Is Mississippi Still Burning?

CNN Presents asks: Is Mississippi Still Burning?


CNN aired a special report last night called “Is Mississippi Still Burning?” about the James Craig Anderson hit and run murder in Mississippi.

If you haven’t been paying attention to CNN lately, it has abandoned its traditional pretense of objectivity as its White audience has fled to FOX News and MSNBC. When the Black Undertow was burning down Britain in August, Anderson Cooper was on the scene in Somalia feeding starving black people.

“Is Mississippi Still Burning?” is the latest in one of these “special reports” by Soledad O’Brien that cater to African-American and Hispanic racial consciousness. For those of you who are keeping score, CNN has already aired a “Black in America” documentary and “Hispanic in America” and even a “Black in America 2.”

Just recently, there was a Soledad O’Brien special report on the guilt or innocence of convicted serial killer Wayne Williams, two special reports on the MLK assassination and the MLK “Stone of Hope” national monument, and last year there was another one of these special reports that glorified Rodney King as a victim on the anniversary of the Los Angeles riots.

This is not the first time that CNN has singled out Mississippi as being a state that is full of White racist bigots.

In 2009, Soledad O’Brien did another special report called “Prom Night In Mississippi” about the first integrated prom in Charleston, Mississippi. HBO has its own documentary called “Prom Night in Mississippi” that attempts to show that “racism is still alive in America.”

In this case, a White teenager named Deryl Dedmon and a group of White teenagers ran over James Craig Anderson in Jackson after a night of heavy drinking. They really do seem to have targeted Anderson because he was an African-American. The whole incident was caught on film by a security camera.

Dedmon was promptly arrested, charged with capital murder, and was thrown in jail to await trail – the normal channels of the criminal justice system could not have functioned more effectively. There were no race riots in Jackson or Brandon or any sign of police malfeasance that warranted national attention.

That was not the story that CNN wanted to tell though: here was a “hate crime” in Mississippi that fit the DWL narrative of White racism and black victimhood, something that could be exploited to gin up the black vote on the eve of the 2011 Mississippi state elections.

The title of the CNN documentary refers to the Hollywood movie “Mississippi Burning” which was a 1988 crime drama about the murders of Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Cheney in 1963. Paul Kersey has written at great length in Hollywood in Blackface about how film has been used to manipulate White racial attitudes.

As Mississippi natives well know, there was never a “Mississippi Burning” in the 1950s and 1960s. With the exception of the Emmett Till murder in 1955, the Ole Miss riot in 1962, and the Medgar Evers assassination and the Schwerner, Goodman, and Cheney murders in 1963, there really wasn’t much violence in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement.

In reality, Mississippi was controlled by the White Citizens’ Councils, which were ideologically opposed to Klan violence, and which preferred to rely upon economic and political pressure to fight the Civil Rights Movement.

Gov. Haley Barbour was heavily criticized last year on the Rachel Maddow Show for drawing attention to the inconvenient historical fact that the White Citizens’ Councils were committed to non-violence and that there really wasn’t much violence in cities like Yazoo City because of this. As Taylor Branch points out in At Canaan’s Edge, The Meredith March Against Fear in 1966 was a major defeat for the Civil Rights Movement.

The only time in American history that Mississippi has ever been burned to the ground was the time that Gen. Ulysses S. Grant led the Union Army through Corinth, Vicksburg, Jackson, Natchez, and Greenville. Thousands of Mississippi natives lost their lives in the War Between the States trying to defend their own homes from the Yankee invaders.

At the terminus of that conflict, General E.D. Osband and his platoon of black Union soldiers decapitated the government of Mississippi in Jackson in May 1865. The Confederate government of Mississippi was dissolved by a presidential proclamation from Washington.

That was how Mississippi was forced to rejoin the United States. For the next ten years, the White citizens of Mississippi endured a military dictatorship and negro-carpetbagger rule under the tyranny of Adelbert Ames. Previously one of the richest states in America, Mississippi has remained one of the poorest ever since it was destroyed by the U.S. Army.

The CNN report on Deryl Dedmon spends a lot of time dwelling on the Confederate monument in Brandon, the Confederate flag that is still in the Mississippi state flag, and the whiteness of the Jackson suburbs.

