Obama Speaks At MLK Statue Dedication

District of Corruption

Speaking from my heart, I don’t feel an ounce of American patriotism toward Washington, DC. I hate that place and the tyranny of Black Run Amerika that it represents. I am not an American.

Dixie needs to secede from the United States. If we are going to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to cut our ties to “America” and create our own ethnostate for Anglo-Celtic Whites in the South.

Update: That’s right. We opposed the Civil Rights Movement. We hated Saint MLK around here. He doesn’t symbolize our nation. Quite the opposite. More on that in the next post.

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  1. The 22 million blacks in the South probably won’t go along with your ethnostate idea.

    I think you will inevitably settle for a bi-ethnostate. There is no real precident for ejecting 22 million people from someplace they have lived for 400 years, as you presumably will be required to do to claim your ethnostate label.

    It’s ironic. The place where people might actually support the enthnostate ideal has way to many others to make it practical. The places with few others are so inebriated with ridiculous progressive ideologies that they reject the concept. Thus we’re left without a pot to piss in, as a people, and forced to live in the New Brazil.

  2. There should be lots of propaganda opportunities for us on this MLK statue:

    It was designed in China… still COMMUNIST RED CHINA for lots of White folks over the age of 50 living in Dixie – and it looks like some Chairman Mao statue.

    This is pagan idolatry – worshipping false idols, breaking a Ten Commandment for folks in the Bible Belt.

    MLK was not a god, hardly a saint and certainly not any kind of medical “Dr.” – he plagiarized his PHD doctorate dissertation at Boston University.

    We used to have lots of WN patriots in the South who made a big part of their successful activism based on opposing this MLK cult. Let’s see some of of our young activists here like Hunter pick up the ball and move with it.

  3. Creating a vigorous Southern ethnic identity and getting out of the Union is the real challenge. Driving African-Americans and Hispanics out of the South once we have our own government will be relatively easy. The only real force that sustains them here is outside interference.

    In the early twentieth century, we drove half of all the blacks in Dixie out of the Jim Crow South without an independent nation-state. By the 1960s, the South was “whiter” than it had been at any previous point in American history.

  4. Jackson,

    If what you say is true, then Central Europe and Eastern Europe wouldn’t be full of ethnostates in the 21st century. The creation of ethnostates are almost always bloody affairs that involve the severing of ties within multinational federations.

    White Nationalists have a fantasy where a pure White ethnostate will be created somewhere in North America without anything resembling an actual struggle. It will also magically happen overnight.

    Reality doesn’t work that way.

    There is only one region in America that has ever tried to separate from Washington to create an independent nation-state. It is the only section in America that is still conscious of its own distinctiveness.

  5. Gotta say I agree with Jackson. Look at this map http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:New_2000_black_percent.gif
    The vast majority of blacks in this country live right smack dab in the middle of your southern ethnostate. How exactly are you fantasizing that you will move them out? At least the Northwest Republic fantasy has the benefit of there being tiny non-white populations in the PNW. Much less moving of large numbers of people.

  6. Driving African-Americans and Hispanics out of the South once we have our own government will be relatively easy

    African-Americans in Cadillacs, Hispanics in Chevrolet Impalas.

  7. Racist m f*&kers! You seem to forget all of you Anglo saxon supposedly pure blood people did NOT originate from what is now America. You did however contribute to bringing Africans to America don’t be bitter that the bac kwards way of thinking finally got somewhat straightened out people who think like this are what’s wrong with America you are so stuck in the past you don’t see you are the problem and we can’t get rid of you! Unfortunately for this mindset minority rules in this case America is not perfecy by far but its going to take a lot more then this propaganda to change things!

  8. Jerry,

    Comparing Dixie with the Pacific Northwest is like comparing apples and oranges.

    (1) The Pacific Northwest is a geographical expression. Dixie is a sub-nation that sprawls across the American Southeast. It is not synonymous with the Southeast. It just dominates the region.

    (2) In 2008, 60 percent of the Whites in Oregon and 59 percent of the Whites in Washington voted for Obama. 10 percent of Whites in Alabama and 11 percent of Whites in Mississippi voted for Obama.

    The only two states in America where more Whites voted for Obama than Oregon were Vermont and Hawaii.

