BRA’s Greatest Truth: Demolished!

Liberal Ideology: The Power of a Delusion


Do you remember that old hoary story about racial equality? It was BRA’s Greatest Truth: there was no such thing as heritable racial differences in intelligence and character.

Stephen J. Gould’s discredited The Mismeasure of Man? The sociology of Brown vs. Board of Education? The cultural anthropology of Papa Boas? The PBS documentary Race: The Power of an Illusion? The SPLC’s “Teaching Tolerance”?

How many times have you heard the MLK cliché that there is no positive statistical correlation between “the color of your skin” and “the content of your character”?

BRA's hateful truth about race is revealed!

In BRA, the worst possible thing you could be was a “racist.” What do you mean it was all a lie?

The Bell Curve was discredited by the real scientists, right? Are you saying that our entire civilization since 1945 has been constructed around the lie of anti-racism? Are you saying that the thought police in the New York Times and the Washington Post have been wrong about race all this time?

How can intelligence be heritable? Are you saying that some people are born smart and others are born dumb? Just like some people are born tall and others are born short? Just like some people have blue eyes and other people have brown eyes?

If intelligence is heritable, then it is possible to be born retarded or gifted. It means that no amount of federal spending on education can (through the progressive science of alchemy) transform Alvin Greene into an astrophysicist like Stephen Hawking.

That’s offensive to our progressive sensibilities! It means that progressivism – and by extension, the liberal tradition – has been based on the greatest lie ever told in world history.

What else has the liberal establishment been wrong about for decades? Is there something out there even bigger than the lie of racial equality? I have a theory that the only reason we are learning this now is because we are about to find out.

Editor’s Note: What if … the liberal establishment has been wrong about religion and capitalism … for centuries? It is a dark day to be an intellectually discredited hate bot.

Update: The poverty myth has also fallen like a giant sequoia in the woods of academia!

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  1. I have long thought that the intelligence argument was the best one for convincing educated Whites of Black fuckedupedness. Telling a White janitor or drill press operator that the average Black IQ is only 85 may not convince him that Blacks are a blight, and might be insulting as well, but people who buy toys for their children according to their claimed effects on cognitive development have real phobias about dullmindedness. They live and work in a world organized in a hierarchy of intelligence and know exactly what it means.
    There’s no mention of race in that Los Angeles Times article you linked to, but it’s explosive enough. A few years ago, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance wrote about a “rush for the lifeboats” when all the leftists will flee the responsibility for their ideology. I recall reading other articles AmRen posted, written by leftists to warn their brethren that their pet fantasies were coming undone and that there would be a reckoning, that racial orthodoxy would be a millstone around their necks, and that they would lose all credibility. It’s coming.

  2. So, Mr. Wallace.

    In one article, and with one world map delineating average IQ and average wage potentials, you do the entire civilized world a great service. I would (for one) gladly nominate YOU for a ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ for this collation of pertinent data.

    Because, armed with these factoids, imagine the billions of dollars world-wide that will be saved, when we (at least here in the USA) eliminate Head Start, Free and Reduced Lunches, reduce ALL extraneous funding of inner city schools, (to the point that anything other than paper, pencils, books, and a credentialed teacher -with the power to enforce class discipline, by physical force if necessary) the complete dismantling of all of the ‘hope and change’ balderdash, and the restoration of a two-caste system in these United States, (to allow those of lesser intelligence to be paternally directed into menial skills best suited for their IQ’s – which won’t include NBA Basketball) would be nothing short of a miracle!

    The social and demographic change based on your findings, would be almost without precedent. Couple these insights with Watson’s admission of DNA ‘election,’ and the entire philosophical apparatus upholding the Liberal Charade will crumble in less than a decade! With that ideological shift, the restoration of a 1950’s era America, where WE know where ‘their’ place should (and, once again, will) be, would clearly help police, medical personnel to devote their attentions to those worthy members of American society; would further the restoration of the American Science of Eugenic betterment, by the sterilization of societal misfits (for example), and restore this nation to where she was, before she was hijacked by the Deicides and Trotskyite Liberals of the 1960’s (who are all entering retirement age, and can easily be disenfranchised, as the current polls of their Obamessiah are indicating).

    Yes, a better world for all concerned. I can see the award now…. can’t you?

  3. I am Brazilian and his very well what that means. Here in Brazil despite the mixing there is a very visible line of behavior, intelligence, based on phenotype and is no longer one of those coincidences that the vast majority of blacks are less intelligent, more aggressive even after centuries of miscegenation.
    In a country that is dysfunctional as the most intelligent and able white, predominantly Caucasian mestizos, mulattos awarded the prize of the genetic lottery and eastern occupy the top of society.
    If one day you are willing to visit us”and”will notice I notice a true apartheid mestizo.
    It seems to me that the Judeo-Marxist ideologies grounded in denial of the existence of human races and their differences (for the Gentiles, and not for them of course) has its days numbered. I hope it comes soon because Brazil is undergoing a population explosion of unprecedented black, I see this all the time all the time, something very serious that can make us regress into barbarism pre-civilization, that if we no longer are.

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