LOS on Occupy Wall Street

Michael Hill: Secede from Wall Street!


This is also my attitude toward “Occupy Wall Street.” Why the hell would anyone want to go there and pitch a tent with a bunch of progressive fruitcakes? That’s a retarded idea on the same level as going to Washington to “take back America.”

What we really ought to be doing is seceding from Wall Street, seceding from Washington, and seceding from Hollywood. We need to construct the “big ass White wall” along the Mexican border with Texas and along the course of the Ohio and Potomac rivers.

Even if you succeeded in “ending the Fed” and paying off the national debt (Andrew Jackson accomplished both in the 1830s), we all know that the same constituency would relentlessly push to bring it back into existence.

The same constituency will keep relentlessly pushing to centralize our government, to expand the welfare state, to debauch our culture, to demonize our ancestors, to rewrite our history, to liberalize our immigration laws, to elevate non-Whites over Whites, and to rob taxpayers of their wealth to fund the next ridiculous utopian scheme.

It will never stop until we get off the escalator that is the United States.


The League of the South, the primary Southern nationalist organization, has watched the Occupy Wall Street movement for a month now with some interest. We have even been asked to participate in some of the protests in cities across the South.

However, we have politely declined. And here’s why, according to League President Michael Hill: “Though we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Wall Street banksters are crooks, we have no interest in either occupying Wall Street or reforming it. Simply put, we want to leave it behind, along with every other corrupt institution of the American empire, and work to create a free and independent Southern republic. That is our solution. We encourage the Southern people to embrace it.”

Where do these people come from? Reddit? Democratic Underground? Counter-Currents?

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  1. Kroll,

    If Dixie had its own federal government, we could conduct our own trade policy, and we would have our own currency and our own treasury.

    The argument for “free trade” vs. “protectionism” is ultimately an argument between agricultural interests and manufacturing interests. The agricultural interests want access to foreign markets for obvious reasons. Some manufacturing interests want a protected market.

    The issue is not as cut and dry as you are making it out to be.

    Note: Buchanan has made a lot of hay out of America becoming a world power between Lincoln and FDR by practicing protectionism. He has done this while ignoring the fact that the actual prosperity was confined almost exclusively to the Northeast and Midwest.

    The glorious era of protectionism was not a happy time at all for people who lived in the South and West.

  2. HW has a death-wish: the “Lost Cause”. 1861-65 all over again. The seceding states, which this time will include Alaska, High Plains, and Midwest, + Texas and South, will have a narrow window for victory: get together militia/NG units and quickly purge the Beltway corridor while the 4 cities – DC, Phila, NY, Boston – are in chaos. We either take it all back, or we lose it all. Do not underestimate the Jews. They intend to destroy us utterly.

  3. I doubt it.

    If Dixie was an independent country, there would undoubtedly be a mass exodus of blacks, DWLs, and Hispanics. Because if that were to happen, the welfare state would be eviscerated here overnight. The negroes would also lose all their BRA privileges which were imposed by outsiders through Congress and the Supreme Court. Just like last time that particular utopian experiment was tried.

    When Dixie was a quasi-independent country as the Jim Crow South from 1896 until 1965, we succeeded in driving out 50 percent of the blacks who lived here to the Northern and Western states. As things stand today, only 7 percent of them have returned, and most of those are snowbirds, who came during the heyday of the Sunbelt economy.

    Now that we are constructing the Juan Crow system, thousands of illegal aliens are leaving Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina – the SPLC is now legally at war with four Southern states. From 2007 until 2010, 225,000 illegal aliens left Florida alone and over 100,000 left Virginia.

    Where are these blacks and Hispanic illegal aliens ultimately going to go when the shit hits the fan? That’s the not-so-distant future.

    Are they going to go back to Mexico? Unlikely. Are they going to go back to Africa? Even more unlikely.

    Do you think they will stay in Mississippi? CNN has a special airing on Sunday called “Is Mississippi Still Burning”? It’s not burning yet, but when Wall Street and Washington finally succeed in capsizing the American economy, life as we have known it will be over here in very short order.

    Undoubtedly, the blacks and Hispanics will respond by flying into the arms of the DWLs who have professed to love them so much for years. The Hispanics are already on the move. Blacks will eventually join them.

  4. I read Hunter’s columns when they come out, and I feel he makes so MUCH SENSE, that anyone but an IDIOT couldn’t see what he is driving at….then I read comments such as compassionatefascist and gregjohnson, and wonder- “Did they read the same column?”

    Clearly, with this last post Mr. W., I now see what you were getting at, in posts going back to last summer. The outlining of the opposition of Yankees for any westward expansion, the aristocratic scholar-princes of the Founding Fathers (coupled with the brood and I visiting Monticello last summer) in the South, and their vision for a massive country that the South literally gave us, now clearly shows me where your vision lies.

