Lights Out Detroit

The lights are going out in Detroit because the Black Undertow is tearing down transformers


This will be a brief post.

(1) The Detroit News is reporting that 20 percent of the lights in Detroit are not working and that the number is as high as 50 percent in some areas – the Black Undertow is tearing down transformers and stealing copper from cable wires.

(2) OD readers in Michigan will feel their blood boiling after reading the Wikipedia entry on Gov. George W. Romney who was one of the biggest boosters of the Civil Rights Movement in the Republican Party.

In 1965, Gov. George Romney led a “civil rights march” around the state capitol in Michigan to express his solidarity with the Selma-to-Montgomery marchers. He presided over the catastrophic 1967 12th street riots.

As HUD secretary under Nixon, George Romney forced affirmative action and open housing laws on the White working class in Michigan. He also opposed Barry Goldwater for his stance on “civil rights.”

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  1. Hunter,

    Shout-out entry? Thanks, I’ll take it. To be sure, my neighborhood still has functioning street-lights, but there are areas within sight that are in darkness. I’m not sure what to say about the whole thing.. It was always inevitable, I guess. It’s gonna be wild ride pretty soon. And there’s no place else I’d rather be. While some may believe that the South will be the place BRA is struck a mortal blow, I say it will here in Detroits ruins, that white people will finally have had enough, and pick up where we left off in 1967. All the conditions on the ground grimly point to this.

    Regarding Romney’s old man, you are correct he was a gutless, treasonous, opportunist who sat on that anarchy for several days before calling in the national guard, because he had ambitions for the GOP nomination the following year. LBJ wasn’t cooperative either, but I would expect from from the father of the Great Society. Needless to say, I would sooner vote for President Shitskin than for Mitt Romney.

    Give America a long overdue shot of euthanasia and lay her to rest. Usher in Gunfighter Nation!

  2. No, I had written this before I noticed your comment, but trashed it because I planned to work on it later. I found the article linked on Free Republic. This is what we are referring to when we talk about the Yankee Question:

    “Romney supported the American Civil Rights Movement while governor.[99] His hardscrabble background and subsequent life experiences had given him a different perspective from the LDS Church policy on blacks;[15] he reflected, “It was only after I got to Detroit that I got to know Negroes and began to be able to evaluate them and I began to recognize that some Negroes are better and more capable than lots of whites.”[80] During his first State of the State address in January 1963, Romney declared that “Michigan’s most urgent human rights problem is racial discrimination—in housing, public accommodations, education, administration of justice, and employment.”[100] Romney helped create the state’s first civil rights commission.[101] When Martin Luther King, Jr. came to Detroit in June 1963 to stage a civil rights march, Romney issued a proclamation in support of the event and sent two representatives to it on his behalf, but did not attend himself because it was on a Sunday.[99] Romney did participate in a smaller march protesting housing discrimination the following Saturday in Grosse Pointe, after King had left.[99] Romney’s advocacy of civil rights brought him criticism from his own church; in January 1964, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles member Delbert L. Stapley wrote him that a proposed civil rights bill was “vicious legislation” and telling him that “the Lord had placed the curse upon the Negro” and it was not for men to remove it.[29][102] Romney refused to change his position and increased his efforts towards civil rights.[29][102]”

    They don’t have quite the same experience as us.

    Integration was forced on Dixie in the Civil Rights Movement. OTOH, Yankees wanted integration and had been practicing integration for almost a hundred years in the Northern states by then.

    Northern ethnics in states like Michigan opposed George Romney. They voted for George Wallace in the 1972 Democratic presidential primary.

    Just the other day, I got into an argument with a clown at Free Republic, who proudly pointed out to me that Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire had given citizenship rights to blacks before the 14th Amendment.

  3. Good luck on striking the first blow, Chris.

    This is where Mitt Romney is coming from. His father presided over the destruction of Detroit. That is one reason why Romney is so reviled by the “conservative base.” He is perceived as an “establishment Republican.”

    Just what the hell do these terms refer to anyway? The Republican establishment is a codeword for Northeastern Yankee liberal Republicans like Mitt Romney, Lincoln Chafee, Olympia Snowe, and John Rockefeller. The “conservative base” is a code word for Southern and Western Republicans who are non-Yankee conservatives.

