SPLC Sues Florida

Immigration wars resume in Florida


The SPLC has filed a lawsuit against Florida for denying in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens.

“These policies attack our most fundamental American values by punishing children for the actions of their parents,” said Jerri Katzerman, director of educational advocacy for the SPLC. “It’s an unconscionable attack on students from immigrant families that more than triples the cost of a college education.”

“This policy is hurting scores of young Floridians who are trying to go to college,” said Miriam Haskell, a lead attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center. “They want to be doctors, they want to be teachers, they want to provide for their families and support their community. And this is their community.”

If you are a White student from Alabama who wants to go to the University of Florida, you have to pay out-of-state tuition. OTOH, if you are illegal alien from Mexico in Florida, you should get in-state tuition. Nice argument.

There is a clear and obvious pattern here: after getting spanked harder than ever before in state elections across Dixie, where there is little support among White people for the SPLC agenda, the SPLC runs to the federal courts to get federal judges to block popular new laws that crackdown on illegal immigration.

The SPLC has already sued Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina in federal court. Now the SPLC has gone to war with Florida which hasn’t passed an Arizona-style immigration law and which doesn’t have an E-Verify law that applies to private employers.

How should we respond to this?

If you live in Florida, you will get the chance to vote against Barack Hussein Obama and Sen. Bill Nelson in the 2012 election. Sen. Bill Nelson voted for the DREAM Act in December 2010. Removing Obama from the White House and Bill Nelson from the Senate would take out two of the SPLC’s biggest allies.

Let’s not forget that Florida came close to passing an immigration package earlier this year similar to the ones passed in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. It cleared both chambers of the Florida state legislature, but died in the final hours of the legislative session.

The immigration package was killed by Sen. JD Alexander, Florida Democrats, and a handful of treacherous Republican state legislators in thrall to the Florida Farm Bureau. Gov. Rick Scott supported the immigration package and would have signed it into law.

The problem in Florida is a handful of Republican legislators and Florida Democrats who have now outed themselves. We are also entering an election year which means immigration reform is coming back in Florida.

Floridians will have another shot to pass an Arizona-style immigration law and a strong E-Verify law in 2012. There will be even more pressure to pass an immigration law because there are reports that Hispanics from Alabama and Georgia are already moving to Florida.

In 2012, Mississippi is the most likely state to pass an Arizona-style immigration law and a stronger E-Verify law. South Carolina has already passed an immigration package. Florida will be surrounded by states that are passing tough new immigration laws.

The major legislative hurdle to passing an E-Verify law in Florida is gone now. By the time the 2012 legislative session begins in Florida, the federal courts should have moved on the Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina immigration laws.

In the midst of a collapsing economy, with neighboring states showing some initiative, and with hardening White racial attitudes, the time will be ripe to strike a blow against the influx of Hispanics into the Sunshine State.

225,000 illegal aliens have left Florida since 2007. We need to duplicate the legislative incentives that have been passed in other states to drive even more of them out. That is how we can strike back at the SPLC.

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  1. “How should we respond to this?”

    Disenfranchise the Jews, at any and EVERY opportunity.

    I’ve written on my blog for over four years, with this very thing in mind. Why? Because they killed Christ (Deicides- Matt. 27:25) they claim a racial ‘specialness’ they don’t deserve (Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe) they have been behind all the monetary manipulations since at least the time of Rothschild (IMF, Rothschild, Bank of London, Fed. Reserve, Jekyll Island, etc., etc.) they are inbred and psychopathic (http://www.takeourworldback.com/short/911psychos.htm) they are ugly, vile, incestuous (http://johndenugent.com/jews-and-incest) and have been behind the rise of sodomy and perversion in America for over 70 years (http://judaism.about.com/od/homosexualityandjudaism/a/samesex_2.htm and here’s a gay ‘anti-jewish’ post that clearly points out the satanic, DEMON-inspired hatred of the Jew for ANY ‘goyim’ (i.e., non-Jew) http://gblt.webs.com/Enemy_Control.htm

    How should we respond to this? Look at what Hitler did with honest eyes, and say, once and for all, ‘You know, this guy may not have been the antichrist, after all.’
    Since the Fathers and teh Church clearly point out the Jewish nature of the genetics of the antichrist (http://www.orthodoxchristianbooks.com/articles/205/genetics,-ufos-birth-antichrist/) We don’t have to demonize the man who saw through their Cainite legacy. [Gen. 3:15] “”The Jew will live under the yoke of slavery without end. God hates the Jews.” – Saint John Chrysostom: Six Homilies Against the Jews

    “I hate thine enemies with a perfect hatred.” -Ps. 139:22
    “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” – Matt. 5:48 (the same word for ‘perfect’ is used in the LXX and the Greek NT)

  2. “These policies attack our most fundamental American values by punishing children for the actions of their parents.” This quote reminds me of the old joke about the Jew who murders his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan. The entire Federal and state apparatus punishes Whites (males in particular) for the alleged actions of not only their parents, but the actions (largely mythical) of Whites going back generations into antiquity. Whites are now held responsible for black stupidity and criminality, Mexican national dysfunction, and Indian lack of anti-bodies to smallpox. What problems in the world are Whites not held responsible for?

    There are plenty of schools for these students to study back home. According to the beliefs of most Marxists, schools in Mexico, China, etc. should in fact be far superior to anything available in the United States. American colleges originated with the hated gringos and still require minimal familiarity with the evil White males of the Western Canon.

  3. Nobody is flooding and “integrating” black nations and ONLY black nations with non-blacks and calling native blacks evil racists for opposing their replacement. This is happening in white nations and ONLY in white nations. They say they are antiracist. What they are is antiwhite. Antiracist is a code word for antiwhite. And what they want is genocide.

  4. RobRoySimmons,

    There is no such thing as White genocide because there is no such thing as a White Race.

    Yet this non existent White Race has been guilty of nothing but the most vile “racism” against “people of color” for the past 500 years.

    For anti-Whites there is no genocide, only “social justice”.

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