemies, but hitler was the cause and modern day jews are the effect. Jews are simply paranoid.

  8. Sure they are overzealous and sure they fight against imaginary enemies, but hitler was the cause and modern day jews are the effect. Jews are simply paranoid.

    Hitler didn’t help relations with Jews, but Jews have had 1000+ years of persecution and expulsions to shape their paranoia and ethnocentricity.

    Hitler is just part of a historical chain of action/reaction between Jews and gentiles, not the genesis.

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