  4. “Good luck on striking the first blow, Chris.”

    White people have been surviving here on the worst of luck for a very long time, Hunter. Keep your luck, we’ve learned to do without it.

    “They don’t have they same experience as us.”

    No. We have far more. Niggers have rioted in Detroit several times going as far back as 1863, and we never had unsustainable institutions like slavery or Jim Crow-type segregation to keep them at bay. We’ve always had them in our midst, at their most dangerous. We know as much about race as you do. The actions and lip service of our elected officials do not define the character or soul of “Yankees”, not the working class stock from which I was bred, at least.

  5. How does that disqualify me from being a Yankee? Does one need to be a WASP to be a Yankee? I thought Yankees were just Americans who were born and reside in and the traditional northern states, and cuturally identify as such. Is there another definition?

  6. Yankees are the descendants of the New England Puritans who settled the Northeast, Upstate New York, and parts of the Upper Midwest.

    If you are of Italian-Polish ancestry, then you are not a Yankee. Northern ethnics are not Yankees. Most of them are Catholics whose ancestors came from other countries.

    The North isn’t like the South. The overwhelming majority of the White population of the South is descended from the original American colonists. The Cracker Nation stretches across Dixie. Virtually everyone who lives in Alabama and Mississippi is a Cracker.

    OTOH, Yankees are now just one group among others in the Northern states. They are very distinct group with a utopian mindset and an arrogant attitude that is recognizable.

    The Whites who live in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are not a homogeneous group. Not at all.

    There are Yankees who live there and there are other groups like German, Irish, and Italian Catholics. They have never really “melted” together. What actually happened is that the Catholics tended to intermarry with each other because they attended the same churches and schools.

  7. While we are having a Michigan thread … the Confederate flag is being adopted as a symbol of White pride and anti-black sentiment by kids in this school.

    Confederate flag causes race war

    DOWAGIAC, Mich. – Classrooms were noticeably empty at Dowagiac Union High School on Thursday. It’s been almost a week since administrators banned students from wearing anything with the Confederate flag.

    Since then, things at the school have been tense, “It’s been really hectic, pretty awkward,” Brittany Williams said.

    Thursday was a half day for students, Williams and her friend spent the day downtown trying to escape the controversy at the high school.

    “They need to stop. They’re doing it on purpose just to agitate people,” Williams said.

    To her, it’s not just the Confederate flag she finds offensive, it’s the students who are wearing it and their reasoning behind it. “A lot of them don’t interact with black people,” Williams said. “So a lot of them, I think, are being racist.”

    “We’re just standing up for what we believe in,” Wayne Matthews said. He’s one of the students who helped pass out t-shirts before school Wednesday morning. His mother made 32 Confederate flag t-shirts and stacked them up in the back of her trunk.

    Williams lives next door to the Matthews family, “They’ve never liked us and we never did anything to them, so I do think it’s because we’re black.”

    Matthews said this has nothing to do with race; it’s about his right to freely express himself. To him, the Confederate flag does not represent any one race. “It stands for people that believe in what the Civil War is about and it stands for Southern pride,” Matthews said.

    Brittany’s friend, Gabrielle Williams doesn’t buy it, “You’re family is not from the South, you’re not from the South, there is no reason to be going around wearing it and trying to offend people by it.”

    Gabrielle Williams said the all of the controversy does make her high school or her town look bad, but she hopes it will be a reality check for the people who live in Dowagiac.

    She also said you don’t always see the looks or hear all the comments, but “…Behind closed doors, yeah, I think racism is alive in this city.”

    So far, the battle over the Confederate flag has only created more boundaries between different races and groups at the high school. Threats of violence have been exchanged both at the school and on the web.

    “It is kind of scary going to school and knowing that anything could happen because everyone is upset,” said Gabrielle Williams.

    Matthews said when he walked into school in his t-shirt, another student threatened to beat him up. “I was confronted by one, a colored kid and he was calling me names and stuff.”