    (3) White Southerners have a separate racial identity, an ethnic identity, a religious identity, a cultural identity, and a philosophical identity. We are a distinct people with a history like the Germans or the Serbs – a kinship group that stretches from Virginia to Texas – whose ancestors have lived in this area for three to four centuries now.

    (4) Blacks have been living here since 1619 and the sky hasn’t fallen yet. Southern Nationalists don’t perceive blacks as the primary obstacle standing in the way of an independent South.

    The primary obstacle to Southern independence are Yankees who live in the Northern states and who have spent the last 170 years interfering with our social system, attempting to centralize and consolidate the federal government under their control, and attempting to force racial equality and mass immigration on the South to dilute our political power within the Union.

    (5) Southern Nationalism is based less on the desire to rid ourselves of blacks than it is to separate from the liberal Whites in the Northern states – the “progressives,” as they call themselves – who are destroying our country in all kinds of ways. These people are the real force behind Black Run Amerika.

    America’s racial decline is just one example of a broader cultural decline. The Civil Rights Movement needs to be seen in the context of all the other utopian movements in the North which are equally destructive. The feminist movement which has created havoc between the sexes was probably even more destructive to Western civilization than the Civil Rights Movement.

    (6) The problem is not blacks.

    The real problem is the Union – it is the context of the Union that has created our racial problem here and our immigration problem and many other problems besides. If the South had its own federal government, we would have voted down the Immigration Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

    (7) When the Jim Crow era began in 1896, over 90 percent of blacks in America lived in the South. When the Jim Crow era ended in 1965, it was overthrown in Congress over our opposition, 50 percent of blacks lived in the South.

    (8) We can drive blacks out of the South by making life inconvenient here for them. The only force that has made life here convenient for them is the federal government which has been controlled by the Northern states. It is the federal government that has allowed millions of illegal aliens to invade the South.

    (9) The federal government is the real enemy, not the blacks who are nothing more than the pawns of the liberal Whites who live in other parts of the country.

    (10) In reality, an “ethnostate” is a state that is based on an ethnicity. It is not the same thing as the WN fantasy of a state that is 100 percent “White.” There is no such thing as a “White” ethnicity … unless you are referring to Anglo-Celtic Southerners, who have traditionally identified themselves as “White people.”

    Historically speaking, “ethnostates” are created when multinational federations like the Hapsburg Empire implode. It often takes wars and bloody population transfers to create “ethnostates.” It is not something that happens overnight.

    You don’t snap your fingers or wave a magic wand and get an ethnostate. It just doesn’t happen that way.

  9. That’s a misleading graph.

    It proves nothing more than blacks are more geographically dispersed in Dixie than in other areas. 57 percent of blacks live in the South. 43 percent of blacks live in the North and West.

    Until recently, there were more blacks in Chicago alone than there were in Mississippi which is blacker than any other Southern state. There isn’t going to anything resembling an “ethnostate” anywhere in America until racially conscious Whites have actual control over state governments in a geographically contiguous area.

    An “ethnostate” is the final product of a national struggle that could last for centuries or for generations. Just like in Europe where it took centuries to forge the German nation in Central Europe.

    Before there can be an “ethnostate,” there has to be an “ethnicity,” a nationalist movement by that ethnicity, and a program of racial and political separation from Washington. The only part of the country that has anything resembling that is Dixie because that is where the whole concept comes from in the first place.

    As diluted as it is here, there is nothing resembling the Southern sense of autonomy and separatism anywhere else in the United States, unless you consider Texas which is just an extension of the South. From 1861 until 1965, the South was only nominally part of America.

  10. There is no such thing as a “White” ethnicity … unless you are referring to Anglo-Celtic Southerners, who have traditionally identified themselves as “White people.”

    Deep down the other people know this. A challenge is the “new south” the whites who think they are better than southerners, grew up on anti-southern/anti-appalachian propaganda, feel the southern religions are evil, etc.— currently listening to VOR where Carolyn yeager suggests we need a single “wn” religion (wonder which), and caller dave is berating ‘stupid americans.’

    The southern american folkway is unique and must be preserved.

    All the others have no idea how alienated southerners feel at the psycho thing they turned the country into— many don’t even know how many just see theirs as a foreign country, they have never had the reality of civil war explained to them (it’s some myth in their mind, not a reality, like saying “ancient greece.”)

    they have not seen themselves as usurpers, land grabbers, the realistic dirty side of what they did, and therefore, aren’t seeing their country, in its violence, transience, money grubbingness, price gouging, market speculation, agenting, money shaving, etc,— as the result of how the Yankee Nation does business.

