Obama’s Michigan Speech

Barack Hussein Obama tells Walt Kowalski that Michigan needs a free trade agreement with South Korea


I’m sitting here watching Barack Hussein Obama give a sermon to the Walt Kowalskis of Michigan about his plan to revive the American industrial economy.

The plan is to pass a “free trade agreement” with South Korea. This is yet another clear example of how the liberal establishment in Washington has completely lost touch with the Heartland.

The first question that comes to mind: how did all the previous “free trade agreements” work out for Michigan? How do they like NAFTA and CAFTA? How do they like Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, and BMW? How do they like BRA’s Foundry of globalism in East Asia?

If memory serves, it was W. who negotiated the South Korea free trade agreement, which has been in limbo for years. The first thing Obama did after the Shellacking of 2010 was go to South Korea to work on that free trade agreement.

If this guy was truly serious about “putting Americans back to work,” the obvious first place to start would be recapturing domestic marketshare from foreign competitors like Japan, China, and South Korea.

Do you think Barack Hussein Obama has ever watched Gran Torino? That movie was another Hollywood confession about what happened to Michigan.

I believe the movie was filmed in Highland Park, Michigan. OD readers in Michigan might be familiar with the history of that city – which has been transformed into a black hole – and its importance to the Golden Age of America’s industrial economy.

Michigan must be allowed to join the Confederate States of America this time around. If anyone can understand the race problems of the State of Alabama, it is the State of Michigan.

Michigan, what do you think about states’ rights now? What do you think about Washington and Wall Street now? Does Washington need more or less power over Michigan? Would you vote for George Wallace in 2012?

We forgive you for the Civil War. Detroit and Birmingham are sister cities in many ways. Both of these great cities have fallen to the Sherman’s March of Black Run America.

Note: After the 2011 Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, where hundreds of black people savagely assaulted Whites out of pure nihilistic rage, I believe there might even be hope for Wisconsin coming to its sense about race.

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  1. thank you, I know I am not the only michigander that carouses this great blog! that kenyan douchebag doesnt even care about remotely attempting to “put americans back to work” it is just empty talk for the sheeple. but i think they (the eunch liberal humanist establishment) are just trying to hold on tooth and claw to the few states that may still seem to be on board with “hope and change”

  2. I’m from Michigan, and no, I’m not still there. But we didn’t need to import millions if blacks to sail the lakes, harvest the great forests, wrest the copper and iron from the earth, build the transportation industry, or fill the “Arsenal of Democracy.” You forgive us for the CW? Man, seriously, you are taking the southern thing too far, like I said before. Last time I checked, LBJ was from Texas.

  3. Like it or not, Hartford Jew shipped or not, Yankee mercantilist benefitted or not, the blacks are here because elitist southerners wanted them. If that idiot Booth hadn’t’ve killed Lincoln and let the NE elites impose Reconstruction, he might’ve been able to get ’em sent back. You wanna blame everything on “Yankees,” fine–but start fessin’ up that it IS the northeast Jews and the northeast WASPs that sold out to them that are the cause of this–don’t lump Great Lakes machinists/Upper Mid-west farmers/PA miners/etc. in under the rubric “Yankees.” I don’t wanna live in the rainy NW with the vanguarders, but I sure as hell don’t wanna swelter in the south, so please be a bit more precise about terminology so we can all work together and get our WHOLE country back… Just my two wooden nickels…thanks.

  4. People, let’s forget the damn Civil War, OK? It had no winner; only losers and they were every white generation, north or south, that followed. The way I see it, we’re all going to be on the same side when the new one starts up, so everybody stop fighting the old one. And I’m from Detroit (still here, too) my father grew up in Highland park and I really liked this particular entry. Appreciate the looking out, Hunter.

  5. “the Civil War had no winner, only losers and they were every white generation, north or south, that followed”—————

    Beautifully stated. The Civil War was Celtic and Germanic people just slaughtering each other. Excellent dna gone from the gene pool forever.

  6. The only Civil War that we should be fighting is the “Civil War” between reasonable people and the fools who are governing us. I refer especially to the fools who are on television. The fool who gives the speech behind the teleprompter.

    What about the fools who have led to this tragic point in history? We should fight them.

