The Gentry Liberal Strategy

Obama is relying upon the gentry liberal strategy to win in 2012


Today we are taking a trip out to Colorado where the gentry liberal strategy has been exported from California.

Obama has been campaigning in Colorado where he has bragged about all he has done for Hispanic voters in the state: attempting to pass the DREAM Act, pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, government jobs, tax and spend policies that redistribute wealth from Whites to Hispanics, etc.

They are no longer even pretending that Obama is a “postracial candidate” who is going to unite “Red America” and “Blue America”:

“The choice for Hispanic Americans is between the President … and a Republican field whose leading candidates oppose the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for immigrants and would slash funding for education, Medicare, and Social Security,” said Gabriela Domenzain, a spokeswoman for the campaign.

The Democrats are running campaign ads for Obama in Spanish. They have volunteers making explicit appeals to Hispanic racial consciousness on the campaign trail. The Obama campaign has even set up an “Operation Vote” which is explicitly designed to make targeted racial, religious, and ethnic appeals to African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Jewish voters.

Meanwhile, the MSM cynically attacks the Tea Party with spurious charges of “racism.” Republicans are accused of being racists no matter how many times they reach out to African-American and Hispanic audiences. Conservatives neuter themselves to conform to the game of a “colorblind society” that their enemies repudiated over forty years ago.

After conquering Colorado, the Democrats are now trying to export the gentry liberal strategy to Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, where gentry liberals in the MSM are giddy about how “changing demographics” are working in their favor in these states.

The New York Times practices The Standard:

“Beyond issues, many African-Americans feel an emotional connection to Mr. Obama that seems unshakable, saying that nothing can compare with seeing someone who looks like them in the White House.”

This comes from California:

“President Barack Obama may be slipping in the polls elsewhere, but the changing complexion of California’s population is likely to serve him well in 2012 election.

The reason has to do with race.”

California has slipped out of reach for Republicans because the Democrats have succeeded in changing the “complexion” of the state.

In Texas, U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia has struck down the Texas redistricting map. The Justice Department has also blocked the Texas redistricting map under the Voting Rights Act.

The new map will “diminish the ability of citizens of the United States, on account of race, color or membership in a language minority group, to elect their preferred candidates.”

“I feel very, very confident that this Republican-sponsored map is illegal. There is no doubt, that it is illegal,” said Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairman Charlie Gonzalez (D-Texas). “It’s about the right of the people and the ability of the people in a district to choose someone of their choice and, in this case, the Latino voter. You really have to be looking carefully as to whether the Democratic proposal or the Republican proposal really results in Latinos being able to elect someone of their choice.”

“Clearly, the state of Texas overreached,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), co-chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus Redistricting Task Force. “In a state that gained so much in population, most of it from minorities, the lack of equity and balance and fairness and adherence to the Voting Rights Act was severe.”

The Democrats have nothing going for them at this point except the gentry liberal strategy. They are openly trying to increase the Hispanic, Asian, and African-American share of the population to inflate the number of voters to the point where they can overwhelm conservative states like Colorado and Texas.

How long are Republicans going to allow Democrats to get away with The Standard? If Obama runs a racialized anti-White campaign in the key swing states, will Republicans finally start attacking the gentry liberal strategy?

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  1. [T]he only categories of White-American who support Obama more than they did Clinton are college-educated men

    The so-called “SWPLs” are, of course, highly over-represented among this group. Where do they live? College towns. Big cosmopolitan regions seen as hip. Manhattan, San Francisco, and the like.

  2. Well what do you know Denise is finally right on something. You don’t argue facts with white libs you blame them and hold them responsible.

  3. RobRoy! What do you mean “finally right”? Harrumph. I’m ALWAYS right. You are simply just beginning to catch up,

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