Fortress Dixie

Larry Sabato anticipates further Democratic losses in Dixie


Larry Sabato, one of the most well known political scientists in America, has peered into his Crystal Ball and seen “Fortress Dixie.”

We have been discussing the construction of Fortress Dixie here for about a year now. The term refers to our theory that racial attitudes are hardening in Dixie and the South is moving away from the two-party system of the Sunbelt era and is returning to the one-party system of the Jim Crow era.

As of October 2011, there is only one White Southern Democrat left in the House from the Deep South, Rep. John Barrow of Georgia. In the Senate, Sen. Mary Landrieu is the last White Southern Democrat standing from the Deep South.

“We’re seeing the last of the white Democrats elected in the Deep South. It’s amazing,” said Ray Strother, a veteran political consultant who has had many Southern Democratic clients. “The Democratic party in the Deep South has become a party of African Americans.”

If Barrow is discouraged, the moderate 55-year-old former Athens City councilman and Clarke County commissioner who is serving his fourth term isn’t showing it. Last week, after Georgia Republicans unveiled their redistricting plan that dismantles his once-Democratic-friendly Savannah-area seat, Barrow said in a statement that he looks “forward to getting to know the new constituents drawn in to Georgia’s 12th District, and building on the friendships I’ve formed with folks who still call the 12th District home.”

Looking ahead, Sabato has Republicans picking up Arkansas 4 and Oklahoma 2, which are open seats that have been abandoned by retiring Blue Dogs. He has also forecasted John Barrow (Georgia 12), Brad Miller (North Carolina 13), and Larry Kissell (North Carolina-8) losing to Republican challengers.

Heath Shuler (North Carolina 11) and Mike McIntyre (North Carolina-7) are in toss up races. In the not so distant future, there won’t be a single White Southern Democrat in the House of Representatives from a majority White district within the ethnocultural borders of Dixie.

It is important to keep in mind here that as recently as the 2010 midterm elections there were lots of White Southern Democrats in the House: Chet Edwards (Texas 17), Ike Skelton (Missouri 4), Gene Taylor (Mississippi 4), Alan Nunnelee (Mississippi 1), Bobby Bright (Alabama 2), Parker Griffith (Alabama 5), Jim Marshall (Georgia 8), John Spratt (South Carolina 5), Bob Etheridge (North Carolina 2), Rick Boucher (Virginia 9), Glenn Nye (Virginia 2), Tom Perriello (Virginia 5), etc.

The Democratic Party had a moderate wing from Dixie that restrained the progressive caucus from the Left Coast and New England in the House. Now that has been obliterated. Daily Kos has succeeded in driving out the Blue Dogs.

What is the future of the Democratic Party in the South? There is almost nothing left in the House (Ben Chandler in Kentucky 6, Nick Rahall in West Virginia 3) but the congressional districts which represent the black holes and brown holes.

In 1968, George Wallace famously quipped: “There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties.” That was true of his age.

Under LBJ, the Democratic Party threw White Southerners under the bus to appease its ascendant Northern wing which supported the Civil Rights Movement. The Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, was still controlled by its Northeastern establishment.

That’s why there wasn’t “a dime’s worth of difference” between the two parties. From the Southern point of view, both major political parties were dominated by liberal Northerners, and both towed the same line on the sanctity of the “Civil Rights Movement.”

Sunbelt politics have been defined by the two-party system created by the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the realignment of Dixie toward the Republican Party. It has been a slow and gradual process.

When the realignment first began, the Republican base in the South was in the suburbs, where the moderate Whites lived who had liberal attitudes on social issues, and the Democratic base was in the rural areas where the overwhelming majority of Southern conservatives lived.

Over the past several decades, the number of Southern conservatives abandoning the Democratic Party has accelerated. As their numbers have surged within the Republican Party, it has pushed the Republican Party in an ever more conservative direction, and pushed suburban moderates out toward the Democratic Party.

Increasingly, the Republican Party resembles the Democratic Party of the Jim Crow South. The fight between the “conservative base” and the “Republican establishment” is really a fight between Southern and Western conservatives (i.e., White Christians who are the overwhelming majority of Republican voters) and the diminished moderate Northeastern wing for dominance within the GOP.

The struggle has become more intense in recent years with the rise of the Tea Party because the Democratic Party has become increasingly inhospitable to Southern and Western conservatives who may have supported Blue Dog candidates.

