U.S. vs. Alabama: 11th Circuit Upholds Most of Alabama’s Immigration Law

Alabama 2, Obama Administration 0


The big news from yesterday was that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta took a bite out of Alabama’s immigration law.

It was a split ruling: the federal circuit court suspended the section that required public schools to check the immigration status of public school students and it suspended the section that required illegal aliens to carry immigration documents on them at all times.

The 11th Circuit refused to block Alabama’s Arizona-style immigration law and the part of the law that makes it a felony for illegal aliens to attempt to procure identity documents in Alabama like a driver’s license.

As things stand today, the Arizona-style immigration law is still being enforced, it is nearly impossible for illegal aliens to get an Alabama driver’s license or a car tag without a birth certificate, and Alabama has one of the strongest E-Verify laws in the country.

Now that the 9th Circuit and 11th Circuit have reached conflicting decisions on the Arizona and Alabama immigration law, it is far more likely that the U.S. Supreme Court will take the case.

This is exactly the scenario that I predicted would unfold last year: a protracted legal battle similar to the ones over E-Verify and Voter ID, one that polarizes White conservatives against the Obama administration and delegitimizes “civil rights organizations” like the SPLC and ACLU, and which culminates in the Supreme Court taking the case and ruling in favor of the states in a 5 to 4 ruling.

The legal battle between the Justice Department and Alabama at the circuit court level will now quiet down for a few months. The battlefield will shift to South Carolina where the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals could set another conflicting standard.

The Obama administration is doing everything in its power to tyrannize Alabama and defend the privileges of illegal aliens at the expense of Alabama taxpayers. The Justice Department will probably file further lawsuits against Georgia and South Carolina.

If Dixie was an independent country with its own federal government, we wouldn’t have to deal with this nonsense. As Bocephus said, if the South would have won we would had it made.

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  1. Who are the 34 percent of Whites who still love Obama? None of them live around here.


    Whites are registering historic levels of gloom: Nearly four-fifths of them believed that the nation was on the wrong track. But even about three-fifths of Hispanics agreed. Only a majority of African-Americans expressed positive views.

    The assessments of Obama’s job performance tell a story of similarly panoramic displeasure. Just 35 percent of independents said they approved, by far his worst showing in the Heartland Monitor poll. Among whites, his ratings cratered to 34 percent, also a new low. Even among white women with a college
    education—consistently Obama’s strongest group in the white electorate—his ratings tumbled below 40 percent. Among adults under 30 and Hispanics, two other cornerstones of his 2008 coalition, Obama managed no more than about 50 percent approval.

    Nearly four in 10 adults overall (and almost half of whites) said they strongly disapproved of his performance. Equal numbers of each group said they definitely intend to vote against him in 2012. Both of those numbers track closely with the 41 percent overall (and, again, half of whites) who said that his agenda has left the country worse off.

  2. Herman Cain is mysteriously rising in the polls … not because White Republicans are suddenly trying to elect a black guy, but because Cain is trying to win the anti-BRA vote:


    This is why I believe Herman Cain stopped running for president on September 28.

    That was the day he went on CNN’s “The Situation Room” and told Wolf Blitzer he believed the reason blacks don’t vote for Republicans is because they’re “brainwashed.” Days later he went on ABC’s “This Week” with Christiane Amanpour and repeated himself. Sunday he went back to CNN and told Candy Crowley that he didn’t “believe there is racism in this country today that holds anybody back in a big way,” and by Monday he was in the zone, telling Fox’s Sean Hannity that he “left the Democrat plantation a long time ago.”

    The more inflammatory his statements were, the more television time he received, and the more his numbers climbed. He’s not campaigning for president; he’s auditioning to be the next pop culture bad boy, and he’s using the media to do it.


    Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Saturday that part of his immigration policy would be to build an electrified fence on the country’s border with Mexico that could kill people trying to enter the country illegally.

    The remarks, which came at two campaign rallies in Tennessee as part of a barnstorming bus tour across the state, drew loud cheers from crowds of several hundred people at each rally. At the second stop, in Harriman, Tenn., Mr. Cain added that he also would consider using military troops “with real guns and real bullets” on the border to stop illegal immigration.

