Protestantism and Racial Decline

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Thrasymachus has written an interesting post about my comments on the Reformation.

I have been meaning to expand in considerable detail my thoughts on that subject. I’m also convinced that “it all goes back” (i.e., the collapse of American civilization) to the Reformation.

“The Modern World,” as some have called it, goes back to the secular and religious trends that were swirling around the time Columbus discovered the Americas and when Martin Luther launched the Protestant Reformation in Germany a few decades later.

Unlike Thrasymachus, I don’t hold the Renaissance Papacy in very high esteem as a spiritual institution. Many volumes have been written about the Borgias and their successors. It will suffice to say that the Catholic Church had become a very worldly institution in that period.

Before there was Protestantism, it must not be forgotten that there was Humanism. The banner of this website is taken from Raphael’s “School of Athens” which was painted in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican around the time Luther was making his pilgrimage to Rome.

“School of Athens” is a beautiful fresco – we honor the Roman Catholic Church by displaying it here.

It is a real credit to the Vatican’s contribution to Western civilization which reflects the revival of interest in the Greco-Roman classics during that period. Pope Julius II also had Michelangelo decorating the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel back then.

In the 21st century, we can look back on the aesthetic accomplishments of the Renaissance Papacy with the perspective of an American tourist and find much to admire. We can also see that it was tasteful worldly men like Pope Julius II and Pope Leo X who were commissioning this artwork.

It must have taken a lot of money to patronize all these artists and to build all these great palaces in Italy. Where was the money coming from?

Now here we get to the heart of the issue: it all started when Pope Leo X sent Johann Tetzel into Germany to sell indulgences to raise money for the construction of the extravagant St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Luther responded by nailing that famous document on the church door in Wittenberg in 1517: that was the beginning of the catastrophic decline of the Catholic Church in Northern Europe, a blow from which it never recovered, and the start of a historical arc that ultimately led to the creation of the United States.

There is a lot of empty talk on the internet about the need to preserve our culture. Just what is our culture though? It is Protestantism.

In Luther, you can see the very first “American”: he nails that document to the Wittenberg church door, he writes the Archbishop of Mainz to inform him of his opinion, he starts to assert the doctrine of the relationship between the individual Christian and God, he stands up against the Inquisition in the name of reason, faith, and conscience, he demands that his errors be proven, etc.

In Wittenberg, Luther becomes a preacher, not a Roman Catholic priest. His greatest act of sabotage was to translate the Bible into the German language. It was a revolutionary act of defiance to bring the Word of God directly to the German people in their own language.

In the process of translating the Bible into German from Latin, Luther effectively created an entirely new religion, as the Bible didn’t mean the same thing in German or English that it had meant in Latin and Greek.

At the end of his life, Martin Luther had taken a wife with whom he had six children. There were Protestant churches throughout Germany and Northern Europe. The Bible had been translated into German, English, French and other European languages.

We haven’t gotten to the story of America yet … but, there are groups of dissenting Protestants in Europe with their own confessions, who through England would ultimately travel to North America to found English colonies along the Atlantic seaboard in the 17th century.

In the intervening years (1517 to 1607), Europe would be convulsed by religious warfare between Protestants and Catholics, which culminated in the Thirty Years’ War which lasted from 1618 to 1648. America was taking shape in North America while the Wars of Religion were raging in Western Europe.

How does this touch upon race?

It is important to keep in mind that Catholics and Protestants settled the New World. Spain and Portugal established their sphere of influence in Latin America. Britain and France fought over North America until the Seven Years’ War.

In the Spanish and Portuguese colonies, which is to say the Catholic colonies, there was widespread miscegenation which led to the creation of Mexicans and Brazilians. This was also true of French North America where the Catholic French were not as reticent about interbreeding with American Indians.

In the British colonies, which were settled by dissenting Anglo-Protestants, you have the English planting a Protestant culture which would have a remarkably different fate than the French, Spanish, and Portuguese colonies.

In Virginia and New England, the Anglo-Protestant colonists started out as Englishmen and Protestants, and they made an effort to convert the American Indians to Protestantism. This evangelism would continue in New England and Virginia until around King Phillips’ War and Bacon’s Rebellion.

By 1700, the “American” has emerged into full blossom in Massachusetts and Virginia: he is an English speaker, a Protestant, and now he is a White man. There is something like an American national identity taking shape around a racialized version of Protestantism.

The Americans looked back to the Old Testament and interpreted their conflicts with the Indians through the prism of the old tribal faith that had motivated the Israelites in their conquest of Canaan. Isn’t that what the Americans were doing in North America?

Weren’t the Americans the Israelites in the wilderness of North America? Wasn’t it our national destiny to conquer this bountiful continent which had been delivered to us by Divine Providence? What sense did it make to mix the blood of the new Israelites with the Canaanites?

As the Puritans knew, God had warned the Israelites about the dangers of miscegenation in the Old Testament. This is where the American ideal of “racial purity” came from which was the foundation of “the color line.”

In the 18th century, the Americans went through the Great Awakening and the American Revolution, and our world here in North America was completely transformed in the process of severing our ties to the British Empire.

In the 17th century and 18th century, Western Europe had reacted to the Wars of Religion and the Scientific Revolution by reviving speculative natural philosophy – there was a great hope that human society could be established on a firm rational and scientific basis like Newtonian physics.

In North America, the American frontiersmen were consumed by the problem of managing the black slaves and defeating the Indians who were being pushed back into the interior – under the racialized version of Protestantism, the Americans had begun their long march to the Pacific.

In Western Europe, the Europeans were trying to figure out how to put an end to the religious wars, had grown excited by contemporary developments in science and philosophy, and had begun to ponder how to reconstruct human society through the use of reason.

During the American Revolution, Enlightenment philosophy (which had been flourishing in Western Europe) was borrowed to justify separating from the British Empire. In New England, which launched the American Revolution, it put down much deeper roots than in the Southern colonies.

Also in the North, the Quakers and Unitarians appeared in the late 18th century, and their negative philanthropic influence along with the imported version of ideological liberalism from Britain and France would soon have a disastrous impact upon American racialism there.

By 1800, the United States had become an independent country, and the “Americans” were now English speakers, Anglo-Protestants, and White men who subscribed to republican political principles.

In the nineteenth century, the American experiment succumbed to its own growing heterogeneity: the North and South diverged into separate nations, the War Between the States broke out, and the Confederacy lost the war and its independence.

In the North, the Revolution had been very ideological, and fidelity to the revolutionary ideology for subsequent generations of Northerners meant pushing the limits of their abstract doctrine to ever greater extremes.