Underneath the Republican Party, the Solid South is being reconstructed. Candidates like Bill Clinton, Mark Warner, and Jim Webb are becoming unfeasible within the Democratic Party. This is why we have seen this massive decline in the Democratic Party across Greater Appalachia.

As the Southwest has become ever more racially diverse, the Whites who live in that region have grown more racial and desperate to control the border. Arizona has been transformed into the Alabama of the Southwest. Colorado has been similarly affected, but this is masked by the influx of SWPLs from California.

Democratic strategists naively assume that Barack Hussein Obama is becoming “increasingly competitive” in swing states in the Sunbelt like Colorado, Arizona, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida.

There is some truth to this: Obama rode to victory in 2008 on the back of the gentry liberal strategy in Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. Sheer desperation and the demoralization of the Republican base were important factors in his electoral victories in all four states.

What hasn’t yet occurred to Democratic strategists and to the Mainstream Media is that the Sunbelt era is over now. It was the Sunbelt economy that brought millions of Hispanics to Dixie, that led to the construction of suburbia, that allowed millions of White Southerners to go to college to be exposed to liberal ideas, that moderated racial conflict by allowing Southerners to escape from the Black Undertow, that gave plausibility to the idea that the Civil Rights Movement represented “racial progress.”

What comes after the Sunbelt though? We are witnessing the death of the Sunbelt on live television.

What happens to Florida when its tourist industry collapses? What happens to Virginia when the federal government goes bankrupt? What happens to Georgia when the suburban sprawl economy dies? What happens to Texas when the federal government destroys the value of our national currency? What happens to the entire South when the American Empire collapses and the Pentagon budget is slashed?

Those are fascinating questions.

Few political pundits have given much serious thought to “post-Sunbelt Dixie.” They haven’t even recognized the death of the Sunbelt yet or traced the root causes of the permanent economic downward spiral that we have entered.

Just how deep are the roots of Black Run Amerika in Dixie? Do White Southerners really and truly believe in the gospel of anti-racism and multiculturalism? Do they really and truly believe in the Civil Rights Martyrs like Rosa Parks, John Lewis, and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the deepest depths of their souls?

If the South is so committed to Black Run Amerika, why are White Southern Democrats a vanishing species? Why is the Juan Crow system being constructed in Dixie? Why did the Rick Perry presidential campaign collapse over the Texas DREAM Act? Why have CNN and MSNBC lost all of their credibility?

Interesting times are ahead.

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  1. Yes, things are looking very good for us in Dixie – I was there last week in Nashville Tennessee – loved it!

    I would just request that folks here and other folks who know the score work for these things in Dixie:

    1) try to build respect, kindness for Whites outside of Dixie and accept other Whites who want to move to the South and live in a great White place, with the great Southern culture.
    – Anglo Germanic Whites from the Midwest, Minnesota or Scandinavia, Germany, or even Russia are not enemies – not hated “Yankees”. I noticed thousands of White tourists on Broadway in Nashville spending lots of tourist $ and loving the White South.

    2) Try to work on some weaknesses in Southern culture – such as love of all things military, thus the White South supports Neo Con Jew wars abroad more than other places in America. Try to stay in White Southern churches and work to improve stupid, anti White positions like the Southern Baptists renouncing Southern history as racist, supporting mass amnesty for NW illegals – working for ridiculous White church divisions ie. With Southern Protestants against White Catholics, against White Lutherans, against White Latter Day Saints/Mormons and pushing other nonsense ideas that the World is going to end next year and all good Christians will be RAPTURED.

    All parts of the remaining White world have idiot Judeo Christians doing stupid stuff like flooding Maine and Minnesota with Somalians. The South is no exception – just get in these Southern Christian churches and work to limit the damage – don’t be anti Christian, just be for our side. Southern Christian leaders that do really stupid anti White programs just need to be “outed” and taken down, same as you/we did with traitorous anti White, White Dems in the South.

    Great job to our Southern boys and gals in the great place that is Dixie.


    The North is a direction.
    The South is a place and a great, White place.

    God bless the South.

  2. “All parts of the remaining White world have idiot Judeo Christians doing stupid stuff like flooding Maine and Minnesota with Somalians.”

    First off, it was not Christian Churches that did these horrible things, but LIBERAL SYNAGOGUES OF SATAN. These are the same dens of iniquity that have female pastorettes, and gay boys in clericals up on the altars.


    It is either a resurgence of idolatrous Baal worship, and/or the judaization of Christendom, for the Talmuddied perversion of Mosaic O.T. worship, which is EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

    The Jews are done and over. The Promises were to FAITHFUL Israel, not to some atheist, Babylonian dung-worshiping Khazarian imposters. The Church is Israel now.
    End of story.

