Choose Love, Not Hate


The Muse of Hate has noticed that the One People’s Project is spitting on the grave of Elizabeth Wright whose recent passing has won her some kind words from American Renaissance and Alternative Right.

This is an interesting development: from across the racial divide, the “racists” like Keith Preston and Jared Taylor have admired the conservatism of Elizabeth Wright, whereas the One People’s Project is pleased that this poor black woman is “rotting in hell.”

Hate seems to operate in strange ways!

Here in Alabama, I have always admired the Southern conservatives Booker T. Washington and Jesse Lee Peterson. I’m not really familiar with Elizabeth Wright although I do recognize the name from Takimag.

We also like Professor Cornel West around here. Unlike Barack Hussein Obama, Cornel West is a straight talker who called out Obamamessiah for being “the black mascot of Wall Street.” It was about time someone labeled Obama as the water boy of the Money Power that rules the Democratic Party.

We hate Wall Street around here.

These fools who call themselves “anti-racists” seem to believe that we are incapable of judging by “content of character.” In fact, after scanning for racial identity we always run our metal detector over people to scan for “gold,” “bronze,” and “lead.”

(1) Obamamessiah is a joke.

(2) Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are a joke.

(3) Martin Luther King, Jr. was the biggest fraud in American history.

The NY Times has it backwards: MLK was the anti-Luther, a black celebrity who was manufactured by the Mainstream Media, who served the interests of the liberal establishment with his little stunts here in Alabama, who abandoned his ministry to become a full time celebrity who patronized mistresses scattered across a continent.

Martin Luther would have hated MLK.

(4) Daryl Lamont Jenkins is clearly on the left side of the Bell Curve.

(5) W.E.B. DuBois was just a fool.

The DuBois-MLK-Obamamessiah-Zip Coon philosophy has failed spectacularly in the year 2011. After 46 years of Black Run Amerika, African-Americans really are living on “the government plantation.” They really are enslaved to the EBT card, the TANF welfare check, the WIC, the Medicaid, the Section 8 housing, the government job, etc.

What is it like to be a slave? It means childlike servitude to another person. Being a dependent Sambo. Losing your independence.

Who does that sound like in Black Run Amerika? It sounds like black people who are totally dependent upon the Democratic Party for the maintenance of the welfare state. What would they do without it? The real question is: how long will it be until we find out?

Choose Love, Not Hate, One People’s Project.

Update: Tom Friedman’s world order is cracking up right on schedule. He doesn’t seem to know why. Maybe I should be writing for the New York Times?

Update: At Real Clear Politics, the liberal establishment can tour the “Battlefields of Resentment” (i.e., The South Shall Rise Again) on the General Lee Highway in Old Virginia.

The legitimacy of the liberal establishment in the Blue Dog, White Democratic pockets of Clinton Country:

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  1. OPP is the anti-racist VNN, some of the lowest forms of life you’ll ever meet. Daryl Lamont Jenkins is the black Linder, recall Linder’s behavior regarding Sam Francis and his passing. Yeah, he went full retard and full negro, that’s a double whammy.

  2. Wow, you are right. I visited the site, and it’s sick. What kind of person wishes for someone to “rot in Hell”, I’ll just never understand.

  3. just please don’t forget, the right wing is every bit as dependent on the Warfare State, and with the same consequences for the individuals who have to use t.v. and other media to justify their existence to the “taxpayer” (“the american people) on a daily basis—- either from showing scenes of horror, (war du jour, bio-terrors, etc.) so as to scare people into paying, or grand speeches about “pulling oneself up by the bootstraps” and “doing it right,” (even though anyone with a brain knows it’s a welfare-warfare state where the paycheck often comes from sucking up), or talking about capitalism as a virtue (even though crony capitalism and aggressive warfare empires are anything but)—

    (It’s a Warfare-Welfare Statist, corporatist, militarist, social marxist sort of borderless living area).

    the left is only half the problem.

  4. with “right-wingers” who are paid by taxes even more than the “left” wingers, it’s mostly just a bunch of people trying some new spin or strategy to make others pay for their stuff, the productive workers, (those who continually create and produce new wealth that can be sold, like farmers).

    the left and right just rationalize how they take money (why they “deserve” it) in different ways, right?

    Like, the “right” is heroes, protecting us, doing it right…. the left is oppressed, victimized, due reparitions, reacting righteously to those who stole from them in the past….

    either way, from the point of view of productive workers, they are just self-justifying people, saying their case for why they —not you— deserve your money and stuff.

    warfare and welfare aren’t that different in a Warfare-Welfare state.

  5. Not so sure I would agree blacks are on the government plantation. I would say we working whites are working on the plantation allowing them to live lives of leisure.

  6. Douglas,

    That’s an excellent point.

    The White working class and White middle class is working on the plantation. They pay taxes to Washington. Then Washington turns around and dispenses the loot through the welfare state which allows black people to live rent free in the Big House.

    It really is the other way around.

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