There was also a religious revolution going on there: the Quakers and Unitarians, the evangelical Protestants that emerged from the Second Great Awakening, and the secular intellectuals like the Transcendentalists who were keeping up with fashionable European intellectual trends transformed the existence of slavery within the Union into a moral and ideological issue that eventually succeeded in fracturing and toppling the Union.

The North was also developing a commercial and industrial economy. This was attracting wave after wave of European immigrants from Catholic Ireland and the Catholic parts of Germany. It was well on the way to becoming the “Nation of Immigrants.”

In contrast, the South had remained agrarian and was becoming even more deeply committed to negro slavery. The European immigrants were settling in the North. The South had remained Protestant and was the expansionist section of the United States.

The South was evolving into a feudal society. Aristocracy was becoming fashionable. Enlightenment liberalism was fading here. Racial science was thriving and pre-Darwinian theories like polygenism were in the air. Southerners had turned their eyes toward Northern Mexico and Cuba as fresh targets for American expansion.

In the aftermath of the War Between the States, the cancerous ideology and the cancerous religious trends in the North (which grew more serious in the 19C) triumphed within the Union. This culminated in the abolition of slavery and the Reconstruction experiment of extending citizenship to the negro “freedmen” and passing civil rights legislation to make them our social and political equals in America.

By 1900, the United States was essentially the Northern states, which had developed its own unique racial system. The Americans were White Christians (there was some confusion on this point given the unresolved and contested status of blacks, Asians, and Indians) who subscribed to an ideological version of republicanism.

Meanwhile, the Jim Crow South had diverged into its own alternative universe. From 1865 until 1965, Dixie had its own racial caste system, its own racialized culture, its own political system, and the Reconstruction amendments had been nullified in the South by the Plessy decision.

In the South, the Americans were still English speakers, Protestants, and White men who subscribed to a conservative version of republicanism. It was still an agrarian society that was dominated by a homogeneous ethnic group descended from the British Isles.

In the 20th century, these two worlds which had been diverging for 100 years collided a second time in the “Civil Rights Movement,” which lasted from 1955 until 1968. The assault upon the South was renewed by the Supreme Court in the Gaines decision in 1938 which was followed by the Brown decision in 1954 and Loving vs. Virginia in 1967.

From 1900 until 1965, the North was transformed once again: this time an enormous wave of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe had settled in the North, the backlash against Nazi Germany had popularized anti-racism there, the American victory over the Great Depression and Allied victory over the Axis Powers had led to a utopian mindset, and the Jews and their non-WASP allies had risen to power in the financial world, the universities, and the mass media in the North.

By the 1950s, the traditional WASP elite in the North (i.e., the Madison Grants, the Henry Adams, the Charles Davenports, the Henry Cabot Lodges, etc) was being overthrown by the present day multiethnic elite that was graduating from the North’s universities which had switched to the meritocratic system in the aftermath of the Second World War.

From the 1930s until the 1970s, the great project of redefining Americanism had begun in the North, as the new elite displaced the old WASP elite by demonizing it as racist, sexist, homophobic, reactionary, bigoted, and so forth – they completely rewrote American history during this period.

In the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement, the Northern multiethnic elite of Jews and deracinated White liberals became a multiracial/multicultural elite that expanded to include blacks, Hispanics, Asians, homosexuals, women, etc.

By 1970, the “Americans” were people who subscribed to a perverted strain of liberal ideology which was heavily influenced by European intellectual trends like Marxism and postmodernism. For the first time in American history, there was no longer any racial, ethnic, religious, or cultural basis to Americanism.

This revolution had begun in the North which was conquered between the 1920s and the 1970s. In the 1950s and the 1960s, the new multiethnic elite used the power of the federal government and the mass media to impose its racial and cultural ideals on the South.

See, the revolutionary destruction of traditional Americanism had begun in the North, where it had been opposed by Henry Adams, Henry Ford, and Madison Grant, because that was the unhinged section of the United States where all the insurgents had been invited to settle back in the “Melting Pot” days.

They didn’t settle in Dixie because the Jim Crow South had a totally different racial, political, cultural, and economic system. It was the industrial and commercial economy of the Northern states, its huge inviting cities which were hungry for “cheap labor,” and its religious and ethnic confusion and ideological orientation that had created the fatal opening which the predatory elite walked through in the JFK years.

By the year 2011, it was becoming obvious that the Universal Church of Political Correctness was losing its grip on power. The American elite that rose to power from the 1930s to the 1970s was staring down the barrel of a gun. The old tactic of hauling every dissenter before the Inquisition to be put on trial for heresy against Black Run Amerika wasn’t working anymore.

(1) First, the American elite had been drawn from disparate sources through the meritocratic system which was established in the postwar years – the people who rose to power through that system didn’t feel any sense of obligation to ordinary folks in the Heartland, and used their newfound power only to feather their own nests at the expense of the nation at large.

(2) Second, the American elite was committed to a progressive ideology which had no correspondence to reality, which over time began to erode the cultural and economic foundation of American prosperity and jeopardize its grip on power.

(3) Third, the American elite had begun to systematically deconstruct the American nation, which came at the cost of losing legitimacy and narrative power over vast swathes of the Heartland.

(4) Fourth, the rise of social media allowed Americans in the Heartland to start constructing their own narrative, and they began to demonize “the establishment” and “the political class” and the “Mainstream Media” and were beginning to explicitly organize themselves as an opposition party.

(5) Fifth, the American elite was always incredibly unstable because of its own heterogeneity and its total alienation from White people in the Heartland, which made it easy to castigate as “the Other.” It had nothing at its disposal but wealth and fantasy ideology to legitimize its grip on power.

(6) Sixth, the price of Black Run Amerika and the political class to White America was becoming unbearable, and there was so much cognitive dissonance between the ideology of the political class and the hard facts of reality for the despised ordinary White family that it was resulting in a narrative rupture and a total loss of legitimacy for the American elite.

And so, we can return all the way back to the beginning of Modernity when Luther and Calvin launched that revolt against the Catholic Church.

In Protestant America and Protestant Northern Europe, every Protestant has been told to shut up, conform, and submit to the authority of the liberal establishment since 1945 – unless they want to be hauled before the Secular Inquisition and put on trial, excommunicated from respectability, or thrown in prison by the ruling class for the manufactured sins against liberal dogma of “racism” and “extremism” and “anti-Semitism” and “nativism” and “xenophobia,” etc.

The very essence of Protestantism, which is the foundation of American culture, is that the individual answers only to God, that the individual is supposed to follow his reason and conscience, that the individual Christian is as good as any fallible Pope or “Human Rights Commission,” and has the right, the freedom, and the duty to question the New York Times, NPR, and President Barack Hussein Obama if they are abusing the faithful and steering them down a disastrous course.