    The aristocractic scholar-princes cannot rule a mob, and the Deweyite/Jewsmedia/ Public Indoctrination ‘theology’ has corrupted us for at least the next three generations, but the vision is there. New England is, and has always been a PAROCHIAL vision of the world, whereas the South was (in large measure) the more Christlike, ‘occupy till I come’ vision. Yankee Calvinists were mere mercantilists (Like the shtetl Jews- perhaps why they get on so well together!), whereas the Virginia Anglicans were the Nobility of North America, who didn’t realize they needed to ‘keep the tradesmen in their place’ as well as the Negroes.

    We have traded the Agrarian, Biblical model of God’s New Israel, for the counting house and lockstep conformity of the gulag, the world envisioned by Madeline L’Engle in “Wrinkle in Time”! The “Brain” is keeping everyone in their cubicle, and we Anglos need to be FREE!

    Misericordie, Domine.

    You are correct. The ONLY way out is via Revolution- guns, fire, blood, corpses, entrenchment of positions, and a total revocation of the lies of Boston and Washington. Things ‘compassionatefascists’ don’t want to think about, because they don’t have the balls to consider ‘liberty or death,’ as something more than a catchphrase.

    Let the nation collapse, or let her rise to a New Anglo Rule. Either way, God’s will is done, and Satan’s (and his minions) is thwarted. Take no prisoners.

  5. Speaking as a PA Yankee (as a decided Celt -will I be granted honorary Southern-ness, and Citizenship in Dixie, if I prove my mettle? PLEEEEEEAAAAASEE!!!!!) – I’d love seeing the northEast FLOODED with Orcs and Negroes, Let the Yanqui Calvinists deal with ’em. Up close and personal.

    I’ll be in Dixie, ere long regardless. Haughty Blonde sets sail this weekend.

  6. I disagree. We should be infiltrating any group, ANY GROUP, that actually organizes outside in the real world, beyond our computer screens.

    Moreover, we should do this infiltrating with our best comrades. I have attended events with 7 good comrades, and the 7 of us were like an army compared to the individualists who disagreed with us or opposed us.

    Any group may have some resources we can tap into, financial or human. It may have people that can be swayed. We’ll never know if we don’t show up.

  7. CF,

    I am not ruling out a broader confederation in the future. It is clear though that a group of states in the Southeast or the Southwest will punch the initial hole in the Union. It is already well advanced with the states now practicing nullification again.

  8. Denise,

    The ideal would be to export the blacks, DWLs, and Hispanics. Everyone who we need from the North who genuinely sympathizes with our civilization could easily be allowed to come in and take their place. The process is already happening with hundreds of thousands of conservatives in California divorcing the liberals in the state with their feet.

    WNs want to create an ethnostate. In order for there to be an ethnostate, it has to exist somewhere. There has to be an ethnicity to be the basis of that state. It must see itself as distinct from the United States. It must place high value on whiteness.

    Actually, the “White Republic” is behind us in the rearview mirror. It was the Jim Crow South.

  9. The Yankee historian Bruce Bartlett has a hilarious book called “Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party’s Buried Past” which intends to prove that the Democratic Party was the party of racism and white supremacy.

    Here’s an excerpt about James F. Byrnes who served in the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, as FDR’s Secretary of State, and finally as Governor of South Carolina:


    “This is a White man’s country, and will always remain a White man’s country. As to social equality, God Almighty never intended that a White race and a black race should live on terms of social equality, and that which a creator did not intend man cannot make possible.”

    Dixie was the “White man’s country” within the United States from 1896 until 1965. The cultural memory of the Jim Crow South is what informs the ideal of a “White Republic” which WN intellectuals in the late 20C severed from its roots and turned it into an abstraction.

  10. I agree with CompassionateFascist. It’s either all the marbles or none. I imagine it’s very easy to sit and say “Dixie will be the white ethnostate” or “The Northwest will be white people’s piece of the pie”, if you just happen to already be from one of those two places… What about the MILLIONS of whites in this country who genuinely love their own regions, have been there for generations, and feel just as strong a sense of local identity as Southerners or Northwest looneys? Are they just shit-outta-luck? I’ll tell you one thing — if this ship dies finally go down, don’t expect us Yankees to take ya’lls naggra’s off your hands when the Great Black Exodus happens.. There are fewer stereotypical DWL’s, and FAR more angry, vengeful, armed whites here in The Foundry than you may think. And we’re not about to surrender our historical homeland and go and be refugees anywhere..

  11. @Chris,

    I agree. I live in Colorado and love it here. Would not want to live anywhere else. This state is Hispanicizing rapidly, but the regions I live in are completely White. And we have the Colorado River which supplies the entire SW with water. This state is very red once you get out of Denver, Boulder and Aspen.

  12. Chris,

    The difference between Michigan and Alabama is that the former died of a self inflicted gunshot wound and the latter was dragged kicking and screaming to “civil rights” by the federal government. Follow the Wikipedia entry to George W. Romney.

  13. This state is very red once you get out of Denver, Boulder and Aspen.

    Also very red once you get into Denver, Boulder, and Aspen. . .

