Hun Wars

United States

“The Romans have done great things, but their time is past. What they have done, we can do. We should rule the world.”
– Attila the Hun

I’ve thought a lot lately about how I can use movies, history, and video games to illustrate my points:

Replace the Huns and Romans here with African-Americans and White Americans in the Second Great Depression.

The recklessness of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve crashes the U.S. economy and “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” unfolds in every city, state, and county with large numbers of black people. White people get to experience “the content of their character.”

It is a future scenario worth considering at the Department of Homeland Security. A much more likely scenario than a middle class White woman blowing up government buildings.

Black people are the greatest “domestic terror” threat to our national security. Just ask our British allies in Europe. These “violent extremists” have been operating for years in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles, etc.

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  1. No, don’t ask our British allies. They are clueless. As their monarch-in-waiting says, the riots in England were “a cry for help”. Such stupidity has consequences.

  2. The problem is that blacks are a small, unskilled, minority, in our society, while the Huns were skilled martial opponents of Rome from outside. I don’t think the comparison works. Muslims or Chinese would be a better comparison to Rome.

    Our enemies are small and inside our gates. But our lack of will to deal with the parasitic class is our most serious character flaw.

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