That is precisely what has been undone in the United States and Northern Europe by the secular liberal establishment since 1945. Nowhere has Protestantism been undone more than in Britain, Sweden, Canada, and Germany where ordinary people live in mortal terror of the thought police.

If Martin Luther were published in the Federal Republic of Germany in the year 2011, he would be thrown in prison for all sorts of heresies. No one who is familiar with John Calvin’s Geneva can possibly lay American and Dutch degeneracy at the doorstep of Calvinism.

All of our better instincts in America to oppose degeneracy, to make up our own minds, to follow our own conscience, to love learning, and to question authority trace back to Luther and Calvin. The same is true of the racialized faith and the rationalized nationalism that drove American expansion across North America from the 17C to the 19C.

Insofar as American Catholics are opposed to the racial status quo in the United States, it is because they are marinated in America’s Protestant culture, which inspires them to dissent from the Roman Catholic Church and make up their own minds about this issue.

Protestants and Catholics have been conforming to the mores and ideology of the American liberal establishment which has captured every important cultural institution in our society (just look at Yale, Princeton, and Harvard) – liberalism, a secular fantasy ideology, is now the universal faith which rules unchallenged over all of Western civilization.

This is not the time for Protestants to pick a fight with Catholics, or for Catholics to pick a fight with Protestants, when both Protestants and Catholics subscribe to a Christian faith that is utterly incompatible with liberalism.

Liberalism is the enemy.

Martin Luther King, Jr. has assumed the role of Jesus Christ in Black Run Amerika. The Civil Rights Martyrs (CRM) like John Lewis, Emmett Till, and Rosa Parks have replaced the saints and martyrs of Christianity. The gospel of anti-racism and diversity has become a sacred dogma. The only sacred marriage in the United States is a gay marriage. Divorce and abortion are now sacred rights.

There are now Medieval shrines in Black Run Amerika like the Edmund Pettus Bridge which attract thousands of liberal pilgrims every year who walk over that magical bridge. Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton walked over that bridge in 2007.

Whiteness has been transformed into the Original Sin. There is now a shrine to the divine MLK on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Charles Krauthammer claimed in his column that MLK has ascended to the American Pantheon.

I could continue to elaborate on the secular religion that is American liberalism, but it will suffice to say that the new ideological wine of liberalism has been poured into the old Christian bottles, and that the theological differences which separate Protestants and Catholics are rather small compared to the ones that separate Christians from the doctrine of liberalism and its degenerate clergy of secular intellectuals in our universities.

The liberal faith is what has to be eradicated in this country.

Every time I wake up in the morning burning with a zeal that inspires me to take the time out of my day to attack Paul Krugman and Tom Friedman and Roger Cohen and the rest of the liars and frauds in the Universal Church of Political Correctness and the Mainstream Media on this website, I am reminded of that numbered list of 95 theses that Martin Luther nailed on that door in Wittenberg almost 500 years ago.

For some strange reason, I have never cared what those morons and idiots thought about me. I never thought much of the authority of the liberal establishment. I will never renounce my beliefs or prostrate myself before those fools either.

It was an attitude that I had absorbed by osmosis from my own Protestant culture. There is absolutely nothing that I enjoy more than smashing their idols. I would love to see dynamite strapped to that MLK statue in Washington. Every single holy shrine to the “Civil Rights Movement” in Dixie ought to be eradicated.

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  1. This Universal Church of Political Correctness you describe not only has a sacred dogma, deviation from which can lead to severe punishment for the heretic, it also has indulgences- financial payment for the remission of sins. What are welfare and affirmative action if not indulgences?

    The UCPC did not come from nowhere; it’s the product of New England Puritan Calvinist Protestant Christianity and Delaware Valley Quaker and German pacifist Protestant Christianity. Luther may not have embraced it, but Lutherans certainly have- I can think of three ELCA Lutheran churches in my neighborhood that have the gay rainbow symbol on their sign, as does the United Methodist Church. (The Lutheran Church of the Brethren, a tiny denomination, does not.) Its appeal extends even to the South, where Southern Baptist minister Mike Huckabee took great pride and pleasure in pardoning violent felons who went on to kill.

    I make no defense of or apology for the Roman Catholic Church; but clerical authority aside it is still very easy to justify bad ideas in the name of religion. Protestant Christianity is indeed the culture of America, but not necessarily the kind that permits people genuine freedom.

  2. Protestantism, like early Christianity, is a truly universalistic religion.

    As such it poses no particular danger to nationalism.

    The true threat to nationalism comes from pseudo-universalistic, crypto-tribal religions of rival nations. Such religions harness human desire for universal truth, for the benefit of the master tribe.

    Islam is a classic example. It claims to be a message for all the worlds inhabitants, but it serves the tribal interests of Arabs. All Muslims must bow towards Arabia five times each day, they must visit Arabia at least once during their lifetimes, they must revere Arabic as a holy language (Koran cannot be translated into other languages, all religious scholars must learn Arabic). This has greatly benefitted the Arab tribe, protecting their homeland from invasion while allowing them to expand in Africa, Asia, and even Europe, greatly increasing their numbers and prosperity.

    Kevin MacDonald has successfully shown modern Liberalism to be a pseudo-universalistic, crypto-tribal secular religion which benefits the Jews.

    (Nietzsche tried to make the argument that Christianity as preached by Saint Paul was likewise a pseudo-universalistic crypto-tribal Jewish construct, but the actual prosperity of Europeans and subordinate role of the Jewish minority in Nordic countries prior to 1900 disproves this hypothesis)

    Roman Catholicism is likewise the pseudo-universalistic, crypto-tribal religion of Latin Europe. Rome is the holy city, Latin is the holy language, most popes have been Italians, most non-Italian popes have been Spanish or French, the French-speaking Normans conquered England in 1066 with the blessing of the pope, the north Italian Lombard League defeated German emperor Frederick Barbarossa with papal support, and northern Europe financially subsidized Italian prosperity via indulgence sales, Peter’s Pence etc.

    During the high middle ages, loyalty to Catholicism was a net benefit to Nordic Europe, since it guarded against domination by Islam, which would have been far worse. Once the relative decline of Muslim power made the conquest of Europe highly improbable, Catholicism was no longer a net benefit to Nordic Europe.

    England, German and the other Nordic countries reached their peak of relative power, prosperity and freedom after the Reformation and before the rise of 20th century CofC Liberalism, precisely because those were the years they were not mentally enslaved to someone else’s pseudo-universalistic crypto-tribal lies.

