The henpecked Obama declares war on the Heartland and retreats to Martha's Vineyard


The black mascot of Wall Street has declared war on the nation of Dixie. The tyrant in Washington is using executive orders to force “diversity” on the entire federal workforce and “amnesty” on America.

Thank you, Mein Obama.

Note: The tyrant Barack Hussein Obama has completely discredited himself in a desperate attempt to save his own failed presidency.

At the behest of Mexico and the National Council of La Raza, Barack Hussein Obama has thrown Arizona and Alabama under the bus. Now he intends to use the White House to legislate racial discrimination against White federal employees and to give every illegal alien in the country the DREAM Act.

An old country song about whiteness, war, and depression … a fitting tune as Mein Obama drives the BRA’s Freedom Ride over the cliff of American history.

Update: Not only was BRA’s Freedom Ride made in Canada,  but the DHS has released a new video which portrays White women as terrorists!

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  1. Blacks are overrepresented in the federal workforce and Barack Hussein Obama has responded by issuing an executive order to increase their overrepresentation! Can you believe it?

  2. You see the way the Jew/Black/Mex media has lit into Rick Perry? They feel deeply threatened by this guy. States Rights + Guns = end of ZOG via Civil War II. Obama’s increasingly tyrannical regime will pave the path to internal war. Like he’s made to order.

  3. Just took a look at the vid: added, significant detail: the black cop. When the real fight begins, it is going to be such a pleasure to speak to the DHS gang in a language it can understand.

  4. I would report mein Obama, but it says if you see SOMETHING, say something.

    Every time I look at him, I just see a big NOTHING.

  5. the whole report your fellow citizens thing is so totalitarian its not even funny, and coming from a establishment that got its rise to power out of comparing the “white anglo military patriacrhy” to stalin and hitler and tojo, and the rest. its like “the THING” it just takes over and immitates unconciously and boy i cannot wait to watch that writhing mass of multicultural filth come crumbling down in a heap of burning filth

  6. Can we report Joe Biden?

    According to Joe Biden, taxpayers in Middle America are “terrorists.” Doesn’t that make Obama a traitor? Isn’t a traitor someone who is like a fifth column?

    My lineage in this country goes back to Colonial Virginia. Barack Hussein Obama, the mulatto bastard son of a Kenyan communist, is the real traitor. I love the State of Alabama because it is my home.

    Barack Hussein Obama is a globalist, the black mascot of Wall Street, a failure as president, a black fictional image with no leadership qualities, who rides BRA’s Freedom Ride which cost over $1 million dollars to manufacture in Canada across the devastated industrial towns of the Midwest.

    I’m so fed up with him after this shit today that I am almost willing to assist Rick Perry in slam dunking Barack Hussein Obama with his own basketball. Send him back to Chicago to organize his own community.

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