Battle of Oxford, 1962

In 1962, JFK used military force to integrate the University of Mississippi


In my college years, one of my favorite books was An American Insurrection: The Battle of Oxford, Mississippi, 1962, which tells the true story about the forced integration of the University of Mississippi.

Few Americans know how close that JFK came to inciting a full blown revolution in Dixie against the Civil Rights Movement when he integrated the University of Mississippi in 1962. There were volunteers from across the South descending on Oxford who were ready to fight “Bobby” over the forced integration of Ole Miss.

Ross Barnett, the Governor of Mississippi, backed down under federal pressure, but if he had chosen resistance over submission to the federal government, the gates of hell would have broken loose in the South.

Let us recall the Ole Miss generation that stormed Gettysburg:

“Ninety-years before, on the afternoon of July 3, 1863, a group of University of Mississippi students had raced up a slanting field in Pennsylvania toward the dazzling, doomed vision of the “High Water Mark of the Confederacy” on Cemetery Ride at Gettysburg. They were the remnants of Company A of the Eleventh Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment, known as the “University Greys,” who in 1861 had marched out of Oxford with some fifty University of Mississippi sutdents and one hundred other boys and men from Lafayette County. After fighting their way through Harpers Ferry, the First Battle of Manassas, Seven Pines, Bull Run, and Antietam, there were only thirty-one of them left. . . .

Of the thirty-one University of Mississippi Greys who reported for action that morning, nine were dead, twelve had been wounded and ten more were taken prisoner. On that day the unit suffered 100 percent casualties. Not one of them ever went back to school at Oxford.”

In Black Run America, the “real heroes” are MLK, Rosa Parks, and Jesse Jackson who violated our laws, not the Mississippi Greys who bravely marched into the cannons at Gettysburg, or their “racist” descendants who stood up to JFK’s tyranny in 1962.

The tyrant JFK was somehow “martyred” when he was assassinated in Dallas by the communist Lee Harvey Oswald who had lived in the Soviet Union. “Bobby” was assassinated by a Palestinian lunatic.

Fifty years later, we are still living with the Kennedy legacy.

Update: The Beltway earthquake cracked the Washington Monument. Barack Hussein Obama is also getting massacred in Florida.

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  1. “Integretion” and “segregation” are the wrong words to use. Those words allow people to attack European peoples while hiding their ethnically motivated hate.

    “Integration” really means invasion. Invasion of European communities, invasion of European schools and invasion of European businesses. This invasion leads to the destruction of those European communities. This destruction of European communities is promoted by the privately owned media and US government as something good.

    The word “Segregation” refers to European peoples who want to preserve their European communities, European businesses, and European schools. The word “segregation” is a word that demonizes European peoples who want to maintain their own societies. The people who want to destroy those European communities don’t have to come out and say “i want to destroy those Europeans”, they can just use the term “segregation” to demonize the existence of European only communities.

    When people say “i support integration and oppose segregation”, they are promoting the destruction of European communities and European peoples. Those people would never say the words “i support the destruction of European communities” in public. But saying the words “I support integration and oppose segregation” is simply publicly acceptable code words for saying “i support the destruction of European communities”.

  2. Anti-Whites are on record as saying they want a permanent destruction of the white race, my race, by way of intermarriage. It’s a campaign of GENOCIDE. Never Forget!

  3. What a collection of sick fucks we have here. But I guess that’s what comes from eating squirrel brains.

  4. AND you’re dumb enough to believe the official government lies about the assassinations of JFK and RFK. Just keep wallowing in ignorance; they’ve got you right where they want you.

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