    The remarks were among the most pointed yet by Mr. Cain about illegal immigration, and they come as he is enjoying a surge in national political polls on the back of his victory in a recent Florida straw poll. They also follow on remarks made by Representative Michele Bachmann on Saturday during a speech on illegal immigration in Iowa, in which she also advocated a border fence.

    It is not the first time that Mr. Cain has floated the idea of an electrified fence. He has told the story many times of a caller to his former radio show who chastised him for talking about building a border fence, saying that such an idea was impractical. Mr. Cain often says he told the caller that he had recently returned from China, and if the Chinese could build the Great Wall then America could build a border fence.

    Last summer, after President Obama remarked that some Republicans seemed to want a moat filled with alligators in addition to a fence, Mr. Cain responded by saying that he would indeed add an alligator-filled moat to his proposed fence, which would be topped with electrified barbed wire.

    In his remarks on Saturday, Mr. Cain appeared to go a step further. Speaking to a rally sponsored by the Roane County Tea Party, Mr. Cain said that part of his plan would be to “secure the border for real” with a fence.

    “It’s going to be 20 feet high. It’s going to have barbed wire on the top. It’s going to be electrified. And there’s going to be a sign on the other side saying, ‘It will kill you — Warning.’” At an earlier rally, on the campus of Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, Tenn., he added that the sign would be written “in English and in Spanish.”

    “This nation has always been a nation with wide open doors,” Mr. Cain said at the second rally. “We want to make it easy for people to come through the front door. And we’re going to shut off the back door so you don’t have to sneak into America.”

    Saying that some critics have told him that his remarks about building a fence are insensitive, Mr. Cain said that the fault lies with the actions of some illegal immigrants. “It’s insensitive for them to be killing our citizens, killing our border agents,” he said. “That’s what’s insensitive. And that mess has to stop.”

    In addition using a fence and unspecified “technology” to cut down on illegal immigration, Mr. Cain added: “If we have to put troops with real guns and real bullets for part of it, we can do that too.”

    Brent Wilkes, Vice Chair of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, said Mr. Cain’s remarks were reflective of increasingly harsh prescriptions for dealing with illegal immigration being offered by Republican presidential candidates.

    “These folks who come across the border are at most committing a misdemeanor,” Mr. Wilkes said. “To suggest that they would be electrocuted or shot would be to treat them harsher than we treat murderers or rapists. It’s a real distortion of the rule of law.”

    Mr. Wilkes said Mr. Cain is mistaken when he implies that it would be easy for would-be Mexican immigrants to enter the country legally. In fact, he said, there are few if any visas available for Mexican nationals who do not have a firm job offer in this country or who do not already have relatives living here legally.

    After long being considered an also-ran in the Republican field, Mr. Cain has surged into the spotlight following his victory in the Florida straw poll and because of interest in his unusual 9-9-9 tax plan, which would set personal and business income tax rates at 9 percent each and institute a 9 percent national sales tax, eliminating all other federal taxes.

    The Tennessee tour, which began Friday near Memphis, Mr. Cain’s birthplace, has drawn crowds of several hundred supporters and curious onlookers at each of eight stops.

  3. Why can’t we get a single White candidate to advocate a 20 foot border fence with an alligator moat and electrified barbed wire and troops deployed to the border with orders to shoot illegal aliens?

  4. As far as the SC goes, I wouldn’t be so sure; it’s 4 Reds (3 Jews + mystery meat) vs. 4 kinda sorta conservatives….and wildcard Anthony Kennedy. Herman Cain will say anything to get the VP nod from Romney, so he’s saying it. Cheap talk. HardRight, TPs will still walk away from a RINO Romney candidacy if Limbaugh tells them to…and he is telling them just that. Looks like it’ll be a 3-way race, with all that portends…maybe even 4-way if the HardLeft, OWSers can find a leader. Cool.

  5. Hunter,

    You should start a employment agency/labor union for “American workers” in Alabama now. This would take great courage, but there’s not much financial risk. You just have to learn the laws and regulations and maybe get a license and insurance. You would have to serve all who came to you and were able to pass E-Verify, but you could aggressively recruit Whites who are desperate for work.