    Past performance is no guarantee of future results, so I do not claim that Evangelical Christianity (the term Luther himself prefered) is the “answer for the White race”. God wants those who come to Him to do so for His own sake, not out of any such ulterior motives. I merely present this analysis to answer those who blame Evangelical Christianity for the relative decline of European peoples, and who claim that a return to Catholicism is the “answer for the White race”.

    For those who claim that a return to Paganism is the only “answer for the White race”, I say: consider ancient Macedonia, ancient Rome or Medeival Lithuania. All had multi-cultaralism and Jewish economic dominace, despite their Pagan religions. Open borders and imperialism produced their predicatable ill effects under Alexander, Caracalla and the Grand Dukes, despite the lack of a “Jewish” religion devoted to “slave morality”.

  3. For those interested in the movie “Luther”, I’m reading “Here I Stand”, a biography of Luther by Roland Bainton, and the things the movie shows track very closely to the book, what I’ve read so far. Sure there are a lot of things left out, that’s the way with movies. The book fills in a lot of depth.

  4. As for Luther on the Jewish Question … he doesn’t sound like he would have agreed with “Judeo-Christianity”:

    In 1543 Luther published On the Jews and Their Lies in which he says that the Jews are a “base, whoring people, that is, no people of God, and their boast of lineage, circumcision, and law must be accounted as filth.”[13] They are full of the “devil’s feces … which they wallow in like swine.”[14] The synagogue was a “defiled bride, yes, an incorrigible whore and an evil slut …”[15] He argues that their synagogues and schools be set on fire, their prayer books destroyed, rabbis forbidden to preach, homes razed, and property and money confiscated. They should be shown no mercy or kindness,[16] afforded no legal protection,[17] and these “poisonous envenomed worms” should be drafted into forced labor or expelled for all time.[18] He also seems to advocate their murder, writing “[w]e are at fault in not slaying them.”[19]

  5. Can you imagine John Calvin being summoned to America in the 21st century?

    “The Consistory, which made no distinction between religion and morality, could summon anyone for questioning, investigate any charge of backsliding, and entered homes periodically to be sure no one was cheating on Calvin’s God. Legislation specified the number of dishes to be served at each meal and the color of garments worn. What one was permitted to wear depended upon who one was, for never was a society more class ridden. ….

    But even the elite – the clergy, of course – were allowed few diversions. Calvinists worked hard because there wasn’t much else they were permitted to do. “Feasting” was proscribed; so were dancing, singing, pictures, statues, relics, church bells, organs, altar candles; “indecent or irreligious” sons, staging or attending theatrical plays; wearing rouge, jewelry, lace, or “immodest” dress; speaking disrespectfully of your betters; extravagant entertainment; swearing, gambling, playing cards, hunting, drunkenness; naming children after anyone but figures in the Old Testament; reading “immoral or irreligious” books; and sexual intercourse, except between partners of different genders who were married to one another.

    To show that Calvinists were merciful, first offenders were let off with reprimands and two-time losers with fines. After that, those who flaunted the law were in real trouble. The Consistory made no allowances for probation, suspended sentences, or rehabilitation programs, and Calvin assumed that everyone enjoyed community service without being sentenced to it. Excommunication and banishment from the community were considered dire, though those living in a more permissive age might find them less appalling. In any event, there were plenty of other penalties, some of them as odd as the offenses they punished. A father who stubbornly insisted on calling his newborn son Claude spent for days in the canton jail; so did a woman convicted of wearing her hair at an “immoral” height. A child who struck his parents was summarily beheaded. Abortion was not a political issue because any single woman discovered with child was drowned. (So, if he could be identified, was her impregnator.) Violating the seventh commandment was a capitol offense. Calvin’s stepson was found in bed with another woman; his daughter-in-law, behind the haysack with another man. All four miscreants were beheaded.”

    I don’t think anyone can confuse John Calvin of being a supporter of gay marriage!

    Insofar as there is a “progressive movement” in America, it is entirely about unraveling America’s Protestant culture, which is heavily indebted to John Calvin. The instinctive American revulsion against “degeneracy” is drawn from the well of Calvinism.

  6. White people can split hairs over religion until the end of the world, ignoring little things like the invasion of 10-25 million non White illegal aliens as 100% White Baptists and White Lutherans become obsessed that White Catholics are supposedly following the anti-Christ because of some interpretation of the sacrament wafer actually becoming the flesh of Jesus Christ (I never could understand why we good Christians were supposed to eat the flesh of Jesus Christ and drink Christ’s blood as a holy sacrament).

    I see the reformation started by Luther as simply an honest movement for Germans to have a German church and not have to pay tribute to Southern Italians. But certainly giving some taxes/tribute to White Italians is better than having to pay the infidel tax to Arab Muslims or Muslim Turks – as these Muslim taxes include taking our sons and daughters as their sexual slaves.

    Also, the big push of the Protestant reformation was to get regular church goers to read the Old Testament Jewish Bible for themselves instead of having to rely on Catholic Priests to do this for them.

    Do White people really need to make the Jewish story of Exodus and Purim slaughters in the book of Esther our one and holy book – the be all and end all?

    Luther is supposed to be completely redeemed because he wrote one tract attacking the Jewish Talmud – but so what? All the Catholic Popes before ~ 1960 did the same.

  7. Dear Mr. Wallace:

    If only your analysis was correct, it would solve a lot of problems. But, as I have noted here…/
    and here
    and here

    looking to someone like Martin Luther, (who was trained and acted his entire life as a Roman Catholic priest) and Calvin (who trained to be one as well) for our salvation will do us UTTERLY NO GOOD, as long as the philosophical underpinnings that gave us Humanism, and Romanism, and the Enlightenment, still are operative in our society to this very day. The Quakers and Unitarians, that gave the North their abolitionist Weltanschauung, were merely the next step in the ‘God, Me, and the Bible’ atomism, that had been afflicting Rome since 1054, and merely metastasized in 1517 with Luther’s heretical ‘sola’ addition to Holy Scripture. As the Orthodox say, “Rome was the first Protestant.” Luther was just being a consistent Roman heretic, (even when rebelling against Rome) and nothing more.

    Unless and until we Whites begin to see ourselves as a Tribal, ethnobiological and religious GROUP, we will be undermined by those whose ‘tribal identity’ has long afflicted Christendom, since at least Good Friday. “His blood be on us, and upon our children” still operates, and can NEVER be removed. It is up to the TRUE “Israel of God” [ Gal. 6:16] to overthrow the imposter, and restore our lands to the tribal nature of the pre-Schism Europe of AD 1000, for us to build anew the Kingdom of God, as HE would have wanted us to do.

