Fortress Dixie: 2011 Elections

Russell Pearce loses in Arizona, but there are big victories in Virginia and Mississippi
Battleground America

The 2011 state elections are over.

We have won some major victories. There are also some major losses. Moving forward, it is clear now that the South has emerged as the next major battlefield over immigration reform.


In Arizona, Senator Russell Pearce was defeated by Jerry Lewis in a special recall election. Democrats turned out with Hispanic activists to punish Pearce for his support of SB 1070. Next year, Lewis will have to defend that seat in the Republican primary.


In Kentucky, Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear defeated State Senator David Williams to win reelection.

West Virginia

In West Virginia, Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin defeated Republican Bill Maloney in the West Virginia governor race in October.


In Iowa, Democrat Liz Mathis defeated Republican Cindy Golding in a special election for the Iowa Senate. Mathis replaces a Democra who accepted a state job from Gov. Terry Brandstand.


In Louisiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal won a landslide victory in an open primary in October. Louisiana state legislative elections are scheduled for November 19th.


In Mississippi, Lieutenant Governor Phil Byrant who has been a strong supporter of Arizona-style immigration reform crushed the Negroid-American Johnny Dupree. The Mississippi House has fallen to Republicans.

After 15 years of debating the issue, Mississippi voters have approved a strong Voter ID law.


In Virginia, Republicans captured 6 to 9 seats in the Virginia House, defeated the Minority Leader Ward Armstrong in the Virginia House, and picked up the 2 seats needed to win control of the Virginia Senate

The SPLC and Imagine2050 will undoubtedly come out of the gate boasting about the defeat of Russell Pearce (who will be back next year), but the crashing sound in the Virginia, Louisiana, and Mississippi state legislatures shows that the momentum of the immigration reform movement has already shifted from Arizona to the South.

Russell Pearce lost the recall election, but Mississippi approved a strong Voter ID law, elected a new governor in the mold of Jan Brewer, and Republicans captured the Mississippi House, which all but guarantees that Mississippi will pass an Arizona-style immigration law and a stronger E-Verify law in January.

There is no telling what the Republican-controlled state legislatures in Louisiana and Virginia will pass on the subject of immigration next year. The Virginia House passed 10 immigration bills last year that were killed by Democrats in the Virginia Senate.

Immigration reform is also coming back in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Florida. It should be interesting to see what happens in these states now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Arizona’s E-Verify system is constitutional.

Russell Pearce has gone down, but the movement will press on in Dixie. Next year, we will settle scores with Jerry Lewis. If anyone asks what happened to Russell Pearce in Arizona, ask them what happened to Ward Armstrong in Virginia.

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  1. Hunter Wallace writes:
    “Russell Pearce has gone down, but the movement will soldier on. Next year, we will settle scores with Jerry Lewis.”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Well said. The traitors within our ranks must be outed and punished. With the Tim Wise’s of the world, Mugabe, Eric Holder, LaRaza, Al Qaeda – one shouldn’t waste a lot of anger and hatred towards these others who want to kill us, take away everything we have have and replace our people/our culture – with theirs, but with Whites who look White, pretend to be White, dress White, run as Republicans – RINOs – yeah, these are a special case – the hated Judases. And I would wager the family farm this Lewis RINO did this for money – 30 pieces of silver.

    Hey Hunter, Instauration Magazine used to do a very popular year end contest for the White American Majority renegade/traitor of the year. Winners (losers) included:

    IN Sen. Dick Lugar
    GOP strategist Lee Atwater
    LA Governor Edwin Edwards
    Once White Gentile media owner – Ted Turner

    How about you doing a year end story on the worst White American traitors of the year 2011? I would nominate that GOP elected official in Georgia – the Onion King who has the gall to do TV interviews saying he needs illegal alien minimum wage slaves, because native born Americans will not work 80 hours a week in the hot sun, expecting things like an afternoon off, health benefits – ie things that all workers who aren’t slaves expect in a job.


  2. It was Democrats (who could vote in the recall election) teaming up with the RINO Jerry Lewis. This guy will have to face Republican primary voters next year. He will go down in flames.

