Civil War 2

Many have made the forecast over the years

District of Corruption

As everyone knows by now, Rick Perry is running for president in 2012. He is the latest Republican opportunist who is trying to ride the tsunami of rage that has been welling up in the Heartland since 2006.

The 2012 election will be the fourth election in a row in which the Heartland has tried to send a message to Washington and Wall Street about the deteriorating American economy. The MARS of Sam Francis have done everything but formally declare war on the Beltway.

Rick Perry is trying to ride the Jacksonian mega wave to the White House:

“I’ll promise you this,” Perry said. “I’ll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can.”

Sounds good.

Let’s start by getting rid of Brown v. Board of Education, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Roe vs. Wade, the Voting Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act of 1968, the Holder Justice Department, LBJ’s Great Society, the Immigration Act of 1965, etc.

We are under no illusions that Rick “Fed Up” Perry is anything but an establishment Republican and a supporter of the Texas DREAM Act. If he were really and truly a Middle American Radical, then surely we would have seen some evidence of this by now.

Leaving that aside for a moment, it can also be argued that Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens, and Robert Toombs were the Washington establishment in the 1850s. The Directory that pulled the strings of Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan was the epitome of the Democratic establishment.

Abraham Lincoln and William Henry Seward were the Republican establishment. Lincoln had been a devoted follower of Henry Clay. The War Between the States was fought between two sides of the Washington establishment who had served together in Congress for decades.

Why did Jefferson Davis go home to Mississippi after resigning his Senate seat? He simply had no other choice. The ground had shifted underneath his feet back home.

That’s what is happening here. White America is seething with anger at Washington. They are sick and tired of the parlor games being put on by the politicos.

There is a massive disconnect between Washington and the Heartland. It has been quietly expanding for years. This is showing up in all the internal polling data. Vesuvius is about to explode.

I will reserve judgment on the Perry candidacy. We are not living in normal times like the Clinton years. It doesn’t matter who is elected president in 2012.

The next president will be almost certainly be overtaken by events beyond his ability to control. He will be as helpless as Barack Hussein Obama is now on BRA’s Freedom Ride in the Midwest. Anything could happen.

I wouldn’t rule out anything. That’s saying something.

The Confederate States of America was the political result of a burning desire in Dixie “to make Washington inconsequential” after the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860.

That such sentiments are being stirred today is reflective of the magnitude of the crisis of legitimacy facing the Beltway and Wall Street. It is also taking the familiar form of Dixie’s rebel yell.

This is a great mystery to the Washington establishment. What have we done to arouse such animosity in the Heartland? Can’t these White people see all that we have done for them?

The Washington establishment points to the Hoover Dam and the TVA and land grant colleges like the University of Wisconsin. Tellingly, it points to accomplishments made by previous generations of White Americans that reasonable people admire.

It does this because it is unable to boast of any of its own accomplishments: Roe v. Wade, Obamacare, the stimulus package, the degenerate mandarin ruling class, millions of illegal aliens, “multiculturalism,” the EBT card pyramid, decades of affirmative action, political correctness, the Wall Street bailout, the national debt, free trade agreements, etc.

From our perspective, the Wonkette thinks it is divine. Chris Matthews insults the entire state of Texas on national television. The Beltway scolds the Heartland like a school marm while recklessly spending money on the national credit card.

The Beltway is convinced that the War Between the States was about slavery. This is another old chestnut that has been taught by generations of Yankee historians. The War Between the States was really about honor and self respect.

The great William Lowndes Yancey once toured the Burned Over District in the North to explain to them the problem in the clearest possible terms, “Do not destroy our self respect; do not overtax our manliness. Do not walk in a field and tread on a caterpillar or the poor creature will turn on your boot and try to sting you.”

Where do you suppose the spirit of “Don’t Tread on Me” comes from? It comes from the arrogance, the insanity, and the disastrous national course set by the Washington establishment..

It is not about “government” per se. Just look at the irrelevance of the libertarian movement. It is about the cost of this government in Washington to White America.

It has become unaffordable.

Update: In The Nation, the eunuch Ian Buruma has a conniption fit about the Left’s loss of narrative power in Europe. Woe is me … a mere eunuch with an armory of epithets who is “shocked and outraged” is nothing but a laughingstock in the Age of Reality.

