Reformation Alabama

Martin Luther, Founder of Protestantism, asked a few penetrating questions about authority


“For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; it is he who will save us.”
– Isaiah 33:22

It was a surreal experience to ride around Alabama and listen to the radio this evening. I wanted to hear the echo of the night in Montgomery where the financial pyramid of political correctness has been erected.

I have never seen anything quite like it before. There is a religious revival going on in Alabama. The radio is booming a chorus of freedom and religion across the countryside.

Unless you think I am crazy, I personally witnessed people driving spellbound in their cars into traffic jams, with no apparent intent in mind other than to listen to the great tunes on the radio. They weren’t out at that time of night to go shopping anywhere.

I saw The Lost Highway in Montgomery:

“I’m a rolling stone, all alone and lost,
For a life of sin, I have paid the cost.
When I pass by, all the people say
“Just another guy on the lost highway.”

It was exactly like driving through Panama City Beach during Spring Break. The difference was the tone of the music that was being played on the radio. No one was out to watch scantily clad women on the beach tonight.

Every song on the radio was about righteousness, justice, freedom, individuality, sense of place, and not being a tool of the system. It is like the entire state is finally waking up from some type of awful nightmare. There was a common pattern on all frequencies.

We have realized that someone has been lording over us all this time. Someone has been pushing us around. Someone has been telling us what to do with our lives and how to behave. Someone has been systematically poisoning the wells of our culture against our own better judgment.

The most stunning thing about it all is that their great ideas never even worked when they were tried out in practice. No one is better off for having listened to their great advice. The results of their disastrous policies can be seen all around us … in millions of shattered families, in thousands of wrecked communities, in countless squashed dreams, in generations who know almost nothing about their own culture and history, in the “geography of nowhere,” in a top heavy liberal establishment that is poised for an epic downfall.

Yet these pious little commissars who sit in judgment over us, who think their worthless degrees have made them divine, who believe they are entitled to our obedience, who have erected themselves over us for years as the inquisition of political correctness, who believe they are the final authority in this world, are not who they think they are.

Were they looking out for us or for themselves? What do you think? They have forgotten our history. It all began with a simple tax revolt. Then it evolved into a spiritual mass movement.

I’m more confident than ever before that our long awaited day in the sun is just over the historical horizon. We always knew what our future was going to look like as we finally began to reap the inevitable consequences of decades of systematic mismanagement of our nation by the political and cultural establishment.

Welcome to the Age of Reality. It is the point in history where the liberal establishment that has ruled the West for generations gets to find out that their great ideas never worked in practice, that they have rotted the very foundation of Western civilization, and that the long term consequences of 1945-2011 (Age of Fantasy) have sown a historical hurricane that will dwarf its twentieth century predecessor.

The long historical arc toward the creation of America began not in the American Revolution, but in the greatest rebellion against venal authority and corruption that has ever been seen in European history, the Protestant Reformation.

Note: The Second Reformation is coming soon. Let us recall the match which lit the first one.

“The revenues of all Christendom America are being sucked into this insatiable basilica (Wall Street and Washington). The Germans Americans laugh at calling this the common treasure of Christendom USA. Before long, all the churches, palaces, walls and bridges of Rome Washington will be built out of our money. First of all, we should rear living temples, not local churches, and only last of all St. Peter’s (Washington and Wall Street), which is not necessary for us. We Germans Americans cannot attend St. Peter’s Washington. Better that it should never be built than that our parochial churches (families, cities, churches, towns, culture, states, lives) should be despoiled. …

Why doesn’t the pope (Obama) build the basilica of St. Peter’s Washington out of his own money? He is They are richer than Croesus. He They would do better to sell St. Peter’s Washington an give the money to the poor folk who are being fleeced by the hawkers of indulgences. (Federal Reserve dollars and Wall Street securities)

Legitimacy abhors a vacuum. As the secular liberal establishment of degenerate mandarins falls from grace in the Heartland, it is only natural that religion will sweep through the cracks to reclaim its traditional place in public life.

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  1. They still have their terror weapon, the word “racist”, but that is it and it is on the wane. The new terrorists libs and darkies who use the word “racist.”

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