Review: Suicide of a Superpower

Pat Buchanan's Suicide of a Superpower predicts the demise of the United States


Pat Buchanan’s new book Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025 is easily his boldest affront yet to the reigning racial and cultural taboos of Black Run Amerika.

The book is written from the perspective of a small group of people who I have endearingly nicknamed the Vulcans: a handful of non-violent alien historians parked somewhere in near earth orbit, who understand they are witnessing the collapse of Western civilization, who have given considerable thought to the issue, who understand at the deepest level why Western civilization has declined, who are haunted by their knowledge of the darkening future, and who can read the latest headlines and see their projections coming true.

Suicide of a Superpower is full of “hate truth” that will resonate with an anxious conservative audience. Listen for yourself.

If I had to make an educated guess, I would say that Buchanan wrote this book (just like the previous five books) to raise awareness of the impending collapse of Western civilization. Therefore, Buchanan pushed the boundaries of mainstream discourse as far as he thought he could go while getting it published and delivered to a mass conservative audience.

There are a lot of controversial subjects that are not given the proper amount of attention in this book. That’s perfectly fine by me. I can trace my own awakening to a copy of Death of the West that I bought in Montgomery in Winter 2002.

Buchanan does manage to pinpoint and discuss six of the seven terminal crises that will bring down first the American Empire and later the United States within our lifetimes:

(1) The Financial Crisis – The predatory American financial system that was shackled in the Great Depression has broken free of its restraints, seceded from the American physical economy, and has become its overlord.

Within the last 25 years, the nature of money itself has been transformed into an abstraction. In a “globalized world,” finance has broken free of its national, cultural, and religious underpinnings. This has created enormous wealth for atomized individuals who have no sense of loyalty to any community and who lack any compelling characteristic in the eyes of the masses that would justify retaining their wealth.

The financial crisis, which is behind the debt crisis, will clearly be the immediate trigger of our national demise.

(2) The Racial Crisis – By 2042, White Americans are scheduled to become a minority in the United States. With each passing year, the burden of BRA becomes more unbearable for the average White household.

African-American and Hispanic tax consumers are becoming more aggressive and explicitly racial in their agenda. White taxpayers are becoming more defensive. The myth of a “post-racial” society is collapsing. White racial attitudes are hardening again.

In the long term, the GOP cannot survive as a national party by relying upon its shrinking base of White Christians. OTOH, the Democratic strategy of gentry liberalism cannot survive either because the reemergence of the zero sum world is drying up the pool of resources that can be redistributed from “privileged groups” to “officially aggrieved minorities.”

(3) The Cultural Crisis – Buchanan understands that Christianity is the foundation of Western civilization. Indeed, the term “Western civilization” itself is a reference Catholic Christendom which for centuries was synonymous with the whole idea of “Europe.”

As the Christian narrative of the West has lost its hold over the minds of the Western peoples, Western culture has collapsed and nihilism and chaos now reign in the realm of morality. Secular fantasy ideologies like liberalism, humanism, and communism have moved into the vacuum of faith.

America is disintegrating as a nation because its people no longer share a common moral tradition. Instead, they bark at each other from across the “partisan divide.” This is the inevitable prelude to our demise as a nation-state.

(4) The Philosophical Crisis – The secular fantasy ideologies that moved into the cultural vacuum left behind by a decaying Christianity are unable to sustain the project of Western civilization in the long run.

In the United States, the dominant fantasy ideology is liberal capitalist democracy, or as some on the Alt Right have called it, “The System.” In Europe, the dominant fantasy ideology was Marxism. The American elite subscribes to a confused hybrid of these two traditions.

As the Christian faith that sustained Europe evaporated in the 20C, Europeans naturally began to slaughter each other over blood and soil allegiances, the other two major compasses of the human heart. This allowed the rival Anglo-American and Soviet fantasy ideologies of liberal capitalist democracy and Marxism to take root in Western Europe.

(5) The Demographic Crisis – The deadly core of liberal capitalist democracy is the self-centered secular ethos of “expressive individualism,” more commonly known as the “counterculture,” which triumphed in the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and which has been imposed on America and the rest of the Western world through the elites who identify with that revolution.

It is the corrosive ethic of “expressive individualism” which is behind everything from second wave feminism to the gay rights movement to the pornography industry to the proliferation of gambling to the spread of hideous tattoos and piercings to “abortion rights” and the triumph of the “free love movement.”

This is the culture which demands that we look upon gay pride parades, drug abuse, millions of shattered households, epidemic suicide rates, and miscegenation as a “progressive” development. Isn’t all this just a great celebration of personal freedom and liberation from the hidebound boundaries of reactionary Western tradition?

The LDC system (and the creation of television, the film industry, the spread of the public school system, meritocratic universities, and the backlash against the Great European Civil War) is what has allowed the scum of society to punch through the traditional racial, cultural, and religious restraints that have held degeneracy in check for generations and to rise to elite status in the former countries of Western civilization.

The long term consequence of this is a collapse in Western birthrates to levels in some countries where no known society has ever recovered. The Death of the West is now playing out on television in countries like Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain.

(6) The Political Crisis – For two generations, America’s political class has been telling us that “diversity is our strength.”

The most obvious indicator of the truth that “diversity is our strength” is the present 9 percent approval rating of Congress and the 11 percent approval rating of the federal government.

The cultural ideal of the Baby Boomer elite is that America is a “nation” that isn’t based on any race, ethnic group, religion, culture, or creed. We have been successfully transformed into Ben Wattenburg’s The First Universal Nation.

Unfortunately, our utopian minded beatnik elites who were living in a fantasy world did not anticipate that magnifying our internal differences would drive us further apart rather than bring us closer together. They set out to balkanize America and have succeeded in that project.

Here are two vivid illustrations of the “two Americas”: Ben Wattenburg’s First Universal Nation and Sarah Palin’s Real America.

According to the U.S. Census, Daryl Worley’s ethnic “Americans” (aka the born fightin’ Scots-Irish who never melted in the Yankee pot) are overwhelmingly concentrated south of the Mason-Dixon line.

California has become an ungovernable basket case of a state. As the United States becomes as diverse as California, it will become just as bankrupt and dysfunctional, although one could make the argument that we have already reached that point in our national history.

