Why Do You Hate America?

Is this America? Georgia as it used to be


Michael Hill has taken a shot at answering a common question: why do you hate America?

Admittedly, it is an interesting question. How can someone whose ancestors have lived in North America since before the American Revolution possibly come to hate the United States?

How can the people whose ancestors actually fought in the American Revolution and who revere Thomas Jefferson want to secede from the Union?

This loaded question is exactly like asking a Russian why do you hate the Soviet Union or a Croat why do you hate Yugoslavia. The answer is because the Soviet Union wasn’t Russia or because Yugoslavia wasn’t Croatia. Similarly, what passes for America today isn’t the “Real America.”

A better question for a White Southerner to ask himself is why should you love Black Run Amerika? If you really think about it, the vast majority of White Southerners do not really love BRA and are only adapting to it. They can sense at a gut level that something has gone terribly wrong. The polls show they overwhelmingly believe that America is now in terminal decline under our first black president.

It all starts with the experience that can be described as “the horror”: the horror is a instinctive and existential sense of alienation that White Southerners experience while living under the mores and customs of BRA. The indigenous cultural DNA of the American South does not match the alien culture that is endlessly promoted by the mass media.

Have you ever experienced this gut feeling about America that “this can’t be right”? It is probably the source of your political views. You just know at an instinctive level that you are “losing your country” and that some kind of impostor has taken its place.

What is your country? What is your real culture? Do you know?

(1) Herrenvolk Democracy – In the Antebellum South, democracy meant that the White men of every state and community would make the important political decisions among themselves without consulting their dependents.

Dixie was a White Man’s Country. There was no such thing as an “African-American.” The term “African-American” was coined by Jesse Jackson in the 1980s. We use it here only as a joke. Women and children did not have the right to vote either. This was changed by the 14th Amendment, the 19th Amendment, and the 26th Amendment.

(2) Classical Republicanism – In the Antebellum South, liberty was set within the framework of classical republicanism, not modern liberalism. The slave states of Rome and Sparta were widely admired and were considered models worth emulating. As in Rome, the liberty of the White man was thought to rest upon religious piety, moral virtue, constitutional government, his sense of honor and dignity, and the slavery of the African negro.

(3) Racial Feudalism – In the Antebellum South, a system of racial feudalism had emerged that evolved into the economic foundation of Southern society. Southerners took great pride in slavery because it eliminated the need for a White working class and promoted racial equality within the White race by eroding class divisions.

As strange as this sounds to modern ears, there was once a time when African-Americans worked to support a White aristocracy in the American South. It was the exact opposite of the system we have today where White families work and limit the size of their families so that the federal government can tax them and redistribute their wealth to idle African-Americans who live off the TANF welfare check and the EBT card in Section 8 housing.

The great planters in the Antebellum South owned the majority of the slaves, but they were a small minority among the total number of slaveowners. The typical slaveowner was a White man who owned a slave family. Owning a few slaves was the Antebellum equivalent of being middle class.

(4) Equality – In the Antebellum South, the only equality that existed was the equality that existed among White men in the Herrenvolk democracy who enjoyed the same civic and political rights as other White men.

White Southerners did not believe in racial equality or social equality. Their entire social and economic system rested on the bedrock foundation that the African negro was racially inferior to the White man. God had created this inferior race. If black people were inferior, then God himself had made him that way and it wasn’t our fault.

In a caste based society, the ideal of the master race and the color line fostered a sense of egalitarianism among Whites who participated in the slave patrols. Every White man was considered better than every African-American. This social system also had the effect of elevating the White woman in Southern society as the vessel of chastity and racial purity.

(5) Liberty – As in Rome, White Southerners in the Antebellum South valued their citizenship and zealously defended their liberties. They enjoyed a type of liberty that is virtually unknown in BRA.

It was the liberty not to pay taxes to support a distant king and a distant aristocracy. It was liberty from a domineering central government. It was the liberty to be a yeoman farmer and to live off the land and have real control over your own destiny. It was the liberty to control your wife and other dependents.

Above all else, it was the liberty to own slaves and to be “liberated” from a life of labor and toil, which allowed a Southern White man – any Southern White man, as a hereditary aristocracy was just emerging at the time – to amass great wealth and rise the status of a gentleman and to participate in a genteel society.

(6) Conservatism – The Antebellum South was a world that was explicitly based on race, ethnicity, and religion. It was explicitly based on the cornerstone of racial inequality. It advertised itself to the world as the White Man’s Country.

(7) States’ Rights – In the Antebellum South, it was widely believed at the time that the states were sovereign, and that states had created the United States. Wasn’t this obvious? South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland existed long before there was even a concept of a “United States.”