  3. Jack, with all due respect, do you live in a part of the South that has been overrun with Yankees? That’s the worst immigration problem we’ve got. I don’t mind the ones who try to assimilate or at least respect Southern culture, and I don’t suppose they have any problems with me. But the others, the so many others…

    It’s hard to communicate with people who have been taught nothing but contempt for Southerners, who view us as benighted, unredeemable primitives. They don’t really care what you think of them as they are too busy looking down their noses at you. That’s why we need to separate from those people,. Our cultures are and always have been incompatible, and becoming more and more so with the passage of time. Our great great grandfathers were on to something, after all. They knew this.

    We do need to work on our young people, to make them realize what true patriotism is, and how the Yankee government will use them up for the good of any other people but their own. The South has always been the “Sparta” of America, but our military prowress is frustrated in its best aims by serving the Federal beast.

    And yes, I am one of those generations of Southerners who served proudly as an “American” soldier. I would much rather have served in the army of my true country defending only that nation’s people. One HUGE regret that I have in life. and I don’t have many regrets.

    Which is really the crux of the matter–our best efforts are misdirected and misused, or thwarted in their very purpose by the present regime. Who of us has chosen BRA?

    The established churches are a lost cause. The leftist “march through the institutions” has done for every existing institution today. Our task is different now–restore and rebuild, not reform. Our present institutions are a liability, not an asset. They are too invested in the secular, progressive, modernist, liberal status quo. Just like the political parties, media, business corporations, and so forth.

    Anyway, we have far too many negroes for the South to be a “great White place.” We just need to reestablish a proper government, a proper society, and a proper cultural climate. What we almost had once, we should strive to acquire again…

    Deo Vindice

  4. I would like to understand how are the Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, white Americans ”exotic”origins of this story.
    I am also curious about the Hispanic white, as your see them.
    If any of you could explain to me?

  5. Apuleius – just ask the arrogant Norther narrivals WHY they moved to the South. Demand and answer – and yield NO ground. Reminded them that when a person uprooots their lives, to go to anotherp lace – it’s because that new place is doing things BETTER.

    I cannot repeat this ENOUGh – it’s NOT “White guilt”. It’s ARROGANCE. Intellectual VANITY. This is what you MUST demolish. Ask leading questions. MAKE them answer. If they don’t have the answer, and try to slough you – have short, snappy retorts. “Oh – you don’t KNOW the answer – you are trying to sublimate your utter ignorance on to me! ” and then laugh at them. Ask ’em WHY they moved to the south -and not Dee’troy”. MAKE them answer.

  6. Tom Metzger on his website White Aryan Resistance has good articles and info in his News and Views about White Spanish. The Southern Baptist are super anti white. In the early 1980s in a Southern Baptist Church in Coral Gables, Florida, the Baptist Minister of the church put his son who was in High School with his Black Girlfriend in front of congregation and bragged about how politically correct this is and how wonderful this was and this is what Jesus wants!He then gave a blistering speech about how evil White Racism is. He was a Scottish Rite Mason. Dixie is eat up with these Diest hyrib Masons. Pastor Harrold oof Seperatist Chuirch has excellent article on Deist Masons. All the large cities are sickning and are refuge cities for non whites. Amazing how Russia promotes Ringing Cedars of Anastasia and give one hectare of land free to its citizens — Kins Settlements. The One Hectare small farm is called a Space of Love. The USA does nothing to protect the White Founding Race of America.

  7. Apuleius says:
    October 24, 2011 at 3:21 am
    Jack, with all due respect, do you live in a part of the South that has been overrun with Yankees? That’s the worst immigration problem we’ve got

    Jack responds:

    Well Apuleius – if you think your worst immigration problems where you live are perfectly healthy, Whites “Yankees” from the Midwest or New England states “looking down at you” then I think you’ve been living something of a spoiled and sheltered life. You need to experience some other immigration problems from non Whites like low life Pakistani Muslims looking to groom your sisters in to lives of prostitution, or maybe see a whole bunch of MS -13 gang graffiti, used condoms, spent shell casings and lots of blood and dead animals used in Santeria sacrifices.

    Getting take down with a bad case of TB or bubonic plague is another educational experience about the bad effects of mass Non White immigration. And I hope when White folks in the South and all over the world do get “educated” about NW immigration, racial realities – I hope that they will stop hating on other perfectly healthy, perfectly decent other types of White folks. It’s easier to teach some transplanted Midwestern White guy to say “Y’all” and appreciate bass fishing or even appreciate Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee – (the finest gentleman that ever drew breath) than it is to assimilate the hordes from hell from the NW 3rd world.

