Obama’s Legitimacy Crisis

Did Obama actually see anything when he walked across it?

Los Angeles

“Don’t tell me I’m not coming home when I come to Selma, Ala. I’m here because somebody marched for our freedom. I’m here because y’all sacrificed for me.” – Barack Hussein Obama, 2007

Why does Barack Hussein Obama have a legitimacy crisis? Why is it virtually impossible for Obama to win the State of Alabama?

The answer is very simple: Obama is a simulacrum (we have a vast stockpile of books here in the Alabama backwoods) of a real president. Like George W. Bush, he is someone who gives speeches on television, but who serves powerful monied interests, and who has never done anything to really solve our problems.

Obamamessiah parachutes into our communities to do photo ops for a media narrative. He tells us that he feels our pain. His only role is to serve Wall Street, Hollywood, and the Washington establishment. Black people are/were excited because there is/was finally an African-American in the White House.

Why the hell should you care if there is an African-American in the White House if you have lost 85 percent of your frickin’ net worth? Why should you care if someone is preaching to you on television? Are mere words supposed to make you feel better?

Not if you have a brain.

This is arguably the greatest moment in BRA history. It was the time that Barack Hussein Obama came to Selma, AL to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Hillary Clinton also walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

They all come to Selma to walk over BRA’s magic bridge, not to learn anything like us, but to clothe themselves in symbolic power which has retail value:

Did any of these people on television actually take a minute to stop and look around at their surroundings in Selma? Those of us who live near Selma can drive through there anytime we want.

We can go there to see with our eyes what Sharpton and Obama have accomplished there. We can study Selma with the perspective of Darwin. Formulate theories.

Lawn jockey of Wall Street. Confirmed.

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  1. I met a Jewish prof once. He teaches in Suth Africa. He told me that all Blacks – all of them – h doesn’t care where they are born – believe in magic. His students believe that their diplomas confer the White Man’s Mojo – special magical abilities. He teaches at a university, mind you. The university students believe that the diploma itself conveys the magical powers. The diploma does nt represent the year of “work” that went into aquiring the diploma (and considering the degraded university systems in the West – the theory that actual work went into achieving a diploma is dubious, at best). Nope. No siree.

    It’s the diploma itself.

  2. Denise,

    That goes double for former universities in the new South Africa. I worked for one of the formerly most prestigious (IT, not academic), and academic standards have gone to hell. To illustrate, shortly before my daughter left the country, she took her baby to her regular paediatrician, and was told this story:

    The practice was pressured by the government to take in a black partner. They searched diligently, and the only one they could find was a recent graduate of the same university I mentioned.

    This medical professional had failed his examinations, but the government had let the university know that that was unacceptable; they must find a way to pass him. So the university agreed to give him a supplementary oral exam (with the results obviously pre-determined). As a further bulwark against the inherent racism of tests, he would be allowed to bring his cell phone into the exam, so he could call a friend if he got stuck.

    Unsurprisingly, he passed and is now practising medicine just like a real doctor.

  3. AnalogMan – it’s not much different inthe USA. All institutional standards have been dropped to the gutter, to accomodate the Dark Ones.

  4. Denise at CofCC’s website they have a vid clip of Corey Feldman claiming Hollywood pedophilia, but with two problems, first he won’t name names and second its being run on the Jewstream media ABC. Just thought you would be interested. Sorry to threadjack

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