    And it’s not just the students, other people in the community are now involved, eager to voice their own thoughts and opinions

    “My brother had gotten called a little mixed breed by one of the parents yesterday,” Brittany Williams said.

    Police officers have posted up outside the school for the last two days, and the school’s administration told students they are looking into all of the threats. The students who wore the Confederate flag t-shirts to school on Wednesday did not return the next day.

    Gabrielle Williams said she’s not sure how the students will heal, she said this has turned into another race war and it will be difficult to move on from here.

    “People that are still angry about it, people that won’t let it go,” she said. “I really think that they’re going to be targeted when this is all over with.”

  8. Well if that’s the case, then what does a white, northern, non-Anglo/Protestant call himself? An American? Ordinarily fine, but that’s been highjacked and desecrated beyond recognition. So where does a white, non-cracker, non-yankee fall in classification?

  9. I agree with Chris; all my life, especially growing up in the South, a Yankee was simply a Northerner, including ‘ethnic’ and non-Protestant northerners. I agree that there is a more limited use of the word ‘Yankee’, referring to the Anglo-Saxon old-stock New Englanders but generally a Yankee was any American born in a Northern state.
    I know everybody reviles the ‘WASP’ these days but WASP and Yankee are not necessarily synonymous.

  10. @ HW—- “…Yankees are the descendants of the New England Puritans who settled the Northeast, Upstate New York, and parts of the Upper Midwest….”

    Not so. Northern ethnics are yankees. Know plenty of confederate descendants who see them as such.

    In reality, the current center of the northeast (nyc) has only 4% protestants, so the sort of “new england” energy you’re discussing is probably 1% if that, lol.

    The old new england puritans were run out by jews and northeast organizational catholic nationalists, who have been in more alliance than anyone really wants to discuss.

    this thing of pretending “yankees” are just these bad puritans— when they’ve been nowhere near there for so long just doesn’t make sense. “Yankees” are people s/a the neo-carpetbaggers in the new south, who are categorically NOT the old new england type, but instead, the laid off ethnic people brought in for the industrial revolution, and to fight the civil war (they are ok), but then mostly public servants who’ve lived on the public up north and now retire. South Florida, the influx of cities s/a Atlanta, the transformation of Central NC— where they call a town called cary (‘concentrated area of relocated yankees) someone told me.

    Whatever was left of the brass that wanted the south gone in 1865, quickly became those other yankees, the spiritual heirs. The union army was 40% foreign born, so those brought to fight had no loyalty.

    In a strange way, also, the attacks on wasps cut across classes since the 50s (eg: the hated puritans, the rednecks, hillbillies, racists, hicks, etc, etc., whether in Mississippi Burning, Deliverance, or the recent the Help where the upper crusty southern is served the excrement pie, or the evil colonial upstate type movies, etc.) In a strange way, this has psychologically created a bond between them—the north wasps may be all that, but they’re more like family than a whole lot of the new north, who’ve been born and bred on the south-and-wasp-hate memes.

    Which is also why seems weird —in the current climate— to want to elect a president from Mexico. That’s why George Sr. did not go farther— due to the need to be born in u.s. rule (not that it stopped others). Romney’s were in Mexico until 1914, very recently.

  11. It is a common error.

    From the Southern point of view, the South was fighting the “Yankees.” It had the benefit of being true because the “Yankees” were the dominant ethnic group in the Republican Party which controlled the Northern States.

    The North is nowhere near as homogeneous as the South. The overwhelming majority of European immigrants settled in the Northern states. The majority of them also came over after Reconstruction.

    The Guido Nation are not Yankees. Irish Catholics are not Yankees. The Polaks are not Yankees. The Germans and Scandinavians up there are not Yankees. The Jews are certainly not Yankees (although they share some similarities and tend to be political allies).

    Yankees were the dominant group in the area. The other groups “assimilated” to Yankee culture or to the dominant culture of “New Netherland” or “Midlands” while maintaining aspects of their own culture. There are subtle differences between different parts of the North.

    These groups never “melted” to the extent that is commonly believed either. Instead, the Catholics up there have intermarried mostly with each other, and they have learned to speak English, while typically remaining apart from the “WASPs.” The Catholics voted overwhelmingly for JFK.