  8. I understand why many White Southerners are suspicious of Northerners, and resent it when they come South. It really isn’t uncommon for transplants to constantly speak of how things are done better “up north,” or to make nasty remarks about Southerners or to slur us a rednecks or worse. It’s also tiring to have the phony Northern version of history shoved down our throats, or to see Southern heritage assaulted or dismantled by transplants as soon as they are numerically able to do so in a given area. As much as I would like to see Whites stick together, I’d prefer that Northerners with a grudge remain up North. I can’t imagine many White Southerners who move north constantly bash the locals and try to remake everything in the image of their hometown.

    I don’t agree that transplants are worse than immigrants from the third-world. That’s a stretch. However, it does confuse me when Whites who flee the effects of immigration and black rioting up north turn around and support massive immigration to the South and trash conservative Whites in the South as racists. Those are common issues I have with transplants. Of course, those are issues I mainly associate with urban Northerners, and often non-Yankee ethnics. From my experience, Jews and Italians are far worse than actual Yankees.

    I was driving through Maine and New Hampshire a few weeks ago, and there was a political program from New Hampshire discussing the balance of power between conservatives and liberals in the area. The host went on a monologue about how the complexion of the states will change from conservative to liberal as more “educated and successful people move in from places like New York and Boston.”

    My impression is that the traits often attributed to Yankees in general are more specifically traits of urban progressives. There is also a similar type of urban progressive Southerner.

    I still believe that the differences between White Southerners and Yankees are not so drastic. We are largely derived from the same people and culture. However, tiny difference can be the most difficult to bridge.

  9. Apuleius:

    Jack is not a Southerner. That’s why he’s listing the things that YOU should do or be aware of, and telling you how you must comport yourself more to his liking.

    And look how you respond, lol— just like a southerner, asking WHERE he is FROM. (This is the ever-southern question).

    For Jack— it would serve you well, imo, to learn from southerners. They know a whole other side of history. They are and were a Nation in a real sense, unlike northern fed Empire, which is multi-cult held together by vague abstractions. They can offer insights that no yankee can ever have. Pat Buchanan may come the closest (a northerner in many ways, and a catholic, he also comes from a family that fought for the confederacy.)

    Here’s my list for you: read 25 “alternative” history books from the southern point of view. Like Southern by the Grace of God. cool your heels and try to keep your lips sealed long enough to actually have real southern people open their genuine thoughts and home to you, quit bossing people around with your lists of shoulds— since other people, especially grownups, have their own lives, ask questions of southerners instead of bossing them around.

    About the post:

    “…Democratic strategists naively assume that Barack Hussein Obama is becoming “increasingly competitive” in swing states in the Sunbelt like Colorado, Arizona, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida….”

    Well— idk— the yankee influx, especially in FL, NC (especially central) and western VA (especially from DC) really does make those problematic. Much of the military in those states is Northern, anyway. (And they just vote their paychecks for the neo-con ticket). Same as those out of DC— they made a living on it, so it looks good to them, again vote their pockets. FL was the retirees who did that.

    In a real sense— I’m not sure a Northerner can EVER be a conservative in the way what I call “a real southerner” is. —As they either fought for huge federalization (essentially the neo-con Warfare-Welfare State) OR they were immigrated into the country by the North government (and therefore immediately indoctrinated into their System).

    The alternative positions on the table are mostly— racial socialism (very unlikely anytime soon) and Libertarianism (which draws the old South base). Either they go race (and see racial socialism as viable, without looking at the current reality and practibility) or they embrace Libertarianism, thinking if they had that, other things would straighten themselves out.

    Northerners really don’t understand the whole states issues. Most with whom I’ve spoken never learned a state song, a state creed, flag, bird, etc. , and their families did not instill the regional sensibility into them. So, it’s just like a missing piece in them.
    Their loyalties are frequently to vast abstractions (europe! the nation!) it’s very unreal, on a level. (and the “communities” they created in the south— all the subdivisions and neo-Levittowns) are just transient. The people are ‘nobodies from nowhere’ and so money is all that’s left in terms of how they think, what they value, etc. Freedom is freedom to shop or choice in products.

    But anyway– VA, NC, FL— seem the most problematical, imo. The vast number of Northerners destabilized them with a mix of military (neo-con) and liberals. Also, other parts of the DC machine have easy access to those areas (only a few hours away), so the left is highly present—-even at small town things. (Like school board stuff).