(7) The Energy Crisis – The energy crisis represents the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (conquest, war, famine, and death) that is left undiscussed in Suicide of a Superpower. It is the single most unpleasant fact about that ugly beast called Reality that has been swept under the rug and forgotten by the Baby Boomers.

I was somewhat surprised that Buchanan failed to mention the Solyndra scandal, Al Gore’s ethanol corn fields in Iowa, and the recent collapse of faith in “green energy” techno magical wizardry to solve the thorny problem that is Peak Oil.

In the year 2011, we are paying close to $4 dollars a gallon for gasoline, the price of groceries at the supermarket has tripled, we have lost manned spaceflight capability, and the airlines are flirting with death, but everything is fine because we have the Steve Jobs Apple iPad and Facebook – this is the definitive proof, as if any further proof were needed after Lady Gaga and The X Factor, that America has ceased to be a serious nation.

American civilization is built around the automobile, the supermarket, the suburb, the big box store, and the airplane. What happens to American civilization in the long run when we lose access to the world’s dwindling reserves of petroleum which are concentrated in the Middle East?

Uh oh.

In Suicide of a Superpower, OD readers will find elaborate discussions about the collapse of the mainline Protestant churches, the collapse of Catholicism, the collapse of White birthrates, the suicidal embrace of third world immigration by the GOP, the present obsession with democracy and equality, the decline of the American Empire, the silliness of diversity, and the threat to American national unity posed by ethnonationalism – the apocalyptic implications for the future of the United States of the synergy of all these insoluble crises listed above are the dark vision that is behind the narrative in this book.

There are two other major issues which are neglected in this book:

(8) The Jewish Question – Buchanan wisely neglects this issue because 50 percent of American Jewry is scheduled to vacate the earth by 2050. He couldn’t resist drawing attention to this uncomfortable fact though.

(9) The Rival Nations – The Rival Nations thesis is a major undercurrent in this book, but it is never explicitly formulated in Suicide of a Superpower. Instead, Buchanan invests most of his time explaining how ethnonationalism is a primordial force that is tearing apart nations in Latin America, African, Europe, and Asia where he is on safer territory in the mainstream.

Buchanan clearly believes that America will be torn apart by ethnonationalism in the 21st century in much the same that Europe was torn about by ethnonationalism in the 20th century. He repeatedly contrasts “Middle America” with the rest of the United States.

In Buchanan’s view, the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s has only put down the shallowest of roots in “Middle America,” and as the American Empire collapses, as Western civilization goes through its death rattle, and as the American economy plunges the cliff of world history, he believes that a new nation will be born somewhere in this region.

What is Middle America though?

Why did the Cultural Revolution triumph in “Coastal America”? Why did it fail to triumph in “Middle America”? Buchanan never explains why “Middle America” exists. He is much more comfortable discussing the demise of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.

Telling the truth about the distinctiveness of “Middle America” requires telling the most hateful truth about American history: the truth being that there was never a “melting pot” and there was never really an “American people.”

“Middle America” is really the political alliance within the American federation between Dixie, Far West, Heartland, and Midlands that is the base of the Republican Party: 25 states that include Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, West Virginia, Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, and Alaska.

“Coastal America” is really the political alliance between Yankeedom, The Left Coast, New Netherland, and El Norte that is the base of the Democratic Party: 17 states that include New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii.

The swing states that are up for grabs are Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico (El Norte) and Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Iowa (Midlands). The “future of the Republic” will be decided in the Southwest because the Northern alliance behind the Democratic Party is deliberately fostering the creation of Aztlan to gain permanent hegemony within the Union.

Nothing has changed.

In the year 2011, the real fundamental divide in America is still Blue and Gray. The only thing that has changed is that the West has been settled which has expanded the cultural divide across the continent into Red and Blue.

Why should we lament the demise of “the country we grew up in”? The United States was never our country anyway. The MLK system, the Ivy League system, and the Lincoln system are on the verge of collapse. Like Moscow and London, Washington and Wall Street are losing their grip on the provinces.

How is that a bad thing? Three cheers the reversal of Appomattox!

Note: The SPLC, Media Matters, and “Color of Change” are trying to get Buchanan fired from MSNBC. He also has a blog about this book.

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  1. Buchanan is right, a new nation will be born out of the raw material that is “Middle America,” but what that will be and how it will be born is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure though, it won’t be a resuscitation of Old Dixie. Dixie and “Middle America” may intersect in large and significant ways but they aren’t the same thing.

    The difference between now and the 19th century is that we’re living in the twilight of Enlightenment liberalism as a political project. Its standard-bearers have become inflexible to the point that they are no longer capable of addressing the problems created by their own ideological commitments. Instead of acknowledging their failures and changing course they have decided to play ostrich and indulge in fantasies, which means we won’t have to suffer them much longer.

  2. (8) The Jewish Question – Buchanan wisely neglects this issue because 50 percent of American Jewry is scheduled to vacate the earth by 2050. He couldn’t resist drawing attention to this uncomfortable fact though.

    Huh? Jews are scheduled to leave by 2050?

    You kn0w full well why he left out the treatment of that issue. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  3. I’m quite sure the reasoning goes more like this …

    (1) The imperative of publishing the book and telling the truth about a wide range of issues is more important than flaming out over the Jewish Question to satisfy White Nationalists.

    (2) In the 1990s, 6 percent of the Jewish population in America disappeared. The Jewish population declined from 5.5 million to 5.2 million. By 2050, there should be about 2.5 million Jews in America. The Jewish population will fall by 50 percent.

    (3) Seeing how the Jews themselves are most affected by their degenerate cultural poison of “progressivism” that they are trying to peddle to America, the wise man will simply keep his mouth shut, avoid that subject for now, and let the worst elements in the Jewish community commit racial and cultural suicide.

    A few decades from now, we will be dealing with Orthodox Jews in America and Israel, and the evaporating remnant of secular Jewry which by that time will be politically crippled and well on its way to dying out.