    There is no such thing as a “WASP” though. I believe the term was created by Jews to describe Yankees who once dominated the Ivy League.

  12. anna,

    I am fully aware that Yankees are no longer the dominant ethnic group in vast swathes of the Northern states. Eric P. Kaufmann has a book about their downfall called “The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America.”

    The Jews have obviously taken over New York City. They control Hollywood. The Guido Nation seems to be very powerful in New York and New Jersey. The Irish are extremely powerful in Massachusetts. Most of the Yankee institutions like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton have been hijacked.

    The authentic Yankees can be found in their purest form in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine in New England; Utah, in the Far West; and in the Yankee cluster in Iowa/Minnesota/Wisconsin.

    The story of America’s national decline is largely a story of Yankeedom’s decline. Perhaps I should write an essay about this?

  13. “The story of America’s national decline is largely a story of Yankeedom’s decline. Perhaps I should write an essay about this?”

    I believe you should do this, and I encourage you to do so.

  14. A lot of food for thought here. Where to start?

    Yankees? Well growing up as what Hunter calls an “ethnic” in Detroit, Michigan I can assure you we did not consider ourselves Yankees. Yankees were, as he’s said the WASP descendents in New England. In fact we considered ourselves better than them, less obsessed with birth-class, more hard working, more egalitairan, stronger and free-er.

    In fact the ethnics in Michigan always related to the Southern Republic. The Stars and Bars in Michigan is not something new. Check out Kid Rock’s famous video “All Summer Long“, a peon on to Southern Rock.

    Mitt? Willard’s dad was a RINO. I’d never known about his support for civil rights in Michigan, but it figures.

    Detroit has a long history of race riots. The rebellion of 1967 (as it’s known among blacks) was only the last in a long line. Growing up in Detroit your parents remembered the race riots of thier youth, and amazingly my grandparents remembered the race riots of their youth too, such as the Chicago riots of 1919, and my great grandparents too, because our first race riot was in 1863! .

    In the 1960s Detroit had an operative apartheid system. While “8 Mile” was a strange movie starting a White rapper to many, to those who grew up in Detroit the title itself spoke volumes. 8 mile was the city limit. On one side was the territory we surrendered the ‘the blacks’, on the other the White enclaves which were esentially under the American Aparteid system. Black maids could travel there in daylight, black men were stopped by the local police and sent back to the city.

    When the riots happened the Detroit suburbs were simply closed. Men put trucks across the intersections and stood there with rifles, checkpoints were in place, and those who didn’t belong were not getting in.

    Romney called out the National Guard in 1967 to put the riots down, but they were too big. The poorly trained NG, operating under stupid rules of engagement were unable to bring the city under control After three days Romney asked LBJ for regular Army troops. A combined force of the 82nd and 101st Infantry Divisions were brought it to end the riots. They had something like carte blanch and shoot to kill orders. The riots were ended, but many died. Most people who were there say that the official total was a joke. Hundreds died, not 43 as the police claimed.

    The Army brought in tanks, and the tanks were placed on 8 Mile Road, the city limt with the cannons pointing it. The message to the white citizens was clear: get the hell out of there, no one can protect you in Detroit.

    The lights going out in Detroit is not a new thing. Detroit elected an evil, corrpt black man as mayor in the mid-seventies. It really never recovered from that, but thankfully the vast majority of Whites did make it out alive.

    Does this all mean Detroit will be the start of some White Nationalist turn-around? Hard to say but the signs point to Detroit remaining a black city,

  15. “Just the other day, I got into an argument with a clown at Free Republic, who proudly pointed out to me that Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire had given citizenship rights to blacks before the 14th Amendment.”

    When a New Englander starts spouting off about race, I just quit listening. Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are very White states, and, from my experience, Massachusetts is pretty White with the exception of Boston. I don’t know about Rhode Island or Connecticut.

    I was in Maine last week, and what few blacks/non-Whites I saw, seemed to be refugees from the third world. In Portland, the press is still talking about the benefits immigration WOULD bring due to a diversity in restaurants. No kidding! I saw an article in a Portland paper on the subject. I guess that many New Englanders aren’t quite ready to accept for themselves what they force on others. Kennebunkport (home of the Bush clan) is extremely White–just like in most of Maine that I have seen, most jobs from gardeners to gas station attendants and road workers and toll booth attendants are done by Whites. Go figure!