  11. The “South” alone will not be able to defeat the Central Regime. Not during CW I, and not during CW II; the High Plains and most Midwest states will have to go too, which may actually be in the cards. HW has this terrible, historical repetition compulsion. Always the “Lost Cause”. We either destroy the ZOGBRA, or it will destroy us. You cannot simply secede from the globalists. The breakaway states will have to organize and liquidate the central, beltway Regime very quickly and, that done, we might as well take the rest of the country – rust belt + west coast – back as well. Ethnic issues are not that significant because, in the course of CW II itself, they will be bloodily resolved. If a few Jews, Blacks, Latinos, happen to aim their weapons in the same direction we do, then they can live with us…I doubt that there will be many such.

  12. White has always been a synonym for “Southern.”

    In Dixie, whiteness was meaningful and important because our entire civilization was based on the racial caste system and plantation slavery. In a multiracial society, complexion became a logical marker of ethnic identity.

    “Whiteness” was something that separated and unified Southerners from Indians and Africans. The ideal evolved in Tidewater in the mid-seventeenth century and it was brought to South Carolina from Barbados in the late seventeenth century. It spread from there across the Southeast.

    Where would anyone get the idea that “White people” are their in group? Where would anyone dream of expelling all non-Whites from their midst?

    This is a distinctively Southern concept. It is a cultural artifact of the South’s racial caste system where every single White man was socially superior to a nigger, where no nigger could ever lay his hands on a White woman, and where Whites were culturally expected to practice racial egalitarianism toward other Whites.

    The idea has a long pedigree in the South. Under Andrew Jackson, the Democracy was explicitly the “White man’s party.” For over a century, Dixie was known within America as the “White Man’s Country.” Until the 1960s, the Alabama Democratic Party had a symbol of a white rooster with the motto of “white supremacy.”

    These ideas didn’t come out of nowhere:


    “George Wallace was then head of the Alabama Democratic party. The Alabama Democratic party was racist. Its symbol at that time had a white rooster, a white cock, and the words “White Supremacy.” That was the official emblem of the Democratic party of Alabama. So here it would be easy for us to tell our people, “Hey, look, this party is not for us. We need our own party.”

  13. Those people, the Yankees, are simply not like us. We are two separate nations, de facto if not officially. Our cultures are not even remotely the same. Eventual separation is inevitable, and we are reaching the threshold now.

    No Southern state failed to honorably pay the pensions of those honorable blacks who served the Confederacy, mostly serving in what today we would call a “combat service support” role.

    The soundest policy for the reemergent Dixie would be to follow the Jeffersonian foundation of our understanding of government and grant them full citizenship. Of course the understanding would be that no government programs would exist to advantage them at the expense of whites as we have now with the Federal Yankee government.

    This is why most blacks dislike “small government” movements such as the tea party movement. As a compensation for them, incentives might be offered by the new government to immigrate to New England, perhaps including a bounty for each individual or even family to chose to relocate. I’m sure if the Yankees would continue the big government affirmative action programs, which would also be another draw.

    A free and independent Southland would be better than we can even imagine now!

    Deo Vindice

  14. That statue needs browned. It is an effrontery to this nation.

    He was a “down low” negro, a liar, a cheater, and an academic thief.

  15. Racist m f*&kers! You seem to forget all of you Anglo saxon supposedly pure blood people did NOT originate from what is now America.

    Quite right.

    My ancestors were the master race who conquered this continent and who built a distinctive branch of European civilization in North America – a slave republic modeled on the Roman Empire where “liberty” was a racial privilege that belonged to the master caste.

    We didn’t come here because we believed in “equality” or any of the garbage that Barack Hussein Obama talked about in Washington. In fact, Southern civilization was civilization was based on hierarchy and racial inequality.

    You did however contribute to bringing Africans to America don’t be bitter that the bac kwards way of thinking finally got somewhat straightened out people who think like this are what’s wrong with America you are so stuck in the past you don’t see you are the problem and we can’t get rid of you!

    Negroes were brought here to work as slave laborers on our plantations. Our ancestors considered them to be a docile and childlike inferior race of substandard intelligence who weren’t fit to do anything more than pick cotton and grow rice, indigo, and tobacco in subtropical climates.

