After discussing all these serious issues, it is time for a “pivot” back to the downfall of black people … who have lately succumbed to the temptation of satirizing EBT card users in their own community.

Here is “Mr. EBT”:

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama is telling African-Americans to “march with me” for jobs as he collapses to record new lows in the polls. Why would anyone need to get a job when they swipe the EBT card and get the WIC check in the mail?

According to The Washington Post, the collapse of Obama’s support among White voters means that his 2012 presidential campaign will be an explicit repudiation of his previous “post-racial” and “post-partisan” campaign image.

We really couldn’t ask for a better scenario to show the average White person that all this “civil rights” talk and “post-racial” nonsense was nothing more than a hustle that black people have used for generations to sucker White people into giving them money and power.

Note: In the last few weeks, I have gotten a bit philosophical and religious as the pace of history has drastically accelerated. The unraveling of BRA has inspired some deep meditations into the fundamental causes of our racial and cultural decline.

I’ve also been using the literary format to speculate about the world that is rapidly coming into view on the other side of the historical precipice. We have enough knowledge at our disposal to project certain aspects of our future.

Just by watching this video and reading these headlines, it is clear how the dependent hordes of black people in our major cities are going to react to the demise of the American welfare state. They will interpret it as an abrogation of the social contract.

I will not be in the least bit surprised when black people launch the 21st century version of Pearl Harbor in major city like Chicago, Atlanta, or Philadelphia during the Second Great Depression. They have already done this in the United Kingdom.

I’ve seen far beyond the flash mobs and the race riots of the future … into the world of where entire nations have become uprooted barbarian hordes, the zero sum world, centuries of religious upheaval and conflict, etc.

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  1. Barack Hussein Obama…collapses to record new lows in the polls

    You expressed in an earlier post that you have supreme confidence that a Republican will win next year.

    What I haven’t seen you write about is which candidate you favor, even if it be the least-bad of the group.

  2. I don’t think those EBT songs are parodies. There may be an element of self-loathing in them, but those videos are way too ghetto to be satire.

  3. I just can’t see Obama carrying the states (Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, and Iowa) he needs to be reelected in 2012. The economy is also going to get much worse between now and then.

    As for the Republican presidential field, I am not really that excited about the candidates. It doesn’t really matter because whoever gets in there in 2012 is going to flop around like a dead fish like Obama is doing now.

    It would be unprecedented if Obama was reelected after such a disastrous performance in office. IMHO the 2012 election will be another temper tantrum like the 2006, 2008, and 2010 elections.

    2012 will be a reverse of the 2008 election with the Republican winning the Bush states and likely several Blue States in the Midwest.

  4. I don’t see a Pearl Harbor style attack launched by the dusky EBT community as that takes mountains more initiative and smarts than these people possess. What you will have are handout demonstrations turning into handout riots. The world wide war on Terra will be reigned in before welfare checks, by the way.

  5. Obama has collapsed to under 33 percent approval among Whites in the Gallup poll.

    Less than 30%, then, among White-Christians.

    (A certain eternally-persecuted-for-no-reason group of humans constitutes 3-4% of USA’s white population, in 2008 voted 4-to-1 for the candidate with three Muslim names, and presumably still supports him).

  6. .

    Every time they swipe their EBT card thru the machine at the register, remember they’re just :

    Swiping from whitey’s bank account
    Swiping from whitey’s childrens’ college fund
    Swiping from whitey’s Christmas fund
    Swiping from whitey’s vacation fund

    ad nauseum infinitum maximusio….


  7. Looks like Perry – who is awful on border/immigration issues – and Romney – who’s basically Obama in whiteface – might go down to the wire, and split that rotten republican husk into 2 separate parties, TP vs. RINO. Obama could then win a 3-way election in the EC with not much more than 40% of the popular vote. 1860—–>2012. 1861—–>2013.