  10. @ Todd “From my experience, Jews and Italians are far worse…”

    I’ve had the best luck with working class Italians.

    The luck, to some degree, has been divided over their job status, too. No luck with the military really, (neo-cons voting their paychecks), the ones that have worked in (happily in) the socializing systems (teachers, media, social workers and public servants, etc.)— they have a deep attachment through how they got money to the federal system and its ways— either by warfare, welfare, or working to indoctrinate people through health, schools, etc.

    The working class never had the “educations” those above had. A lot of big city Irish (unfortunately) carry a hatred of the ‘english’ and believe that the south all ‘wanted to be english aristocrats,” although some are not like that. They see the influx of the big city as the catholics taking over the “english, aristocratic, protestant” south. (they were ‘indentured servants’ and therefore slaves, just like the blacks). The Italians don’t share the english-irish thing— and in regards to the catholic piece they were never subjugated (the roman catholics really were roman), so they don’t carry that chip.

  11. @ Jack

    you said; “Jack responds:

    Well Apuleius – if you think your worst immigration problems where you live are perfectly healthy, Whites “Yankees” from the Midwest or New England states “looking down at you” then I think you’ve been living something of a spoiled and sheltered life. You need to experience…

    … I hope when White folks in the South and all over the world do get “educated” about my deal…. It’s easier to teach some transplanted Midwestern White guy to say “Y’all” and appreciate bass fishing…than it is to assimilate the hordes from hell from the NW 3rd world….”

    Ok, imo— that’s a yankee, and I do not think he means to be.

    This is just so sanctimonious, telling people what they should do, lecturing, imposing, positing himself as the know-it-all, he hopes we become “educated,” putting people down (ie “you must lead a sheltered life, blah, blah), and then letting us know his deal is the only way.

    Also, the JOKE of threatening southerners with dreads of the third world, lol. Southerners, btw, who have long lived outnumbered by third world populations for hundreds of years, lol, and live to tell the tale.

    Jack, you should be embarrassed.

    Why can’t they ever “meet people on a level.” How could anyone be friends with somebody s/a this— it’s not a relationship, but more like having some first grade teacher in the room.

    Northerners are so steeped in self-importance like this, many times, they cannot even take in what others are saying.

    Imperiousness is boring.

  12. One more thing—

    When I see Jack’s kind of rampant ego— I assume a) northerner and B) catholic. My theory is that being taught you have the “One True Path to God” makes you think you are God in your own right.

    They come through, walk about with a puffed out chest, telling everyone how the world is— “been to nashville! loved it! loved it!”

    he says this, but will NEVER learn a thing about nashville, its history, its people, and so on. Just how those stupid redneck hicks need to be nice to him. That’s his whole presentation.

  13. Boy,

    Jack pissed me off!

    Thanks Denise— that is good advice. If the Northerner in question does not have any honesty—THEN GIVE NO GROUND.

    ALSO— it’s only sometimes “arrogance” Also envy, greed sometimes. Such a need to Lord over others when knowing nothing!

    One said to me, “You might not like us, but you like our money.” He was military, lol. I reminded him he was on the Public Treasury. Told him he is fighting Welfare recipients for government money, so don’t talk to me, sir, I said!

    Yes, ask them why they are HERE.

    One said, “I feel completely in touch with the South. I never identified with nyc where I’m from.” I said, fine— but what 3 books have you read about the south? can you name 3 southern authors? songs? know anything about the many movements such as the Southern Agrarians?

    Of course, he knew nothing about anything southern at all. In reality— he made fun of some farmers down the road (hicks), and exposed that he really had all the yank attitudes.

    What they “like” about the south is only that it hasn’t yet become detroit (but will since they reinstitute the exact same systems) and the weather.

    They really don’t have “identities” in the same way (That’s why the government attacks southerners under their “identity politics”— they don’t have to attack the northerns as they are already like they want them to be)

  14. John Thomas–

    where do you live now, have you ever lived in dixie, where are you FROM (this means your real lineage as far back as you know), and what is your religion of background?

  15. Anna:

    Here’s my list for you: read 25 “alternative” history books from the southern point of view. Like Southern by the Grace of God.