    The last 150 years of American history have verified their suspicion – aside from the super soaker water gun, black people haven’t contributed anything of value to the progress of the human species.

    Unfortunately for this mindset minority rules in this case America is not perfecy by far but its going to take a lot more then this propaganda to change things!

    This mindset conforms to reality, the evidence, and the experience of ordinary people – after four centuries on this continent, black people haven’t demonstrated that they are the equals of White people.

    Every government program imaginable has been tried to uplift them to equality. Nothing has worked because it is easier to turn lead into gold than it is to demonstrate the theory of racial equality.

  16. A few points in response.

    1) I don’t disagree that white southern Americans probably have the strongest sense of ethnic identity of all whites in the US. I would also argue that there is such a thing as a “white American” or “European American” identity that exists, but I would concede that it is a more weakly felt identity – especially compared to white southern identity.

    2) Is there a difference between your fantasy of a renewal of Jim Crow-style laws in your New Dixie and an outright, forced expulsion, ethnic cleansing of blacks from the southeast US happening more or less all at once?

    Perhaps it doesn’t matter whether its a fast expulsion or a slow expulsion – but I’m curious why you would advocate a slow expulsion that would likely take multiple generations to accomplish. Or are you envisioning more of the old school style Jim Crow and South African-style apartheid which, as far as I understand them, weren’t about clearing out blacks as much as having them as a static exploitable underclass living separate, alongside whites, under a second class citizenship status?

    3) I’m just trying to understand the fantasy here. The ethnostate fantasy seems fairly commonplace in the white nationalistosphere (I know you don’t consider yourself a member, but still…) but the ethnic cleansing implied by the idea doesn’t get talked about much. I wonder how many people who bandy about such talk would really have the stomach for it.

    And considering that I think a great many of them wouldn’t, I wonder about the usefulness of entertaining such a fantasy as the main one that most WNs walk around with in their heads. Long story short, I think a smarter brand of WN would consider other possibilities. Why? Because pretty much every other possibility is more likely – or just as likely – than any kind of white ethnostate in the US.

    4) I just read your comment at 2:58. I would caution embracing Critical Theory’s notion of “whiteness.” Or at least that’s what it looks like you’re doing there. While there is some truth to it, remember that the term is specifically designed to put whites on the defensive, and do real harm by trying to get white college kids (and ideally all whites) to concede that any sense of themselves, any sense of racial identity that they have is at root based on oppressing others. It’s a nasty bit of theory.

  17. (1) Racial nationalism is one step below humanitarianism on the scale of where idealism clashes with human nature – it will never be as potent as ethnonationalism, which is a far more logical solution to our predicament in the South.

    (2) Realistically, there isn’t going to be a mass expulsion of non-Whites like the Trail of Tears or the German expulsion from Poland and Czechoslovakia, whether it be in the South or the Northwest.

    As I see this process unfolding, it is a project that will take many generations to accomplish. It is something that will begin almost imperceptibly within the Union by passing state laws which make Dixie ever more inhospitable and unwelcoming to African-Americans and Hispanics.

    Racial attitudes take time to harden. The WN fantasy of going from multiracial liberal democracy to a full fledged White ethnostate in zero to sixty will never happen. It is much more realistic to imagine it happening through hardening racial attitudes followed by racial retrenchment followed by a gradual whitening process and then independence and an accelerated whitening process.

    (3) I don’t see it as a fantasy.

    Dixie was a “White Man’s Country” for centuries – what do you think the Klan and the Council were fighting for in the 1950 and 1960s? They were fighting to defend the White Republic.

    An “ethnostate” is the homeland for a peculiar people. That’s what the Jim Crow South was from 1896 until 1965. It was a nation without a state (i.e., Dixie) that was becoming more racially homogeneous by design.

    (4) Our ancestors didn’t come here to create a “White Republic” in North America – that is not why Virginia or South Carolina was founded.

    Instead, the White Republic was an ideal that grew out of the practical experience of fighting border wars with the Indians, managing a slave society, dealing with the problem of ethnic and religious diversity, and deterring Whites from deserting our communities to run away and live among the Indians.

  18. Iceman,

    DC was designed as a Southern city. It used to be a Southern city in Tidewater a long time ago. The whole area was Southern. Robert E. Lee’s home was Arlington in NOVA.

