Dixie’s Race Soul: Heartland Nationalism


Just by listening to the radio, I knew that I had detected a new spirit of militancy and religion echoing in the Heartland.

It is starting to bleed over into talk radio, country music, and the Protestant ministers on the radio. The changing Zeitgeist which shows up in the opinion polls and reflects the collapse of confidence in Washington is now surfacing in “mainstream culture” now.

Listen to this song:

In this new song, the Georgia country music artist Brantley Gilbert describes his experience of a meeting a lost fellow from Ohio who has crossed the Mason-Dixon line.

The Ohioan is recognized as a Southern man from his “wranglers to his boots.” Although he comes from the Midwest, Gilbert intuitively senses that he shares the Southern spirit.

He realizes that its not about “where you come from,” but how you carry yourself, about how your soul expresses itself in this world. Thus, it is possible for the Southern spirit of Dixie to thrive beyond the Mason-Dixon line in states like Ohio.

This song is a nationalist song about a spiritual conquest of White America. It is an echo of the burning desire of the Heartland to conquer Washington.

Note: It is unclear whether Nashville is leading the charge or whether (much more likely) it is just being swept along by the cultural tide in the Heartland.

White America is evolving under Obama. I’m certain that it is happening because I am seeing it cropping up in culture, religion, and politics.

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  1. Hi Hunter,

    Glad to see that you are including many musical references as our people tend to prefer culture to politics they can’t understand, where they can’t seem to find any one that fights for them.

    Maybe you are too young to remember an 80s musician Steve Earle – who wrote songs that had stories about White Americans who were restless, very unsatisfied with the status quo – and there is racial resentment, resistance in many of his songs.

    I like:

    Getting Tough


    (cover version)

    His son Justin Townes Earle has produced some quality music, mostly A – political.

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