OD Reader Survey: Food Prices

Swipe Yo EBT, It's Free!

Before plunging into a new Muse of Hate essay, I would like to get some OD reader feedback on food and energy prices. I’m sure this will be a fun conversation.

(1) Has anyone else noticed that gas is more expensive than it was 10 years ago?

(2) Has anyone here been forced to adapt to high gas prices by altering your travel, dining out, and vacation plans?

(3) Has anyone here noticed the food prices at the Super Wal-Mart and the Winn-Dixie and the Kroger and the Bruno’s and the Piggly Wiggly just seem to keep going up and up?

(4) How much more of your income do you reckon you spend on food and gas in the year 2011 than you were paying for these things in 2001 and 2006?

(5) Has anyone else here been mystified by what black people are able to afford at the Super Wal-Mart and the Kroger?

(6) Do you ever find yourself having racial thoughts about black people being on the EBT card and the WIC as you have to adapt your own purchases to fit your household budget?

(7) Is anyone else here sick and tired of paying for their health insurance?

(8) Does anyone else here wish the federal government would subsidize your rent and pay for your cell phone and give you energy assistance like the Obama administration does with black people?

(9) Is anyone else here tired of paying income taxes?

(10) Does anyone else here wish the federal government would send them a TANF welfare check in the mail for being irresponsible?

(11) Does anyone else here wish that being White would actually be an advantage for a change when applying for a corporate job?

(12) Finally, if food and energy prices continue to soar indefinitely, which forces White households to cut back on their discretionary spending, what kind of society do you suppose we will be living in 15 years from now?

Thank you for participating in this OD reader survey.

Note: At the end of the 9/11 decade, we now have Facebook and Twitter, but we don’t go to space anymore, no one who is young can find a good job, we have become debt peons to China, and food and gas is far more expensive than it was ten years ago.

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  1. I believe the flyboys and spec ops will go where the money is, that means FedGov or whoever they feel is in charge and is giving orders. Don’t forget that the military is a community of tyrants (one on top of the other) it’s has to be to have good order and discipline. Most folks in the .mil don’t mind taking orders and really don’t think about it much as long as the money is direct deposited twice a month. That, at least, is me and my family’s experience.

  2. ” There is NOWHERE else to run to. The USA is as good as anyplace to dig in. If we make it through the first year, and battles, of the End of all Things – the Neo Dark Ages may well hold some interesting opportunities.”

    You are religious, and you are sermonizing to yourself.

    The world exists. Much of it is worse, but some of it better, than this country. It is not “as good as anyplace”. You may rationalize it thus to avoid some cog-diss, but that is all.

    Ever seen the wide open savanna of the Amazonian foothills?

    How about the “amber waves of grain” — of the Pannonian Plain?

    Or what of the old “Roof of the World”, where some ancient kinsmen of ours yet live in absolute poverty, prey to Western “humanitarians”?

    Any of this merit your blessing, your sanction? I hear the fjords of southern Chile happen to be lovely any time of the year. Plenty of whites and friendly indigenes also.

    The world exists. Don’t mistake your own intransigence for the world.

    ps – I am moving to Maine. Neither is digging in wrong, you see; it is for each to work out his own path. It is unfair, and false, to dump the weight of our fate as a civilization upon the shoulders of one person who finds no hope here, and quite rationally looks elsewhere.

  3. As far as the military goes, it’s worth noting that in order to be promoted past colonel – each and every step from one-star to four-star general – you need to be confirmed by the Congress… fewer and fewer good men are going to make it, I dare say. The latest insanity is that the Naval Academy has an affirmative action program, complete with remedial classes, so that the AA-cases can “catch up” (yeah, right) with their competent class mates.

  4. Well said, uh. Another obvious inconsistency in the argument about staying to “fight” for America is the fact that America was just recently built by people that decided surviving and thriving was more important that some abstraction like nationality or race.

  5. earthman,
    You think so?Ask a F-16 driver if he wants a promotion(more money) and a desk job.Tell a scout/sniper,a pararescue man for more money they can have a desk job.Did Recon men keep going back in the jungles of Laos for money when they could of quit anytime and made the same amount of money.The military has plenty of spit shined ass kissin REMF’s who are in it for what they can get but a desire for money or taking orders never motivated a SF man.It can’t be bought.

  6. Uh – don’t get so snotty. I said I’m digging in. I didn’t say any-on else needed to dig in. When, however, do we stop running?