  7. Forget hell! Most of Sherman’s troops that my great grandfathers fought against were from Michigan and Ohio. Looks like karma is a bitch. I’ll forget when the Yankee “blue states” stop electing the likes of Bush(Connecticut carpetbagger), Obama and every other degenerate liberal or neocon. Hunter do you prefer M.E.L. Bradford or Bill Bennett? Ever wonder why Reagan never abolished the Departments of Energy, Education, or HHS like he promised to?

    The South has always had her share of traitors within. That’s our mess to clean up. Let the Yankees stay up in their own states and fix the messes they’ve created there, instead of running down south and trying to turn our states into the messes they’ve just left.

    @Chris/Phil–You all won the war, that’s why you enjoyed the prosperity of the 80 years following the war. Taxes and property confiscations during Reconstruction funded your Northern prosperity while the South was kept in economic thralldom. I don’t give a damn what you people think or whatever misfortune (much deserved) the great white North has suffered. You people are the original prototype “liberals”–you and all your Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck, neocon Lincoln-worshipping bullshit.

  8. @Donnerwedder
    The only WHOLE country I’m from is the South. So why don’t you all just go on your way and ride the truth of your “proposition” nation out to its bitter end. Every one of the degenerate institutions that plague is now has a northern origin. We have nothing in common with you and we don’t need your “Jewish conspiracy”–plenty of lilywhite morally superior Midwesterners were all to happy to lead the charge against the South in 1861 and 1965. The Republican party, the Progressive party, and many other “improvements” started in Wisconsin. Don’t try to pretend otherwise. Some of us know our history.

  9. Apuleius, there may well come a day when you Southerners will be begging us “lily-white, morally-superior, Lincoln-worshipping Midwesterners” to save your hides from the disease-ridden mobs of feral, rapine, nigger savages that YOU Southerners bred in the first place. The Midwest is still majority-white, and the South is blackest region on the whole continent, and getting blacker by the day. Have fun down there when the EBT cards stop working.

    Oh, and don’t you dare talk about “well deserved misfortune” for the North, a$$hole. If your precious great-grandfathers hadn’t been too lazy and arrogant to pick their own goddamn cotton, none of us would have ever been subjected this madness in the first place. Blame your own damn “whole country”, as you call it. Loser.

  10. Apuleius,

    A few points:

    (1) First, the creation of the Confederacy, the War Between the States, and Reconstruction is only three stages in Southern history.

    (2) Second, it is important to keep in mind that slavery was a divisive issue that fractured the South between slaveholders and non-slaveholders. See East Tennessee, North Alabama, West Virginia, Jones County, Western North Carolina, Kentucky, etc.

    (3) Third, the Confederacy lost its independence in large part because the South itself was fractured by secession. The only reason West Virginia exists today is because of the War Between the States.

    (4) Fourth, we must think of the American South in terms of 21st century demography, not in the familiar terms of the War Between the States. After the War Between the States, how many Southerners moved to the Interior West and Midwest?

    (5) Fifth, the American South is an ethnic diaspora that extends well into states like Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio. That is why the cultural gravity of the South extends into so many households in the Midwest and Interior West.

    (6) Sixth, it must not be forgotten that the Midwest and New England are two entirely different places. Just as Germans moved to the Midwest from Germany, Southerners also moved to states like Michigan to work in Henry Ford’s manufacturing industries.

    (7) Seventh, the Midwest is full of people whose European ancestors (such as the Poles and Italians) immigrated to the United States after the War Between the States. These people never had any quarrel with us. They came to the United States for economic self advancement.

    (8) Eighth, we can reason with the Walt Kowalskis of Michigan who have seen their cities and towns destroyed by the federal government. These people are nothing like fanatics like Lawrence O’Donnell or Chris Matthews.

    (9) Ninth, the key to solving our mutual problems (foremostly the race problem and culture problem) is through an political realignment in the Heartland between the South, Interior West, and Midwest.

    (10) Tenth, Reconstruction came to an end when the fanatics in the North lost favor with the Northern population, which was tired of waging war against Dixie, and which desired to get on with other business.

  11. Chris,

    I understand where you are coming from.

    Believe me, anyone who understands Birmingham and Selma understands Detroit and Chicago, and so there is no reason why we shouldn’t be on the same page here.

    If memory serves, you are of Italian and Polish ancestry, so your ancestors had nothing to do with the War Between the States. You just live in or near a ruined city that has been destroyed by black people and the federal government.

    That’s also our story.

    I’m pretty sure there are (are were until recently) more black people in Illinois than there are in Mississippi. That alone explains the perverse political orientation of Illinois toward the West Coast and Northeast.