  8. The FACT you fool commenters fail to acknowledge is that MORE white people are on welfare than blacks. black people are 12.9% of the population. white people are 72% of the population. There are 40 million black people in the USA, half of them are children. 37 million Americans are receiving welfare, the majority of them white.
    you people are such bigots, it’s hilarious how out of touch with reality you are. the fact that you will say ANYTHING to make yourselves feel superior just proves how inferior you are.

    “…Some 61 percent of welfare recipients are White, while 33 percent are Black, according to 1990 Census Bureau statistics…”

  9. len made part of our case for us in its post but is to foolish to notice. It’s info is old, but blacks make up a third of the wellfare roles when they are not much more then 10% of the population AND have legally mandated education and job advantages.

    Nor does it take into account how the govt counts mexicans as White when they want to hide the truth about mexicans or the legally enforced disadvantages Whites have to deal with so non-Whites can have their advantages

  10. Perry is MENTAL. Seriously nuts. Did you see the way he tried to practically BEAT Ron Paul, after one of the debates? I understand he’s alos heavily invested in the porn industry.

    That’s not gonna work w/ the Scofield Bible Thumpers. They will not EVER fogive him. He’s barely able to contain himself. He behaves like he’s going to jump any-one that disagrees….ZOG’S Golem are lessining in quality, year after year….

  11. They’re all ZOGs little monkeys, Denise. MAYBE not Ron Paul but the electric Jew’s constant rhetoric about him being “unelectable” is parroted all over the conservative interwebs. If, for some strange reason, he does get the votes to win a primary and appears to be favorable for the general election he will share the same fate as the Kennedys. This is JRA after all. If you can’t be bought, you’ll be shot. Nobody stands up to the money cartel and gets away with it.

    Now be a good little goy and go buy some more insurance, an imported appliance on your credit card and some netflix stock.

  12. YT – I know the Schmoos are ZOG’s little monkeys. But if Perry can get his coked-up keyster booted out, for invasion issues, and nasty investments – good. By the by – you posted 2 very stylie posts. Your mode of expression is inspired. I’m stealing “ZOG’S little monkeys”, and I’ve already swiped the “Electric Jew”. Flawless!

  13. Len you retard – Blacks use the EBT a lot more than Whites do. FYI – Whites PAY for the EBT. I want more Whites on the EBT – so Nigs don’t get as much. I don’t want Nigs to get ANYTHING – except a taste of The Lash, and the embrace of The Rope.

  14. Denise,

    Thank you but I can’t claim credit for the Electric Jew, though I am trying get it popular among a non-aryan nation crowd. I love the term; so simple yet so true for anyone who cares to open their eyes. If just a few more folks look into who controls the media, then who controls the banks and in turn the government then I’ve done my good deed for the day.

  15. YT. We must be tireless in Naming Die Jude. and for those of you who think it’s Not Just the Jew – who cares? I KNOW it’s White sell-outs to Judenfetzen. Has been for centuries. This is about setting up a meme. People love to blame others. It’s mostly the Jew. So let’s Blame and Name Die Jude. With glee and gusto. They’ve givewn us so much ammo. I mean – would we or wouldn’t we be better off with out them?

    Answer that question. Before making any irrelevant cracks about It’s Not Just the Jews. Mmmm’kay? While we are “being fair” – they are wholesale demonizing us. And genociding us. They are not worried aobut “being fair”. Why are we?

    “Fair” is not a winning strategy.

    “Electric Jew” is a catchy term. Let’s use it.

  16. Len-

    You’re numbers prove the point. If blacks only make up 12.9 percent of the total population, then why are 33% of people on welfare black? If they were equal, the number would match 12.9 percent of the welfare pie. Instead its 3 times that. Couple this with affirmative action, section 8 housing, WIC and tons of other hand outs (black only scholarships, racial quotas, etc) and anyone with half a brain can tell we are realists, not biggots. Unpleasant to your liberal sensibilities or not, facts are facts.

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