  4. Hunter – I understand why Paddy danced around the Jew issue – but I find that the JD (It’s not a Question. it’s a DISASTER) is growing louder and louder. I had a very interesting conversation with a very young gal last night. She had gone to NYC, with pal, to visit yet another pal in college. Theyb knew some of the Wall St protestors. This young lady – and she is a young Lady – told me she was very frightened by her visit. That “New York was very ominous and dark”. I told her she was catching the vibe – that the Whirlwind is gathering. She asked what was going on – and I told her. I didn’t just blame the jews – but I told her about the financial interests; the House of Rothschilds *is* the “Federal Reserve” – nd that we are involved in all these wars to benefit Israel – not America. I told her that she and her friends of being robberd of their future. She was very recetpive, and she kinda sorta half knew aobut everything.

    I’ve been jazzed before about hipping supposedly receptive Whites to their imminent demise – and I’ve been grieviously disappointed. This young lady give me hope, though. She tolf me all her friends thought the same way she does. She already knew that Races are DIFFERENT – not alike.

    I’ll see how it goes. The Awareness of the JD is growing, though. This is not the time to shut up about it. I think their numbers are MUCH higher than their official figures. And even on of them is extremely corrosive. Farnz Baoz almost single handedly destroyed the American Acadamy. Yes – White gullibility and hubris made it possible. But he came off the boat with the intention to destroy. It’s what they DO.

  5. It seems Buchanan is often criticized by “our side” for not going far enough.

    Be that as it may, my “awakening” began by reading “Death of The West” too.

    Buchanan, although despised by the Left, has been able to reach a wider audience by remaining silent or soft peddling certain issues, like the “Joooos”.

  6. “(2) In the 1990s, 6 percent of the Jewish population in America disappeared. The Jewish population declined from 5.5 million to 5.2 million. By 2050, there should be about 2.5 million Jews in America. The Jewish population will fall by 50 percent.”

    The falling numbers of Jews would be easily reversed by immigration from Israel or other countries where Jews live. Many Jews are talking about the issue, and many leftist and anti-Zionists Jews are hoping for the worst in Israel so that their co-ethnics can resettle in what they consider their Zion—America.

    The anti-Zionists and leftists are probably worse than the Zionists.

  7. It would be funny if Hunter started writing pro-Zionist material just to inflame the WNtards that plague this site.

  8. The thing is, the America that Buchanan is nostalgic for was a very temporary thing- the New Deal coalition that lasted from 1933 to about 1965.

    At the start of the Great Depression, the US had been in political, social, and economic turmoil of one kind of another since the Civil War. The New Deal coalition united industrial workers and farmers North and South to try to ensure stability and prosperity through unions, agricultural subsidies and price controls, controls on the financial industry, and other measures. Post WWII it seemed to be working.

    But with the mass movement of blacks to northern industrial cities, and the distaste that Puritan and Jewish elites for the traditional culture of both northern and southern non-elite whites, the system took on blacks as clients and largely abandoned lower-class whites. The New Deal coalition has been decaying since then.

    The superpower isn’t committin suicide; it is simply changing its structure. Rest assured the right people will still be rich and still be powerful.

  9. It is kind of ironic that the world’s oldest genocide cult is itself shrinking. A shit existence if you ask me, take Michael Medved seemingly his sole existence is to turn humanity into the mud race while he lectures them sanctimoniously about his peoples specialness. Too stoopid to notice the rising flood waters.

    Then of course there is Denise keeping on keeping on with the shrieking “die jude, die jude” like that guy on “Fantasy Island” shrieked his one line. What a wasted life serving her betters on the Left as they point to her and go “see how crazy they are.”

  10. Hunter, where does Kentucky fit into the “(9) The Rival Nations” section? I think I know, but sometimes it’s more important to know how others see us.

  11. “It would be funny if Hunter started writing pro-Zionist material just to inflame the WNtards that plague this site.”

    WNs may not be practical, but are you claiming that they tend to overstate the Jewish problem? Not a single person on this site would raise an eyebrow at talk of a black or hispanic problem, but mentioning the obvious about Jews is somehow extreme or evidence of stupidity. Jews are far more powerful and influential than either blacks or hispanics. We even admit that taking on the issue of Jewish influence would be damaging due to the influence of Jews!

    AIPAC is the most powerful, corrupting and largest lobbying group in D.C., and the groups advocating for blacks and hispanics against whites are shot through with Jews. It seems retarded to question that Jews are a corrosive and highly influential group in America.

    Look at U.S. politicians making fools of themselves for their masters:

    Yeah, people who question Jewish authority and influence are retards!

  12. I recommend “the fourth turning” as it documents the long-term cycles of US mood. Its pretty interesting, the basis being that historical events affect the generations living at that time differently, according to their stage of life. The reaction to those events affects the next generation who go on to react accordingly.

    Before I read it, I was in the same mindset as Buchannan: this can’t continue and its the end. The reality is, there have been many times in American history like this and after things get bad enough, people are galvanized into action. Things may not end well but they will end and the cycle will continue.

    According to the book, about every 80 years you can expect the society to splinter, institutions to fail while the society eats off of what previous generations left it. Then there is some event that touches off a new era of emergency.

    80 years is upon us about now. There are so many things smoldering beneath the surface so its hard to tell what type of event will set off the conflagration. Maybe a race issue, could be global politics, could be something completely unrelated. The point is, its never as bad as it seems going in.

    Just something to think about…..

  13. Rob, the idiots on the far left have been spewing their crap quite freely, and pushing it into our schools and institutions and culture. The people on the far right have been made to shut up and suffer (the silent majority). The perceived center has thus moved to the left because of it. What once was considered absurd and freakish, is now mainstream. People like Denise are the voices on the far right that help pull the center to the right. The right used to be the center. We need it to be, again. Buchanan has his reasons for not naming the jew, and Denise has hers, for naming them. They both serve a valuable purpose.

  14. I know a lot of white racialists criticize Pat Buchanan because he does not go all the way in naming the jew (whether this is intentional or he just doesn’t necessarily see the jews as the full problem is debatable). The point is, even if Pat is secretly aware of the Jewish Question, he can’t say it out loud (not yet anyways) because most white people are not ready for this type of knowledge. However, just because he doesn’t go all the way doesn’t mean one shouldn’t read his books. “Death of the West” is truly a must read for anyone who either considers themselves a paleoconservative or a dedicated nationalist.