    Jack responds:

    Agreed. I own a hard back edition signed by author Michael Andrew Grissom Here are a few quotes from SGG on charming Southern customs:

    “There are a lot of things vanishing from our language. One of the customs that I miss the most is the way ladies used to be addressed by their first names, preceded by Miss – like “Miss Mary”. As I remember, it was usually, though not exclusively applied to unmarried ladies whom we might refer to as spinsters or old maids, except for the fact that I never did think either one of those terms sounded very kind”
    (SvtGoG 1st Edition page 40)

    “Another peculiarity of the southern language is the old practice of naming children, especially girls, after states and southern cities. Savannah is one of the most popular names that comes to mind…. the abundance of state pride in the southern states surely gets some of the credit for this quaint practice, as well as the underlying notion that the state is, in the abstract, merely and extension of the southern family.” (pg 43)

  16. hi-i’m from Boston and I hate living here! surrounded by assholes
    have to hold my tounge all the time. Selling the house and getting out of here
    I lived in Texas for a bit, and travelled the south [Mississippi-Tennessee]
    I have never met nicer people in my life!
    Lived in Florida for a bit-didn’t like it-too many asshole transplants.
    tough living in a media bubble- I just learned about Stone Mountain- what a beautiful mountain! Saw the carvings on the side and thought ” hmm-how come I never heard of this mountain? It’s got beautiful carvings[?] on the side”then I remember something about the KKK/ blah blah blah
    typical PBS bullshit
    anyway- if I come down your way I will try to be humble and lovable
    I had biscuits and gravy for the first time! YUMMY!

  17. Apuleius is complaining about the transplants we all despise who are allowed to come here for employment reasons. They have changed the character of states like Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. He is not talking about people who genuinely want to join our society and who would probably add value to it.

  18. Jack,

    Apuleius is pointing out that just because transplants are White it doesn’t mean they add value to our society. If they come here hating the South with anti-racist attitudes and to replicate the disaster they have created in the Blue States (see the “Occupy Atlanta” protesters), they ought to be kicked out.

    That’s not quite the same thing as White people who move to the South to join our society because they genuinely appreciate it. John Quitman, the prewar governor of Mississippi, is an example that comes to mind.

    Coloradans are familiar with the SWPL plague of Californians who have changed the nature of their state by settling in liberal enclaves. They ought to be kicked out and forced to go back to California.

    OTOH, the conservative Californians who have settled in Oklahoma, Arizona, and Idado have strengthened those states, and made them more resistant to insane ideas.

  19. Jack,

    I am sure Apuleius will agree that the presence of large military bases in Dixie (such as Fort Benning in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley) staffed with troops drawn from other corners of America is not in the least bit desirable from a Southern point of view.

    Rather than argue with people over military spending, it would be a much better idea to just wait a few years, as the federal government is bankrupt anyway and paying interest on the national debt to our Chinese overlords and paying for Medicare and Social Security will eventually require us to gut the military anyway.

    Foreign wars are also not the issue they were in the 2000s. Public opinion among conservative voters has swung drastically toward isolationism since 2007.

    That’s what we want to happen: we want all our troops to come back from South Korea, from Iraq, from Germany and other places they have no business, and to fight for something meaningful, instead of for a paycheck and benefit packages from Washington.

  20. As for the Southern Baptists, it is worth noting that the Methodists, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians are mostly Democrats now (which is why they support amnesty) because their own congregations abandoned them for towing a more liberal line.

    The Southern Baptist Convention seems determined to go down that road. It is losing members now just like the Methodists and Episcopalians before them. Christianity will survive in the South, but another denomination will start to die out before we are converted to Unitarianism.

  21. Anna, here’s a link to Southern by the Grace of God. Well, at least up to page 45 (with 11-16 missing). I haven’t read it, but I am in the habit of googling book passages people post, to prove that they’ve read a book. Oddly, I can almost always find the quote in question, elsewhere online.

    Jack went to all the trouble of procuring a signed first edition hardback, to make those quotes, when he could have easily found them online. That certainly impresses me. And here I thought he was simply the master of the backhanded compliment.

  22. Anna – good on ya! I DETEST sanctimony, and hipocrisy. I absolutely want to smash the face – I mean really BELT – ANY pussilanimous White (no matter where they are or come from) who opines about “racila equality” and “tolerance”. I do not want any legal annoyances, by actually physically assaulting any-one -so I smash my target with words.

    White have bee too silent, and too polite, for far too long. I’m convinced the Kikenvermin, and their Pet Darkies have advanced as far as they have, by mostly yelling, and throwing tantrums. Polite, decent ,respectable White have largely been shocked ny Non-White histrionics; such behavior was deemed “beneath them” and “low class” – and Whites simply retreated.

