Congratulations, William Gheen

William Gheen of ALIPAC unloads on the dictator Barack Hussein Obama

North Carolina

William Gheen of ALIPAC has taken a bold stand and denounced the tyrant Barack Hussein Obama and his lapdogs at the SPLC and NCLR for the war they are waging against White America.

Personally, I have quarreled with William Gheen in the past over his support for “legal immigration” from Latin America and his tireless attempts to distance ALIPAC from “extremist groups,” but I now believe that Mr. Gheen is starting to realize the true magnitude of the crisis we are facing.

The dictator Barack Hussein Obama has sued Alabama and Arizona and has used his executive powers to grant a mass amnesty to illegal aliens for no other reason than to impress Luis Gutierrez and the La Raza fifth column and to selfishly revive his chances of winning reelection in 2012.

Without a strong Hispanic turnout in 2012, Barack Hussein Obama could lose pivotal swing states like New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Virginia, and North Carolina whose electoral votes he needs to lord over us from the White House for another five years.

The United States has never faced a situation where an American president is so fundamentally alien to White America. Even the worst presidents in American history like Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Johnson had some type of organic connection to the plain folk of this country.

Whereas Lincoln sought to preserve the Union and LBJ was a misguided utopian naif who overreached with Vietnam and the Great Society, Barack Hussein Obama’s actions since the “debt ceiling crisis” have shown that he is clearly driven by sentiments which are far more sinister.

In a moment of pique, Mein Obama has taken the mask off and exposed his true feelings about the White people of this country. His minions like Eric “My People” Holder have been telegraphing their true position on race for years from various governmental agencies. The so-called “stimulus package” was nothing more than a massive reparations bill that was channeled directly into the pockets of black people through welfare state spending.

The time has come to stop playing games and pretending that we even live in a just society. In Black Run America, every single racial group but White people is put up on a racial pedestal and glorified on the National Mall in Washington with its own racial separatist museum.

In the so-called “mainstream,” blacks have a Congressional Black Caucus, Black Entertainment Television, the NAACP, the Urban League and MSNBC debates “The Black Agenda” without raising an eyebrow, but it is culturally illegal in the United States to even utter the phrase “White America” in a positive manner, or to suggest that White people have interests like every single other racial group in the United States.

White people are sick and tired of paying taxes to Washington, DC to get Black Run America. We are sick and tired of getting Black Run America from CNN and Hollywood. We are sick and tired of being forced to pretend that Black Run America is anything but a monstrous tyranny that is enslaving our descendants to Chinese bondholders.

The only reason there are so-called “hate groups” in the 21st century is because of Black Run America. If White people on the internet who were born in the 1980s start to believe that Hitler wasn’t so bad after all, it is largely because they were born in Black Run America where our entire civilization is run for the exclusive benefit of “minorities,” and only the “hate groups” offer a positive sense of White racial identity.

In every single sphere of American life, whether it be sports, business, entertainment, science, the humanities, politics, culture, or religion, Black Run America and its relentless promotion of “diversity” and “anti-racism” and “multiculturalism” takes precedence over every other conceivable ideal.

In the Justice Department, Black Run America takes precedence over justice. In the Defense Department, Black Run America takes precedence over creating effective combat units. In the Department of Agriculture, Black Run America and its EBT card takes precedence over farming and ranching.

In Black Run America, White children are taught to believe that Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman are more important figures in our history than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson.

There is only honorable response to having to live under such a tyrannical a federal government that vilifies its own people. In Arizona and Alabama, we have already tried nullification, but there is another remedy.

Note: It doesn’t take much searching through the history of North Carolina to find your legal remedy. If memory serves, it has been invoked on two occasions.

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  1. “…it is culturally illegal in the United States to even utter the phrase “White America” in a positive manner, or to suggest that White people have interests like every single other racial group in the United States.”

    This is not a literally true statement. The diverse white American peoples are entirely free to speak their grievances. The problem is that very few know how to speak in a white voice in a white centric way.

    Our right to name, label, define, and describe ourselves is the place to begin for the newbie. In addition, there are so many loose strands on the cocoon that entraps us, that simply tugging at one at a time will awaken viewers and encourage to speak out, too. Remember we are here to model a viable language for the newbies, not blast every lie told to us about ourselves in an upsurge of righteous anger. Use the thin edge of the wedge! When we have 5% awakened, then things will change rapidly.

  2. I gotta agree with Don, plenty of places on the net for peddling “outrage”, and we have had decades of it. We run the risk of becoming niggers (the unter-man concept) if we keep on this track of “outrage” only.

    But alot of your posts do transcend the outrage only model and does begin to assign blame and responsibility, and responsibility is an anethma to the left.

  3. “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…”

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