    You know what bothers me is that ordinary unemployed White Americans aren’t even thinking of agricultural labor. They don’t even consider it a real job. They are too soft, and welfare is too easily available. I’m an exception — I’ve done those jobs and like them better than office work. But I think there are still a lot of proud White men who want a job. You have to find them and recruit them for agricultural and working in quarries.

    You have to make sure the employer offers the option to work from the crack of dawn during the hot season. At 4:30 am, till about 11:30 am, it’s not so bad, and you got 7 hours done. Have the option to come back at 6pm and work a couple more hours. Also, if they aren’t running machinery, they can probably be stoned out of their gourd and it’s fine. This would be a kind of open secret — the people doing unskilled harvesting and such can be high as a kite. People that run machinery are generally specialized now, they don’t slave in the fields and they can’t be high.

    You want to arrange so the workers live in a dorm or motel or rent a sleeping space from someone near the farm, so they can all be rousted at 4am to start work, or arrange to give them all wakeup calls. These are Americans we’re dealing with, after all. We know these people. You would have to be somewhat of a ballbuster/drill sergeant.

    They should just use prison labor though, if they can’t get the man sized TV babies to get up for work.

    This is what we are up against though. Farm labor is the root source of increasing non-whties in this country. We have to get whites to do this work again. Lets hope the Great Depression forces these sacks of flour and barrels of high fructose corn syrup to do what it takes to save their own race, and live like free living homo sapiens again, rather than Walmart’s cattle.

    Modern agricultural labor is like factory labor. Punch in punch out, 8 hours, overtime if you want it, very well staffed so there’s always someone who can come in if someone else is sick, vacations are no problem though they might be unpaid. At least that’s the case for New England dairy farms.

    If there is someone out there who has the time and ability, and is in the right location, he or she or they should do an employment agency for Americans.

    If I had the time I would do it where I live. Here’s the deal — perfectly competent and hard working Americans are making 9 to 12 dollars an hour, while illegals are making 15 an hour working on farms and rock quarries.

    What you need to do is find a pool of only the best Americans to do these jobs; people who understand that if they fail at this job, the employers will go back to Mexicans and never look back.

    What are the stakes? Here’s a quote from Baaltanit from wnthinktank.wordpress.com

    Even if you live in a lilly White neighborhood today, it will have a sizeable Mexican population within 20 years. You cannot compete for manual jobs with these people. They stand at attention when their boss is present and call him “sir”. They work every minute as if they were afraid of receiving lashes. If there are laws dictating that they receive extra pay, they give it back to their employer. They go to their employer’s house on the weekend and mow his fucking lawn. They form cliques and then say negative things about you to their boss. You will not get a job as a White man! If you have one now, you will lose it later!

    This is a real danger. We could have a situation where there are literally no jobs for white Americans, while Mexicans et al enjoy full employment, AND the welfare gets cut off.

    Of course when this happens, there will be riots in the streets. But we will have a much stronger position if we start fighting for these jobs, and getting our own people in these jobs NOW.

    There are still Americans with a work ethic. If you do such an employment agency, you will have to follow all laws and if Jose or Tyrone or Vong Phanananorath applies and has the right to work in the US, you have to make a good faith effort to place him.

    However, it’s all in the recruiting. It is legal to approach people at the Department of Labor office, or even in the parking lot of the Department of Labor office. If you are a bona fide employment agency, you will not be arrested for loitering for hanging out in the parking lot of a DOL office during business hours. And this is how you can pick and choose your labor pool. They cannot bust you for approaching some people and not others.

    So you get your pool of workers. Then you approach the businesses and farms in a very businesslike way. Show up in person to each such business once a month, and tell them you have good people who are legal to work in the US and “have permanent ties to the community” (aka US citizens) who are hungry for work and very competent. You want to subtly instill a combination of guilt, pity and fear in the local employers.

    You should be aggressively canvassing dozens if not hundreds of businesses. It’s all a numbers game. Eventually, you’ll start placing people, making money, and getting those jobs secured for Americans.