  7. 300RUM,

    I stand by what I wrote. I don’t worship the military anymore. They are no better than the culture they come from; some good, a lot bad. Just because someone graduated from the Q course doesn’t make them an automatic patriot, devoted to God and country, some just do it for fun, a challenge (yes, that includes killing brown folks at this time).
    Take it or leave it as you wish.

  8. Some great responses but there is a theme I’d like to kick around. I have no doubt America is head for a shit storm, but I have no clue when that storm will be. the Bible tells us a wise man stores up an inheritance for his childrens’ children. So my plans involve doing what I can for three generations of Stonelifters.

    most folks in the military will tow the govt line. The military is a cross section of America. Some are DWC,’s, and are some DWL’s. Most won’t think about it much one way or the other. Some will not fight their own people and some will hate what they are doing but do it any way to put bread of the table.

    The US military is the best it’s ever been. Fly boys smoking spice on their off time doesn’t mean their birds aren’t ready to drop 500 pounders on you. That negro who made it through the academy because of affirmative action is still better trained then most. The men are well trained; well equipped and basically have an unlimited supply of that equipment. Add a shit load of combat experience…. My oldest son did three tours in Iraq, and his squad leader had four. Before they turned 30. The difficulty in smashing hajjis flat has to do with the rules of engagement (ROE) hamstringing combat troops. The ROE’s will not stand in the way when it comes to putting down White resistance. Whether or not individual soldiers will be that ruthless vs their own people is a different question and one I don’t have an answer for. But its best to assume the worse when your planning.

    I know folks like to think they can beat the Army. Maybe they know a couple of troopers who aren’t so tough. It won’t happen. Each solider isn’t a one man wrecking machine, he is part of team. That squad of grunts coming at you will work as a team, have better training, body armor, NVG’s optics on their riffle, ammo to burn, and stuff like artillery and close air support. Their squad leader has two, maybe three years of combat experience; the team leader’s one or two and the rookie privates have been coached and mentored by them. Chances are you won’t be their 1st time under fire, or even the 1st time that day. You’ll have 7 riffle men, two machine guns and two 40 mm grenade launchers coming out you. All of that working together. And if you’re too big of a problem for them, they’ll get on the radio and call for help. Maybe 60mm mortars, or an AH 64 with a 30 mm chain gun or an F16 with a jdam. They will stomp you flat. 15 years from now and those young troops will still have the advantage of being trained by men who have years of combat time and better gear.

    Try to play guerrilla and they will burn you, your neighbors and anyone they think is helping you to the ground. Guerrillas are easy to defeat if you’re willing to be ruthless. And my guess is, if things go wrong the US govt will make sherman look like Ms Molly from romper room.

    If you think the negros, mexicans and hajjis will be no big deal, think again. There are negros/mexicans/ hajjis with military training. They can and will share that training with their kind. Their gangs are organized and they are armed. A hand full of negros with real trigger time down range will make them gang-bangers dangerous. I’ve played lead tag with all kinds over the years. They don’t fight like Western men, but they do fight. Mostly it was the lack of training and poor equipment that made them look like amateurs. And they are ruthless, with low animal like cunning. The average White family will also lack equipment, training and that type of ruthlessness

    Race will play in our favor if we let it. That squad of grunts will be White. In my day there was maybe 5 blacks in the whole 1st Ranger Batt, maybe a dozen when I was a paratrooper. My son says that hasn’t changed much, but there are more mexicans and otm’s. They’ll be on your side in a thousand different ways if you let them. Do not make their life hard. If things go bad play the game. Defend yourself and your property but don’t play overt games with the govt forces. Talk to the troops. If the he a daughter who loves horses, tell them how your sister has a horse. Maybe bring them lemonade. Give them info that doesn’t matter or info that puts more heat on negros. But the key is to not cause problems, don’t go on the offensive. Don’t go on rants about the govt or negros. Keep a low profile and you won’t have to worry about the govt sending Rangers or SF against you. They’ll be held in reserve for the trouble makers. Defend you and yours, let the negros etc go feral and bring that heat on themselves.

    As for should we stay or should we go, that’s up to each man as he sees fit. I’ve seen nations come apart before and it seems to me most White folk could avoid trouble just by moving one county over. America is a big place, the military can’t be everywhere, but they will be where ever the trouble is. My guess is that trouble will be where ever the negros, mexicans etc are. But whatever you plan on doing, I hope all White men have a plan for themselves/ their family and are working on improving it daily.