    We all know fully well who controls the mass media, the international banks, and which lobby is the most powerful in D.C., but most whites don’t and going out shouting over and over “its the Jews” is not going to allow other whites to hear our message. We need to adress mainstream issues first, then we can clue them in on the real powers-that-be.

  15. Comments on the passing scene. Wasn’t OWS a colossal failure? The thrust of this exercise was to see if the left AND minorities would come out together and reach critical mass in common cause. Not having been chastened by the failure of the recall elections in Wisconsin the plutocratic left quintupled down their bet and took the movement nationwide. It looked alternately unfocused, weird, aimlessly and youthfully violent but next old, wheezy and incoherent (and always dirty, smelly and self-indulgent). And it polled very badly! Aren’t the calls for a millionaire’s tax and more equitable wealth distribution really a frenzied and transparent effort by YKW to avoid the coming deluge by offering to pay off their vassal clients as long as they are allowed to continue running things, which really means sticking it to white gentiles at every turn? It seems like this is an historic opportunity, if we could only recognize it as such and get some candidates who would push the envelope so to speak with new messages.

  16. Good comment Hunter:

    “Seeing how the Jews themselves are most affected by their degenerate cultural poison of “progressivism” that they are trying to peddle to America, the wise man will simply keep his mouth shut, avoid that subject for now, and let the worst elements in the Jewish community commit racial and cultural suicide.

    Reminds me of Napoleon’s line: “Never interfere with an enemy in the process of making a mistake”.

  17. > The point is, its never as bad as it seems going in.

    Looking at just the history of the US is no adequate basis for these kind of meditations. The US has survived so far, so if you look only at US history then naturally you must conclude the US will survive once again. But many polities (and peoples) in history have been completely dissipated. Others have survived, but been feudalized for centuries. Others survived but went under foreign rule for as much as a millennium or more, or had a change as to which race rules, and even which races make up the general population. Eg England: autochthonic Celtic to Anglo to Norman rule, as well as partial imperium by non-Norman Vikings for a time… with at least the Anglo invasion resulting in vast devastation plus radical racial change in the general population of England. Or Poland, partitioned for centuries, restored, reconquered briefly, and restored again. Spain, Greece: similar story. Gallia/France, conquered and converted from autochthonic Celtic religion to Romano-syncretism, then Christianity – and changed racially (I think) by the Frankish conquest.

  18. Buchanan should have wrote this book in 1979 – Leonid Brezhnev reportedly told Margaret Thatcher that Britain and the West should work with Russia/the Soviets against the (NW) Third World. But Buchanan was still gung ho about the Cold War with the “Evil Empire”/Russians all through the 1980s. And this was good for Buchanan’s political career. If he came out then as a pro White, racial/cultural realist his political career and mainstream media career would have ended.

    Now Buchanan seems to be giving up any hope/interest in mainstream media employment, mainstream political participation so he’s burning bridges and writing “racist” books and going on “the political cesspool” radio show.

    President Harry Truman seemed to behave in a similar way after he retired from active politics, moved back to Independence Missouri and poured scorn on Martin Luther King, Jr.

  19. I’m 1/2 way through the book. I was having a late breakfast at a local restaurant and a younger guy, maybe 28 asked me about the book. I started explaining it to him in shorthand, using the chapter titles as markers: first he talks about the loss of faith and belief in Christianity, and how throughout history when cultures lose their religions they fall, then he ties this is to birth rates across the west, which are far below replacement level. This means Western nations are shrinking, and their social welfare systems are failing. One worker can’t support four grandparent aged people, but that is what one-child fertility implies. Of course one attempt to patch this up is through massive immigration, but that’s not working out so well. In Europe, in the capital cities like Paris and London there are huge tracts which are no-go zones for the French … ”

    At this point the fellow interrupts … yeah, and they are ruled by Sharia law”. So we are having this conversation, him standing in the aisle chatting to me about Buchanan’s book, which is still sitting on the table next to my eggs and sausage.

    And this even younger kid comes over, he’s 17 and I bit shy, and he says, “I’m sorry I don’t mean to intrude but I heard what you were talking about and I’m wondering if I could get your email, I’m really interested in this and I don’t know anyone to talk to about it.”

    It seems there are a lot of thoughtful young people out there who are incredibly frustrated. They want to understand their world. They know that they aren’t getting a story that makes sense from either Fox News or MS-NBC. They know things are broken, but they are already way too experienced to ever believe that the fairy-tale solutions of the OWS crowd make any sense. They are willing to walk up to strangers and engage them in conversation, such is their hunger for knowledge and communication.

    It was an interesting breakfast. It’s a very worthwhile book, as have been many of his other books. It is most closely related to “Death of the West”, which was published a decade ago.

  20. Re Namig the Freaking Judenraus – Thanks, Nope. I understand why a public figure like Paddy cannot, at this time blah blah blah Name That Jew Debbil (actually – he’s old, and he can. I think he’s working up to it. That little book about the war that did not need to happen, etc…). I’, a little person. A no name. I’m not a public figure. I can talk about underlying causation. I’m an outelier. And a Firebrand. A John Brown type – only on the White side. I know I cofound lots of people – but I cannot escape my own personality. I’ve stopped worrying about whether I offend people, or freak them out. I do my best to uncover verifiable FACTS. I tell people to NOT take my word for it; look it up for yourself, is what I say.

    The JD – SOME-ONE’S got to start talking about the 100% consistent centuries of subversion and malice. It’s their CULTURE. It’s their beliefs. They’ve bred for malice, hatred, treachery, and absolute HATRED of anything Non-Jew, for thousands of years.

    No matter what type of society any-one here envisions – if Jews are allowed in, and allowed free reign – we’ll wind up with the same result. Jews believe they have the god Given right to enslave and rule over others. That they have the RIGHT to own EVERYTHING. That is their way – or they kill you off. You Goy had better shut up, do what they want, and gorvel with gratitude for allowing them to enslave and abuse you.

    So none of us will have our perfect society, until Jews are purged from power and influence – and marked for what they ARE.