    When the employment agency is big enough, you, ahem, “let the workers organize into a labor union.” So you don’t connect your employment agency with the labor union. You find a good, competent street leader, someone like Matt Parrott, to organize the labor union. The labor union pressures politicians and businesses to hire AMERICANS! What a concept!

    Eventually, if necessary, Americans can be picketing businesses and forcing politicians to “heel, boy!” to secure these jobs for us, like the labor union struggles of the past.

    A precedent for the employment agency to labor union idea is Samuel Gompers. Yes, Gompers was Jewish, but he was a very effective immigration restrictionist and we should use him as a model:


    Gompers, like most labor leaders of his era, opposed unrestricted immigration from Europe because it lowered wages, and opposed all immigration from Asia because it lowered wages and represented (to him) an alien culture that could not be easily assimilated. He and the AF of L strongly supported the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 that banned the immigration of Chinese.[23] The AF of L was instrumental in passing immigration restriction laws from the 1890s to the 1920s, such as the 1921 Emergency Quota Act and the Immigration Act of 1924, and seeing that they were strictly enforced. At least one study concludes that the link between the AF of L and the Democratic Party rested in large part on immigration issues, as the owners of large corporations wanted more immigration and thus supported the Republican party

    We have to create a new labor union from scratch. If you want to be a street organizer, forget marching around brandishing controversial symbols. Organize White American labor (but just call it American labor).

  6. Herman Cain is the newest iteration of the Trump-Bachmann-Perry chain of candidates GOP voters choose as a protest against the cast of neocon traitors. His popularity will not be meaningful until it proves sustainable.

    What Cain’s popularity tells me, is that a lot of GOP voters are so far unwilling to vote for what they perceive as a “beltway insider.” Great chances of them voting for a 3rd party, assuming a viable 3rd party candidate pops up and Mitt Romney is indeed given the candidacy.

    A wall is not a good solution. The government is corrupt, illegals would be smuggled through legitimate entry points. ‘Arizona-style’ laws aimed at jobs, school, and leases, are much better.

  7. If a lot more White Americans did manual labor, we would get our collective balls back. This is one of the great tragedies of the modern era. White people have become passive because so many of us became office worker eunuchs or fast food or retail eunuchs (service with a smile!) and are quite content with that.

    Do you think someone who smashes rock in a quarry or harvests cucumbers has to spend his days saying “May I help you? Would you like fries with that? Anything else? Thank for choosing —, come again!”

    Mexicans are basically “replacement men” so White manual laborers will be a much smaller pool. Manual labor jobs give you testoserone — they make you more alpha. White manual laborers will be a LOT LESS tolerant of seeing their females poached by colored males.

  8. Hunter,

    By the way, if you like this idea, you will probably have to go do an ag job for a while, to get to know the farmers and speak their language, and have an intimate understanding of what the work involves. To recruit people to do a job, you should know the job yourself.

    You should do ag and rock quarry and whatever other manual jobs that the Mexicans are currently doing, but I bet you’ll like rock quarry. It’s like doing Russian kettlebell training. Smashing rock with maul axes, then lifting it onto a truck. It’s way more effective than “gym” training. These people:


    are much stronger and more fit than bodybuilders.

    Make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen.

    I hope you’ll consider doing this. The most effective White nationalist activism engages the economic problem simultaneously with the racial problem, as the two are actually the same basic problem. And you can make money once you get the Employment agency going, you aren’t doing anything illegal or even anything that turns people off, and really, truly accomplish something that will work.

    A lot of it is going to be hanging out with working class whites and convincing them that manual labor kicks ass. They can get in awesome shape, they can be high, they never have to say “may I help you” or wear a name tag and a funny hat. Chicks will dig them more (if that’s an issue, most working class guys will deny it’s a problem) For that matter, there’s plenty of middle class kwallege educated white guys who are unemployed. Go hang out at the Department of labor, and go to colleges and interview kids graduating. Be very positive and energetic and happy, but also be picky. Don’t take anyone who seems like he’ll run away the first day. You’ll be able to sense the type. And you’ll probably have to work alongside people on their first day, to keep them there.

  9. Kievsky

    Those are awesome suggestions!