(1) Confederate monuments were erected across Dixie from Virginia to Texas by the generations that lived through the thirty years of misery, occupation, and racial integration (1866 to 1896) that followed the War Between the States.

(2) The Confederate flag in Mississippi honors the heroic sacrifices of the University Greys who suffered 100 percent casualties at Gettysburg.

(3) The Whites in Brandon live there because Jackson has been transformed by the Black Undertow into a black hole that is 70 percent African-American. Hinds County is 61 percent African-American.

The black crime in Mississippi and Louisiana (and now South Carolina) is now so bad that these are the only two states in Dixie that deliberately hide their racial crime statistics which are collected as UCR data and sent to the FBI to be published in their annual reports.

In Georgia, African-Americans are responsible for 85 percent of robbery. In Alabama, African-Americans are responsible for 90 percent of interracial rape. In South Carolina, African-Americans are responsible for 75 percent of homicide.

Just how bad is black-on-white crime in Mississippi? We don’t know the details because the state government is hiding its own statistics from the public, but we can make an educated guess from several well known incidents.

Consider the horrific case of Charlotte Parker, a 9 year old White girl with pigtails, who was sodomized and raped by the negro Robert Simon, who was shot three times in the back and once in the hip, and who died of smoke inhalation when the black intruder set her home on fire in 1990.

Charlotte Jo was literally burned alive by her negro rapist along with her mother and father. To my knowledge, that incident has never prompted a CNN Presents special report. CNN was also mysteriouly silent on the Wichita Massacre and when a flash mob of hundreds of blacks pulled Whites out of their vehicles to beat and assault them at the Wisconsin State Fair.

When are we are going to see Soledad O’Brien do a report on “Is Chicago Still Burning?” or “Is Philadelphia Still Burning?” or “Is Detroit Still Burning?” We watched the Black Undertow burn down the United Kingdom this summer without comment.

If the James Craig Anderson murder proves anything, it proves that Mississippi is still smoldering. White Mississippi is seething over its racial and ethnic grievances. The racial atrocities that have been committed there have not been forgotten.

In 2001, Gov. Ronnie Musgrove’s effort to adopt a new state flag was defeated in Mississippi, 64 percent to 36 percent. In 2008, 89 percent of White Mississippi voted against Barack Hussein Obama, who won a smaller share of the White vote than John Kerry. In 2010, White Mississippi threw out two Blue Dog Democrats from the House because of their alienation from the Democratic Party.

Although Colonel Reb has been removed as the Ole Miss mascot and Dixie has been banned at Ole Miss football games, this was done by the administration without the consent of alumni or the student body. Last year, Ole Miss students got the choice between voting for a new school mascot or no mascot at all, and now the “Rebel Black Bears” are having another lackluster football season.

In 2009, 31 percent of African-Americans in Hinds County were on the EBT card. In Bennie Thompson’s 2nd Congressional District, over 40 percent of the blacks who lived there were on the EBT card. There is no telling how many African-Americans in Mississippi are on the EBT card now. It is probably in the neighborhood of 50 to 70 percent.

Within the next twenty years, the U.S. federal government will inevitably go bankrupt. When that happens, the black majority in Mississippi will have to find some other means to sustain themselves. An entire society that has been constructed around the principle of elevating African-Americans over Whites is destined to come crashing down.

Mississippi will really be burning then.

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  1. I moved my television over a month ago while installing new flooring, and haven’t plugged it back in yet. I can’t say that I miss it.

    I agree that it will be interesting to see what happens when the gravy train for blacks ends. I often come across the claim that whites are on welfare in higher numbers than blacks, but blacks receive welfare at a higher percentage. I’d be curious to see how those stats are compiled, and if the claims are true. Maybe I’ve just never been around welfare whites, but I don’t see anything like the welfare culture that exists among blacks in the white community. Sure there are some whites who are parasites or game the system, but I don’t see large segments of major cities consisting of whites whose every need is met by the government for 1 generation, let alone for 2, 3 or 4 generations. I can see the claims being true if the benefits are limited to WIC, but when all forms of aid are figured in, I would imagine that blacks are much larger burden. I’d even consider affirmative action in education and employment a form of welfare.

