Michelle Obama Booed By NASCAR Fans


BRA’s First Lady Michelle Obama is booed by NASCAR fans at Homestead-Miami Speedway:

Note: Democratic pollsters Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen have an article in the Wall Street Journal that tells Obama to fall on his sword for the sake of the Democratic Party and let Hillary run for president in 2012.

Why does Hillary need to run for president? Obama has alienated too many traditional White Democratic voters in key swing states like Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Iowa.

He can’t win reelection without running an extremely negative campaign to boost non-White turnout in states like Colorado and North Carolina. If Obama runs a racially polarizing campaign in 2012, he will probably lose and inflict further damage on the Democratic Party.

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  1. Looks like Sgt. Barry is an oil driller with 4 mulattoes. Why do race-mixers have so many kids? Do they get a letter from the government saying they’ll be paid to have more kids or something?

    The audience wasn’t just booing Michelle — they were also booing the “patchwork family.”

  2. Global Minority- I disagree. At least not TOTALLY controlled.

    And I can hardly wait until the rotten fruit starts coming her way. The Black version of Evita Peron.

  3. On google: Black Nobility Cover Up – Hypnotique Olmec Punch——-go way down to you see Obamas picture—-says he has blood disease and needs blood tranfusions IVs.

  4. Fr. John – Please expand. If you are referring to Ron Paul I have my doubts not so much that he is controlled by the elites, but for the fact he VOTED to allow homo’s to openly serve in our military. Being a man of the “cloth” I would hope you are aware of this and would not support his vote in favor of.

    Futhermore, even if Ron Paul won by slim chance it is CONGRESS that he will have to deal with in regards to his plans and they are NOT going to go against the status quo.

  5. Too much fun! They are lucky they weren’t stoned. Male Coal Burners are worse than female ones.


  6. Reference Michelle Obama Getting Boo’d at NASCAR

    The South is not a giant Potemkin Village for the media to prop up NASCAR fans as Happy Comrades Working for Glorious Change. Her Marxist politics and that of her husband don’t play well here and we’ll let them know it.

    She may have been there to speak for compassion and help for wounded warriors, veterans and jobs, but that NASCAR crowd had vastly more family members and close relatives who ARE the maimed warriors than the families of the people Michelle runs around with. Southern military families were already doing it and living it long before Michelle showed up to talk about it.

    She may have caught some catcalls and boo’s, but let’s be happy they weren’t throwing booze bottles.

    Face it. Politically speaking, she tried to go Crowd Surfing in a Redneck Mosh Pit but landed face first in the mud.

  7. Here is another priceless clip from the “What Really Happened.com” page. Scroll down a little bit until you get to the video “Russian news anchor shows Obama the middle finger”. Quite entertaining…and I don’t even speak Russian!


  8. Global Minority- “Fr. John – Please expand. If you are referring to Ron Paul I have my doubts not so much that he is controlled by the elites, but for the fact he VOTED to allow homo’s to openly serve in our military. Being a man of the “cloth” I would hope you are aware of this and would not support his vote in favor of.”

    OK, let’s look at this quickly, and reference Hunter’s columns as a means to gain perspective.

    I DO believe that RP is the ‘last great hope’ for America, frankly. But that’s because I know for a fact that Auditing the FED is the great ‘crucifix’ in the face of vampyric Jewry, that they have been dreading since it was first mentioned that this sub-group ‘might’ be the cause of all our major woes, by Lindbergh back on (get the date) 9/11/1941 – http://www.charleslindbergh.com/americanfirst/index.asp

    Less than three months later, the US was IN WWII: planned (as we know it now) by Jew-controlled (think Ickes, Morgenthau, and the blackmail issues) Roosevelt, and for the benefit of the same Deicides. Via Pearl Harbor, and defusing Lindbergh’s spot-on comments, we GAVE Palestine to the Christ-Killers, and look what THAT has wrought!

    Now, with BRA falling apart at the seams, with the ‘experiments in multiculturalism (again, orchestrated and thought up by the Deicides= cf. Protocols of Zion) being declared failure all over Europe- even by Jew Sarkozy, the white Giant of America’s Founding Population is waking up- the “Jewsmedia” keeps touting one candidate after another, in a sorry line-up of ‘also rans’ (first it was Mitt, then it was Mrs. B, then it ‘really’ was Perry, then it was Cain, and now- just yesterday, Newt the ‘Broken Contract with America’ Gingrich is declaed by them to be ‘the one’ (small ‘o’) while the Huffington Post says, Ron Paul could win, and that the GOP are FOOLS if they don’t jump on the bandwagon, and soon.

    Do I approve of Paul having perverts in the armed forces? Let’s ask another question. Do I approve of foreign wars for Israel? NO. But, as long as we have them, the new crop of Generals that would arise in a ‘regime change’ could ‘just happen’ to set all these spawn of Satan to the front lines, and cause ‘collateral damage’ just as they did to Gen. McArthur in another era. For, having ‘seared their consciences with a red-hot iron,’ such sick-o’s MUST be removed from the Body Politic, along with Jews, and Atheists, before we can restore a godly order.

    Now, do you expect all that to happen in one term? Do you expect the US to regain her self-image in 18 months? Do you REALLY ‘put your trust in princes’ to that extent? I sure don’t. But, what I DO see, is that RP would be the ‘Great Turnaround’ for MAKING AMERICA AWARE of the EVIL IN HER BOSOM. Andf if it takes a naive Libertarian to do so, I’d rather have Truman, that LBJ again!

    Hope that helps illumine some of my recent thoughts on the matter. The rest of the story (as they say) is contained in the vision Hunter has for the restoration of teh South, once we stop the BRA, which will happen, no matter who is in charge. I just believe that RP would be a ‘kindler, gentler’ fall from grace, than either Perrry, Mitt, or the Obamanation.

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