Timothy Snyder’s Apology

Sack of London, 2011


I’ve read with great interest Timothy Snyder’s apology for the Sack of London by the modern version of the Vandals.

The only question that runs through my mind is this: oh wise sages of globalism, what have you inflicted upon the people of England, not to mention the people of America?

Do you really think that your “central planning” has worked out for the best of us who live on the ground? Are we too stupid to use our own minds here? As you fly over us in your ridiculous jet with Thomas Friedman to preach garbage to the common man?

Did you fix Selma? Did you fix London? Did you fix Detroit? Did you fix Birmingham? Can you even fix Washington, DC? What about Brussels? The African continent? Are you even capable of running Chicago, Illinois? Servant of Mammon.

What exactly is your track record? Oh wait … it is a track record of failure … countless ruined cities … countless ruined countries … people living in fear of the high priests of tolerance.

Yeah, Italy and Japan are on schedule to die because Italians and Japanese can’t summon the will to reproduce their own race, and someone like you is taken seriously.

Oh wise Guardians, fall on your sword, or Anders Breivik will knock on your door. You are done. Too many people have witnessed your foolishness.

Stop fleecing the sheeple. Con man.

Note: The great challenge of the twenty-first century is figuring out how to rid ourselves of traitors to their own religion, their own people, their own country, their own cities, their own conscience, and their own civilization. Peacefully.

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  1. The London Riots would have been minor if the first “youth” through the door was met with a 9 mm through the chest. Think back on the experience with Korean shopkeepers in the Watts riots of the early 1970s. The wimpish Brits long ago gave up their firearms, and I despair of them ever recovering their right to self defense. But the Second Amendment provides an entirely different set of rules to the game. For modern Americans, the lesson is that we support and endorse the right to gun ownership.


  2. And like globalists, neither were all bolsheviks and communists, Jews. But like bolsheviks and communists, the globalist movers and shakers are disproportunately so.

  3. Nope is correct. In the old Soviet Union, the Jewish Communists wanted to create the New Soviet Man(Gentile)- a russian who had been stripped of his ethnic identity, racial identity, religion, and culture. The Russians who wanted to keep their ethnic, racial and religious identity were labeled as “racist” by communist leader Lev Bronstein(Trotsky). Jewish communists, however, were to retain their ethnicity, religion and culture.

  4. If whites were the majority at the fair,how is it whites allowed themselves to be beaten?Can you blame it on Jews,DWL’s,the police or the government?
    The white eunich who gave up his clothes to a black in the street,was there a gun to his head?I bet a day’s wages not a single Sikh or Turk lost their clothes.
    There will be no peaceful solution unless you have their respect.

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