    And when you throw in immigrants legal and illegal, there is no way that whites are the largest group of recipients. I’d really like to know what the breakdown is for the average cost per person on welfare by group. That would probably interesting if all forms of welfare were included.

  2. Tod, I’ve known Whites on Welfare, who are less than stellar characters, and have done very stupid and very bad things – but not one that I have ever known behaves as horribly as the Ebony freeloaders, over all. I’ve never ever ever ever ever had to worry about going into or out of White trailer parks. In PA, and NJ.

  3. Hasn’t the left always had a “thing” for Mississippi?

    Isn’t it their favorite Southern state to hate?

    Why is that?

  4. Kuntsler goes to Sweden, hates “‘Merika” even more. It must be hell to be a lefty as you come to realize that you cannot take the colored masses and turn them into anything resembling civilized people (its hard enough with whites).

  5. Hunter-

    I’ll ask the question, since you live in, and are a Southernor.
    What with the increase in gun and ammo sales upon the elevation of Barack to “Emperor Jones” status in the eyes of his racial hordes, do Whites expect and will rise to the occasion, if/when the Conflict comes?

    In other words, will mass retribution, Old Testament style, be wrought upon every last single n*gger by the South’s Whites, when a “Ft. Sumter” moment happens? If not, why continue to hint at the possibility? If the entire citizenry of a state rise up and execute a ‘final solution’ to the residents of the Niger wrongly transplanted to our shores whose sins rise to heaven for retribution, how can a corrupt amoral judaized judiciary prosecute, save for open warfare of that same white populace, who have claimed divine justice as their foundational right?

    I say this both as a White American, and as a Clergyman. I have been reading numerous tomes on the evils of reconstruction, the statistics you have amassed here on your blog, the lies and obfuscations of our “N*gger in Chief” as well as Eric “my people” Holder as a latter day Robespierre. Short of a Bolshevik Gulag being enacted on the part of the PTB against the native American (i.e., White citizenry), why must we wait for the inevitable collapse of our nation, if someone sane and with White Interests at heart is NOT elected, come next November?

    Do we really think that China, Japan, or India would not (like the jackal nations they are) merely have their billions invade our nation if/when it falls, as has been chronicled in the apocalyptic novel, ‘Rohan Nation’?

    Why must we wait passively for such a horrific end? Are we not mandated by our own Founding Fathers to see this nation as OURS, and for …”our posterity” alone? One should not tempt the Lord, but sometimes it takes a man to be a leader to enable God’s Israel to ‘rise up’ and once again (as the old hymn says) “make her great.”

  6. Excellent work Hunter.

    White folks just need to understand the fact that CNN is in the hands of our enemies – please expect nothing accept lies, incitement to Blacks to riot, kill White people over some perceived “injustice” by Whites during the last 200 years.

    I highly recommend all WN, patriots, Southerners or just all White Americans and all decent Americans of all ethnic groups – I recommend they purchase this great self defense weapon:


    It’s a small, easily concealed electronic device that can ZAP – turn off most television sets either in private homes, or in public places like airports, bars.

    I have great fun shutting down CNN TV wherever I see this vile, lying anti White propaganda machine. Plus, it’s also great sport to nail TV addicts in their own home, turn off their TV sets and be coy and say:

    “I think there’s something wrong with your TV – it keeps shutting down, must be something wrong with the cable connection… also must be something wrong with the television programs as they all stink – why do you watch this stuff any way?”

  7. The sequence of events will go something like this …

    (1) White racial attitudes will continue to harden.

    (2) As we enter the “Age of Austerity,” the Democratic strategy of gentry liberalism will collapse, as it requires an expansion of government services.

    (3) The declining economy will force cuts to social services.

    (4) Predictably, blacks will start lashing out at Whites.

    (5) When the economy collapses, the EBT card will stop working in states like Mississippi and Alabama.

    (6) As America falls apart, ethnic warfare will erupt here.

    (7) Whites will win that fight.

