Barbarism Meets Black

Great Moments in BRA History, 1965 Watts Riot


After reading this article in The Daily Beast, I can’t help but wonder why the Left has waged an unrelenting jihad against the family, against the community, against tradition, against religion, against the state, against history, against real conservatism, against wisdom and experience, against individuality, against virtue ethics, against common sense, against classical aesthetics, against reason and statesmanship, against reality … and so on … for generations … to have us all conform to the party line.

It is not just black people rioting in London. The black people are rioting because their minds have been utterly scrambled after having to live for decades under insufferable school marm technocrats (with Che Guevera posters on the wall) who didn’t have a clue about their actual condition. They also had to work in these stupid pointless jobs in England for no apparent reason.

What did you expect to happen?

The Left has told black people for generations that they are the victims of nativism, racism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, oppression (everything Anders Breivik covered in the book) and so on. The English language has been rotting for years in England itself under the influence of Cultural Marxism. Empowerment was the prescribed solution.

How in the world was “chav culture” supposed to be progress? Even a cursory examination of the Moynihan Report (1965) pointed like a laser beam at the real causes of the problem. As I have said many times before, the USA and Britain lost the real “Triple AAA” rating around 1965, when BRA, Eurabia, and McWorld were called into existence.

London is now figuring out what it is like to walk in the shoes of Detroit and Newark. I believe the State of Arkansas recently had to pass a law to require black people not to wear baggy pants.

The White family has also been systematically rotted since 1965. That is why there is so much nostalgia for the 1950s. It was around that time that the West began its long march toward racial and cultural insanity.

Why are the nihilistic youth rioting? Decades of “great advice” by the cultural termites with cushy establishment jobs who burrowed deep into the heart of the West. The “witches of communism” are to blame for this. They insulated themselves from all legitimate social criticism by creating a cockamamie language of morality called political correctness and by using their money to put on a carnival of eunuch politics for the masses.

Note: Anyone who thinks black people are better off today because Al Sharpton is on television or Will Smith is a movie star or because Robert Mugabe is now in charge of Zimbabwe which used to be Rhodesia needs to consult the nearest university library to learn a thing or two about history.

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  1. Chavs are Wiggers. The Englis hare extrmely proud of the fact that they have dumped the Church entirely. Chavs are invariably far more loathesome than Wiggers, cause evne Americans Wiggers have received the benefit of residual Christian mores, no matter how haphazardly they’ve bene absorbed. Ye – the Chavs ar rioting too.

    However – in my own experience, of following the tragic immolation of the Land of My Ancestors – I’ve discovered that the MOST corrosive element in England are the English DWL’S – who are makng every excuse imaginable, for the insurrection. American Anti-fa are downright laid back, compared to these prizes.
    George Orwell knew the type he war writing about….the ensuing decades have distilled their madness and hatred.

    However – White Proles have begun defending their turf. Certain English are noticing the complete destrcution of Enlgand itself. England may vanish entirely. Depends on what a handful of real English people do. It’s the 11th Hour in America. It’s Hour 11:57PM, in the UK.

  2. Yeah, these are the exact questions that went through my mind after watching the Enoch Powell videos you posted yesterday.

    But who are the liberals who started this downward spiral? What are their names? Who were some of the organizations?
    England and America have an electorate who put people in positions who could make these kind of policy changes. How did the collective electorate IQs drop so sharply. How did their desire for self preservation change so radically? Were the schools already teaching this in the 50s to pave the way for it to be voted into power in the 60s.

  3. Once again, an astoundingly incisive take, Mr. Wallace. Though I would date the decay of the white family to at least the late 10s and Roaring 20s (and Henry Adams was already lamenting it’s demise in the late 19th Century), and my generational love of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air notwithstanding, you are right on. (Sometimes I, too, wonder: I know some of the people who started us around our death spiral, but how could anyone actually want what the liberals attained?)

  4. Hunter, I think you are over-complicating this entire matter. The lefties are attracted to the Coonkind for exactly the same reason Jimmy Swaggert was attracted to nigger crack whores: Those nasty, shit-skinned motherfuckers give those pukes a sexual thrill.

    There is absolutely no rational reason for visiting a sub-Saharan African country or an American inner city and deciding that you would like to bring some of that world into your backyard. Therefore, the reason has to be something completely irrational, like a sick sexual need that borders on bestiality

    It makes me wonder what those Sheeny Bastids at the SPLC and the ACLU do when a Wesley Snipes movie is on and nobody is around.

    The Negrophiles try to act as though they are motivated by altruism that came straight from Jesus and Gandhi, but I’m not buying any of it. Jesus never had to deal with any niggers in his tiny middle-eastern stomping ground, so he had no opinion on them whatsoever, and Gandhi supported Apartheid, so they can’t blame their disturbing behavior on those guys.

    My conclusion is that the people who want to bring niggers into every aspect of Western Civilization are just a bunch of closet coal-burners who want to have their meat puppets close by at all times.

    I have pondered this issue for at least thirty years and this is the only conclusion that makes sense to me. Occam’s Razor says it’s so.

  5. PRB – methinks yer on to something. That – and when you are NOT really innately superior, it’s really hard to pass yourself off AS superior, if you have the TRULY Superior People raining on your parade. So importing loads of kuckle dragging ugly untermenshen helps one prop up the mythos.

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