    Obviously, it is not really Southern anymore, even if this is reflected in its architecture. Washington has been transformed from a small sleepy Southern city into the Ravenna or Istanbul of North America.

    One day long after the United States has collapsed Washington will be reclaimed by its rightful owners. By that time, the capitol of Dixie will have moved to a more natural location like Atlanta.

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cseOkBeicdQ&feature=player_embedded

    The video shows Damon Williams, Vice Provost, Chief Officer for Diversity & Climate [!] at University of Wisconsin-Madison egging on the students by chanting and pumping his fist. Officially sanctioned disruption of free speech.

    The issue at the University of Wisconsin (my alma mater) is that the highest-scoring Blacks and Latinos score below the lowest quartile of Whites and Asians. As the YWC article notes,

    The odds ratio favoring African Americans and Hispanics over whites was 576-to-1 and 504-to-1, respectively, using the SAT and class rank while controlling for other factors. Thus, the median composite SAT score for black admittees was 150 points lower than for whites and Asians, and the Latino median SAT score was 100 points lower. Using the ACT, the odds ratios climbed to 1330-to-1 and 1494-to-1, respectively, for African Americans and Hispanics over whites.

    For law school admissions, the racial discrimination found was also severe, with the weight given to ethnicity much greater than given to, for example, Wisconsin residency. Thus, an out-of-state black applicant with grades and LSAT scores at the median for that group would have had a 7 out 10 chance of admission and an out-of-state Hispanic a 1 out of 3 chance—but an in-state Asian with those grades and scores had a 1 out of 6 chance and an in-state white only a 1 out of 10 chance

  20. I think you should post the greatest pic/digitally enhanced graphic I have ever seen.

    It is the scene in Charleton Heston’s Planet of the Apes, where he finds an iconic statue on the beach, and all hope is lost.

    Except in this modern version, it is the MLK idol in place of Lady Liberty.

    And true…….

  21. I watched a glimpse of the Groid Fest. and thought, “Where’s the diversity? It’s one ranting Negro after another.” The scenes were amusing – arrogant Oriental Obummer trotted his Southern Preacherman When O Lawd accent out. OI had to stop watching when some particularly grotesque little old Black troll Negress “singer” began SCREECHING some…”music”. The loud dissonant squawking offended mine ears.

    Tip of the Scale sounds skeered – White hating bluster aside. Really really SKEERED.

  22. “ethnic cleansing implied by the idea doesn’t get talked about much. I wonder how many people who bandy about such talk would really have the stomach for it.”

    Why would it need to be ethnic cleansing? Just a modern day version of the pied piper. For instance:
    1)Buy a bus
    2) paint it purple with gold flake, put giant rims on it
    3)put giant stadium sound system in it
    4) Play the latest rap top 50 on endless loop as its driven through the south and winds its way north.
    Optional: Sign on back that says “Follow me to free grillz and installation to yous teef!”

    May need some good remote control technology prevent a driver from being murdered, but it should work.

  23. 1. blacks have tons of kids
    2. whites have low birth rates
    3. white women like black men

    White nationalism fails because white girls like black guys too much and black sare superior fighters.

    Look at college football tems. All of those bros have white girlfriends.

  24. “MLK was not a god, hardly a saint and certainly not any kind of medical “Dr.” – he plagiarized his PHD doctorate dissertation at Boston University. ”

    Agree 100%. The whole King cult is a farce, and I know that I smirk whenever someone calls him Dr. King. It just sounds so pompous and ridiculous! I wonder what the world would be like today had MLK truly been judged by the content of his intellect and character.

  25. Ethnic cleansing does not have to be a long process. How long did it take for the foreigners to take over Southern California? 20 years? Cut off all welfare for immigrants, expel illegals, jail criminals, deny birthright citizenship, and enforce health, zoning, anti-discrimination, and tax laws against the Moslems and Orientals. And of course, put down any riots with maximum efficiency. The place would be ready for re-civilizing in short order.

  26. I would like nothing more than to see a free and independent South. Who else is going to look out for our interests?

    As far as being a completely distinct ethnicity and culture goes, I think that’s overstating the issue. The average white Southerner doesn’t look any different than the average white New Englander, and the average town in New England has the same Baptist, Methodist and Episcopal churches. That said, the South could stand alone, and would probably be better off doing so, if the rest of the nation is bent on suicide or obsessed with dominating the other regions.

