Labor Day Roundup

United States

As always, I spend 95 percent of my time following our “national conservation” in the mainstream. I use my telescope (the internet and television) to watch the smart people like a hawk.

Here’s what some of them are saying:

(1) Maureen Dowd has joined the Klan and is ready to lynch Africanus the First at the New York Times.

This must be what it feels like to wake up the next morning with a hangover after David Axelrod spiked the punch at the Democratic National Convention.

(2) My favorite dwarf Robert Reich writes one of his better columns without explaining how most of the financial deregulation of Wall Street occurred under the Clinton administration which he served as Secretary of Labor.

(3) In Salon, Matt Stoller hits the panic button. Obama is destroying the Democratic Party. As we move further into the 2012 election season, we will see more progressives pulling out their knives to stab Barack in the back.

(5) Robert Samuelson sees the historic inflection point (which the Romans called a “discrimen”) which we identified several weeks ago. We have entered a new period of American history.

(6) My God, what has former Enron advisor Paul Krugman done with his Op-Ed column at the New York Times?

(7) The divine Barack Hussein Obama has traveled to Detroit, Michigan on Labor Day for a scenic photo op of what happens when black people are put in charge of an advanced modern economy.

(8) The always reliable E.J. Dionne doesn’t understand either labor or capitol from the perspective of the Washington Beltway.

(9) Big Labor is showing signs of breaking away from the Democratic Party like an Antarctic ice shelf.

(10) Over the weekend, Sarah of Alaska lit into “crony capitalism” and “the permanent political establishment,” which is actually a pretty interesting discursive break with the mainstream – capitalism itself under attack from the populist conservative right.

(11) Robert Shiller on Wall Street’s Keynesian Beauty Contest.

(12) In the Jim Crow South, none of these SEC teams were integrated, and neither was the City of Knoxville and the City of Athens and the City of Oxford, much less the University of Tennessee, the University of Georgia, and the University of Mississippi.

When the nation of Dixie won “home rule” from America like Ireland in the Plessy vs. Ferguson decision of 1896, it nullified the Reconstruction Amendments in the American South, and the Radical Republican victory in the War Between the States.

This living arrangement – home rule for the South, economic leadership for the North – lasted until the Warren Court struck down Plessy in the name of the 14th Amendment in the Brown vs. Board of Education decision in 1954.

President Truman, President Eisenhower, President Kennedy, President Johnson, President Nixon, President Ford, and President Carter used the White House to create Black Run Amerika with the Northern supermajority in the United States Congress.

Southern universities were integrated long before the football teams. The same is true of our cities. By the time the football programs were integrated, cities like Birmingham, Atlanta, and Nashville had been integrated for several years.

No one here wanted integration which is why the nation of Dixie began to abandon its ancient allegiance to the Democratic Party in the Dixiecrat Revolt of 1948 and the George Wallace presidential campaigns.

After 66 years of division in the two-party system, the Solid South is coming back under the Republican big tent, and this will soon have major political consequences for things like “voting rights legislation.”

(13) The crisis of the European Union is coming soon. The European establishment in Brussels talks of a deeper fiscal union and more centralized power in the hands of EUnuchs … how will that play in the provinces?

(14) Highly educated black women have the lowest fertility of any demographic group. They are unable to find partners among black men. Is marriage for White people?

(15) Pat Buchanan on how capital crushed labor … coming soon, how reality crushed free market capitalism.

(16) Joel Kotkin on the crumbling Golden State that is Mexifornia … Heartland and Dixie wonder why a sinking Mexifornia should have 55 votes in the electoral college.

(17) You know it must be bad when the editors of Bloomberg News are talking about debt forgiveness.

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  1. It seems to classical music to my ears. Wonderful!
    I read that blacks belong to another human species, different from ours. Amazing!

