Wisconsin Recall Elections


E.J. Dionne has written a column about the Wisconsin recall elections. Strangely enough, there was nothing in the column about what happened at the 2011 Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, which was juxtaposed on national television with the Sack of Britain by the very same barbarian hordes.

How about this for a campaign commercial for the Democratic Party? It is the definitive riposte to E.J. Dionne. There is no magic potion that cures deliberately ignoring reality aside from a smack across the face.

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    Drama in Wisco!

    Despite our liberal reputation, as far as I can tell it’s 3-0 Republicans. 1. Walker didn’t cave. 2. Prosser beat Kloppenburg in the “referendum.” 3. Dems needed 3 of the recalls, but they only got 2.

    The spirit of the old liberals is on the wane. They wore themselves out screaming and shouting. They overplayed their hand. Methinks they protested too much.

    Stay vigilant Wisconsin

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