    57 percent of African-Americans live in the South. The other 43 percent mostly live in Northern cities like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee. It will suffice to say that anyone who lives in the South or a major Northern metropolitan city has a mutual problem.

    If we put aside our differences, we can work together to solve the problem, which is largely the presence of so many Africans living among us.

  12. @Donnerwedder
    Yes I am; you are most welcome. Your perspicacity gives me hope for the future.

    My great grandfathers never owned any negroes, but I would rather live among the blackest of “savages” here in the South than among any high-minded know-it-all Yankee.

  13. Apuleius,

    The Midwesterners are mostly Germans. Wisconsin is an extension of Germany in North America. There are plenty of Southerners with German ancestry. Florida and Texas are full of Germans.

    Again, I stress that the Midwest is German-America, not New England. The Yankees in the Midwest are outnumbered by the Germans. We can reason with the Germans, the Irish, the Poles, the Scandinavians, the Italians, the Slavs, and so on.

    George Wallace knew that he could win them over. He campaigned in the North against the Civil Rights Movement. We must not forget that MLK himself was defeated in Chicago.

    The common denominator behind the European diaspora in North America is economic self improvement. Their ancestors came here to join our national prosperity. Only a handful of them came here for ideological purposes. The Jews, for example, are ideological, which is why most of them failed to assimilate.

    The Midwest is not ideological so much as it is economically driven. It has a commercial orientation. The ideological sections of America are New England and Ecotopia.

    Barack Hussein Obama is desperately giving speeches in the Midwest because he knows that the Midwest is switching sides within the Union. The Democratic Party has failed the American Midwest. It is ideologically driven.

    We must build a bridge between the South and the Midwest. It is the only way to defeat the ideologues in Washington, New York City, and Los Angeles who are wrecking the country.

  14. To: Everyone

    Search the archives for “America’s Children.” There are nine distinct sub-nations within North America. Dixie and Quebec are the two most obvious sub-nations, but there are seven others.



    If the United States were to collapse, it is reasonable to assume that a Southern nation with Atlanta as the capital would emerge from the ruins. Dixie is a pretty obvious successor state.

    Dixie would include all of present day North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. The border cuts through eleven other border states.

    North Florida, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Southern Delaware, Virginia without NOVA, Southern West Virginia, Kentucky without Covington, Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, Southeast Oklahoma, and East Texas from Dallas through Houston to Galveston would be subsumed within Dixie’s borders.

    That sounds about right.

    Neither NOVA or South Florida are Southern in any true sense of the word. Likewise, the Mexican areas of Texas are properly included in Aztlan.

    I have no experience with Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, or Illinois, but I have always heard that parts of these states were settled by Southerners whereas Yankees and European immigrants colonized other areas.

    Greater Cuba

    The Cuban bourgeoisie have transformed South Florida into an extension of the Caribbean. Miami is indisputably a Latin American city.

    Since this book was published in 1981, the border between Dixie and South Florida has crept northward into the Tampa/Orlando metropolitan area.

    I’ve been told you cross the border between Dixie and South Florida somewhere in Central Florida between Gainesville and Tampa now. I have little experience with that area.

    The Beltway/Yuppieland

    The Beltway is a world unto itself.

    When I was in Virginia, I noticed the economy seemed to be booming in the Washington metropolitan area. No wonder the rest of America hates that place.

    This inability to effectively tackle any domestic problem contains the seeds of Washington’s eventual downfall.


    Dixie borders Aztlan in Texas.

    The Aztlan border stretches across Texas from Houston to the Rocky Mountains in a roughly straight line. It swoops up from there through Eastern New Mexico to include Southwest Colorado and cuts down to include Southern Arizona.

    In California, Aztlan includes the coastline from Los Angeles to Tijuana, Southern California, and the Central Valley, minus the Pacific Coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

    There are already efforts underway to create Baja Arizona and rename New Mexico as Nuevo Mexico.


    Americans already have a pejorative name for this place: the Left Coast.

    Ecotopia is the string of leftwing, heavily Democratic SWPL coastal counties that stretches from Los Angeles to the Canadian border along the Pacific Coast and west to the Cascade Mountains.

    It includes Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Juneau and the temperate coastal region of Alaska south of Anchorage. San Francisco is the spiritual capital of Ecotopia.

    Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents only make sense in the cultural setting of Ecotopia. This also happens to be the major reason why it makes no sense whatsoever to describe the “Pacific Northwest” as a White homeland.