  8. I can’t see making common ground with catholics. In my area they are set against our old ways and national sovereignty in almost every possiable way. Their church leadership push for more illegal mexicans to come our way; helps the mexcian govenrment in their efforts to get documents to illgeals so they can get wellfare. And drive “legally” in the state. They march to up hold forced bussing; march to limit our gun rights. The catholic chuch supports social justice, wellfare and damn near evrything else from the progressives expect sexual morality issues. And they are MEAN and NASTY when you ask them about those actions

    Don’t seem like folks we can trust to me.

  9. The root cause of this is ultimately a disorder that has been introduced into the faith or the myth or the narrative that underpins American civilization – that disorder is a secular fantasy ideology called liberalism.

    Liberalism is hegemonic in the United States. It is similarly hegemonic in every other Western nation. This cancerous ideology has declared war on the racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious underpinnings of Western civilization.

    Is Protestantism the answer? Is Catholicism the answer? Is Mormonism the answer? Is Orthodox Christianity the answer? Is Odinism the answer? Is Hellenism the answer?

    These debates miss the point – liberalism is the hegemonic narrative in America, the priests of liberalism control all the major cultural institutions, and their control of film and television specifically is what has given them the power to force every other faith to conform to liberalism.

    Protestantism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Orthodoxy … they all conform to the tune of liberalism. Everyone from the Pope to the LDS to the Southern Baptist Convention is parroting the same liberal worldview on race and culture which is propagated by the Universal Church of Political Correctness in the universities and the Mainstream Media.

    Liberalism is the faith of the ruling class in America.

    There were people who will come here and say that the Jews are the root of the problem. This is partially true.

    Jews really are a major component of the American ruling class. Surely, the Jews are vastly overrepresented among the ranks of atheists, agnostics, and secular intellectuals who keep concocting these pseudo-religions and secular fantasy ideologies as a substitute faith.

    In the 20C, the secular Jews and the secular Protestants and the secular Catholics began to merge into the same ruling class. It was drawn from elements of Reform Judaism, liberal Protestantism, and liberal elements of Catholicism.

    You can see it merging together into the “counter-culture” in the time of John Dewey, Randolph Bourne, and Horace Kallen in America during the Progressive Era – it was during the 1920s and the 1930s that it really began to take shape, it was during the 1940s and 1950s when this new elite triumphed, and it was during the 1960s and 1970s that it began impose its worldview on the rest of America.

    The present ruling class is heavily Jewish, but not exclusively so. It is more accurately described as multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural – all kinds of people from various backgrounds, lots of rich people who have made a ton of money and who feel no obligation to anyone, with Jews being heavily overrepresented, who all share the same faith in the universal doctrine of liberalism or “progressivism” or whatever it is calling itself these days.

    The face of the elite or “the political class” is Steven Spielberg, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Chris Matthews, Warren Buffett, Bernie Madoff, Frank Rich, Fareed Zakaria, Barack Hussein Obama, Luis Gutierrez, John Paul Stevens, Earl Warren, etc – this is the scum which has risen to the top of our social and economic system in America.

    This disparate group of people which lords over us, which collectively constitutes a predatory elite, is united only by its faith in liberal ideology. Again, I stress that were are dealing with all kinds of people here, including those that come from mixed backgrounds like Barack Hussein Obama.

    What is an American? The “American” is now anyone who subscribes to the doctrine of liberalism which has enabled these people to rise to elite social status.

    The secular fantasy ideology is the only thing that unites the ruling class. It is the only thing that unites Americans now.

  10. I’m white and active in the fight against BRA. I have risked much and expended much on behalf of the struggle. I have been a reader of this blog for some time and have enjoyed your unique point of view on the problem we all face.

    But I am a Catholic first. And if your philosophy is based upon that of the arch-heretic Martin Luther and his successor, the twisted antipope John Calvin, I am your enemy.

    No one man other than Muhammad himself has done more damage to the Faith and to the civilization centered upon it — the West — than the rebel monk of Wittenburg. The wounds he cut into the body of Chistendom are festering to this day. And this is your hero?

    Your blog, your rules, of course. I’d never try to tell a man what he ought to say with his own voice in his own forum. But I do reserve the right to disagree with error when he utters it, and to leave his forum for more agreeable surroundings.

    This I now do.

  11. liberalism is public enemy #1; in my opinon our chruches are the 1st place we need to purge of it. I’ve left two main stream Protestants churches due to leadership leaving God, dumping that old time relegion and embracing the “new church”.

    I’m not one to get caught up in flights of fancy or reinventing the wheel. To my way of thinking the best, most simple solution is to shift our thinking and our ideals to match that of our founding fathers and their generation. That inculdes being an old school Protestant nation.

  12. It is clear that we can lay Dutch, American, and all European degeneracy at the door of the Protestant revolt. The assault on authority that was Protestantism gave rise to the claim that anyone can read and make their own decisions about the nature of life, religious practice, and authority. In the end whatever morality Protestantism taught was lost, as it is based on challenging authority. For Protestants, anyone can read the Bible and interpret it as they please. And that they did. Now Protestant Churches teach gay marriage, abortion, equality, etc. Reverend Jeremiah Wright is the perfect Protestant, as is Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jim Jones, etc. Communists and anti-white racists. Protestantism is also responsible for miscegenation, as your typical slave holder in the South always exercised the droit du seignor with his slaves. Protestantism was as deeply ingrained in the South as the North. Only Maryland was Catholic in history. And what have the Protestants of states like Wisconsin and Minnesota given us but radical leftists like Walter Mondale and Russ Feingold. Thanks for nothing. Think of a Catholic Republic led by Joe McCarthy. No BRA there. Protestantism is responsible for BRA. Remember Catholic Robert Kennedy was bugging MLK. The Kennedys knew the problem with Protestants like MLK and the just released tapes of Jackie Kennedy showed that she saw through him.

    But in the end, attacking legitimate authority, as Protestantism did, gave us traitors like the Reverend William Sloane Coffin, communist victories, radical BRA, and the triumph of the Frankfurter School. Attacking the authority of the Church resulted in the victory of the radical left, whether monsters like Robespierre, Lenin, Trotsky, and other Bolsheviks, or the thugocracy of BRA that bedevils us now. Remember, French settlers, either in Quebec or in Louisiana, were not into slavery. It was bringing that curse here that started it all. Protestantism gave us slavery in America and consequently BRA. Thanks for nothing.