  16. Here’s another excerpt from American Nations that demonstrates just how utterly absurd it is to believe that there has ever been such a thing as “White America.” This is where the “counterculture” came from which became “American culture” in the “Cultural Revolution” of the 1960s.

    “The struggle for women’s suffrage was conceived and fought by reformers in Yankeedom and the two nations with the deepest attachment to liberty of conscience: New Netherland and the Midlands. The historic initial meeting of women’s rights advocates was held in Yankee Seneca Falls, New York, in 1848. It was followed two years later by the first National Women’s Rights Convention, staged in Worcester, Massachusetts, and backed by a broad pantheon of male Yankee luminaries, from newspaperman Horace Mann and abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison to the writer Wendell Phillips and Unitarian philosopher William Henry Channing: it was no coincidence that every one of its next ten conventions was held in one of the three aforementioned nations. When the Nineteenth Amendment finally passed in 1919, state legislators representing these nations and the Left Coast quickly ratified it; those in the Dixie bloc did not. The women who led the long struggle were also from the three northeastern nations, including Susan B. Anthony (daughter of Massachusetts Quakers), Lucy Stone (Massachusetts-born, Oberlin-educated), Elizabeth Cady Stanton (descended from early Dutch settlers and born, raised, and educated in Yankee upstate New York), and Carrie Chapman Catt (born in Yankee Ripon, Wisconsin, educated in Midland Ames, Iowa).

    While the Dixie bloc fought to keep things the way they were or to return them to the way they used to be, Yankeedom and especially New Netherland and the Left Coast were becoming increasingly tolerant of unusual social experiments and countercultural movements. Appropriately enough, it was the old New Netherland hamlet of Groenwijck – its erratic country roads absorbed into the expanding city and renamed “Greenwich Village” – that became the federation’s first and foremost bohemian district. From approximately 1910 to 1960, this enclave was a magnet for cultural revolutionaries of all sorts: anarchist philosophers, free-verse poets, Cubist painters, feminists, gays, Freudian thinkers, hard-drinking writers, free-love playwrights, and idiosyncratic musicians. Flaunting poverty and eccentricity, they shocked the middle classes, perplexed Midland and Deep Southern parents, and, in the words of historian Ross Wetzsteon, created “a cult of carefree irresponsibility … in service of transcendental ideas.” From that single square mile tucked inside the tolerant cocoon of New Netherland would spring much of what the religious conservatives of the Dixie bloc would later mobilize against: the gay rights movement, modern art, the beatniks and their hippie successors, leftwing intellectualism, and the antiwar movement. Like seventeenth-century Amsterdam, New Netherland provided a sanctuary for heretics and freethinkers from more rigid nations, consolidating its position as the continent’s cultural capital. While bohemia would start moving to the Left Coast in the 1950s, it got its start in a Dutch founded village.

    In the three northeastern nations, the desire to improve the world frequently took precedence over religious belief itself, especially if the church was standing in the way of progress. Ironically the Puritan mission to purify the world through good works had sown the seeds of its own undoing: over the course of 250 years many descendants of the New England divines came to believe the world couldn’t achieve purity if an established church was suppressing dissent, because faith had no meaning if it was coerced. Much of the Yankee elite turned to Unitarianism, an offshoot of the New England church that embraced scientific inquiry and the pursuit of social justice. Under Unitarian president Charles Eliot, Harvard was secularized in the 1870s, while the Yankee-run American Secular Union fought to ban religion from public schools. Midlanders and New Netherlanders – whose societies were founded on religious and cultural pluralism – tended to support such efforts, knowing that if the church and state were fused, dissenters would face discrimination”

  17. Dixie has always been the distinct conservative section:

    “Opposition to the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment was also regional, with all state governments controlled by Deep Southerners declining to ratify it, and those dominated by Appalachia opposing or rescinding ratification (with the exception of West Virginia). States dominated by Yankees, Midlanders, and Left Coasters all ratified the amendment, with the exception of Illinois (where majorities ratified it but never by the three fifths majority required by the state’s constitution). Tidewater no longer dominated any single state, but the one state in which the culture remained strongest, Virginia, also opposed ratification. (The Far West was split.)