Before the 14th Amendment overthrew the Constitution of 1789, the Bill of Rights applied to the federal government, not the states. There was nothing stopping a state from establishing an official religion or a state from censoring the mail to rid itself of the nuisance of abolitionist propaganda.

The states would have never voluntarily joined the United States under the terms of BRA. The Tenth Amendment reserved to the states vast powers. Washington was only supposed to have been delegated a handful of powers. The Bill of Rights was designed to restrain the federal government, not the states.

(8) Aristocracy – Far from turning its back on its European heritage, the Antebellum South was a conservative world that looked back to Greece, to Rome, to Britain, and especially to the Middle Ages as models worth emulating.

Plantation slavery created enormous wealth for the planter class. The Southern gentry used that wealth to emulate the European aristocracies. They built Greek Revival mansions. They began to marry their blood relatives. They acted like Roman patricians. They adopted an honor code.

As we shall see next month in our review of Southern Honor: Ethics & Behavior in the Old South, that honor code which has now been lost to the vapors of history shaped Southern society from top to bottom:

“Honor is that principle of nature which teaches us to respect ourselves, in order that we may gain the respect of others. No man desires the respect of one class of Society exclusively and therefore the law of honor will influence our conduct toward persons of every quality.”

If the White Southerners of the nineteenth century could be resurrected to witness BRA, they would be horrified to the marrow of their bones at the disgrace that their descendants are now suffering under, and would wonder aloud why White men – especially freedom loving Anglo-Saxons – would consent to suffering the humiliation and dishonor of allowing themselves and their women and children to live under such a disgusting African despotism which has no precedent in world history.

They would be left speechless at the incredible notion that this society – Black Run Amerika, or BRA as it is called here – is somehow true to the ideals of Washington and Jefferson. If our ancestors were here with us today, they would also accused of hating America. Andrew Jackson’s Democratic Party would be labelled a “hate group.”

Is this what you call America? If so, then its makes sense to hate America, as this is a false America, not the real thing. It is the creation of Yankees and Jews. It took a war that we lost in which 1 out of every 4 White men of military age died to force this upside down world upon us.

How long will we continue to tolerate it?

Note: Now we know why Lincoln believed that every drop of blood drawn with the lash had to be repaid to the African negro with another “drawn with the sword.”

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  1. To hell a handful of lazy planters. 75% of Southern white families did not own even one slave. The English aristocracy of the planter class hated and despised the Scots-Irish hillbillies most of whom had been brought over as indentured servants (slaves) and who lit out for the hills as soon a their seven years was up.

    If Lincoln had let the Deep South secede there would have been no Civil War and Tennessee, which originally voted against secession, among other states would never have seceded from the Union. Most states only seceded after Lincoln invaded Virginia.

  2. The Abolitionists and Radical Republicans were and are a minority of the white electorate. Since voters in the South finally came to their senses white men in America now vote about 2 to 1 in favor of Republicans. I daresay it will be by an even greater margin in the next election.

  3. Don’t whine so much about the MSM. The Southern race traitor Ted Turner is the one who jumped on the Jewish bandwagon and built up CNN.

  4. Isn’t it strange how the agenda of this “minority” of abolitionists became synonymous with Union war aims in the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment?

    Isn’t it strange how the minority of Radical Republicans were able to take over Congress and impeach President Andrew Johnson and pass the 14th Amendment and 15th Amendment?

    As for the next election, it will play out like all the other elections, with Yankeeland voting for Obama and to push America in a more liberal and progressive direction and the rest of the country voting for the Republican in a desperate attempt to pull in the opposite direction.

    Seceding from the United States is the only solution to the problem. It is the North that continues to push forward with ever more radical schemes. Just look at “gay marriage” which is the latest popular cause up there.

    If we seceded from the United States, we would quickly move in the opposite direction, as the force that is pulling us in the present direction is clearly and undeniably based in the Northern states.

  5. Whoops.

    Ted Turner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Even if Turner were a Southerner, he hasn’t owned CNN in years. It is also a myth that Jews are behind radical Yankee leftwing politics.

    The Nation, The New York Times, and The New Republic were liberal trailblazers long before the Jews moved to America. Similarly, even BRA was created before millions of Jews moved here from Eastern Europe.

    Anyone can read William Lloyd Garrison and Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson and see the type of intellectual milieu out of which the present system was hatched.

  6. To hell with Prince Hall BRA garbage who were put there by the International Trade Cartel (ITC) which Richard Kelly Hoskins explains so clearly in his work: IN THE BEGINNING. The Bonnie Blue Flag is Ok, but it is nothing like the NEWS FLAG! The NEWS FLAG is hated more by the Dark Forces than any other symbol! NEWS IS THE SPARK TO VICTORY! ITS THE FUTURE; THE WAY; TODAY; TOMORROW AND FOREVER! What is happenning to Whites in South Africa, the Dark Forces want the same here in America. To Hell with ITC and Black Nobility and their insane NEW WORLD ORDER MUD RACE controlled by them! Excellent article HUNTER!