  21. WNs may not be practical, but are you claiming that they tend to overstate the Jewish problem?

    As times goes on, the Jewish Question will become less of an issue. The Jews are more enamored with “progressivism” than any other population in America. Buchanan points out in the book that Jewish women were at the forefront of the abortion rights movement.

    The type of Jews that WNs despise like George Soros. Elie Wiesel, Roger Cohen and Abe Foxman are a dying breed in America. Simon Wiesenthal is already gone. They aren’t reproducing themselves. They are just going to die out on top of those huge piles of worthless money.

    In The Muse of Hate fictional essays, I drew attention to this several times by joking around about how “God was on our side” and how “God was going to punish his “Chosen people” and how the Jews in South Florida were going to vanish.

    History belongs to the people who have the will power to show up. That is what I was referring to.

    I see the Jewish Question becoming less of an issue. George Soros is unlikely to make it through this decade. How many more of the anti-White Jews will vanish over the next 10 years?

  22. Pat Buchanan is on the Jews’ Ten Most Wanted, Dead list, and he may well be at the top. He has been dropping hints for decades about race, immigration, and Jewish power, pissing them off to no end, but without losing his pulpit. He certainly knows the story behind the story, and does his best to bring it to others. Anybody here sell as many pro-White books as he does? He deserves all the credit in the world for keeping our ideas, in diluted form, in the public eye.

  23. “We all know fully well who controls the mass media, the international banks, and which lobby is the most powerful in D.C., but most whites don’t and going out shouting over and over “its the Jews” is not going to allow other whites to hear our message”

    Thats the true beauty of propaganda: once a lie is swallowed the victim’s own ego fight against learning the truth. Cognitive dissonance activates the same areas of the brain as physical pain and hence the sub conscience need to rationalize it. When Neo took the red pill, woke up and puked is probably exactly what would happen to most people if there was a magic pill to expose the truth.

    Thats why I try to crack subtle jew and nigger jokes in more main-stream venues. Humor is the best way to expose lies to someone is ready to begin accepting it internally (at least at first). Kind of like why Tosh.0 is popular with the 20-somethings…they know deep down somewhere about the fiction of the magic negro. When laughing at jew proxy control is acceptable, WNs will be ready to move into the open with the truth.

  24. RS,

    You do have a point. The book’s analysis of anglo-western societal cycles (which I think extends beyond just anglo-america. The book has a lot of parallels to kondrotiev’s work 100 years earlier) doesn’t analyze what would happen when the society is flooded by idiot mud-people. Still, the same things were said about other waves of immigrants in the past and it wasnt the end of the world.

    Anyway, I try to look to the lesson of that book to maintain some hope and optimism, things that have traditionally benefited those in times of trouble. Even if the next 100 years are lost to the black plague, as long as pockets of whites can hold out and regroup to retake their inferiors, OK with me. All I can do is my best…senseless worrying doesn’t help.

  25. Just an aside on the Jewish issue, a vast many, at least half of all Jews are married to gentiles.

    More than just a population decline, many of them fear being bred into the White population. Famed Torture Advocate and Lawyer Alan Dersohowitz has written rather extensively on the topic and the government of Israel spend nearly 1 million US equivalent on a “Don’t marry Gentiles” campaign. as well.

    And note unlike with us Whites who face a smaller demographic but in terms of numbers are still like we were 40 years ag0 (in the US) the Jews not only face s smaller demographic but smaller numbers.

    Recovery will also be difficult as Judaism, the faith and its associated community is in decline. Its largely been hijacked by liberals and male participation in anything but orthodox services is dropping. Way too many female Rabbis slant the services in ways that offend and alienate men

    That means the Jewish cultural cement is weakening faster than the White by far and so whatever threat they make will be shrinking. Its not an important issue and in fact the real issue will be Liberals and on a a racial note short term Black (though they too have demographic decline) Asian and most importantly Mestizo/ La Raza, well at least of we can avoid all infighting anyway.

  26. Pat Buchanan was an insider of Washington. The America First Party in 1990s was for him. What Pat says about West is true and how Third World in moving in and taking over and plus the immigrants breed like rabbits. So the White Race is a minority now. Everybody that reads Occidental Dissent needs to read The Ringing Cedar books about Anastasia and Space of Love and Kins Settlements. The Russian Government promotes Ringing Cedars! Also read all the articles and everything about NICOLIA LAVASHOV and his Source of Life articles and articles about true Russian History! The USA does nothing to safe guard its founding race stock! No matter what people say about Pastor Martrin Lindstedt being a bad mouth using bad language, his Tribulation and 10000 Warlords are true, hard to disprove and his comments and teachings about White Whiggers are true! The teachings of Anastasia are amazing, so is Pastor Dan Gayman and Richard Kelly Hoskins about Farm being Kingdom of God! One guy on Ringing Cedars says it good when The Khazars are not farmers or want nothing to do with farms. Everyone needs to read Levashov before they take him off of web and what he says about Khazars and the Bolshevic Revoluition was revenge against White Russians for destroying KHAZARIA! Keep in mind how anti Mormon the USA has been since the founding of Mormonism by Joseph Smith. The Odor of Cedar and Raven Returns! WHITE MORMON POWER!

  27. HUNTER: You need to research about Dewey H. Tucker and his Natioanal Emancipation of White Seed Party. Tucker was before Aryan Nations and Richard Butler and Neuman Britton were members of NEWS. The most fanatic, most aggressive WHITE DIXIE Man was PASTOR DEWEY H. TUCKER!. Tucker put out the publication BATTLE AX NEWS! His printing presses were bombed by Feds or ADL or Mossad! His Church in Knoxville. TN- Temple Memorial was unbelievable! When he had meetings in his Church, people had M-16s and he was more militant than George Lincole Rockwell! He got neutralized by FEDS! Pastor Ken Gregg of Knoxville was a member and knows all about TUCKER. Tucker was the most aggresive White Southern Leader. He only lasted about 3 years in late 70s before he was neutralized! Ther NEWS Flag of Tucker was tremendous! Well Hunter—-I hope you check it out——!!!!!