    Of course, the issue of blacks, and lately immigrants, is what truly divides the regions. Many towns in New England, the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest still have few blacks or immigrants, so the people living in these areas aren’t going to understand what it’s like to live in such a situation. Unfortunately, they’ll have to experience it to know.

    The different groups probably aren’t going to live together peacefully, because they don’t fit together well. That’s just a fact, and it has nothing to do with disliking individual blacks or hispanics. If anything, the South is less culturally pure or vibrant due to living for so long with blacks. We would be better off without them, but I doubt that many whites would go along with any solution.

    It goes without saying that we would be better off economically without blacks. Blacks are expensive to keep around! To be honest, having blacks around is almost like having pets, except that you have to give them affirmative action quotas in jobs and education, on top of all the other unearned benefits, which is usually a waste of time and money for society at large, and opportunity for those whites who are passed over unfairly. I think there will be trouble no matter what happens, so you might as well have a goal for your own people.

  27. anti-intelligence.

    Let me start at the bottom first. Blacks are traditionally the worst fighters where it counts-actual warfare. Whites are BY FAR THE BEST at war. During the Zulu War, the supposedly great Zulu Impis won one major victory against a much smaller force. I’m talking 20,000 vs 1,000 or similar. The Zulus were quoted as saying that the British troops “fought like lions”. During the remainder of the short war-less than one year-the Zulus never won a single victory. Not One! Almost all modern weapons and tactics are the children of White genius. Africans contributed nothing to modern warfare. Let’s be frank, Blacks are most effective when in a pack jumping a lone White walking down the street at 3 AM. Everyone knows that deep down blackie is a coward that is only aggressive now because he is protected by our insane society. Hence the fear of a number of black boxers at being defeated by the diminutive Filipino-Manny Pacquiao. Another good example of black lack of martial prowess is the case of the only all-black US Army division in WW2. This division was sent into the front line in Italy in 1944, and was easily routed by outnumbered and outgunned German and ITALIAN mountain troops.

    On the supposed love of niggers by White girls. I occasionally see a white girl out with her pet brutha, but said white girl is almost invariably fat, stupid, skanky, and so on. In other words, a mud-shark. The sometimes attractive whores who spend time with your NBA and NFL cretins are there for the money, not the nigger. The same whore would bed a sniveling Yid if he flashed wads of cash in front of her face. Oh and despite the years of propaganda, the vast majority of White women mary White men.

    It is true that many black women produce litters with various thug apes, but thank god that the internal murder rate and abortion keep the herd culled. And anyway Anti-Intelligence, if the muds do finally swallow up the Whites, and I for one do not believe this will happen, blacks will be given the ol’ heave-ho by the mestizos and the Chinese will finally enslave or exterminate the remainder.

  28. Oh and another great example of Whites and military excellence. The Navy Seals, Green Beret, Rangers, Deltas, etc. are all the most lily-white of all the US Armed forces. A retired ranger told me that blacks can’t hack the 58 days of training with only four hours of sleep per day that he had to endure in the 80s. He explained that for most non-whites, the swimming requirement was also a main reason for failing out of the training.
    President purple lips will enforce even more ‘diversity’ on the U. S. Armed Forces and these units will eventually fall in quality.

  29. Dutchman – that Nig/Kike mongrel – and I’m sensing Kike – is trying to intimidate us. I smell FEAR. Real panic. It knows that the Whirlwind is gathering. It know that the Whirlwind is gonna tear IT to bits. It’s desperately trying to skeer off Whitey, keep Whitey cowed, so it can feed off the richest vein in human history – the White Guilt Vein – but that’s drying up now. And its drying up for good.

  30. .

    I find a lack of pictures of the crowd to be suspect.

    If a rally has lots of folks, you have aerial shots of a sea of people. If it’s a small gathering, you get lots of low angle shots.

    Any independent estimates of the size of this heavenly host of the Golden Horde?


  31. “I think you will inevitably settle for a bi-ethnostate. There is no real precident for ejecting 22 million people from someplace they have lived for 400 years, as you presumably will be required to do to claim your ethnostate label.”

    This is false. 17 million Germans were expelled from Eastern European in a couple of weeks following WW II. They were there since time immemorial and indigenous to those lands.

  32. MDM – I thought of that same thing. I think not too many Coons showed us, to celebrate their Great Leader.

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