  14. Minor point but there are no Calvinists at all in the northeast that most matters (nyc); in fact, nyc is 4% protestant, the 30% that is white is catholic and jewish. So idk about the calvinists and jews hitting it off so well, no calvinists on the supreme court, either, since the country was renamed a “Rule of Law.” Anyway, people need to get right with God, and that means in their own skin, own mind, own point of view. Change where you stand and all else follows.

  15. Chris says:

    “I’ll tell you one thing — if this ship dies finally go down, don’t expect us Yankees to take ya’lls naggra’s off your hands when the Great Black Exodus happens..”

    Damn that’s a good one.

  16. To those of you living outside of Dixie – you won’t have a choice. IF you want to live in your beloved Place (Blut und Boden is a sign of health) – you will have to FIGHT. Speak out, make unpleasant statments, and FIGHT. That which is not vigorously defended is LOST. A fight occurs on many levels. Meena – have you mentioned your disgust at the Orcanization of CO? You must. If you haven’t called Orcs “Orcs” before – do it now . You’ll discover that almost every-one knows exactly what you mean. amd when DWL’s express digust at your “racism” – have your arguments ready. Actually – I don’t argue anymore. I ask “Why”? What do you mean by “racism”? Why do you think racism is bad? What do you know about Black on White crime, and the ideologies of La Raza? Is La Raza racist? etc…if they don’t know what La Raza is, enlighten them. If they do – shame them. SHAME them. But you cannot go along to get along. You have to say, every day, something al;ong the lines of “These hideous Orcs are RUINING Colorado”.

  17. Hunter – I want pristien White Yankee areas flooded with Muds – because I want paybakc. Payback for what was done, by Yankees, to the South. AND vengeance for Racially Awake Yankees like me, who have been presecuted by them. I know you hate WN , etc- but I WANT a Day of the Rope. Careerist, un-natural, Shabbos Goy Whites are dangerous defectives; they need to go.

  18. @Denise

    I understand where you’re coming from. I want revenge, too. Perhaps more so than anyone I’ve ever met. I just don’t want to see more white people, however much they might gave earned it, savaged by niggers. And I’m not ashamed to say that it would break my heart to see my country, as ravaged and ruined as it truthfully might be, completely destroyed.

  19. Chris – the concept of America, as envisioned by our White Founders, is loooong gone. Most White are really de-racinated, and wholly corrupted by materialism. This why so very many Whites STILL think – truly believe – that, “All we need to do is just teach Them about personal responsibility, and hard work, – and they’ll be just like us!”. And I cannot say ths enough – this corrosive belief system is held in place not by “White Guilt” – but by White Hubris. Whites don’t believe ANYTHING until they have direct personal experience – or the Electric Jew tells them something. So – massive amounts of Whites will suffer horribly, until they understand, to their marrow, that “We are are NOT Alike AT ALL”. Most Whites have very little racial feeling. The race-lessness of Whites is going to have to be bred out, by hard, bitter experience. Any Whites left standing will be of a different calibre. Genetics will be altered by the real-world need to survive. The arrogant, pestilent Yankee School Marm must GO – and go for GOOD!

  20. Denise,

    What makes you think dixie will let you it? Just like Colorado and Idaho, the DWLs will flee the brown tide they voted for to corrupt their new place of residence. They’ll state its the economy or something and only temporary but most refugees see their dislocated status as temporary even if decades into it.

    If dixie wanted to survive as an ethnostate it would need to
    a) kick the blacks, browns and DWLs out as Hunter asserts
    but also
    b) keep DWLs displaced by A from comming back in!

    What is the litmus test? Training, skin color, ethnic origin? None of these preclude a DWL that’s just “looking for work” from getting in. All DWLs aren’t cross-dressing maoists like in that video (which was awesomely funny). Most look like anyone else and simply vote DWL because they are weak minded and programmed to.

    I’m in the same boat. I live in north north dixie and have white skin but only partially Scotch/Irish. My last name is very un-cracker but I’d be the first one to relocate to central dixie if the break ever happens. DO I have to prove my racist credentials to get in? Anyone can say “oh ya I hate niggers” just to get a job. Do I have to behave like a little black hoodlum and stab someone to prove my mettle?

    Hunter, what are your proposals for sorting out who can live in your ethnostate and who can’t? At the end of the day, scotch/irish is just a proxy for certain cultural preferences on morals. Its been long enough I’d think those preferences have less to do with where somebody’s great-great-great-grand-daddy came from vs. how they were raised or how they raised themselves.

  21. yep denise, as much as i’d most likely have to surrender to the monestary at the age of 30 or blow my own head off , the young beautiful midwestern liberal women need to fell what the whole “nat turner” thing was about. i could care less about my fellow yankee men, fuck them they ostracized anyone who was intellectually disposed to hate the mindless empty shoping mall that is the midwest and its obsession with every brand of non white filth. also i hope the niggers get every last jewish whore and “man” back for using their race as a means to an end. i just want a group of fellow whites with guns and pussy to share with native midwesterners, no niggers allowed in the lands of nick adams!

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