    Good luck, God bless

  9. My answers to the questions from Mr Wallace

    (1)12 years ago gas was $.88 a gallon while living in Texas. Its $3.50 a gallon now.

    (2) No I haven’t made changes in my life style because of gas prices. Not much to alter

    (3) Like golden, I work overseas for months at a time. I don’t see the gradual change but the big difference all those small things add up too.

    (4) Not sure. I was married then and my ex wife did that kind of stuff. And a lot of what I eat comes from friends and neighbors

    (5) No. always figured everything negros have is because of drug money or my tax
    money. It pisses me off they get to have large families at my expense. I would have like to have more kids and economic reasons are a major factor I did not

    (6) No. I generally do think about negros expect when I’m evaluating what type of threat they pose or pissed off because they can’t drive. or pissed off because I can hear their music at stop lights. I don’t think about them because all it does is piss me off

    (7) My health insurance or negros health insurance? I’m sick of paying for anything negros use. They are no kin of mine. I don’t have any problem paying for my insurance. Hell I wouldn’t mind helping White folks pay their vet bills but I don’t want to help those who aren’t my kin in any way. And I damn sure don’t want single payer. If that route is so great why do wealthy Canadians come to the US for their health care? I can see how single payer has worked or for the UK and other places too. No thanks

    (8) No. I don’t want the govt to subsidize any part of my life

    (9) You have no idea, I could hire a personal assistant and pay them a damn good wage for what the govt takes from me. That would be a one man job program. And you can be damn sure I’d hire one of my own. Plus I get less then 0 regarding return on investment when and tax money. I sent my kids to private school/ home schooled others. The roads suck, the nations borders aren’t secure, crime is what it is, I haven’t need a cop or fireman ever… yep I sick of it

    (10) No.

    (11) Never thought of it.

    (12) We’ll be Argentina with some Balkans style ethnic cleansing in some areas. Or on our way to it And those areas with problems will have to deal with the military too

  10. Stonelifter: The military is not a cross section of America. The children of the elites and of the professional classes do not join up, as a rule. No doubt there are a few prodigal sons of professors or lawyers, but most enlistees come from families without college degrees, families that are the biggest losers under the present regime. And of course, Jews would be extremely rare. All this doesn’t make them White supremacists, but they’re natural sympathies are with us. Even the Soviets, when they crushed the Hungarian revolt in 1956, had to bring in Mongolian troops because the Slavic soldiers wouldn’t gun down civilians. More recently, none of the armies of the Warsaw Pact nations interfered with the overthrow of the Communist governments in 1989. The soldiers knew their own people, and the people knew the soldiers.

    Nobody with half a brain wants to mix it up with the U.S. infantry, and there’s no reason that it should ever happen. Any large scale White resistance will be a matter of simply saying “No” to the Darks and defending yourself when they explode, not guerilla warfare. Some of the Darks might have military training, but they’re still dumb brutes. And their race will give them away. Nobody is going to confuse an armed Mexican walking up their street during a riot for a friend.

    The generals have to play along with the diversity bullshit, but very few of them believe it. More than any other group of leaders in society, they deal with the reality of racial differences. Does anyone imagine that the media bosses or Wall Street bankers or law school presidents really believe in racial equality? Why then would flag officers who are forced to manage large numbers of Dark people believe in it? The top officers are discreet, not stupid. When tshtf, they know which is the winning hand.

  11. Concerning the military, here are some demographic stats:


    I guess they may be inaccessible if you’re not on a .mil domain, but they’ve got racial statistics for the Army and Air Force which show minority overrepresentation. For example, for 2009 18.4% of enlisted males were black, while 38.1% of enlisted females were. The Hispanic numbers come in lower at 11.7% and 13.5%, but I personally believe they are being intentionally misrepresented. It’s possible that situational factors may lead to more minorities ending up where I am, because from what I’ve observed over the past few years paints a drastically different picture. From where I’m typing this I can see maybe 20-30 soldiers, and I’d say that only about 1/2 of them are White. A significant number of the soldiers are not even US citizens. There was a ceremony held here recently where 54 soldiers were naturalized. None of them were White, of course. Here’s are some excerpts from the “Changing Profile of the Army” handout from the site above:

    “Today, Blacks serve in the military at a rate that is disproportionately higher than their representation in the broader society.”