  28. “As times goes on, the Jewish Question will become less of an issue. The Jews are more enamored with “progressivism” than any other population in America…. ”

    I hope that you are right, Hunter. It’s my understanding that some Jews have been pushing hard for increased immigration from Israel lately, and that the hope for the falling birthrate of American Jews is to have an in-gathering of Jews from around the world in the U.S.–their Zion. My guess is that it is a possibility that this would solve their problem for now, and that many of those people will be gangsters and/or more ruthlessly ethnocentric than their U.S. cousins.

    I’m not sure how authentically progressive many Jews are, just like I don’t buy the phony universalism. At heart, I think most are just ethnic chauvinists who use whatever political label they believe will help them the most, while weakening their enemies.

    BTW, my mistake about the moderation. The message was that the post was awaiting moderation, but I didn’t realize that it was the links taht tripped the filter. Sorry.

  29. Kroll,

    I have actually written extensively about the issue.

    What exactly would you have us do? End the Fed? Where is the constituency in Congress for “Ending the Fed”? Even if by some miracle you succeeded in “Ending the Fed,” as long as we are tied to the people who support the Fed, there will be a neverending campaign (just like the DREAM Act) to bring it back.

    What about the Jews?

    You seems to be focused on the theory that “Jews Did 9/11.” You can’t even sway WNs to that position. Are you going to convert ordinary people in South Carolina to that theory? Probably not when America is sick of foreign wars and when everyone wants to move on with their lives.

    I share your concerns, but not your tactics.

    (1) First, the Jews are going to start dying out in America before we could possibly create a mass movement to do anything about Jewish power, which will inevitably fade anyway because of their commitment to their own suicidal ideology.

    (2) Second, WNs are not going to do anything about Jewish power but bitch about it on the internet, as they have been doing for almost 20 years now. Logically, you can’t do anything about the problem until we connect with our own people, and we are not going to do that by harping on the Jews.

    (3) Third, if we seceded from the United States, we wouldn’t be tied to the Federal Reserve or Wall Street anymore, or the constituency that supports either of these institutions.

    (4) Fourth, if we seceded from the United States, the majority of the Jews would live outside our borders, and those that are here are mostly snowbirds in South Florida who are dying out.

    (5) Fifth, we are not going to get anywhere until we start rebuilding and shoring up our own ethnic identity, as our community is not in any shape to launch a revolt against the system even if it wanted to, and we are in much better shape than the WN community that doesn’t even have any idea where the proposed ethnostate is going to be located or who is going to launch the revolution to create the ethnostate.

  30. Todd,

    My guess is that it is a possibility that this would solve their problem for now, and that many of those people will be gangsters and/or more ruthlessly ethnocentric than their U.S. cousins.

    In the United States and Israel, the Orthodox Jews are inevitably going to become the majority of the Jewish community. The only Jews that might want to come to America are the secular Jews who share the same problems as their diaspora brethren. Even if they really did come here, they would experience the same fate.

  31. “In the United States and Israel, the Orthodox Jews are inevitably going to become the majority of the Jewish community. The only Jews that might want to come to America are the secular Jews who share the same problems as their diaspora brethren. Even if they really did come here, they would experience the same fate.”

    Hunter, I hope you are right and the situation solves itself as easily as you believe. However, the Orthodox breed like rabbits, and can be quite nasty, too. Would you consider the gangster types in Israel and the former USSR to be softy seculars? I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, but I believe that there are enough of them to perpetuate the problem. As we can see already, it doesn’t take many.

  32. You all have to realize that the Powers That Be will not let any White Man come to power, out in the open. Huey Long tried the legal way and he was shot! Dewey H. Tuicker tried it and he was thrown in Springfield Fed Prison, his Church taken from him and his Printing Presses bombed, this was in the late 70s! The Powers That Be are even more deadly now! Richard Butler and Aryan Nations lasted from 1979 to Butlers death. They took his compound and fined him. Keep in mind that Butler was a 33 degree York Riter. Robert E. Miles said it all when he said we are the new Gypsies, The New Heredics allowed no opinion on anything unless it is NWO Agenda oriented. We do not know how many Staged Events have been created by The Dark Forces. They have a million ways to stop us. Look at history of Mormons and you will see how the USA has kept them in place, under control. Joseph Smith was not killñed by Brigham Young. He was killed by Powers That Be, and the Masons! Read Louis Beam, his article: UNDERSTANDING THE STRUGGLE, or KILL THE BASTARDS! I have been reading Nicolai Lavashovs works and articles about Russia. He talks about how the Ancient Slavonic Aryans survived the Dark Forces and explains an eye opening view of true Russian History! Everyone needs to read what Pastor Martin Lindstedt says about the Tribulation and 10000 Warlords and what he says about White Whiggers. I will say it again, the Whitest Family Oriented Group I ever seen was the pre 1978 Mormons! No one has been able to disprove what Lindstedt says – only 10 Million White Survivors with 10000 Warlords – and that is the way we are headed, like it or not. Read Ringing Cedars of Anastasia and all of Nicolai Levashovs – Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors and his article on Russian Genocide. The Odor of Cedar and The Raven Returns, White Mormon Power!

  33. Pat Buchanan on NPR

    The (Inner Party?) hostess is surprisingly cordial, certainly far more than any neo-con would ever be. But if anyone wants a good chuckle, the callers to the show, starting at about 21:00, are absolutely hysterical.

  34. Kroll,

    IMO, Southerners are more receptive to arguments about federal tyranny, state sovereignty, illegal immigration, the welfare state, black crime, multiculturalism and so forth than they are to ideas like “Jews Did 9/11.”

    If you were going to win that argument, it would have happened ten years ago. There are also far more people in South Carolina that are concerned about their Southern heritage than 9/11 conspiracy theories.

    It is a common thing on the internet for some racialists to focus on the one problem that they have the most difficult time explaining to ordinary people while ignoring all the areas where they could conceivably gain traction with a mass constituency.

    It never occurs to them that nothing can be done about the Jewish Question until we connect with our own people. There can’t be a “White ethnostate” either until we physically control our own lands.

    It is frustrating to deal with these people. All they have ever done about Jews is complain about them on the internet. That’s all they can do because tackling the problem in the real world would require setting aside the issue for the moment to focus on more practical concerns like getting to first base in our own communities.