  7. “Ted Turner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.”

    And if you’ve ever been to Cincinnati you would realize how much a part of the South it really is right down to everyones Southern drawl.

  8. “Isn’t it strange how the minority of Radical Republicans were able to take over Congress and impeach President Andrew Johnson and pass the 14th Amendment and 15th Amendment?”

    Not particularly when you consider that the Southern Democrats were all disenfranchised during Reconstruction.

  9. HW,

    Here’s a birthday present for you.

    More relevant to your argument than Finney’s revivalism and Wesleyan perfectionism is the onset of what conservative theologians now call theological liberalism in the 19th century, which was/is largely an attempt to “demythologize” the NT in light of the Enlightenment’s dismissal of “supernatural” categories, and its understanding of the kingdom of God.

    Now, in traditional Christianity the kingdom of God was understood to be a heavenly kingdom in which there would be no more pain, suffering, death, etc. And peoples from all nations would live together in resurrected bodies, and in harmony with each other and with God, in another world (see Revelation 21-22:5). Theological liberalism came along and rejected this sort of otherworldly hope as “supernatural” nonsense and reinterpreted the kingdom of God as something that man was supposed to build on this earth right now. And that instead of waiting for God to bring us to heaven that we must instead allow God to work through us so that we can make heaven on earth.

    I’ll leave it to you to figure out what parts of America embraced theological liberalism and its understanding of the kingdom of God and what parts of America held onto a more traditional understanding of the same.

  10. ah the gentry liberal, so true. but aside from the intellectual “managerial class” in the north, you will find similar anti-negro feelings, but not as pronounced (obviously). the democratic “yankeeland” is a amazing concept and it is quite true, and it is hard for most “non-southerners” to fully reflect on.

  11. HW,

    In short, liberalism in the West is motivated by a desire to realize in this world what traditional Christian hope said would only be realized in another world. This reinterpreting of traditional Christian hope was initially motivated as a response to the Enlightenment critique of the “supernatural” but then morphed into a political movement sometime in the 19th century.

    Happy birthday!

  12. Moronic WNtards are so obsessed with Jewish conspiracies that they fail to identify liberalism as a Western attempt to realize a particular reinterpretation of traditional [Western] Christian hope in the wake of the [Western] Enlightenment.

  13. Ugh,

    Everyone knows that it was the Jews who elevated African-Americans over Whites. Are you saying that slavery was abolished and that blacks were made into American citizens and that the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was written into the Constitution in the form of the 14th and 15th Amendments?

    Are you saying this happened decades before the millions of revolutionary Jews from Eastern Europe started arriving in America en masse?

  14. HW,

    The ultimate irony is that if the WNtards are right (i.e. that Westerners are not shaping history beyond their role as imbecilic puppets of Jewish machinations) then Westerners aren’t worth saving in the first place!

    “Are you saying this happened decades before the millions of revolutionary Jews from Eastern Europe started arriving in America en masse?”

    Hehe. Yeah, something like that.

  15. WNtardism can only acknowledge the present crisis of Western civilization at the cost of denying the responsibility of Westerners in creating that crisis. Part of sustaining that denial involves the reinterpretation of the last few centuries as one big Jewish conspiracy. On the other hand, conservatives are capable of acknowledging Western responsibility in the present crisis but have yet to fully appreciate the extent of it. Either way, its one hard truth too many for both groups.

  16. So, the more ridiculous and delusional the utopian scheme, the greater its appeal to the morally perfected Yankee who was in the possession of god-like powers, and who strove to be as perfect as God, and the succession of these schemes is interpreted as being proof of the “progress” toward the Yankee ideal of sainthood and creating a City on a Hill?

    Thus, we see this succession of crazy radical reform movements in the Northern states (each bleeding into the next social movement) like abolitionism, free love, world peace, temperance, women’s suffrage, feminism, fighting “global climate change,” and “gay rights,” etc.

    What’s the ultimate Yankee utopian social reform movement? Isn’t it “god-like” to save the world by trying to control the climate of the entire planet? Isn’t it “god-like” to declare war on war and war on poverty? Isn’t it a “god-like” crusade to attempt to uplift the African negro to racial equality?

    Where does vegetarianism fit into this picture? What about the Shakers? They died out demonstrating their “god-like” ability to refrain from reproduction!

    Note: Isn’t it also morally outrageous to question the “god-like” powers of the morally perfected Yankee? To make appeals to reality would seem to be a threat to this type of culture.

  17. “Where does vegetarianism fit into this picture?”

