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  1. Amusing contrast between the “blond beast,” the Aryan man, the warrior caste, and the resentful rabble, here represented by the obese feminist who can barely contain her contempt and envy.

  2. While our guy “Chris” did a decent job here of presenting a legal right for Alabama and other states to make laws against illegal immigration, I think he and others make the mistake of conceding the moral high ground to folks like the SPLC. Notice that the SPLC woman appeals to “fairness” – she speaks of churches taking people to church, she’s for the “poor people”, forcing our side to defend the mean, rich Conservatives.

    Our side needs to appeal to the little guys, to poor people – like those trying to earn a living wage at a job, where MEAN RICH AGRIBUSINESS MEN want to flood Alabama sub minimum wage slaves, offering no benefits and putting all the costs of health, education for the illegals and their children on the tax payers.

    O.D. has done a good job of showing how these rich agribusiness leaders like that GOP official from Georgia the Onion King are bringing in a new form of slavery.

    We want to make the SPLC take the side of the neo Slavery agribusiness leaders who are destroying the lives of poor and working class folks, including poor and working class Black folks in states like Alabama.

    Never ever get placed on the defensive, forced to defend the interests of RICH MEAN POWER ELITES.

  3. Jack Ryan,
    That is a good strategy. Use their typical tactics against them. Appeal to Whites as a put-upon and disposessed class. Especially since the competition with immigrant workers now cuts across almost all income brackets. At my survival job we now have workers in Mumbai and Manila. Layoffs were announced, but my position was actually valuable so nothing happened…..yet!

    I watched the Newshour immigration piece last night. I think our side won the debate, but the lumbering sauropodomorph was given the last word, as usual for PBS.

  4. It’s really pretty easy to shut one of these Reds up by pointing out the cheap labor aspect. They have no answer unless they want to become radical libertarians on the spot. Be prepared, they might try to hang that on YOU, saying “I thought you right-wingers were in favor of capitalism” or some such thing.

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