Sack of Washington

Could black people burn down Washington in 2012? They burned London in 2011

The Future

I’m going to raise this as a historical possibility: as those of us in Alabama who are descended from Old Virginia well know, the British torched Washington in the War of 1812 as an act of revenge for the American invasion of Canada.

President James Madison (this was back when we had real presidents) watched helplessly as Washington burned. Then a hurricane struck Washington out of nowhere and decimated the British column which retreated to the Atlantic coast.

Do you think it is possible that a mega flash mob of black people could sack Washington after Obama loses in 2012? In response to the CBC, Obama has already unleashed black people. Cerberus is rampaging through the City of Brotherly Love.

Note: I am just putting this out there. If black people burn down Washington in 2012, I want to be able to say you were warned. They have already burned London in 2011.

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  1. “Do you think it is possible that a mega flash mob of black people could sack Washington after Obama loses in 2012?”

    Well if they do, which is more than likely, will they carry off the King statue? Maybe hold it for ransom? or paint it black?

    I believe the English burned the capitol building and the White House because the Americans burned Toronto in their invasion of Canada. Only divine providence saved us in that war. A hurricane type storm hit the English and decimated that force and even put out the fires the English had started. The English suffered more causalities from that storm than the Americans even came close to inflicting on the English. The English retreated down the peninsular and never returned.
    I don’t believe in coincidence.
    I don’t think white America will be saved so easily from the blacks.

  2. Wow. OFFICIAL Federal discrimination against Whites. Well – this IS going out ot the Tea Partiers I know. They are always parrotting “It’s not about Race”. I’m gonna shove this down their GOD DAMNED THROATS.

  3. The blacks didn’t burn London. There were probably nearly as many white scumbags involved as there were blacks. And most of them weren’t at the bottom of society either.

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