  13. Liberalism is the enemy

    True, but remember that it was Protestants, along with their Jewish allies, who were largely responsible for the creation of liberalism. Catholics have tended to be much more conservative. And remember that the Vatican of liberalism – Harvard University – was created by Protestants, not Catholics.

  14. It’s a shame that modern churches spend no money whatsoever on architecture and decorating. Most American churches, both Protestant and Catholic, look like barns: leadership would rather spend tithes on basketball courts and coffee shops to be “relevant” instead of on murals, frescoes and art objects. In the case of churches that practice ‘strict’ Calvinism (in modern terms) it makes sense however it seems to run across denominations, and even Calvinist churches that don’t allow dancing are putting in ping pong tables for the youth. The Sistene Chapel remains relevant because of its beauty, in a hundred years who is going to care if the local church had a rec room or computer center? A beautiful church speaks to the glory of faith as long as it stands.

    This kind of thing isn’t helping the Catholic Church, if the Church wants to regain authority it needs to act authoritatively and clean itself up:

  15. Great summary of important historical moments.

    Interesting that in South Africa where Protestant Europeans, before the British arrived, (Dutch Reformed, French Huguenots, as well as other German Protestants) established strong and independent communities, the Boers, a strong, fiery, fatalistic brand of Calvinism still endures. It has no doubt sustained them through their persecution.

    Here in the states as times become more difficult I wonder whether many will return to the Protestant churches and traditional culture in the South for identity, security, and common loyalty. It is easy to leave it when times are good. But when one needs the security of community the traditional churches, traditional song and dance will undoubtedly again regain popularity. Not the cheap, superficial, diversity seeking, contemporary brand of evangelicalism so popular today, but the old brand of Protestantism that has roots, history. Common song and dance. The old singing traditions like Sacred Harp are still preserved And forms of the traditioanal Appalachian dance Contra Dance can be found all over the country now.

    Common culture, common forms, common loyalties…

  16. Great post, HW.

    This is one of your best meta-analyses I have ever read. And I have been reading you for many years now.

    With this kind of writing, if only you could avoid the temptation of drama with the time-wasters and trolls, you would be worth your weight in gold.

  17. “It is clear that we can lay Dutch, American, and all European degeneracy at the door of the Protestant revolt.”

    The Catholic Church gave Jews a monopoly on banking and money-lending for the 1000 years of stagnation that followed the fall of Rome. Jews relentlessly repeat that they were persecuted in the middle ages and some Catholics accept that at face value and think “good.” This leads them to believe the Catholic Church had a handle on Jews that Protestants let go. The truth is that being given a monopoly of banking and money-lending is about as persecuted as being given a monopoly on being Hollywood film-stars.

    “They forced me to only work sixty days a year for twelve million a film and then you know what the bastards did? – *starts crying* – They made me have sex with Scarlet Johansen!”

    99% of the time over those 1000 years they were “persecuted” into being much richer than everyone else and 1% of the time being attacked for being rich whenever there was an economic crisis.

    “The Catholic Church persecuted us” is (mostly) just another con.

  18. Oculus,

    What are we supposed to do then?

    Are we supposed to pretend that America is not a Protestant country? Are we supposed to pretend the Reformation never happened? The point here is that the Wars of Religion happened and that a major side effect of this was the creation of liberalism in the 17th century.

    Yes, liberalism … liberalism is now the faith that rules unchallenged over the West, whether it be in the Protestant countries or the Catholic countries, they all conform to the liberal point of view on race and culture.

  19. Federale,

    If Catholicism were the answer, then it should be the Protestant countries which have all these problems – there would be no ambiguity on this matter, the Netherlands would be degenerate, and Italy would be immune.

    Instead, the Roman Catholic Church spends much of its time pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens in America. The Pope gives speeches all the time about the need for European countries to respect the “human rights” of non-White refugees.

    As for Europe, Catholic Spain and Catholic Italy are on their deathbed, and Catholic France has more Muslims than any other European country. In America, the Catholic states in the North are the states that support the Democratic Party which is pro-abortion and where there are gay marriage laws.

    If the Catholic Church has ever taken a firm stance on the race question, I have never heard of this.

    Historically speaking, it was the racialized version of Protestantism that drove America’s expansion across the North American continent. We know it was a racialized version of Protestantism because we can see parallels in Australia and South Africa. The Afrikaners, for example, also practice a racialized version of Calvinism and created a society very similar to the Jim Crow South.

    As far as miscegenation goes, New Orleans was the epicenter of miscegenation in the Deep South, which still has a Latinized racial caste system in the 21st century. In New Orleans, there are “creoles” and “coloreds” and other shades of black like there are in Mexico, Brazil, and the Caribbean.

    No one was more involved in the slave trade than Catholic Spain and Catholic Portugal. Something like 6 percent of the African slaves that were brought to the New World came to America. The reason there are so many blacks here is attributable to superior living conditions.

    JFK, of course, wrote “Nation of Immigrants” for the ADL. He was the first anti-racist president. It was JFK and “Bobby” that used the military to integrate Ole Miss and the University of Alabama. The Immigration Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was part of JFK’s agenda.

    Just ask his brother Ted Kennedy who spent decades toiling away for “civil rights reform” and “immigration reform” in honor of JFK and “Bobby.” If memory serves, “Bobby” went to South Africa to tell the Afrikaners they had to integrate. LBJ also pushed JFK’s Civil Rights Act of 1964 through Congress as a tribute to the martyred Kennedy.

    In spite of this, I don’t think Catholicism is the problem. Instead, I think the liberalism is the real problem.

    I’m convinced the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of Latter Day Saints, the Southern Baptist Convention, the Lutheran Church and so on … they are all conforming and adapting to living under the hegemony of liberalism.

    Liberalism is the dominant force in our culture. You can see this every time the Pope starts rambling on about “human rights.” The reason we have this problem is because we are taking liberalism – an abstract fantasy ideology – to its logical conclusion.

    It is liberal ideology that has declared war on the racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious underpinnings of America. All these churches adapt to the hegemony of liberalism by accomodating it in various ways.

  20. The story of the French in North America is worth exploring.

    Unlike Britain, the French colonial effort in North America was a half hearted enterprise. The French strategy was to rely upon their Indian allies to repulse British colonials.

    The French generally didn’t enjoy uprooting themselves from their communities in France and moving to North America. This had a lot to do with their Catholicism. It was the Anglo-Protestants with their individualized faith, which was racialized in a North American setting, that were constantly moving onto the next frontier to fight the Indians and to settle new territory.

    Quebec and Louisiana were neglected by France.

    The Quebecois of the 21st century grew from a very small population. The reason there are so many of them around now in Canada is because of their birthrate under British rule.

