Noble Lies


The “noble lies” just keep unraveling

PRINCETON, NJ — Black and white Americans have starkly different views on the appropriate role of government in dealing with civil rights in this country. A majority of blacks (59%) say that the government should play a major role in improving the social and economic position of blacks, while 19% of whites agree. A little over half of blacks (52%) say that new civil rights laws are needed in this country, while 15% of whites agree. . .

More generally, 27% of Americans — comprising all races and ethnic backgrounds — believe that the government should play a major role in improving the social and economic position of blacks and other minority groups, down significantly from 40% in 2004 and 37% in 2005.

If memory serves, the Rasmussen polls says that 9 percent of Whites believe BRA is on the right track, and something like 51 percent of African-Americans believe BRA is on the right track.

I’m quite sure that King George III had more support in White America in 1776 and Abraham Lincoln had more support in 1861 than BRA does today in 2011 under Barack Hussein Obama.

None of this really matters. These polls are just a snapshot of where we are today which can be summarized as “critical condition.” MLK’s Mountaintop was reached on November 4th, 2008. We are only three years into the long process of coming down to reality from that mountaintop.

Sooner or later, the “voodoo economics” that has kept the U.S. economy levitating since 2008 (i.e., TARP, ARRA, auto bailout, the impenetrable “QE” crap for the Wall Street aristocracy) will fail and the steaming bag of **** will be dropped on the Middle American doorstep.

Black people will get to experience “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.” The WIC will stop coming. The TANF welfare check will stop coming. The free ride on the White Guilt Express will be over.

What do you mean the amusement park is permanently closed? It will be a dark day for “hate bots” everywhere.

Note: Poseidon is literally raining on MLK’s parade.

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  1. I don’t know if the EBT card will ever stop working. I think before BRA’s eunuchs allow that to happen, they will just create more money, and inflate everyone into a living inflationary hell. I think that will come before the EBT card is cut off.

    They know the consequences of cutting off the “Free Sh*t Army”. Mob violence, rioting, and more black temper tantrums comparable to the Watts riots, Rodney King riots, etc.


  2. J- the EBT carsd will stop. Some-one has to pay some-one for all the free stuff. Russia and China have signed off on the dollar. Worthless paper script may work within BRA – but not outside.

  3. I agree with J. The EBT card will never stop working.

    The status quo will be maintained. Gonzolo Lira has conclusively shown that the Fed bought somewhere between 60% and 67% of US T-Bills in 2011. Ben Bernanke will undertake QE3 soon enough, because there is no one else who can buy our debt in the quantity we need to sell it.

    So essentially we have already duplicated Zimbabwe’s economic models of printing as much fiat currency as we need to pay off government debts as they arrive: workers salaries, welfare payments, pensions, medicare reimbursements, interest on the debt.

    What the debt debate showed is that there is no stomach for ending any of these, or choosing between them — so we won’t. The Fed will buy all the FedGov debt needed to keep the books balanced. The dollar will continue to decline via inflation.

    It’s the dollar that is going to die, not the EBT card! In fact one can easily imagine current dollars going to near zero in value due to hyperinflation. Grandma who saved $100,000 to live frugally on in retirement can’t afford more than two cans of peaches with that money. Meanwhlie Kiesha Jones, with four little rugrats by four different baby-daddies will be getting EBT payments denominated in NewDollars which have some moderate buying power.

    The only way the EBT card could stop working would be for the political system to decide to end it. That’s not going to happen. The vast majority of Americans would rather see the entire society destroyed through a Zimbabwe style hyper-inflation than deal with the stupidity of BRA.

    At some point in this happy future history I do expect some States to start leaving the Federal system, so eventually an independent Idaho, Wyoming, Alabama or Utah might decide to do away with the EBT and many other former-federal programs.

  4. No Democrat will cancel the EBT card, but a self-interested Republican might, one step at a time. As the MSM loses credibility and the power to control public discourse, the cowards of the GOP might summon the nerve to save themselves. After all, rioting Darks are recruiters for the Right. I never doubt that whatever scenario I can think up is being quietly discussed somewhere by serious men.

  5. Grocery stores accept welfare plastic because it eventually translates into dollars. When the dollar goes, all the plastic will go with it. Then only commodities – gold, silver, bullets, guns, other trade goods, human skills, pussy, etc. – will have value.

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