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Q judges humanity

The Future

Q is the funniest character in the Star Trek universe. He has no patience for political correctness or proper procedure from pious progressives.

The Q Continuum is a race of gods who are omniscient and omnipotent time travelers. Every so often, Q shows up on BRA’s Enterprise unannounced to taunt Jean-Luc Picard, the diverse crew of eunuchs on board the ship, and to judge the progress of the human species.

In one memorable episode, Q shows up on the Enterprise and asks to join the team. When the galactic Yankee school marm Picard lectures the omniscient Q about the ability of the Federation to meet any challenger with phasers and preaching, Q uses his omnipotent power to fling the helpless Picard across the galaxy to meet the Borg and teach him a moral lesson in pride.

Swallow your pride. Never hesitate to ask for valuable assistance when it is offered. Smart people are your friends.

Note: Q is the divine trickster Loki. He is much wiser than the fools on BRA’s Enterprise. Unfortunately, none of the wise people in this world are ever listened to until it is too late. It is the hated Cassandra curse.

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  1. I loved Q. He is a fabulous, amazing character. I wonder who created him and how diod he slip through the PC filters?

    John De Lancie is a marvelous actor, of French descent, married and procreated with a White actress. His father was a professional classical musician – an oboist – and has now begun directing operas. I love him. He’s one of my FAVORITE actors. He’s also a BABE, and still looks terrific., into his 60’s. How did HE slip through the PC filters?

  2. You have your episodes mixed a bit, Q when he plays a human (the only race put on trial by Q) another intelligent life form in the form of space dust tries to takes its vengence on Q till his counsel buddies restore him to power.

    Q introduces himself via the Borg introduction episode.

    But I agree Star Trek is done, the DWLs BRA experiment is no longer fun and poof all those fantasies they had and the art work they created to reflect them are passe.

  3. FYI Star Trek thrived in the pre-internet era. When the creator of STNG produced “Battle Star Gallactica” the message board while not exactly sounding like OD was very critical of the yuppy era liberalism being packaged.

  4. I’m enjoying the latest series of blog entries with the bird’s eye view as much as the previous documentary blog series from the ground level perspective.

    The source of the good, like the light of the sun, is on high up past the heavens. On the ground level, far from the source of the light, we witness decay and a negative nihilistic nothingness at ground level.

    At various times and places in history the distance between the source of the good, or Being and the material world has been greater and at other times and places, the distance was less.

  5. Bravo- I loathed “Q” but also found him annoyingly fascinating. So much of Jew Roddenberry’s Liberalism is just warmed over BOlshevism. As an adult, I couldn’t see it. Now it screams at me from every original Star Trek episode, and trumpets its’ pious platitudes from all the spin-offs.

    Captain Janeway was almost as annoying as Will Riker….lol.

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