  3. Just read an article on about a chinese tree beetle. The Elite wants to empty Arkansas so it can be their vacation land. Check out the website and read the article. I beleive that the Northeast Establishment is behind Romney and he will win, but nothing will change with him. So our struggle goes on!

  4. They want the Missouri Akansas Area cleared. Not just Arkansas…..How can they clear whole rural areas like this, what a bunch of monsters…..Wake up People!

  5. I’m somewhat shocked the Personhood initiative didn’t pass in Mississippi and that the union restriction measure didn’t pass in Ohio. This election showed a shocking lurch to the left from my perspective. We are just begging for chains.

  6. How is it that Bobby Jindal and that other Indian in SC managed to win the governorships in the last election? There should have been some heavy resistance by White conservatives and yet Jindal wins by a landslide. What would be the point in voting for them? There certainly aren’t a big block of hindus in these states to swing elections one way or the other. It looks fishy.

  7. I live in Va and unfortunately discovered at my polling place that the state senate district I’m in is now one of those safe black majority districts. Henry Marsh, the first black mayor of Richmond, VA is now my state senator and I’ve heard he’s a real asshole.

  8. What would be the point in voting for them?

    Jindal and Haley are actually worth a damn unlike many of their predecessors. Especially in Louisiana.

    There certainly aren’t a big block of hindus in these states to swing elections one way or the other. It looks fishy.

    It makes sense when you think about it: by voting for a minority candidate without a mass constituency, White conservatives have more leverage and control over Haley and Jindal than they would otherwise.

  9. Pearce defeat not surprising: the usual alliance of Left-Democrats, mestizos, rich Jews, and sweatshopping chamber of commerce Republicrats. As HW sez, JLewis will probably be defeated in next primary. The Ohio result is much more significant. It’s a rustbelt state that is now past the ethno-socialist tipping point: majority of electorate getting some combo of debt-financed gubmint check – salery, pension, soc sec, contract, group entitlement, etc. – and they will cling to these to the bitter end. So be it.

  10. For an artistic depiction see Hogarth’s print “Noon” in his series “Four Times of the Day”. There is truly nothing new under the sun.

  11. Kroll,

    (1) First, Herman Cain surged in the polls after Rick Perry collapsed over his support for the Texas DREAM Act. He also surged on the very same day that he gave a CNN interview where he lashed out at black race hustlers.

    (2) Second, the same people who are supporting Herman Cain now are the people who were supporting Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry before him. They are supporting Herman Cain because – and I stress, because – they oppose Mitt Romney.

    (3) Third, the reason why Cain is still doing well in the polls is easy to explain. It is because the people who are supporting Cain hate Mitt Romney and they hate the Mainstream Media. They hate the New York Times-CBS News-Politico-Washington Post media complex and the fact that Cain is being attacked by them only makes him more popular.

    (4) Fourth, Cain is unlikely to get the Republican nomination. The latest flavor of the month is Newt Gingrich who is siphoning off voters from Cain as he loses traction in the polls.

    (5) Fifth, the only reason that Republican voters are shifting between Trump and Perry and Bachmann and Cain and now Gingrich is because there is such a sorry presidential field to choose from. Most conservatives dislike their choices.

    If Gov. Bob McDonnell or Senator Jim DeMint had run for president, they would easily be at the top of the pack right now.

    Finally, it is worth noting that Ron Paul has gone nowhere. You would think Ron Paul would be surging, but most conservatives don’t look at Ron Paul and see a viable candidate.

    They see someone who supports DADT repeal, someone who is comfortable with gay marriage, someone who opposes E-Verify and the border fence, someone who has no , charisma or ethnic appeal, and someone who wants to cut military spending, which is why Ron Paul can’t even win the Tea Party vote.

    They like Ron Paul’s position on government spending. Many of these people also dislike the Federal Reserve. But what they don’t like about Ron Paul is that he is a libertarian ideologue.

    Paul is perceived as a “kook” because he is a libertarian. In their view, libertarians believe nutty things because their abstract ideology forces them to take unpopular positions.

    Is this not obvious?

    I can say without a doubt this is the prevailing view of Ron Paul among ordinary conservatives from having observed them on a daily basis for ten years now at Free Republic.

  12. Kroll,

    I’m sharing this here with you:

    What Do a Bunch of Old Jews Know About Living Forever?