    I have a close white younger friend who is now doing under the table d
    construction/destruction work he is fit and is a confident street fighter

    Mexicans run this business and favor their kind but there are still opportunities for tough White guys

  10. Jack,

    I am very glad you like this idea! We really need to put out the idea that:

    Mexicans are replacement men. Which men are they replacing? YOU, White man! Better go fight for those jobs, or starve in the future!

  11. I would say half the residential lawn mowing services in my area are run by white Men. Still the commercial accounts are 95% mexican staffed, but talking to the white Men they do make a living cutting lawns for office worker yuppies and retirees as sole propietors who own a truck and a commercial grade mower.

    Jack Ryan is right there is room for tough competant whites but not the phony toughness of Chicago’s southside and southwest suburbs white kids who act like mobsters while the mexicans do the real tough stuff. These white kids make the Jersey Shore kids look sympathetic, believe it or not. They are the product of the “Government and Union and or Governmet Union Industrial Complex” and its not a pretty sight, a sense of entitlement with absolutely no credentials besides being born to useful (for now) peon with a connection.

  12. Thank you Denise. I don’t know if it’s genius, but it’s certainly relevant to our problem.

    I hope someone will do this. I wish I wasn’t so overcommitted in my own life, I would do this.

    It would really be a matter of having to do the work yourself, and then go agitate other White men to come work at your place of work with you, before you really start the employment agency. A lot of it amounts to being a “cheerleader” and a team-mate on the team at the same time. A very positive attitude, you want to make the employer consider you the most stellar worker he ever had, even compared to the Mex, then recruit others, Tom Sawyer style (this is the best job ever! I’m such an alpha male! You would rather work in an office with women telling you what to do? You’d rather work at McD’s with a nametag and a funny hat? Really?)

  13. No one will believe this, but my landlord here in Jew York State just had our apartment building painted and the guys doing the work were White!! I recall reading a recent article in the Wall Street Journal where some ‘conservative’ was bemoaning all the new immigration laws. The article garnered tons of negative comments except for one establishment-type who kept posting that we need the wetbacks because White people will no longer do construction work; house painting included. He claimed White men won’t climb ladders. I’d love to rub in that guy’s face the sight of two white guys busily painting on a scaffold to the sounds of Iron Maiden.

    In another similar case PBS News Hour had a segment on the Alabama law that included some black/hispanic woman with an unintelligable accent, some representative from a state agricultural something-or-other, and one person who was a supporter of the new law. The ugly, heavily accented, and stupid-sounding advocate of White dispossession came off very badly, and I say this despite my complete bias against her. She had no valid reason why the friggin immigrants should be there in the first place. She kept muttering something about them being human beings and demonized while staring at the camera like a cow. Of course they’re human beings and they would be just as much human beings in Mexico or Guatamala as in Alabama! The pro-immigrant agricultural guy was wringing his hands that the harvest would not be gathered, and then admitted that they could recruit enough local labor to pick crops! I nearly died from laughter at that point. Anyone wanting to be convinced that we need mass immigration would be unconvinced by this performance.

    While on the subject of the intolerable world of Marxist PBS-I think I’m a mascochist for sometimes watching it-this weeks episode of the “Mclaughlin Group” is well worth a watch as Pat Buchanan immediately condemns the recent Iran terrorist plot as having the ‘aroma of fish’ and then suggests it is a ‘false-flag operation’. Mclaughlin then heavily promotes Buchanan’s new book-“Suicide of a Super-Power”. I was quite surprised at this.

  14. Kievsky,

    Here in Alabama, there aren’t many agricultural jobs that require farm laborers. The main crops grown here are soybeans, corn, peanuts, and cotton. No one really picks any of these crops anymore.

    Alabama has a huge timber industry. We also raise commercial catfish, poultry, and cattle. There are a lot of greenhouse vegetable crops that are grown in Alabama.

    Alabama agriculture isn’t nearly as labor intensive as agriculture in other states. That is one of the reasons the E-Verify law sailed through the Alabama legislature. The Farm Bureau is stronger in Georgia and Florida than it is here.