    In 2010 opinion on gay marriage also fell along predictable national lines. Legislatures have passed laws permitting same-sex marriages in the three northern New England states. State courts have mandated same-sex marriages in three others: Yankee Connecticut and both Yankee/Midland Iowa and tri-national California. (Residents of the Far West and El Norte sections of California rebelled, overturning the court decision via a 2008 ballot measure, despite the opposition of voters in nearly every Left Coast county.) By contrast, every single Dixie-bloc-controlled state had passed laws or constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage. On another issue, USA Today reported in 2006 that every state controlled by the Deep South could be expected to ban or greatly restrict abortion services if Roe v. Wade were to be overturned; every New England state, plus those comprising New Netherland and the Left Coast, were expected to protect women’s access.

  18. I would suggest y’all read Andrew Fraser’s ‘The WASP Question’ for another look at this issue. I can say, that (coming from the ‘Upper Midwest’ – i.e., Minnesota) in my area, we clearly have a large ‘Yankee’ feel to our state- liberal, tolerant, white (by and large- it’s changing drastically) and highly-educated, but at the same time: provincial (think of Minneapolis as the largest small town you’ve ever been in) naive (Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion” is both our boon and our bane) insular (A famous saying here, ‘You can tell a Norwegian… but you can’t tell him much!’) dogmatic -the Democratic Party here- (and in Wisconsin- witness the union thugs in Madison against the elected Governor, and the ‘payback’ they wrought) keeps minds locked and closed; the DFL (Democratic Farm-Labor) party was one of the first overt communist/socialist inroads, after the Bolshevik Revolution in the early 1920’s!

    I did not feel ‘odd’ or different when I lived/visited NY state, but when I lived/visited VA, I KNEW I was someplace ‘else.’

    My 2 cents…..

  19. I tell you what, this Northeastern Irish Catholic can do a better job of blending in in North Korea compared to the South. Southerners are too polite to point it out, but even if I keep my mouth completely shut, wear a Confederate Flag t-shirt and play Lynyrd Skynyrd all day long, I’m still going to stand out like a YANKEE. I’m not even sure if I raised kids there they would fit in completely. My guess it takes at least a couple of generations to wash it off.

  20. “My guess it takes at least a couple of generations to wash it off.”

    I’m not sure where you live, Spooky, but I don’t think the issue is necessarily that you are a Catholic from the North. Southerners tend to be very local outside of the large cities. My grandmother’s family has been in the South since the 1750s at least, and when she bought land in a small town no more than an hour’s drive from where she grew up, she was still an outsider 25 years later when she died. There was nothing to distinguish her from her new neighbors, not speech, diet, religion, income, culture or anything else that I can think of, but she was always an outsider in some ways. I’ve experienced the same thing moving about the region.

  21. “I did not feel ‘odd’ or different when I lived/visited NY state, but when I lived/visited VA, I KNEW I was someplace ‘else.’”

    The people in Northern Minnesota remind me of their Scandinavian cousins more than they remind me of New Englanders. Either way, I never felt that I was in a completely different culture when I spent time in Minnesota or Scandinavia. Broadly speaking, we are all Westerners and Protestants. That has to count for something.

  22. “but I don’t think the issue is necessarily that you are a Catholic from the North.”

    Sure, I agree with that.

    Just trying to say that I agree that there is some serious culture in the South, and it’s very had not to come across as a Yankee (read: outlander).

  23. “Just trying to say that I agree that there is some serious culture in the South, and it’s very had not to come across as a Yankee (read: outlander).”

    Okay. Sometimes the attitudes towards outlanders can be annoying, though. I’m nothing but a Southerner, and I find the reputation for politeness and hospitality to be vastly overstated. On the other hand, I do understand the suspicion towards outsiders, and tire myself of everyone moving here after destroying their own little pieces of paradise–it’s even worse when they try to impose the policies that destroyed the places they are fleeing on us. Either way, Welcome South, brother!