  35. All Courtassy of da Rot Whigger & jew

    Well Hunter, I must say that I really hate listening to patridiotic whiggers or anglo-mestizos like Toby Queef and Darryl Squirrley sing some whigger-swill crap.

    Time for a change. How about my parody song based upon Toby Queef’s Rot Whigger and jew?

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    Of whigger’s Rot, Whigger and jew.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  36. PB has his facts wrong.
    The 2010 census showed 223 Whites living in the U.S., up 100 million from 60 years ago.
    Half of the Hispanics in the U.S. consider themselves White and list themselves as such, either because they are White to begin with in some cases, or because they are products of Anglo/Hispanic intermarriages so they look White.
    Whites, including White Hispanics, will continue to be the majority in America indefinitely. As will Christians (even if a majority of Christians don’t go to church on a regular basis, they still celebrate Christmas).

  37. John A.: I taught Hispanics. They are very color conscious, and pretty obvious about it. They do not call themselves White, though the lighter ones will hold themselves above the darker ones. The census is anonymous, so they might check the White box because they wish to be White, as so many clearly do, though they can’t say so. Some are clearly White, even blond and blue-eyed, but they are few. If you want a good gauge of how White they are, look at the formerly White but now Hispanic neighborhoods of Los Angeles.
    The census also counts Middle Easterners as White. A country that is 1/3 Euro, 1/3 Mexican, and 1/3 Iranian would not be American. The census lies.

  38. Discard – I recently saw a fascinating documentary on Brazil. I had the flu; I kept waking up at all hours. I think the show aired around 6AM, on “Planet Green” or what-ever. Anyway -the show detailed the lives of 5 Brazilians. It very revealing, but not in the way the producers intended, I’m sure. 4 out of the 5 waere Morenos, of course. A cowboy, a female pilot, some type of female middle-managment sort – I cannot remember the 5th one. Anyway – the higher up the food chain they were, the lighter, and more “European” they were. The sole male was the cowboy. He was taller, and better built than most Mestizo or Indio types – but he was VERY dark. He was competing in a rodeo , in order to become a performer. Cowboys are ill-paid, and it’s very grueling work. He did reasonably well in the competition, and may have a good future as a rodeo performer.

    The female pilot was rely interesting – her features were definitely of the squat Mestiza sort – but she was also defnitely an upgrade. Pretty intelligent. She is essentially a taxi-driver, in Sao Paulo – the financial engine of Brazil. The city is so sprawling, and the growth so un-controlled, that daily commuting traffic jams take six hours a day. That’s SIX HOURS A DAY. It’s more effective, from a cost, and organizational standpoint, for various companies, to hire pilots to fly their upper -level employees from building to building, via helicoptor, rather have have them spend the majority of their day trying to get across town, on the ground. Each major business has a landing pad on the roof. The helicoptor pilots must leanr to fly by the numbers. They cannot fly by sight; they must go off the ….whatever the word is for the visuals, in their ‘coptor. Each buildng is numbered, and all the pilots must memorize the hundreds of numbers.

    The middle-manager type paid her way into the Samba dance club, in order to perform in Carnival. She was tall, dark eyed, and dark haired – but her features were aquiline, and her hair was bascially thick and straight. A slight wave. Very “Caucasian” in texture. Nice features. She could be any sort of generic “Med”. The Samba clubs began in the poorest of the poor cities. They are largely comprised of the poorest of the poor – but Carnival is the big contributio of Brazil, to world culture. The poorest of the poor spend their entire year, and virtually all of their resources, to compete in Carnival. The clubs have apparently struck on the idea of allowing non-members to pay their way in, so they can get the thrill of joining into the HUGE annual Commuity event, as a way to raise funds. They give these paying people a small role, and teach them a few steps. They don’t get the “starring roles”.

    The final subject of the documentary was a ravishingly beautiful girl – around the age of 11 or 12. A blue-eyed blode, with exquisite facial features. Remember the iconic Afghan Girl picture, from NG? This Brazilian girl is that striking, only far more Aryan. She lives in a city in the South of Brazil, I believe. This was a boom town, approx 100 years ago. Gold. The gold all gone now – but the townspeople of the erected amazing churches. The chrch buildng glitter with gold embellishments – gold EVERYWHERE. The town is now a tourist spot. The town lives off the annual Easter procession. The little girl lives with her grand-mother – and was preparing to participate in the procession. (I’m sorry I cannot provide a link to the show – I can’t find one!).

    The thing that struck me, about all these slice of life stories, is that it’s all all ass backwards. Brazil is completely ass-backwards.

    The stories of the pilot and the little girl were the most telling. The middle manager’s story was rather obvious; she got to participate As One with her countrymen, She descended the class rungs for what is most likely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. She went slumming. She participated in the comptetiton, and can tell all her family and friends, for the rest of her life. She most likely will not continue this participation; Brazil is extremely Race-class conscious – and she won’t retain her present social status if she keeps slumming. Especially is she would be idiotic enough to get involved with the Negro males, in the club. “Not our kind, dear.”

    The pilot – nothing against her personally. The helicoptor taxi service, in response to the sprawl, is the problem. The show presented this as a wonderul solution to the INSANE traffic issues – but no-one in Brazil seems to be able to re-think the reality of the traffic insanity istelf. Logistics makes modern civilization modern. Americans get slammed for “squandering resources” – but what the HELL is a 6 hour daily traffic jam,in the wealthiest city in the country? Did ANY-ONE. including the uber-wealthy business elite, ever consider the concept of urban planing? Of stopping the sprawl? Of functional design?

    Apparently not.

    Sao Paul is a case study of Cancer Growth. Also Latin American reason, and the lack there-of. Most Western European and North American cities are still pretty adept at traffic flow – although Los Angeles is now degenerating int othe Sao Paulo model.