  8. CNN really is the pits these days – they might as well just run Black on White HC porn.

    It wasn’t always this way. I am old enough to remember when CNN was run by Turner Broadcasting and White Southern Gentile owner Ted Turner was calling the shots. CNN was different – run out of Atlanta instead of New York/Los Angeles. CNN featured Pat Buchanan and while Turner’s politics were not White Conservative, he didn’t hate his own White people – then…. well, it’s the classic tale of the sell out for money and for supposed entry in to the Hollywood media elite/only it didn’t go well for Ted Turner.

    Here’s the Instauration Magazine tale of the events that took a positive reasonably White news network and had it over to the Chosen and the anti White hate groups:

    Gerald Levin – CEO Time Warner – Takes Down Ted Turner
    Ted Turner Majority Renegade of the Century
    Instauration Magazine Jan 1998

    Born into an upper middle-class Southern family, his father, who committed suicide, was a billboard millionaire- Ted first broke into the news as an America’s Cup-winning yachtsman. We next hear about him as a pioneer in “all news” TV. He seems to have pushed the right button. Against all odds CNN soon became a fourth network, one based in Atlanta, far away from the baleful influence of Zoo City. So far so good. A conservative Southern yachtsman, a handsome, prototypical Nordic, takes on the TV establishment and not only manages to survive but gives the big boys a run for their money.

    But Turner didn’t know when to stop. He bought the rights for the cinematic treasure chest of old MGM films. He tried unsuccessfully to take over CBS, all the while boasting that he would never sign on to any deal from which he would not emerge as boss. By the 1980s Ted was a world-class magnate on the way to becoming another Rupert Murdoch. Jet-setting back and forth from Atlanta, New York and los Angeles, he bought a clutch of mansions and huge spreads of Western ranchland (768,000 acres in all, about three-quarters the size of Rhode Island). He reached the pinnacle of the American power pyramid when Larry King deigned to interview him. But then it all started to fall apart. The Southern conservative spent so much time with the “beautiful people” of Bel Air that he could not avoid meeting Jane Fonda, she Hanoi Jane stirring up the peaceniks at an anti-Vietnam War rally of the uplifted breasts and reconstructed face. When Hanoi Jane stood on a tank in North Vietnam praising Uncle Ho and urging the gooks to press the fight against the sorely pressed G.l.s this was race treason par excellence. Ted kissed it off as ancient history.

    The erstwhile all-American boy up and married this air-headed Hollywood retread whose husbands had run the gamut from a French cineast and boulevardier to the ineffable ex-Weatherman, Tom Hayden. Jane now claims she has put all this behind her, though she has kept her 300-square-foot clothes closet and its contents. Ted’s Gone With the Wind wedding to Jane on his 8,100* acre Florida plantation was the last gasp of his Southernness. The clergyman clergyman who did the honors was Black. as was the best man. Marrying a squalid movie star who preferred the occupants of the Kremlin to the occupants of the Gerald levin, Ted’s boss White House was enough in itself to qualify Ted for Majority Renegade. But there is more. The man who promised he would always be the boss of all he surveyed sold Turner Broadcasting System, parent of CNN, to the all-Jewish Time Warner conglomerate.

    He got a carload of stock, but as second in command, as Vice Chairman, he now has to report to Time Warner Chairman, Gerald Levin, who is most definitely not an American boy. But there is more. Possibly inspired by skipping his lithium for a few days, the all-important pill that keeps his penduluming manic-depressive condition from getting too manic, Ted grandiosely announced he was going to give $1 billion in $100-million-a-year installments to the United Nations. Not to the poor and needy of his own country, not to the revival of America’s petrified arts, but to the bloated bureaucracy of the United Nations. Most of the money will probably end up in the itchy palms of corrupt black African strongmen.

    Reviewing the past and present doings of Ted Turner, one is hard put not to nominate him Majority Renegade of 1997. As a matter of fact he is well qualified to be Majority Renegade of the Century.

  9. This whole blog is a fascinating example of how starting with a faulty premise – in this case, “blacks are inferior to whites” – can lead otherwise intelligent people to fantastic heights of surreal idiocy.