  21. HW wrote:
    the Lutheran Church

    There is no ‘The’ Lutheran Church. In the USA alone, there are three major Lutheran bodies: ELCA, LCMS, WELS.

    ELCA: Has a liberal leadership and a moderate-to-liberal following. Largest Lutheran body in the Western Hemisphere. Eventually came to absorb most Scandinavian-heavy congregations, most non-German/Scandinavians, and perhaps half the Germans. The other half of the Germans and a handful of others ended up in LCMS or WELS:
    LCMS: Conservative, in line with the Southern Baptists, very “Prussian-German” in character. (i.e., seen as honorable and devoted but stodgy and so on — and made fun of by ELCAers for being such).
    WELS: Even more German in character, and even more ‘right-wing’ than the LCMS. Michelle Bachmann is part of this church.

    The sad decline of Protestantism in Germany itself: The state Protestant church, the EKD, is even to the left of the USA’s ELCA. All is far from hopeless, though: The independent protestant churches in Germany are highly-energetic, quasi-nationalistic, and generally fall between LCMS and WELS, ‘politically’. I once heard a sermon in German at a “selbstaendige”-Lutheran church in Germany, in which the pastor, during prayer-petitions, called on God to help and protect “unser Volk und Vaterland”. I was stunned. Those kinds of free-protestant churches might be the only respectable venue in Germany where one can hear that kind of talk, these days.

    Sorry to go a bit off the track of this thread, but I have some knowledge on Lutheran matters, having grown up in Lutheranism in the USA.

  22. Hail,

    It is my understanding that the Lutheran churches have condemned Luther’s opinion of the Jewish Question. Right now, there is talk going on about renaming the Southern Baptist Convention to further impress the Mainstream Media.

    I won’t pretend to understand American Christianity.

    There are Catholics prattling on about “human rights” and Episcopalians talking about gay and female clergy and Lutherans condemning “anti-Semitism” and Southern Baptists and Mormons condemning “racism” and everyone is practicing anti-Calvinism.

    What is social liberalism? It is anti-Calvinism.

    I’ve been reading from a wide variety of Protestant and Catholic sources: Luther, Calvin, St. Augustine, St. Bernard of Clairvoux, etc. I don’t see how anyone could get the idea that “Christianity,” as it is practiced in the 21st century, is the same type of Christianity that was practiced throughout most of European history.

    Admittedly, my knowledge of this subject is nowhere near as comprehensive as yours, as I never cared much for “Christianity” as it was practiced in its familiar form around here with the stupid rock star churches with huge televisions and stadium seating.

    My hypothesis is that liberal ideology has become the dominant new religion and that every religious confession in America and Europe is subordinate to liberalism and tries to adapt to the dominant liberal paradigm by putting on a liberal face for the masses.

    I remember when I used to work out at the YMCA in Virginia … and the YMCA had all these signs around about the need to fight “racism” and how it was being renamed “the Y” to distance itself from its Christian origins.

  23. FB,

    It looks to me like Frank Borzellieri was hauled before the Secular Inquisition of the Universal Church of Political Correctness and was fired and excommunicated from respectability for various racial and cultural heresies.

  24. The preacher at my mainstream protestant church was dismissed for his excessive concern for fags. Behind the scenes, the people who wield the power in this congregation weren’t about to let him and the national hierarchy shove a dick up their butt. What a relief to go to church and not once hear the phrase “sexual orientation”.

  25. HW wrote:
    My hypothesis is that liberal ideology has become the dominant new religion and that every religious confession in America and Europe is subordinate to liberalism and tries to adapt to the dominant liberal paradigm by putting on a liberal face for the masses.

    This is quite correct. It is the “501(c)(3) Curse”, to some extent, IMO. Many churches, if they were taxed, would be forced to shut down, and they know it. An Obama regime could, quite conceivably, revoke 501(c)(3) status to any church it sees as white-raci(ali)st or anti-Semitic. It is not inconceivable that the Eric-Holder types would try such things.

  26. James Edwards has been commenting a lot lately on the softening of even the hitherto-stalwart Southern Baptists.

    They elected a Black man to their #2 ‘political’ office this year, to boost diversity. (The SBC is 85% white). (The ELCA leadership, too, has been pushing for “diversity” for years. The ELCA lay membership is 98% white still today. ELCA leaders are apparently ashamed that their church is overwhelmingly German/Scandinavian by ancestry — HW you hit it square-on when you wrote above that Whiteness is the new Original Sin!).

  27. From what I gather, the Southern Baptist Convention has plummeted into decline like many of the other Protestant churches in the United States.

    Call it the Unitarian strategy or the Anglican strategy.

    I’ve never taken it seriously. Insofar as I respect Christianity, it is because I know enough about the history of Catholicism and Protestantism to discern that these fools are taking ideas out of secular liberal culture and passing them off as their own.

    In the mid-1990s, the Southern Baptist Convention finally got around to condemning “racism.” It turns out that this bogus sin which didn’t even exist until the 1920s or 1930s has been utterly anti-Christian the whole time.

    If “racism” was really so bad, surely the subject would have been addressed by someone serious like the church fathers or the reformers, rather than a bunch of cranks and hucksters when I was 15 years old.

  28. Excellent and well balanced post Mr Wallace. Yes, liberalism IS the reigning religion of the day throughout the whole Western world.

    For whatever it’s worth the disease of liberalism seeped rather late into the Catholic Church and becomes apparent only after Vatican II. Prior to that, whatever Her faults, she was politically anti-communist and pro-Western. That, of course, is no longer the case.

  29. It’s always a let down to see how many are devoted to their brand of church vs bing devoted to the Almighty God. And it’s also a let down to see how many just follow the rules of their church vs knowing and living the Word of God. That right there is why churches are such a mess today. Just like the nation is all jacked up becuase we as a people have gotten away from our forefathers orginal intent

    I think churches should be the 1st place to be pruged because childern are exposed to the church before they are expose to schools/ colleges and we as church going as adults spend 4 years in college vs a life time of being in the pews. Lest wise that’s the way it is down here in the rural mid-South.

  30. This is a really good essay, fascinating. Great work!

    But I agree with Oculus III – Luther is not someone I would base any kind of world-view or political (or other) philosophy on. And the same goes for Protestantism itself – the argument can easily be made that it’s fundamentally flawed and based on false principles and downright errors, therefore at the end of the day it can’t really be the basis of anything genuine, truthful and enduring.

    Hunter – I would urge you to read E Michael Jones (if you haven’t already).

