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BRA's idol gets his own shrine on the National Mall

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This gushing article by Edward Rothstein in the New York Times on the MLK Memorial is so full of misleading lies that it warrants a response.

(1) MLK was a minister – If MLK was a minister, then so was Ted Haggard and Jimmy Swaggart. They both failed to practice the Ten Commandments.

The major difference between MLK and Ted Haggard is that the latter was really a full time minister who passionately built his own church in Colorado Springs. In contrast, MLK toyed with being a “reverend” in Montgomery, but quickly devoted himself to being a full time “civil rights” celebrity and publicity hound.

Please note that the Reverend Jesse Jackson was one of MLK’s disciples. It was Jackson who persuaded King to launch his ill fated campaign in Chicago. Every time you see Jesse Jackson on television you are looking at someone whose idol was MLK.

(2) MLK was not a creator of laws – What do you call the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965? What about the Civil Rights Act of 1968 which was passed by Congress for no other reason than to appease blacks after MLK was assassinated?

(3) MLK was a deliberate violator of laws – This much is true. MLK broke all kinds of laws and court orders. The MSM glorified him for breaking our laws and demonized White people in the American South who were pissed off because their laws and customs were being flagrantly violated.

(4) MLK was a pacifist – Did MLK ever condemn Malcolm X? What about Stokely Carmichael? What about North Vietnam? If MLK was seriously committed to “non-violence,” then why did he hang out with black nationalists like Carmichael who glorified violence?

(5) MLK was not an associate of the American elite – This is laughable. How many audiences did MLK have with Eisenhower, Kennedy, and LBJ? How many times was he codded by federal judges and mainstream reporters?

(6) MLK has the credentials to be on the National Mall – The only reason MLK has a statue on the national mall is because the MSM glamorized him (with their powerful new tool called television) and turned him into a manufactured black celebrity. Why not put a statue of Paris Hilton on the National Mall?

(7) Abraham Lincoln has an imposing monument on the National Mall – Lincoln raised an army to attack the Southern states. His irresponsible actions led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Bravo.

(8) The King family made $800,000 from the statue – Naturally, Antoine Dodson got his own reality show after the “Huntsville Rapist” song was a hit. What happened to “The Man With The Golden Voice”? Does anyone remember that guy?

(9) MLK said that only love could drive out hate – How did MLK practice loving his neighbors in Montgomery? He violated their laws, soiled their culture, ruined their businesses, judged their moral behavior, put on a circus for television cameras to draw attention to himself and to demonize the people who lived in his own city.

As a “minister,” MLK wasn’t content to love his own wife or congregation … he was in love with his own celebrity status. Just like his successors Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

(10) MLK said every nation must develop an overriding loyalty to mankind – MLK’s overriding loyalty was to his own ego and racial identity like every other black politician. Just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Rep. John Lewis and every other charlatan who became a “civil rights” celebrity in those years.

(11) MLK talked about a world perspective – The USSR also talked about “a world perspective.” How fitting that the MLK monument was built in Communist China by Mao Zedong’s sculptor! King himself rallied in Washington with American communists to give aid and comfort to Communist China and the Viet Cong.

(12) MLK emerges from a mountain of despair – In the 1950s, the black family still existed. Now black people are enslaved to the EBT card and live in Section 8 housing.

I forget the exact number of fatherless black males that are in prison or who have died as a result of the nihilistic culture of violence in their own communities.

According to John McWhorter, black people aren’t angry anymore. I don’t think he listens to the radio.

(13) With this faith we will be able to do everything together .. blah, blah, blah – Yeah, it sounds like every other Obama speech I have ever heard which dresses up destructive public policies with sweet words and appeals to emotion that short circuit our reason.

Obama was “post-racial” in the same sense that MLK was “post-racial.” He conned DWLs with a story they wanted to hear for they would give him money and power.

(14) MLK’s statue looks authoritarian – Perhaps this a sly Chinese way of acknowledging the fact that MLK really was an authoritarian.

After all, the “Civil Rights Movement” was about nothing more than taking away freedom from White people and redistributing their wealth to African-Americans.

(15) MLK was about democracy, justice, hope, love – I’m told the Soviet Union was the most democratic nation in the history of the world. It practiced social justice, social equality, and wealth redistribution just like Black Run America.

(16) King’s fundamental theme was equal treatment for blacks – This is also a lie. His real fundamental theme was taking away individual liberties from White people and redistributing their wealth to non-Whites. He spent the last several years of his life working on that project.

(17) MLK’s statue is an authoritarian caricature – This is hilarious.

BRA is a totalitarian society. It is culturally illegal to identify as a White male in BRA. It is culturally illegal to oppose the redistribution of our wealth to “African-Americans. The SPLC practices institutional McCarthyism.

The various “civil rights laws” demand authoritarian compliance with Washington. They give Washington unprecedented power to micromanage White households, the states, private business owners, individual lives, etc.

Every failing school in the United States must conform to BRA’s laws and BRA’s moral voice as interpreted by New York City and Washington.

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  1. Rothstein and his Tribe put King and his Tribe right back on the dependency plantation: welfare, drugs, and crime. Jews think they are going to use the controlled blacks and mestizos to slaughter us. What a lethal shock they are in for.

  2. “It is culturally illegal to identify as a White male in BRA.”

    It is completely culturally legal (an excellent term by the way) for one of the diverse white American men to speak out of his white voice in a white-centric way. What is “culturally illegal” is speaking out of any other centricity.

  3. Reminds me of the statue of Stalin that once graced Prague. The monument is an embarrassing pastiche of the type of symbolism that is all too familiar to me from my decade in China- a man towering over us plebs, not deigning to even look at us, back straight with arms in determined, static pose. None of the heavy lifting we looking up are accustomed to, but then he doesn’t seem to acknowledge those doing the fighting, the striving, the suffering. But then the point of such memorials is to mythologise such heroes to strike an eternal distance between them and us. At least the mass-murderer Mao is always shown finished, with his feet moving slightly forward as with those showing the pharaohs. Compare MLK simply standing in stone with those Michelangelo had wresting themselves from their stone prisons. But then, because in the end the memorial has no honest, sincere meaning, $800,000 had to be spent simply to cover the superfluous blocks on either side with quotations.

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