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If you want to know why America is hurtling toward the Second Great Depression, look no further than the Beltway eunuch Richard Cohen, who is convinced that Washington needs even more power over the “cultural and intellectually empty heartland of the Republican Party.”

Washington needs more power …

(1) Washington needs more power because its policy of integrating the public schools has been such a success story as we can see in the geography of Atlanta.

(2) Washington needs more power because it does such a good job of managing our national finances.

(3) Washington needs more power because we need “comprehensive immigration reform” and “affirmative action” and tens of millions of more the poorest people in Latin America coming to our country to live on EBT cards.

(4) Washington needs more power because with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 it has created thriving communities of racial harmony in Birmingham, Montgomery,  Tuskegee and Selma.

(5) Washington needs more power for it can turn every industrial town in the Midwest into Detroit in the pursuit of “globalization.”

(6) Washington needs more power for we can create government jobs for millions of more eunuchs and African-Americans who graduate from our universities devoid of the slightest curiosity about how the world actually works.

(7) Washington needs more power because California is so much better in 2011 than it was before the Immigration Act of 1965.

(8) Washington needs more power because it has literally enslaved black people to the EBT card, the TANF welfare check, the Medicaid, and the government job.

(9) Washington needs more power because we can witness the Beltway’s mastery of thousand of years of Western history, philosophy, religion, and culture in Roger Cohen’s progressive archives at the Washington Post.

(10) Washington needs more power for we can fight more wars for “liberal democracy” in places like Libya and Afghanistan and rise to the call to defend the borders of Turkey.

What would we ever do without the wise sages of Washington? How could we manage our lives without the high culture and tutelage of the Beltway establishment and the nanny state?

Without Washington, it is clear that no one in Michigan could make things, no one in Arkansas could raise a chicken, no one in Texas could drill for oil, no one in North Carolina could run a bank, no one in Florida could put a man in outer space, no one in Nebraska could grow corn, and no one in Alabama could rebuild Tuscaloosa.

Where do these hayseeds in flyover country get the idea that they would better off without the vital work intellectual work provided by Richard Cohen?

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  1. I really should refrain from commenting on this thread. Really, I should….I’ll see how long I can restrain myself…..

  2. Mr. Cohen, isn’t this really just the bunker mentality? You’re unthinking, self-absorbed, paranoid and parochial fanaticism is in the open now! Your program – masquerading as a high-minded moral campaign to rescue the unfortunate of other races from their supposed tormentors – has been exposed for all to see as the crassest, most base, and most selfish campaign of ethnic self-promotion and out-group sabotage the world has ever seen!

  3. I am a white male midwesterner living in the African outpost known colloquially as “Atlanta”. My daily experiences in this city have imbued me with a deep and abiding guilt for what my white male northerner ancestors imposed on white southerners. I am deeply sorry, on behalf of all my ancestors who fought for the Union. In our defense, Lincoln said he would resettle the negroes in Africa, the Caribbean, or South America, and most of my ancestors never dreamed that the federal government would force integration on the South.

  4. From Cohen’s column: “America trails China, South Korea, Japan and other countries in math and science, and our huge minority-group population does about as well as schoolkids in developing nations.”

    White America doesn’t trail the others, and as for the “minority-group” population, I wonder what the connection is…? Duh.

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