    Well – now there’s nowhere left to go. Literally.

    So stand and FIGHT. I’m a Celt. I love a good fight!

    Anna – people do not EVER expect me to say the things I say, given my general mode of dress, and physical demeanor. So it’s an absolute screech to see the look of stunned shock, on some White “sophisticate”, when I tell ’em what’s what. The excellent thing that all this online debate does is teach ya all the arguments, and de riguer positions of the DWL’s. I can whip out counter-arguments, and disdainful sneers, faster than I can blink. It’s such fun to know what the subject is going to say before it utters the next trite “anti-racist” cliche – and trip ’em up. So good on ya for not suffering silently, and smacking the cretins right back. Brava!

  23. Well, thank you.


    I do not really understand your point. In real life, I am named after a state and have many friends who call me Miss-so-and-so.

    If you really bought a book and actually read it… what do you want? Brownie points?
    I try to read one a day.

    Anyway, your sense of the south seems unchanged. One of the things I miss about the south (the real one) is how southerners are forced to be impolite now. One just has to be— when others are born-and-bred on anti-racism, crackpot history, moralism, “competition” with their very own neighbors, mercantilism, killing the enemy who so many times has simply been another american, whether in the war, or waco, or whatever (all the military bases mentioned, which are intentional), and a general lack of any real attention to personal and family histories, upholding others’ personal and family histories, and therefore any real community feeling (based in something other than their public paychecks make them rich enough to “buy in” and live there with a “community” based in having the same bank account)— well, this has made the real southern alternative virtually impossible for southerners who did not want to live that way—

    How do you instruct your kids to be polite and southern to southerners, but NOT to the others born in federal systems of mercantilism, statist control, military occupation, etc.— if they are really of this sort, then they see manners as acquiescence, weakness, etc. They see bossiness as strength, “shouting down,” “Posturing.” All those words.

    In the South, the manners do not have their roots in weakness, as in the military (where soldiers are trained to bow, scrape, hop, follow orders without questioning, without thinking independently).

    Maybe the sheer numbers of federal army bases makes the most of the population think southerners are polite for the same reasons? Motivations vary.

  24. if you don’t teach your kids to be rude, then how can they survive around northerners? they’re just taken advantage of, quite often.

    It’s not about yes ma’am, no ma’am, either. Some northerners do that. It’s more about how they see a friendship. The southern friendship is based in family, extended kinship group, family ties, culture, etc.

    the northerner is competing—- “America is based on competition!” They actually say lunacies s/a this on t.v.!!! lol. As if —just b/c they worked in a factory, the whole world did, which is where their headset comes from. Can anyone be so self-centered?

    So—- in their planned communities, sub-divisions, green town houses of the 30s, Levittowns, whatever they call the latest version of it— they are like the “Smith-and-Joneses. One upmanship. All about their “jobs.” Money. Etc.

    And then, there was just this whole other WORLD of a way of relating to other human beings.

    If only they could see the other side of it, they’d know how sad it was. What their kids can never ever have or become. How they, too, will have these mercantile base relationships only— or now, they will be like “service economy” people (bowing scraping, I guess. whatever!)

  25. one more thing—

    when people put on that attitude when doing business— like those who provide services— they are fired. Their bosses are told. Services are canceled.

    You can just say: You know, I’m from here and just not as accustomed to the abruptness of the people you send to do the work (like internet hookups or whatever). He seemed very curt and unwilling to answer questions. In my background, (despite problems with emminent domain or making the cash crop of Virginia, NC, TN illegal through the Tobacco Acts so people could buy the land cheap, we were still taught the VALUES of private property.

    Therefore, we think we have a right to ask questions about the services we are paying for. And for that reason, we must cancel.

    Learning the VALUES of private property is very very different from “the customer is always right” (that just means not acknowledging people have a right to ask what they pay for , but rather biting your tongue to get a buck. “Tolerance.”.

    Values of private property is something else.

    If they ever really understood people had rights, they would not have to “tolerate” them. The South would have seceded and been long gone.

  26. Anna – i’m sorry if my last post to you embodies the Northern rudness you decry. I do not treat sincere, and honest people that way. I meant that’s how you must deal with arrogant Berks. I’ve learned this after decades spent in Northern cities.