    The little girl’s story was the saddest. She lives with her grandmother because her parents are divorced. He grand-mother is light-skinned – but with that squat-frog-face of the Indos/Mestizos. As I noted far up this post -the town the gril lives in is famous for heir churches, and thier annual Easter procession. The town is in a mountain setting. The streets are made of beautiful old cobblestones, and are winding and steep. The townspeople stay up all night, on Easter Eve, and make “carpetas” out of flower petal, and colored chalk, on the path of the Processional. The carpets are Easter-themed, obviously, and very eleborate and quite inventive and beautiful. The girlk was makng her all-night carpeta, for the first time. She worked until 3AM. Her father, and his new spouse were supposed to show up and help, but never appeared. He own 3 hotels, in town, and must have been very busy, since this Easter Processional is THE big money-maker for the town – but still – his daughter was out til 3AM. and he and the new wife didn’t make even a 10 minute appearance. The girl’s mother lives in a far away town, with her new hubby.

    Anway – the fact that a beautiful little girl can stay outside until 3AM, by herself, speaks very well of the townspeople. It is a genuine community – every-one workng on the carpetas obviously knew every-on else, and she was never really alone. But here’s the actual point of my post. – she as very Aryan looking, Many of the townspeople were, as well. Her grandmother was fair – but the skin color is only a marker for Race. He real genetics were revelaed in her facial features. God only knows what the girl’s parents look like -as I said – she is a gorgeous little blonde – and would completely fit in with most blod Europeans. Not the lightest Scandinavians, perhaps – but she would not look out of place in any Western or Eastern European city.

    And it doesn’t make any difference at all. She arose at 6AM to get dressed as an angel. Although she had very little sleep, she got up and walked in the Processional, she was walkng with other little friends – they were all laughing and smiling. A lovely little scene. She was the only “Aryan” in the group. All the other “angels” were dark little Morenos. She is a lovely, sweet girl – but her Aryan destiny is gone. Her Aryan DNA is drowned in a pool of mongrelized genetic mud. She’s one of THEM. She’s assimilated into THEM. Once a cultivated gene goes wild – it stays wild.

    The Whites in Brazil sit at the top of the social heirarchy – but nothing changes. They kinda sorta manage all the Darkies beneath them – and this will be the fate of America – and all other formerly White Nations. Unless a miracle occurs.

  39. Not a bad review – except that the reviewer is still singing Dixie. Sorry, Alabama, but the Confederacy lost – and properly so, in my opinion. The white US shall not be saved by rewriting Appamatox. So let’s put aside the Confederate flags and burn the flag of Israel. General Grant might beat Netenyahu into submission but Pickett’s charge in the desert will never do it.

  40. Denise: Excellent story about the little Aryan girl in Brazil and the possible fate that will happen to America if a miracle does not happen! The Mutant Khazar bastards will be at the top and everyone else—A Serf—-a Slave for them! What a terrible fate! Funny the remarks that Rudel made about Khazars? I read someplace that the Khazars need to take White Nordic Aryan Women as wives in order to keep their race going, because they are Hybred Bastard Race (Cainites). The Miracle that you spoke of is what all True Members of our Race look for 24 hours a day. In the Book of Mormon it talks about how Lehi took his family and friends out of Jerusalem before its destruction. His son Nephi then becomes the main person in the New World and his decendants — The White Nephites! Throughout the Book of Mormon it talks about how God did Miracles for the Nephite Decendants! Today White Americans are facing the same fate that the Ancient Nephites faced! Total Destruction! Today is Thanksgiving and I pray that God will have mercy on our Race and that the Miracle will come! Could it be a White Mormon Church with NEWS as its party? The RAVEN and Sweet Oder of Cedar Returns!

  41. —-Buchanan continues to deliver the capstone
    authorized ‘laments’ for the crumbling state of
    our CFR usurped Republic.

    Far worse, he’s continually pitching smoke and cover,
    and even praise for the US taxpayer underwritten,
    RED China ‘Mere–ICK–CULL’.

    –There’s NO getting around the FACTS:
    Buchanan’s a full blown member of the Rockefeller front CNP,
    or, his KEY involvement with bringin off the 1972 ‘Nick’s ON–MAO’
    handover Summit.

    HE has shown NO REPENTANCE.

    Bankster ‘managed’ receivership to RED China may, very well,
    be a mere 2 years away.

    ——————–STEER CLEAR BUCHANAN! —He’s a —CON—–JOB!

  42. I lived in L.A.
    I lived in a mixed Anglo-Hispanic neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley.
    White looking Hispanics were common.
    And many of the Hispanics or Anglo-Hispanics I knew considered themselves to be White as well as Hispanic.

    And as Hispanics become more assimilated and Americanized, they identify more with mainstream White America in many ways.
    There is a definite difference, in many ways, between third generation Hispanics and Anglo-Hispanics and recent immigrants.

    Many of those Hispanics in L.A. looked Italian or Greek, some even looked northern European, if they were Anglo-Hispanics.

    Look at the many famous Hispanics in America, such as the famous Hispanic actresses.
    Penelope Cruz could be Portugese, Selma Hayek could be Greek, Cameron Diaz could be Scandinavian or German, even Jennifer Lopez resembles some Sicilians.

    If you didn’t know those women were Hispanic they could easily be mistaken for European Caucasion, because in fact to a certain degree their bloodlines are European Caucasion.

    It isn’t whether people are pure or not, if you check people’s DNA, many people who consider themselves “White” or for that Matter “Black” or “Indian” are not racially pure.
    It is what people look like and consider themselves.
    If they look Caucasion or relatively White or Caucasion, they fit into the Whites. The “one-drop” rule is idiotic, unrealistic, and outdated.

    The fact is in America in the future, a relatively light skinned Whitish majority will continue indefintely.

    As it will in Europe, since Blacks are only one percent of Europe, and the major minority there in Europe are Arabs and Turks, who constitute appox. 5 percent of Europe’s population (and the Arab and Turkish birthrates have been dropping in recent years to near western levels).
    Arabs and Turks have Caucasion features, they are essentially swarthy complected Whites, who can easily assimilate into Europe’s population. That has happened before in European history.

    If some people want to become alarmed by this, it’s a free country, no law against being paranoid or disturbed, but the hysteria is a little silly.

    Change is part of life, and throughout history people have moved about and intermarried, there is nothing new with this.

    A more-or-less Whitish looking majority will continue in many part of North America, in west Europe and east Europe, in some parts of the Mediteranean, in parts of the former Soviet Union, and in the southern portions of South America (Argentina, Uruguay, and to a certain degree Chile and South Brazil).

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