  24. Spooky,

    That’s funny man, but I think you would fit in better here than in North Korea. Irish Catholics settled in Savannah, Charleston, and New Orleans. Unlike the North, Catholicism wasn’t considered that big of a deal here.

    In the South, our society was organized around the racial caste system. If you were an Irish Catholic, you were perceived as White. In a place like Massachusetts, you were perceived as an Irish Catholic.

    The Irish in the South were among the biggest rioters in Reconstruction. Unlike the Irish in the North, the Irish in the South were typically as supportive of the Confederacy as anyone else was around here.

  25. As for cultural differences, I will never forget the time that I traveled beyond DC through Baltimore and Wilmington and Philadelphia.

    By the time you see the visage of Baltimore, you know that you are not in a Southern city. It looks nothing like any Southern city that I have ever seen. Philadelphia looks nothing like a Southern city.

    NOVA is not part of the South. It is full of transplants who work for the federal government. Living in Charlottesville, I traveled all the time to DC, and after you pass through Culpepper you start to reach the outskirts of the Northeast.

    When the federal government collapses, NOVA will return to the South because even though the people who live there are not Southerners, it still has our distinct climate. They won’t have any reason to live there anymore either when the federal government goes bankrupt.

  26. I don’t know if it’s even worth arguing, but I don’t believe that the South is as distinct form New England as many in the South claim. The main difference was always the large number of blacks in the South and the economies that geography and dates of settlement dictated–New York and New England were well established socially and economically when most of the South was lightly settled, unsettled, Indian territory or frontier.

    The South didn’t develop in a vacuum. There are volumes written on the Progressive and Agrarian Populist movements in the region, and a quick look at the regions newspapers from the time shows lots of Progressive editorializing. The difference between the regions was that the movemenst were made agreeable to Jim Crow in the South. There were also groups of Moravians, Quakers and other religious dissenters usually associated with the North who were present in the South from the very beginning (they are responsible for the banking center in Charlotte) and later on groups such as Ruskins and other outsiders sprouted up all over the region. I can think of at least 7 communal societies in different areas of Georgia that sprang up during the Progressive era. Mennonites moved into the area where I live in the 40s and 50s. The region never has been as culturally homogeneous as some believe.

    I argue that it was the large presence of blacks that made the regions politics distinct. The elites needed blacks to a large degree to keep whites in check, as much as they needed Jim Crow to keep blacks under control. Populism in the South could be quite radical, also.

  27. Hunter, you’re right about the Irish-Catholic thing. My Irish-Catholic great-great grandparents immigrated from Ireland in the late 1830s and settled in Mobile, Alabama. Their son, my great grandfather, was born in Mobile and served in an Alabama Regiment in the Army of Northern Virginia. We’ve always thought of ourselves as Southerners above all. I was born and raised in Texas and still feel a bit out of place when I visit those places up in Yankeeland.

  28. Hunter – I met a gent that is working on a book about the Irish, and the draft riots. I’ll send ya a copy, when it’s published, if you’d like. Which will be any day now. We had a really interesting conversation.

  29. Don’t get me wrong – I love the South and its people and its ways, and I get along well there. But there is a very strong southern culture, and I don’t got it. Yet from this perspective I can see where Hunter is coming from as far as it being a good homeland for Whites, in spite of its black populations. Culturally there is much left that doesn’t exist anywhere else. And this in spite of having the mother of all cultural atom bombs dropped on it.

  30. awesome point hunter, “…presided over the destruction of detroit”. the Mau mau he unleashed, or allowed to happen had to be put down with m-16s, my father told me he heard alot of gunfire in 1967, way down grand river avenue, and one supposes alot of negroid screams. don’t worry southern cousins michiganders are more likely to vote for a kenyan, than “one of their own”.

  31. once agagin exactly hunter, anti-catholic racism is still prevailant up here, but mainly by “protestant (culturally) atheists”, just like the michigan Klan, and ohio klan made their names beating up catholics and keeping them from voting. even our great general,, had to hide the fact he was porking a catholic. there is some remants of local culture in the backwoods of the lakeland states, but unless a massive darkie/yellowish flush is done in the rest of the midwest, you basically will have a arabian/nigger shithole inveloping most of north ohio and southern michigan, and the whole chicago area is also fucked ethnically.

