America’s Worst Decade

The 9/11 decade was only a small taste of what lies ahead

United States

Ronald Brownstein has penned a column for the National Journal which describes the 9/11 decade as one of the worst decades in American history.

It only seems that way from the vantagepoint of September 2011. There is a “Lost Decade” that stretches between 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2011. The forward march of “progress” mysteriously ground to a halt.

This is a great mystery to American progressives: every progressive knows that history moves in only one direction. It is America’s destiny to become a more progressive nation over time.

Inequality is supposed to wither away. Intolerance was scheduled to disappear. Society is expected to become more open and liberal on the social issues. Barack Hussein Obama was The One who was going to lead us to the Promised Land.

And why is the White House so cocky about Obama as a TV draw against quick-draw Rick Perry? As James Carville acerbically noted, given a choice between watching an Obama speech and a G.O.P. debate, “I’d watch the debate, and I’m not even a Republican.”

Racial disparities are supposed to go away with enough government attention. Liberal democracy was going to triumph across the whole world. Religion would become a relic of the barbarous past of the human species.

These things were all foretold by … they were foretold by progressives who lived in the moment and who expected an endless series of triumphs and who never gave much serious thought to what the future would actually look like when it finally arrived.

It is inconceivable to American progressives that history could suddenly and unexpectedly reverse course. Strange things begin to happen. The world starts acting in ways that were completely unexpected and defy all progressive models.

Conservatives start to break out the champagne. We never believed in this foolishness.

Where are the pharaohs? The Roman emperors? The crowned heads of Europe and the sultans of the Ottoman Empire? The first secretaries of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?

The presidents of the United States and the prime ministers of Europe will one day join them in the museums of the 22nd century.

The decade that will unfold between 9/11/2011 and 9/11/2021 will prove to be the most challenging decade in American history. In fact, each successive decade will prove more challenging than the last for at least the next half century, as the magnitude of the crisis facing Western civilization comes into full view.

The long term consequences of the bad decisions made between 1945 and 2011 are maturing and bearing their fruit now. What does that fruit taste like? They are already enjoying its delicious flavor in Greece and Britain.

It won’t be long now until we get to enjoy it here in the United States. I’m betting the liberal establishment doesn’t make it to 2021.

I’ve never been a gambler either.

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  1. Great post. This reminds me of a debate-a very one-sided debate-that I had with a former ,friend of mine online. This guy is a very liberal, I would say ultra-progressive DWL, from Massachusetts. In my former incarnation, prior to my full awakening, I was in a punk/hardcore band with this guy. We are now both in our 40s and he is still a DWL. The debate started when I posted the EBT card rapper on a social networking site and this guy went ballistic! I was accused of ‘drinking the right wing Koolaid’.

    At first I was shaking as I began to type my replies to his pontificating and counter-replies, but what started as a point-counterpoint soon became a tsunami of historical references, facts, and sober analysis. Had we been talking face to face I’m sure he would have taken a swing at me, but even online I could tell that he had no real answer to any of my points. I would point out the difference between the homogenous Roman Republic and the racially diverse Carthage and he would just say ‘bullshit’ or some such pearl of wisdom. I eneded up bringing up examples of the Hapsburgs, the British Empire. Rome, the Ottoman Empire, Japan, China, Nigeria, etc. etc. etc. He was like one of those cars washed over the sea wall as the tsunami smashed into him. After a while it became so funny that I kept flogging him until he began to personally insult me, but I refused to take the bait and just continued to shoot my ballista of facts.

    I’m sure I did not sway him from foolishness, but I implanted kernals of wisdom that he might remember when the mahogony mob is giving him the beat down. It also was very satisfying to destroy an enemy.

  2. Dutchman – BRAVO!!!! The great thing about Internet forums is that opportunity for practice. I know almost every “argument” Our Enemies deploy. I can knock ’em back faster than they can throw ’em out. You’ve already discovered one of the GREAt Secrets, or Mind Weapons, to use the immortal verbiage of the even more Immortaler Kievsky – you did not lose your cool.