  15. The idea that “crops are rotting in the fields” is laughable.

    I actually live here. What are these crops? The crops can’t be corn, peanuts, cotton, or soybeans – which constitute virtually all crops grown in Alabama – which have never been harvested by Mexican peons.

    The truth is that only a small fraction of crops grown in Alabama require farm laborers. It must be less than 3 to 5 percent of the crops grown here. There is plausible reason why farmers couldn’t find unemployed native citizens to harvest these crops when there is a 10 percent unemployment rate here.

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that blacks are on the EBT card, the TANF welfare check, the WIC, and the Section 8.

  16. Kievsky,

    Good comments.

    This advice is much more applicable to neighboring states like Georgia and Florida than it is to Alabama. In Georgia, they grown onions. In Florida, they grow blueberries and oranges.

    Idaho, of course, is notorious for the dominance of Big Ag there.

  17. In my experience, illegal aliens work at chicken processing plants and as construction workers in Alabama. It is a lie that illegal aliens are “doing the jobs Americans won’t do.” Most people who work at those jobs are Whites and African-Americans.

  18. Kievsky:

    If you want to see how the Mexican Construction Cliques penetrate and take over worksites all over America, check out the book of that title, available at


    Written by a “real Mexican” with insider knowledge, this book lays out their strategies of corruption. While I was reading it, it occurred to me that this was almost identical to the J-strategy for taking over organizations and turning them to the purposes of the Tribe, corrupting them and robbing them, then moving on.

    This book won’t win any prizes for literature, and there are some sections that can be skipped, but the good parts are VERY good. Almost a process-diagram for corruption. Know thine enemy’s technique, then use it against them.

  19. Hunter,

    OK, fair enough. I don’t know what you are currently doing for work, but if you don’t have some “maximum income job I can’t leave” then I understand. However, if you don’t, I suggest becoming a sort of “manual labor tourist.” I had a period in my life of doing this — I worked in a slaughterhouse, volunteered at a farm on a homeless shelter in Boston, did some timbering and firewood processing for a guy who sold firewood, and worked as an appliance repairman (don’t do that!). It was all a lot more fun than working in an office. You meet all kinds of people, women look at you differently (except the appliance repairman, they look down on those guys). And you learn a lot of good stuff about life.

    The other thing that’s worth learning is how to wheel and deal with the public. An employment agency is one such job. Another is “property manager,” in other words, collecting rents, showing apartments, moving people in and evicting them. Doing this made me realize I could do an employment agency — I learned very quickly how to verbally dominate people. These kinds of jobs are very lucrative for the effort put in, especially if you work for yourself. There’s always a demand in the economy for a verbally dominating wheeler-dealer too.

  20. “If a lot more White Americans did manual labor, we would get our collective balls back. This is one of the great tragedies of the modern era. White people have become passive because so many of us became office worker eunuchs or fast food or retail eunuchs (service with a smile!) and are quite content with that.”

    My thoughts are that this was really only enabled by a 30 year long cycle of growing credit. A “service” economy is one where the US exchanges foreign made products for IOUs. I think it will take time for the paradigm to shift but eventually people may realize that they were never worth what they were getting paid to shuffle paper and sell insurance. When that happens, you’ll see a lot of people with stupid degrees begrudgingly doing physical labor. it may take another 10 years though.

  21. @anti-racist

    Yes, NIGGER, our time IS coming. And you blue-gummed, shovel-snouted, shitskins will be hanging from streetlights by your own intestines while your nigger ghettos burn to the ground. Now go choke on some Kentucky Fried Chicken and die. Fucking BLACK NIGGER.

  22. Kievsky: I have never regretted choosing a life of real work. I might have chosen different trades had I known more about the changing economy, but never have I wished I’d gone to law school.
    I’m too old and decrepit now for real grunt work, but I’m building my woodworking skills, making little boxes and toy boats. Someday those White pudge potatoes will come looking for someone to teach them how to act like men. Real work is an aphrodisiac. Lose the queerings, boys.

  23. Racist Anti-White – yes – our time IS coming. And oou are gonna meet REAL Whites for the first, and last, time in your vile, miserable, Nigger life.

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