Anyone with a political science degree and an internet modem can plainly see that The Nation is a voice of the discredited liberal establishment. It is a bunch of eunuchs in the big cities who do absolutely nothing to create real physical wealth prattling about their own superiority.

Judging by the composition of our state legislatures, I know for a fact that Dixie is not subsumed within Ian Buruma’s The Nation. It has about all the legitimacy of Newsweek in this area.

It is a liberal cartoon … the Loony Tunes of news journalism.

Update: Obamamessiah is campaigning for reelection in Illinois. I can’t imagine how bleak the future is looking for America’s first black president when has to struggle to carry his own state. The fortunes of the Democratic Party must be even worse than when Quinn carried Illinois in 2010 by a razor thin margin.

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  1. Texans. The last Texan to occupy The White House saw fit to don a yarmulke and plant a menorah on The White House lawn. We are well versed in the hysterical legacy of the “great” LBJ, and, out of the entire herd of candidates, only Ron Paul {yes, the Texan exception} has yet to publicly kiss Jewish ass as a pre-announcement for presidential candidacy. Everyone else has professed love for the wonderful country of Israel or has actually announced something insane like “I am Jewish”. Ron Paul is a medical doctor. The rest are lawyers. I’ve never heard a “doctor joke”. And I think you are right about coming events, Hunter. The enormity of what’s coming will be much larger than Presidents or political parties. God help us…

  2. I love your writing it is very enlightening and not snobby like some of the people on Alt-right, who regularly scold “proles” all the while remaining safely in the realm of the metaphysical. keep up the good work, I have enjoyed plato’s republic greatly, upon its mention under “great books”. the lyrical poetics on previous posts were strange, but YOU ARE EXACTLY CORRECT, it is our culture that we need to preserve and distribute to our people, we need to prevent the creation of wiggers and chavs.

  3. also, I was wondering if you were familiar with the italian “futurist” art movement. I think it would be a good case to study in lew of your posts on the sort of “renewal” or “renaissance” of dixie, the reclaiming of “culture”. the futurists took the fairly popular ideas of the cubists (to my knowledge) and utilized them in glorification of “italian right wing” sort of proto-facist art. i think though you don’t want to be anywhere near facism, the futurists were able to create a artistic culture for their movement out of the contemporary “cubists” not by reverting back to old romantic roman art,etc.

  4. Hunter, I deeply admire what you are doing to stimulate and inspire discussion among the many truly intelligent people who make such insightful comments on this site. Keep up the good work!

    Deo Vindice

  5. Conchobar,

    I’ve written a post about our peculiar love of football. It draws comparisons to Rome’s ampitheatres, Byzantium’s chariot races, and Hellas’ Olympics. In the essay, I explain that Southerners are drawn to Southern Europe because of geography and climate.

    We are a race of Northern Europeans that lives under the Southern Sky in North America. In fact, the peculiar climate of Dixie is a major key to understanding our culture and architecture.

  6. Something like this: Perry, surfing a wave he cannot control, gets Repub nomination, but RINOS desert and vote for Zero in sufficient numbers to – despite the fading economy – put him over by a handful of votes in the electoral college. Whites/Rightists in Heartland, esp. an L-shaped swatch of states running from the high plains down thru midwest and South, will not accept 4 more years of the Kenyan witchdoctor and his Bankster masters. Economy then implodes completely, Beltway crowd declares Martial Law, the Heartland secedes. Civil War II by spring, 2013. Maybe sooner.


    He also pushed back against the incessant government bashing by Representative Michele Bachmann and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. While Mr. Perry even accused the Federal Reserve of treason for increasing the money supply — and shamefully threatened its chairman, Ben Bernanke, saying “we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas” if he does so again — Mr. Obama said government is hardly broken. It houses people during emergencies, he noted, fights fires and crime, and (to Mr. Perry’s annoyance) sends out pension checks.

    So what do Tea Partiers have in common? They are overwhelmingly white, but even compared to other white Republicans, they had a low regard for immigrants and blacks long before Barack Obama was president, and they still do.

  8. My prediction: black people will launch an overt attack on our major cities so devastating that it will bring down the house on BRA.

    There won’t be a Civil War 2. Newsweek doesn’t have an army. MSNBC doesn’t have an army. The Rebel flag will be raised over Washington – in spirit, if not in deed – once BRA is discredited by its own primary beneficiaries.

    The Geography of BRA:

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