Obama’s Vineyard

Obama plays golf in Massachusetts while America burns


As Obamamessiah retreats to Martha’s Vineyard to lick his wounds, the eunuch Jonathan Alter urges him to tell White America: “it’s on.”

How strange.

Are you telling me it hasn’t been on for years now? What do you call the EBT card pyramid, the “stimulus package,” the “flash mobs,” suing Arizona and Alabama, Eric “My People” Holder’s Justice Department, ordering the federal workforce to embrace “diversity,” using the executive branch to give amnesty to illegal aliens, wrecking the economy with Ben Bernanke, bailing out Wall Street, etc.

Obamamessiah drove across the Midwest in BRA’s Freedom Ride which made in Canada and cost over $1 million dollars to advocate new “free trade agreements” with South Korea, Columbia, and Panama.

It’s on, Johnny.

As we showed the other day, Obamamessiah is underwater in New York State. His campaign bus trip to Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota shows that even the Blue States are turning against him.

Now listen to this: Obamamessiah is putting Oregon and New Jersey into play in 2012. The Democratic Party needs five more years of this leadership!

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  1. Jonathan Alter’s bio from Wikipedia:

    “He lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with his wife Emily Lazar, a producer of the Comedy Central show The Colbert Report, and their three children. Alter serves on the Board of Directors of DonorsChoose,[8] which allows teachers to post online proposals for classroom materials, and The Blue Card,[9] a national Jewish organization assisting Holocaust survivors.”

  2. Jackson – I always look at the names. The nams pretty much tell ya all ya need to know. Not always – but usually.

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