  32. It would be interesting to know what percentage of Michigan’s population are ethnic Yankees in the year 2011 and whether or not there are ethnic and religious differences in the composition of the White vote up there.

    We should also take a closer look at the ethnic and religious differences between Whites in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. How is that a state like Wisconsin can show a face like Joe McCarthy in Congress and another face like Russ Feingold?

    There is no such thing as “White people” – as soon as you step outside America, you will find that “White people” everywhere are different ethnic groups. The “White people” who live in South Florida and Northern Virginia are not the same “White people” as those who live in Southwest Virginia and North Florida by a long shot.

    If you look at Missouri, you will find that the Whites who live in Southern Missouri are not like the Whites who live in North Missouri. In Iowa, there seems to be a major difference between the Whites who live in Eastern Iowa and the Whites who live in Western Iowa.

    Every state that has a Jewish senator mysteriously happens to be a state where Yankees have settled: California and Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, New York and Vermont, Connecticut and New Jersey and Maryland.

    What is the most liberal state in America? Where are the most liberal Whites in America? They live in Vermont which sends Bernie Sanders to the Senate.

    Vermont and West Virginia are over 90 percent White. Is West Virginia anything like Vermont? Not at all.

    What has happened here is that Yankeedom (unlike, say, Dixie or Heartland) has undergone a total racial, religious, and cultural collapse. New England has imploded like a supernova.

    Tellingly, this not true of Utah or Kansas. The Mormons (who are ethnically Yankees) are stronger and more numerous than ever before. Why? Because the Mormons (and the Kansans too) are extremely religious like New England used to be back in the old days.

    New England’s religion collapsed. Why are Yankees so like the Jews? The Mormons and Kansans are not like the Jews, but the Yankee heartland has collapsed into atheism and secularism.

    It kinda resembles the Jews who vastly overrepresented among atheists, agnostics, and secularists. The Anglican Church has collapsed in Britain. The decline of New England mirrors the decline of England itself.

  33. Yankees are simply Puritans who’ve lost their religion.

    Utopianism is an integral part of the Yankee character, after all, that’s why “our Pilgrim forefathers” came to America in the first place. While the people themselves have dwindled, their cultural legacy lives on today, and many of the immigrants who arrived on Yankee shores were inculturated with the Yankee ideology. So whether they’re purebred or not, Yankees are Yankees, regardless of national origin.

    The public school system as currently established (aka Yankee mind control) is a product of Yankee ideology and was designed from the beginning to spread this ideology. Anyone here ever heard of Horace Mann? The Yankee school system, modeled on the Prussian system, was brought to you direct from New England, same as abolition, Unitarian universalism, prohibition, etc…

    Added to by later Yankees such as “Nationalist Socialist” Frances Bellamy, with his pledge to the deified “indivisible” Yankee Empire and its rag. The purpose of the pledge of “allegiance” in a school is exactly what?

    My Italian forebears had the good fortune to arrive in the port of New Orleans after the war. They were brought in to work in the sugar cane fields, as the “emancipated” negroes felt such labor was beneath them. Kind of like early Mexicans, only they wanted to assimilate. My father was a proud Southerner and a proud American to his dying day.

    Of course, according to Horace Mann, he should be ashamed of himself for dying without having brought heaven to earth. As the great Yankee educator once said, “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” How inspiring!

    Makes you want to be more “progressive,” go out and “change the world” or at least make it “safe for democracy,” go on a “freedom ride,” …or maybe just adopt a little starving niglet from Ethiopia or Somalia, don’t it?

    Deo Vindice

  34. Well now, in Chicago downtown on Clark Street between Adams and Washington, all the tall pole sodium vapor lamps (except for ONE between Adams & Monroe that happened to start working) on the west side have not been working for MONTHS and MONTHS!

    Guess the Jew Mayor Ron Emanual is too busy giving free money to the Blacks instead of paying for infrastructure maintenance.

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