    When you become more practiced, in this lovely Art, of DWL Baiting, you will begin to enjoy their increasing fury and hysteria. And it’s even more fun when you begin doing this in 3D world. And you watch the spittle form at the edge of their mouths. Trust me.

    Of course you will not change his addled mond. What you ARE doing is Pushing Back. You are not silently aceding to his lunacy. You are stating, in a fundamental way, “J’Refuse”.

    This is important. Vital. Essential. A war is fought on many fronts. Welcome to the battle. Bless you, and see you o nthe ramparts!

  3. Just remember (from the pastoral side of things) we are not here to thrash our former friends, but to convert them to TRUTH. Yes, it is enjoyable to show another up as a ‘young skull full of mush’- even when they are 30, 40, or even (sigh) 50’ish…..

    but the real issue comes down to this. How many like-minded people are you going to have around you, when TSHTF? As James Wesley Rawles notes in his stellar (albeit universalistic Calvinist) blog, ‘’ you need to have ‘folks’ around you that THINK AS YOU DO. I’ve been finding that very difficult to accomplish, frankly.

    The learning curve of most people is waaaay too steep. Maybe giving a friend a copy of Forstchen’s ‘One Second After’ or (for the more militaristic minded) Rawles’ own ‘Patriots’ is a first step toward the ‘A-ha!’ moment.

    Sermon ended. Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord…..

  4. Thanks for the comments on my comment. I can say that when I first posted the EBT video I was not looking for a fight, but my opponent is a self-appointed commissar reflexively sniffing-out incorrect thoughts. I’m sure you all know the type. He is also a typical DWL hypocrite always poking fun at ‘White trash’ and hillbillies while feeling some sort of solidarity (which is not reciprocated) with ghetto blacks. He is a hand-wringing academic and an accident waiting to happen.

    I agree that we have to have quick wits and be armed with the truth. I have even been attacked on ‘conservative’ message boards for posting innocuous facts!
    I once posted something about the founding fathers. I simply indicated that the founders did not believe in universal sufferage/mass democracy and were inspired by their education in the Latin and Greek classics to view the ideal Republic to consist of a land-0wning elite. Only property owners would have the vote since they had the most stake in society. I had a couple of Republicans saying things like “what do you want to do? bring back feudalism?” and “dude, what you just posted was borderline intolerant, you are better than that!.” I could not resist pointing out to the ‘feudalism’ critic that I was not proposing giving grants of land in exchange for military service, and what he meant of course was ‘manorialism’ and that his dim view of manorialism was based on watching hollywood films that denigrate our European ancestors. My posts were soon deleted and I was blocked from the board!

    I do agree with having a group you can rely on. I know about two guys in my area who are like-minded. The rest, I fear, are more concerned with sports and the latest super-hero action flicks than the decline of our civilization.

  5. Fr John, and Dutchman – I’m sick to death and I MEAN those words, of Whites that REFUSE to see whatg’s right in front of their faces. OI know there are a myriad of reaosn WHY Whites willfully deny reality – but I cannot help them anymore.

    I have TRIED. I’m burnt out.

    Dutchman’s experiences parralel my own, re: his valiant effots at telling the truth, and gettng shat on, and banished by so-called “conservatives”. The Patriotards are worse than the Lefries, in some ways. I’m sick of them. I’m not interested anymore.

    I blew off a local event yesterday. Loaded with the entire local Patriotard crowd. They bore me. They ennervate me. I went to lunch, instead, with a crony I call Haughty Blonde, at one of the few decent places in the area, had a very nice meal, and glasses of an excellent wine.

    We had a wonderful younmg waitress. HB and I are invariably blessed with good waitstaff. We were chatting with this young gal. She is a stunningly beautiful; young blue-eyed blonde. We began a light conversation, discusisng wines – she recommended the wine I chose – and the wine was terriifc! The restaurant was slow – it was late afternoon, but not yet time for dinner , so we chatted. She told us what type of wines she enjoyed. She told us how she rarely drinks when she goes out with pals, cause she muct drive approx 80 miles round-trip to go to the “happening places” (my verbiage – not hers). He boy friend lives in this dfaraway town. HB and I kicked into Old Aunty mode. We bagan asking her why her boyfriend doesn’t come and pick her up, and bring her back, in ourder to take care of her approproately. Sh made a cute and endearing explanation, indicating that she, at as 22, has already accepted the fact thatr men can be salfish and careless. She wasn’t complaining – she just accepted the situation.