  10. Seriously, who buys into Solidad’s reporting, anyway? It’s abundantly clear she’s BLATANTLY slanted and thus shamelessly exaggerates racial difference. In the end i think she simply cheapens the advancements many minorities have made as well as widening the racial divide.

    Regardless of race, advancement is the fruit of hard work.

    White’s don’t get ‘handed’ affluence simply because they’re white. Conversely, many minorities ARE handed tax payer dollars and some greatly abuse the system simply because they’re able to check the minority box.

    I can’t believe i heard this from one of her reports: “We even elected a Black president – but I don’t see any money in MY pocket!”

    Is that why you elected Obama? Really? Stop looking for a handout, people, and gain a little pride for yourselves, and maybe Mississippi can gain some, as well.

  11. This murder is a gruesome crime, but it happened at a hotel in Jackson that local news sources months earlier showed to be a haven for drug dealers and prostitutes. Often suburban white kids looking for trouble will venture into the ghetto to score drugs. This could have been an instance of that. The murder occurred very early in the morning on a Sunday; was the victim getting the hotel conference room ready for church services?

  12. I agree with Jack Ryan 100 percent about CNN. It is NWO Agenda and is extremely Anti White. All they show is Africa or some Mud Sports figure constantly. Of course they wont show the White Russians who have dominated Heavyweight Boxing for last 11 years or so. They are White so they are ignored. That guy Anderson on CNN is a White Traitor Creep from Alabama and I hate his Anti White Ramblings that he gives every once and awhile. To bad we dont have a machine to shut it down total! I listened to a Pastor Martin Lindstedt audio with a guy named Russ from North Carolina. Russ talked about Nigger Ball and how sickening it is. The Coaches are Queer and so many other things. Football, Baseball, Basketball and all the other Ball games suck. Russ is right about Nigger Ball.

  13. Hey y’all im from Mississippi and im here to tell you first hand that racism is alive and well in my home state. Most people are pretty covert about it, and claim they aen’t racist for fear of being labeled but there are serious racial undertones at play. I’ve seen first hand my entire life the subversive nigger culture and crime. A stark contrast to the high ideals of traditional southern white culture. the area where i grew up has gone to hell its been on a steady decline my entire life but especially since katrina with advent of low income housing in the area. White people keep moving further north off the coast and the black plague is right behind them. if you really wanna see the black plague spend an hour in jackson where its 70% black, a true nightmare!

  14. This shit is fucking ridiculous. I’m white , indian , & best of all , BLACK ! So what ??! I know that ugly ass crackerjack nigger word is sooooo redneck , hillbilly , & out of style. I also know too many whites on welfare , matter of fact , more whites than us beautiful blacks. U are ignorant to what you don’t know. This whole segment , after reading this , is sad & u have got too much southern times on ur hands.

  15. as percentage of the population niggers are way over represented in every negative statistic. yes more total Whites are on welfare, but 80% of nigger get is on some form of welfare. That’s the difference nigger. Face it your “people” are the lowest of the low

  16. Mississippi deserves to be poor! It is still and has always been a racist state. The fact that you are still using the word NEGRO says it all! MS will never be blessed because GOD has turned his back to all the ignorance and stupidity of your state. And for the record statistics show that THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE ON WELFARE AND PUBLIC ASSISTANCE THAN BLACKS. I find it so sad that in this day and time that RACISM still plays such a strong place in some people’s hearts. GOD BLESS AMERICA and I hope that they get it together one day.

  17. * almost 40% of the welfare rolls. Also the White number is inflated because often mexixans an the like are listed as White to make the beaners look better.

    But thanks for the useless drive by posting

  18. Jack Ryan, you might have added that Ted Turner is atheist or agnostic (“Christianity is a religion of losers”; “God wherever he is”; “Ten Voluntary Initiatives”; etc.) which is not typically southern. In recent years he has donated a billion or so to the MOST liberal denominations’ social gospel programs, anti-malaria programs in Africa, etc. He subscribes to “alternative commandments” such as “caring for people and the earth, promising not to have more than two children and contributing to the less fortunate.” He has NOT renegaded but has been CONSISTENT in his opposition to Christianity.

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