    Now we’ll see how taxonomists classify the Neanderthal. Until the year 1960 were classified as Homo neanderthalensis, a different species from us, Homo sapiens. But the genetic distance between Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis (0.08%) is smaller than the distance between two species of chimpanzees (0103). Neanderthals are now classified as Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, a subspecies of human, as we are classified as another subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens. The genetic distance between African (sub-Saharan) and Eurasian (0.2%) is more than twice the distance between modern humans and Neanderthals (0.08%) then, finally, Sub-Saharan African should be reclassified as a subspecies, Homo sapiens africanus and Eurasian as another subspecies, Homo sapiens eurasianensis.
    Finally, the estimated distance between Homo sapiens and Homo erectus is 0170 (up eating 0.19), around the same genetic distance between Eskimos and African Bantus, but the genetic distance between African and Eurasian is 0.23 (Table 7-1 , p. 45). Thus, Homo sapiens is genetically more closely related to Homo erectus that is the Eurasian sub-Saharan Africans. Or erectus should be reclassified as Homo erectus or sapiens sub-Saharan Africans should be reclassified as Homo africanus.


    I found this link is in Portuguese. He says that human races are evolving separately and are entering into a process of speciation, resulting in the division of human races into distinct species.
    Human evolution has accelerated in recent centuries, unlike the”theory”That says we’re the same thing thousands of years.

  3. I have always called Reich ‘The Midget Commie’.

    Of course, he is oblivious to acknowledging the fiat money system is one of the reasons there is no longer a ‘middle class’.

  4. CNN – Commie Negro Network – featured a plethora of dyed-blonde Hebesess, this AM. They were there to blame the GOP. One of them is a Representative of Sand Castle Florida, named Wasserman. Another one – some fattish creature named Cohen – made a bunch of cracks about the forzen GOP. They were kvetching about the refusal of some members of the GOP to allow the brilliant King Africanus to spend our way out of the Civilizational Collapse.

    These aliens are beginnin g to sound like the parents, o nthe Charlie Brown TV shows. Their speech patterns and “talking points” are devolving into those “Wauk wauk wauk” sounds.

    To the Wassermans and Cohens – all the L’oreal Golden Blonde, and Max Factor make-up, and pink-gelled baby key lights in the world can’t hide the Jude in you. The Jew oozes out of your great big pores…

  5. That Salon article was pure comedy. The Left is comprised of cults rigidly segregated and it shows in that piece of excrement that supposedly passed for thought from that DWL. Not once in that article did that crackpot mention the “black vote” and yet he thinks if a few white lefty labor leaders for government workers declare independence he can take the country back to 1932.

    If anyone cares about “mainstream” political thought then pass every utterance thru this filter; Can it fund the welfare state?

  6. Rush Limbaugh is taking apart the raison d’etre for Medicare now, on air.

    I want EVERY cent I was forced to “contribute” BACK.

  7. Getting back to the SEC – excellent article at Alternative Right about what an important part of BRA the SEC football conference is, and how anti-White. Even withing the confines of legislated integration that the North has pushed on you, there are ways to cope and ways to give up and become the enemy. It sure looks to me like the SEC has switched sides in the ongoing conflict.

  8. I covered many of these points in my essay “Dixie’s Olympics” last month: White Southerners are conservatives, not White Nationalists. The racial philosophy of the South is conservatism and its expression is “white supremacy.”

    As for SEC football, yes, the football teams are integrated. Every single other aspect of our society has also been integrated by the federal government through federal civil rights legislation.

    What’s more important? An integrated football team or an integrated university? An integrated city? An integrated state?

    As for the North, I watched Auburn vs. Utah State, Georgia vs. Boise State, and LSU vs. Oregon last weekend.

    Where do people get the idea that Boise State is a white team? I saw lots of black players on the Boise State team. Utah State had a ton of black players. Last year, Oregon’s star football player was LaMichael James and they had a black quarterback.

    Oregon’s previous quarterback (who was guilty of some kind of crime) was playing for Ole Miss last year.

  9. Thiago, that’s a VERY interesting (if not lengthy) link!

    How soon until the media here reports on that story I wonder?

  10. “Getting back to the SEC – excellent article at Alternative Right about what an important part of BRA the SEC football conference is, and how anti-White.”

    Sports and music is a way for brainwashed White people to prove how non-racist they are *from a safe distance*.

  11. Landsknecht,
    if you noticed the second link is to great media, UK. I read somewhere that the media tells the truth 10% and 90% lie.
    I was surprised at first. Now it is confirmed, all the peoples of Eurasia (including anyone with blood mixed with some of those) have portions of Neanderthal blood. The African species is the only one who does not. Makes sense.

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