    Then HB and I BEGAN. We went OFF, We told her her that she is a STUNNING beauty – that we were not paying her compliments, that it’s simply TRUE. That she has PRIMO DNA (she does. This girl is a heart-stopping beauty, wth perfect features – and is very very sweet) – and she needs to find a man who will treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Ever helpful – we began offering ideas. We told her that White people are literally disappearing fomr existence, and the blue eyes are becoming rare. She already had heard of this – about the blue eyes – and she confessed – and I MEAN “confessed” – that all she wanted to do was have blue eyed blonde babies. She said this in a manner that indicated that she could not beleive she was telling 2 strangers her deepest darkest secret. She looked as though she shocked herself, at uttering her desire. We went into raptires, tellnig her that we were glad to hear such a lovely young women say such a thing, that it’s competely NORMAL tpo want to reproduce yourself, etcv. I had already given a rapid-fire thumbnail detail about who she wants to meet , to marry and mate with – nnd who she wants ot AVOID. I had tossed out a few names, re: genecists, that she may want to look up. We tolf her she needs to meet a wealthy young German, who can support her, and the kids they will have. She was delighted by this idea. She laughed at herself, as though she could not beleive her audacity at wanting such things, and said she would be much happier if she could stay home and have babies….

    She had to go back to work at this point, and get out check, etc, While she was getting oour check, HB and I recalled a wealthy, highly educated young Englishman we know – who is working his fingers to the bone for our people. When she returned we asked her if she’d accept and Englishman instead of a German. Her last name is Welsh – but she said “That would be fine!”.

    We all exchanged names, and are hooked up on Facebook. We will introduce her to young Saint George – and we want an invite to the wedding.

    So – I did my job for the day.

    Now – Dutchman – yo umust pursue your won calling.

    FR Joh – I must do what I must do, in my own life – but I am not going to waste any more time on those that refuse to see and hear. They are goners – too bad. I did far more good in going to lunch, and meeting that young woman, than I ever have done trying to get the local Patriotards to stop worhipping Israel. That academic opponent of Dutchman’s – he is beyond help. The faster a feral Darky finishes him off – the better. We cannot save every-one. Better to put time and resources – and time is the most precious resource of all – into those that will hear.

  6. I would like to meet a woman who has the right attitude about our people and who is able to and willing to reproduce. I have blue eyes, I am 6’2″, brown curly hair. I am in my mid 40’s. I have many red heads in my tree also. I am on the East coast of the US. Where can I find women with the right attitude?

  7. @ Irish American:

    Small towns in the Midwest and the South. STAY AWAY from Big Cities! Full of Swipples and Dwills and mewly-mouthed feminists. Northeast and West Coast are off limits until the economic collapse. After that, the law of nature will take over and White women will lose their lefty misgivings.

  8. Irish – I beg to differ w/ Cuchulainn. You can go outside of the big cities, in the NorthEast. The gal I referred to lives in a small lovely town in PA. You want to go WEST of NYC, and Philadelphia. You will meet a lot of deluded White Trash skanks 0 but there are lovely well-raised Christian gals all over. Last year, my pal Annie Oakley came for a visit, as she made her was cross-country from Mexifornia. I took her ’round a bit, and she told me she never saw so many blue-eyed blondes in one place. Look for places with lots of churches.

  9. I agree Denise. Attempting conversion of DWL’s is a fool’s errand.

    They have constructed a wall of lies and delusions around the truth, and when the truth shines through the cracks, they patch the wall. It’s not that they can’t occasionally see the truth, it’s just such a problem for them when they do that they begin construction of more lies and delusions.

    Leave them to heaven. I refuse to waste any more breath on them either. Time is short and ultimately they are our worst enemies–traitors to their own kind.

    Regarding their tenuous relationship to reality, as the Roman saying goes, “the gods lead those who will; those who won’t, they drag.”

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