    “The Pacific Northwest” isn’t a sub-nation like Dixie, Aztlan, or New England. Oregon and Washington are artificial states drawn by nineteenth century politicians.

    The parts of Oregon and Washington east of the Cascades are culturally and economically part of the Interior West. Similarly, the Pacific Coast of California and Vancouver have far more in common with Seattle and Portland than Boise and Helena.

    The Empty Corridor

    The Empty Corridor is a vast, sparsely populated area that includes most of Western Canada and the Western United States.

    In Canada, it includes all of Yukon Territory, Nunavut, and Alberta. Northern Manitoba, Northern Ontario, North and Southwest Saskatchewan, and British Columbia minus the Pacific Coast.

    In the United States, it includes all of Alaska minus the temperate area south of Anchorage, Idaho, Oregon and Washington east of the Cascades, Eastern California, Nevada, Utah, Northwest Colorado, Northern Arizona, Wyoming and Montana roughly west of Cheyenne.

    Most of this area is owned by the imperial regimes in Ottawa and Washington. The economy is based on mining and industry.

    For some reason, Deseret isn’t counted as a sub-nation. In the event of an American collapse, the Mormons in Utah and neighboring states would certainly confederate.

    The Heartland

    The Heartland is a vast agricultural belt that stretches north/south across the prairie from Central Texas to Southern Manitoba and east/west from the Rocky Mountains to Western Indiana.

    It includes all of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, North and Central Texas, Oklahoma minus Southeast Oklahoma, North and West Missouri, the prairie regions of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, Illinois minus Egypt and Chicagoland, parts of Western Indiana, and Wisconsin east of Milwaukee.

    The Foundry/Nation of Immigrants/America

    The Foundry is the decaying industrial heartland of North America. The region sees itself as the real America or the real Canada and seeks to dominate the rest of the continent.

    If Ottawa and Washington were to lose control, the Foundry (for lack of a better word) would linger on as the rump of the American nation.

    It includes all of Michigan except the Upper Peninsula, the industrial cities of East Wisconsin that rim Lake Superior, Southern Ontario, Chicagoland, Northern and Eastern Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, NOVA, Maryland minus the Eastern Shore, Northern Delaware, New Jersey, Southwest Connecticut and New York state west of Albany.

    The Foundry is dominated by gritty, grimy industrial cities like Baltimore, Detroit, and Buffalo. This was the scene of “the melting pot” where all the nations of Europe supposedly blended together into the American man.

    New York City

    New York City, which is defined here as Manhattan, is an aberration like Hawaii or Washington, DC that doesn’t neatly fit into the surrounding region. In the event of an American collapse, it would probably become a city-state like Venice.

    Greater New England

    Greater New England is the home of the Yankee nation. As everyone knows, the capital of New England is Boston.

    New England includes Eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, parts of Eastern New York state and the Canadian Atlantic provinces of Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward’s Island.


    Quebec will undoubtedly emerge as the first sub-nation in North America to blossom to full nationhood.


    Hawaii is an Asian nation dominated by the Japanese which already has an indigenous secessionist movement.

  15. The “grand chess master” in Dixie knows that “the South” is a nation. The name of the nation is Dixie. It is and always has been White, Anglo-Saxon, Christian, and conservative.

    It once took the form of the Confederate States of America. It was the Jim Crow South for a much longer period of time. Dixie was like Ireland within the United States. Now the Solid South is reforming under the banner of the Republican Party.

    OTOH, the North and West have evolved into several distinct sub-nations: New England, Ecotopia, Heartland, Foundry, Empty Corridor, Beltway, and NYC.

    Let’s play matchmaker within the United States: Dixie can form a conservative majoritarian alliance with Heartland, Empty Corridor, and Foundry. It can defeat the ideological sections which are Ecotopia and New England.

    The key to doing that is getting the Midwest to switch sides. It is turning the Germans, the Slavs, the Italians, the Irish and so forth – the people who came here for economic self improvement – to desert the ideologues within the Democratic Party.

    Of course we all know that the Jews in NYC and LA are the ideological fanatics who have the money and influence within the Democratic Party. Jews are massively overepresented among the liberal establishment.

    That is why there is so much “White Nationalist” resentment against the Jews. They are a very leftwing ideological tribe. Jews are the exact opposite of Southern conservatives.

    Most of them at any rate.

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