    “Over the past several years, the Army has experienced the same dramatic increase in the number of Hispanics as has the general U.S. population. For example, since FY85, the percentage of Hispanic Soldiers in the active-duty Army more than doubled (from 26K in FY85 to 59K in FY08), and the majority of this growth has been male Hispanics. It should be noted that this increase in number occurred during a time in which the Army’s overall active-duty strength decreased from 776K in FY85 to 540K in FY08.

    The Hispanic population is currently the nation’s largest minority group and according to Census projections, the size of the Hispanic population in the U.S. is expected to triple in size over the next 10 years. In fact, the growth of Hispanics in American is expected to account for most of this nation’s population growth over the next twenty years.”

    “Asian Pacific Americans (Asians) were the fastest growing minority group in the U.S. during the 1980’s. Their numbers grew by 80% between 1980 and 1989, increasing from 3.8 million to 6.9 million.”

    “Over the past several years, the percentage of racial/ethnic minority and female civilians employed by the U.S. Army has increased significantly across all grade levels.”

    At leat they’re not going to be able to claim later that they didn’t know what they were doing…

  12. Good point discard and I was refering to a cross section of White middle class America. I rarely think about non-Whites etc and they don’t, as a rule enter, into my thinking.

    golden, I doubt your seeing ground comabt troops. Most non-Whites in the military are REMF’s. The army is very differnt when your an infantryman vs a supply guy or PAC. My oldest son’s infantry platoon in the 82nd had two blacks and one mexican. It was all White men he became a scout snipper.

    My advice on taking negros, mexicans etc serious is not based on theory but on 28 years of military service and working as a PMC. It started in Grenda, and inculdes dealing with them in Panama, Colombia, Somilla and the list just gets longer. And you’ve no idea how bad those critters are until you’ve seen them in the homelands

  13. Stonelifter: My ideas on the fighting ability of Blacks and Mexicans comes from having lived much more closely to them than I cared to, both in and out of the military. The low, animal cunning you refer to is no more than their own racial awareness coupled to their brutishness. They see Whites as the enemy and they are not confused about it. They can see that somehow, Whites have got a lot of power, and they respect that, like a mean dog respects the stick in your hand. And when they get the upper hand, they are unsparing.
    But we can beat that. Low animal cunning is no match for higher intelligence applied to self-preservation. Darks don’t stand a chance against aroused Whites, and I believe that arousal is coming. Let the savages burn down a suburb or two. The next ones won’t be so easy.

  14. You’re correct stonelifter. I was Air Force (non-combat, of course) before I started out as a contractor, so my exposure to combat troops is limited. Based on what I know about nonwhites, it’s little surprise to me that Whites dominate the combat professions – which require greater discipline and reaction speed. I believe the higher ranks are also disproportionately White, so at least there’s that when the SHTF. I’d like to think that, as someone here suggested, the leadership is ‘awake’ to racial reality, but the amount of Marxist/multicultural/feminist propaganda I’ve been subjected to, and the fervor and seeming-sincerity with which it was administered, tend to incline me to disbelief.

    I also think Blacks do not have any reasonable chance against Whites in an existential struggle unless Whites are still being held down from above or Blacks have overwhelming numerical superiority. They’re just inferior warriors, strategists, planners, etc. Hispanics could be a different story, however, and their numbers are projected to be much greater.

  15. Goldenfetus: If I understand you, you were fed a load of Multi-cult propaganda in the Air Force. Just like in the old Soviet Union, the dregs become the political commissars. The people sent down to preach bullshit to the troops are really outside the chain of command. If they don’t feel they’re getting the support they want, they will fink on the commanders. They represent ZOG DC, nothing more. I would not accept their ideas as typical of logistics officers, let alone combat officers.
    We are not the only people who have our eyes open. Can anybody who’s not a fool believe this crap? Just as most of us are silent about our real views, so are the brass. They know more about BRA and JRA than we do.

    BTW, Mexicans are smarter than Blacks, but well below us. They have a fair number of bright people among them, but not enough to lift Mexico above 3rd World status. There’s no way they could take anything from us. All they get is given to them by our traitors.

  16. White men & Native American hunting with bodes and yards.I lived it but I respect your opinion earthman.I don’t worship the military just my team members,all of them.

    Maybe I’m not right or wrong,better or worse,just see things different.

  17. Wow golden, I didn’t know there was so many non-Whites in the USAF or their contracts.

    I’m with 300RUM; most of the military is culeless when it comes to BRA and liberty. I trust vets in a lot of ways; I know a Ranger or green weenie won’t steal my food when we’re both hungry or give up when shit gets ugly but that’s trust on a differnet sets of issues

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