    As it turns out, the miserable history is inseparable from the technical point. Barzilai centered his studies on Ashkenazim not because they live longer or produce more centenarians than other ethnic groups. They don’t. It’s that their unusual development as a homogeneous community makes them easier to study at the level of DNA. Genetic research done by Barzilai’s Einstein colleague Gil Atzmon suggests that Ashkenazim branched off from other Jews around the time of the destruction of the First Temple, 2,500 years ago. They flourished during the Roman Empire but then went through a “severe bottleneck” as they dispersed, reducing a population of several million to just 400 families who left Northern Italy around the year 1000 for Central and eventually Eastern Europe. Though their numbers increased dramatically once there, to some 18 million before the Holocaust, studies suggest that 40 percent of today’s Ashkenazim descend from just four Jewish mothers.

  13. CP – BitterClingers to Coerced Taxation came out in force, n PA. OMG. The GOP did well in the last round of installations, last year, the proles on the ground – Yours Truly, included – worked like dogs to see this happen. Well – the local Conservative retardates have gotten all sniffy over the fact that the GOP heroes…..did…not…do…wht…they…were …elected to do – !!!???? – so the babies stayed home. (The babies did NOT want to hear the REAL reasons nothing changing – cause it’s real “feel bad” stuff – and They are NOT Racists Are You a Nazi?!) And did NOT support local candidates. The Commies -the Democrats – worked like demons to make sure they got their fascists installed. The one good thing is that some of the Local Baby TP Activists got a first hand, up close and personal look at the way Commies actually behave, in person. To them. Outsider poll watcher Dems were imported, and paid – and the Local Babies were dismayed and aghast by how “rude”, and “combatative” and “aggressive” these outsiders were. Some of them were…racially indistinct…as well. So it’s good that this element was noticed….also – every-one noticed how well-funded and well-organized they were. The Local Babies were repeatedly informed that the Commies – the Dems – are NOT NICE – and not playing around. Still -the sheer rudeness of the Commie Outsider poll watchers was just so Not Nice….it was just awful!

    The Local TP Babies will simply pack up their toys and go home and sulk. Cause politics is Not Nice.

    The huge TP group, in the region, has dwindled down to nothing but a cat-fighting Ayn Rand Worshipping pit of menopausal-ish hags – and the small local one, that was doing rather well – the Foundress decided to follow the Zio Stooge Beck to Israel – and when she and the local Crypto handlers held a Stand With Israel event – only approx 3 people stood up. Every-one else stayed away in droves – because osme of the men rightly recognized the treason.

  14. They like Ron Paul’s position on government spending. Many of these people also dislike the Federal Reserve. But what they don’t like about Ron Paul is that he is a libertarian ideologue.

    Paul is perceived as a “kook” because he is a libertarian. In their view, libertarians believe nutty things because their abstract ideology forces them to take unpopular positions.

    CHICAGO | Sat Nov 5, 2011 11:42pm EDT

    (Reuters) – Ron Paul was declared the winner on Saturday of a weeklong Republican presidential straw poll in Democratic President Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois.

    Texas Congressman Paul won 52 percent of the combined 3,649 online and in-person votes cast between October 29 and Saturday evening. He won 66.5 percent of the votes cast over the Internet and 8 percent of those cast in person.

    Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney earned 7 percent of the online votes cast and 35 percent of the in-person votes, winning the most in-person votes cast at 22 locations, the party said.

    Businessman Herman Cain won 15 percent of the online vote and 29 percent of the in-person vote.

    Romney’s and Cain’s combined totals were not immediately announced.

    Each voter was required to make a $5 contribution to the Illinois Republican Party to cover costs of the straw poll and to support state and local Republican candidates.

    “Today’s straw poll was an excellent opportunity to showcase our party’s strength one year out of the election,” said Illinois Republican Party chairman Pat Brady. “I am pleased with today’s turnout and look forward to building on our successes from 2010.”

    Republicans hope to make Illinois a contested state in the 2012 general election, after Obama won his home state easily in the 2008 election.

    Illinois Republicans captured four additional seats in the House of Representatives in the 2010 mid-term elections, giving them an 11 to eight majority.

    (Reporting by Andrew Stern; Editing by Vicki Allen)

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