  27. Anna: Most of my life I lived in Dixie. Spent many years in South Carolina and Florida. My Grear Great Grandfather had a farm in in S.C. during Civil War. The Yanks took farm and him and his Brother went near Okeefeenoki Swamp to survive Reconstruction. All the articles above talk about Yanks and Rebels and so on. I recommend that all should go to Tom Metzgers Website – White Aryan Resistance and read his article under Articles about NORTH AND SOUTH. Richard Kelly Hoskins in his Pheneaus Priesthood book tells how we got segregation. It was because the Grey Wolfs of North did not want to lose the land they stole from White Southerners after war because all the Freed Blacks that became Politicians, like in South Carolina were going to take it. So The Grey Wolfs of Wall Street at that time decided to let KKK have its way till the 1950s. Hoskins explains this better than anyone I know.. Anna: My family was Southern Baptist, Masons and partly Mormon and Catholic. My preference is old Mormon Religion-not the ones now in Salt Lake. I live far away from Babylon now and I miss alot of things, and I am old now and retired. Pastor Martin Lindstedt is right about Tribulation and 10000 Warlords. What really gets me is how Russia promotes Anastasia and her Ringing Cedars – Kins Settlements! Yet the USA does nothing to protect its founding White Race. Hope I answered some of your questions Anna.

  28. If current trends continue, whites will not be large enough share of voters in many Southern states to keep the GOP in office. We could see a rapid switch toward mostly liberal Democrats being elected in states like GA, NC, MS, TX and FL within the next 20 years.

  29. Nick Rahall comes from a powerful family in West Virginia. He ain’t going anywhere. West Virginia is a strange case as it doesn’t suffer from the negro problem so there is no need to do anything other than convince West Virginians to vote Republican for Senators and Presidents, US House seats aren’t as nearly as powerful or coveted in West Virginia as US Senate seats and are usually filled by West Virginians.

    state song = West Virginia Hills
    a state creed = Montani Semper Liberi (Mountaineers are always free)
    flag = miner and mountaineer surround boulder with date of statehood over motto
    bird = Cardinal (Joe Petini from WV is a Cardinal in the Series)

    What happens to Florida when its tourist industry collapses?
    Tourist industry will never completely collapse, “walled” villages will be surrounded by Norte Cubano

    What happens to Virginia when the federal government goes bankrupt?
    Southside Chicago and Massive white flight to West Virginia

    What happens to Georgia when the suburban sprawl economy dies?
    Giant Detroit after the white flight.

    What happens to Texas when the federal government destroys the value of our national currency?
    Texas will be okay. Gold and oil flow in opposite directions.

    What happens to the entire South when the American Empire collapses and the Pentagon budget is slashed?
    Life will get a little scarier. Places negros live will have no gas for them to get out. Probably a lot will become hobo theives, and a lot of those will end up as pig food.

    Get used books from Alibris:
    Just watch the shiping.

  30. ATBOTL,

    What is the driving force behind these current trends?

    (1) It is the Northern states that emancipated the slaves and ratified the 14th Amendment which overturned the Dred Scott decision and gave blacks citizenship.

    (2) It is the Northern states who voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which created the black vote in the South. Over 90 percent of Southerners in Congress voted against the Voting Rights Act.

    (3) It is the Northern states who allowed the Cubans to settle South Florida.

    (4) It is the Northern states who passed the Immigration Act of 1965 and the IRCA amnesty of 1986.

    (5) It is the Northern states that relentlessly push for “comprehensive immigration reform” and the DREAM Act and which oppose securing the border.

    (6) It is liberal judges who tend to come from the Northern states that infest the federal judiciary.

    (7) It is the Northern states that support the welfare state which has put a crushing burden on White families and which have resulted in the transfer of trillions of dollars of our wealth to blacks and Hispanics.

    (8) It is the millions of transplants who have come here from the Northern states which allowed Barack Hussein Obama to win Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina in 2008.

    So yes, if we don’t separate ourselves from the White liberals in the Northern states, which will surely vote again for Obama in 2012, we will ultimately lose control of our society.

  31. Hunter, you are right about North. Jack Ryan put info on about device that shuts TVs off. A year or so back I saw on Tom Metzgers Website a device that shuts off Cell Phones in a one mile area. But, the feds have a law that you cant own that and if you do, you can be fined 15,000 and put in jail. I hate CNN like Jack Ryan. It is a NWO garbage site that is 100 percent anti-white. Hey Jack Ryan- would like to have a PSI Generator that would neutralize our enemys. Uncle Chucky on his web site has Radionics info, would be grteat if it would work. To me the Kennedys did more damage to USA than Obama has. All the non white immigration to USA since 1965, Thanks to Bobby Kennedy should never be forgotton………

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