    He has written quite a bit on Luther, here and there, including in this book. It’s really eye-opening stuff:

  31. “Protestantism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Orthodoxy … they all conform to the tune of liberalism. Everyone from the Pope to the LDS to the Southern Baptist Convention is parroting the same liberal worldview on race and culture which is propagated by the Universal Church of Political Correctness in the universities and the Mainstream Media.”

    Then (as you alluded to in subsequent postings) they have stopped BEING the ‘real Church’ that they once were.

    One has to acknowledge that the mold is broken, and no amount of fixing it will make ‘Humpty Dumpty’ come back together again. What I noted (and perhaps you didn’t read) is that the basis for LIBERALISM is contained in the desire of European Man to ‘be as God.’ That is where Rome gave us the permission to do so, and Protestantism took it to the next step. Modernist Orthodoxy has capitulated to Rome in matters educational, and thus, HER malaise (All of the professors at St. Vladimir’s Seminary for a while, all seemed to have their PhD’s from Fordham, a Jesuit institution!)

    I am saying a complete withdrawal from the world as it is manifested today is our only solution. We need to become agrarian, off-grid, we need to repudiate ANY allegiance with filioquism, we need to set ourselves the desire to be a community of like-minded White Christian racialists who will NOT be ‘molded’ by the ‘spirit of the age’ and that means a complete cessation of TV/Radio/Media, save that which ‘builds up’ disseminated by minds who are/are appointed our Leaders. We need to be as the monks in the desert were, as the Pilgrims were, as the Mormons were, as the… well, you get the idea. BUt we need that ‘time apart’ to then go ‘into the world’ to ‘preach the gospel’ so that we can KNOW our ENEMY- that is what I am advocating for, and I believe you missed the point, in seeking to lump all ‘xtianities’ together as if they were equal- they are NOT.

  32. it wasn’t so much that protestantism in germany was so profound, it was that gustavus adolfus showed up. do you really think that the albegsians in france would’ve been anydifferent if for some reason they had access to guns, the printing press and a de centralized state. protestantism is really the beginning of the whole (its all about me) thing. i mean the catholic church also did things other than tax the germans. but i keep forgeting that really BRA=the catholic church its an allusion. d’oh

  33. As for BRA, it is clear that the secular faith that underlies the system is a perverted strain of liberalism, one that borrows heavily from the forms of both Catholicism and Protestantism.

    I’ve never said that BRA is synonymous with Catholicism. Instead, there are striking similarities in the manner in which the disciplinary state operates in our times and the manner in which the Catholic Church operated in the Early Modern Era.

    For example, the primary tool that is used to maintain the present system is being branded a heretic and excommunicated from respectability. The Mainstream Media keeps everyone on message. There is a liberal clergy in the universities and the media.

    Liberalism has become a sacred dogma. There are bogus sins now like “racism,” “extremism,” “nativism,” “sexism” and so forth. This is weird because it is a profoundly illiberal distortion of the liberal tradition which would have been unfamiliar to self described “liberals” of the 19C.

    Here in Alabama, there are holy sites along the National Civil Rights Trail. People from all across the country come to Selma to walk over the Edmund Pettus Bridge. They are following in the footsteps of Saint MLK and the Civil Rights Martyrs of the 1960s.

    In Montgomery, the bus that Rosa Parks famously refused to give up her seat on has been placed in a museum – it has been transformed into a sacred relic. The Black Tax that everyone in America is forced to pay for the Original Sin of being born White is reminiscent of the indulgences controversy.

    As for Protestantism, there are elements of Protestantism which have been borrowed as well, which have been adapted to service BRA. For example, there is a radical individualism that is promoted which is strangely a type of conformism. It doesn’t resemble traditional American individualism.

    This type of individualism emerged in the counter-culture of the 1950s and 1960s. It has since become the dominant culture in the United States.

    Again, it is weird: as an individual, you have the right to a gay marriage, the right to stamp yourself with tattoos, the right to divorce your wife, the right to debauch yourself and live a life of sin, but you don’t have the right to speak your mind about certain subjects, namely the race question.

    There is also a gospel of egalitarianism which is simultaneously hierarchial: we’re all equal in theory, but the “people of color” are at the top of our racial pecking order. We’re free to live our lives … so long as we don’t trespass upon the underlying myth that sustains the system.

    To sum up my view, I don’t see BRA as being the result of Protestantism or Catholicism, as God doesn’t have an honored place in the system. Instead, it is an outgrowth of the secular liberal tradition, which around the mid-20C was distorted by various other intellectual trends like Marxism and postmodernism.

  34. Yes!

    Our modern ‘civic religion’ is merely the form of Christianity used by the Jewish Bolsheviks to form ‘another gospel’ that so many, many of the dumbed-down devotees of ‘Plastic Jeeeezus’ don’t even know what it is they’re fighting against!

    The reality of Faith as it was expressed in Christendom, for over 1800 years, was that of an ethnobiological faith- what is derogatorily called, ‘the White Man’s religion.’ All that seeks to separate that Faith from the White Man (be it inclusivity in your church, synod, denomination, or having ‘contemporary services’ with nigger ‘backbeats’ and electric rock guitars, or having female pastorettes in some delusional claim to ‘equality) is overt HERESY, and must be resisted, or, if not able to be resisted, departed from. And this directive, is for those who still GO to a ‘church.’

    For those who have replaced ‘St.’ MLK for Episcopalian White Man Geo.Washington in their pantheon, who disparage church, who are into Kaballah, or Mysticism of a pagan kind, the demonic possession is already accomplished, and the only expedient is a happy dispatch of such to realms above, where they cannot blaspheme any longer on the face of the earth.

  35. The familiar and comfortable patterns of Christianity have been adapted to multi-culturalism, just as Augustus kept the forms of the Roman Republic and changed the content.

  36. Hunter, a belated (vacation) Hurrah! for your excellent synopsis on things Prot./Cath./liberal as they have developed up to the present. Oculus and Federale are strange characters. They live in a nation that was founded by a people who were 99% Prot. (1789). It has remained Prot. up to this day though as with all things it has diminished greatly. This is astonishing homogeneity. Yet these persons think it perfectly fine to vilely insult our faith and its greats. This is a kind of fanaticism and irrationality that leftists consistently display. I can only hope there are many fewer of them than I fear. Getting back, I feel I need to heartily salute you for your courage, integrity and overall work for this greatest of causes (just next to the Gospel itself IMO). I am myself a devoted Christian (committed Protestant) and am gratified to read the range of information and opinion on this fine site.

  37. The whole story is Protesting (shoving back against non-legitimate authority):

    Magna Carta
    Declaration of 1776
    awaiting the next one. . .

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