    I honestly couldn’t say. All the Yankees I know like medium rare New York steaks!

  18. Vegetarianism isn’t as widespread as the other social movements. It is more of a niche movement for White liberals. Shopping at Whole Foods is more SWPLish.

    Yeah, I always thought that Chicago was famous for its steaks. I’ve always wanted to go to Kansas City (a Heartland city, not part of Yankeeland) to try their steaks and BBQ.

  19. “I’ve always wanted to go to Kansas City (a Heartland city, not part of Yankeeland) to try their steaks and BBQ.”

    LOL Oh, so now we make distinctions about different parts of the North? (as well you should) Remember though that Kansas was full of bloody murderous Jayhawkers!

  20. I’ve always drawn these distinctions here: see my review of American Nations.

    The North and West are several different places: there is Yankeeland, New Netherland, Midlands/Nation of Immigrants/Foundry, Heartland/Breadbasket, Empty Quarter/Far West, Ecotopia/The Left Coast, and Aztlan.

  21. Hunter Wallace says:

    Where does vegetarianism fit into this picture?

    JR (presents a conspiracy theory)

    Hitler was a vegetarian – so most vegetarians are secretly NAZIs!

    Hitler was also an artist – so probably most artists are secretly, evil racist NAZIs.

    Hitler led a “socialist workers party” – so anyone ever accused of being socialist or for “the workers” is also a secret, RACIST NAZI…

    Hmmm… makes ya start to think about a lot of things. Those RACIST, Nazi really get around.


  22. I lived in KC for a while. The steaks are all frozen now.

    The city’s been turned into a ghetto. Not quite as bad as St. Louis but they’re trying. Ironically, the BRA-fleeing Whites have moved from the Missouri side into — Kansas!

  23. HW, speaking of Michael Hill, what say you or somebody of your mold pull a coup on him and turn his embarrassing LOSers into a serious Southern League? Out with the old lady apologetics, in with the mad-as-hell internet-saavy youngsters? It’s waaaaay overdue.

  24. I owe something of a debt to them.

    Many years ago, I stumbled across Clyde Wilson, Michael Hill, Thomas DiLorenzo, and Donnie Kennedy when I first began researching these issues. I was also reading Pat Buchanan at the time.

    They pointed me in the right direction. Even though the League material is seriously watered down for BRA consumption, I developed a passionate interest in nineteenth century America that has never left me.

    The important thing is to get Southerners to take an interest in their heritage. Racial identity is a major aspect of our cultural heritage. Dixie was a White Man’s Country. Everyone knew that at the time.

  25. I joined them when they started up in 94. I threw up and ran the other way when I saw them taking pictures of themselves with H. K. Egerton. A lot of their historical info is bad for the same reason.

    A good homeschooling device that incorporates real history is geneological research, w/ special thanks to the internet.

    Seriously though, being grateful and fighting a war are separate things. No matter the things a man may have done for you, if he’s a bad general he needs to be replaced. If he’s a good man he’ll understand and, in fact, appreciate that. IMO Hill is a man who is interested in history and in politics but not in revolution. IOW he resents that things aren’t the way they were when he was growing up but doesn’t know what to do about it. Whatever anyone’s thoughts about him personally, it’s like a rocket that’ll never reach its full speed until it jettisons the stages that got it to previous levels.

    Frankly, I find it hard to believe that there aren’t tens of thousands of up-and-coming Southerners who’d welcome a real Southern League and which would make the little Hill Club look like peanuts.

  26. What about the National Emancipation of White Seed? The NEWS FLAG? Just a WNtard thing you say? It was before Aryan Nations and even Butler was a member. It was militant, it was real and it was A Southerner White Dixie Movement. Alot of WN people and orginizations were jealous and only want WN Cause and leadership from the North. I have seen no leader that was like Buddy Tucker. He was a fire ball leader. Now he delivers the message. The Bonnie Blue Flag and League of South are OK, but nothing to what NEWS was and will be! NEWS is the Spark to Future and Freedom. So you will say I am just an out dated Red Neck Cracker….Fine I go with NEWS and NEWS IS BACK!

  27. About BRA topic: Is this conspriacy theory or real? Codex Magica by Texx Mars—Malcolm X and Farrankan both PRINCE HALL MASONS! Obama Prince Hall also. Texx Mars book also has picture of Newt Gingrich wearing a Jew Beannie Cap. On Rense.com—now they are saying Malcolm X is Obamas Dad and his true Mother Jo Ann Newman. Also, all the high positions in South Afica are being filled in by Zionist, CIA and Mossad People ( No Christians or White Afrikaners or must be traitor) that there is migration of Luciferians and they are taking over South Africa! Well Hell, what next?

  28. KrollAssociatesDid911 , I agree that it’s a good article. But like all of Hill’s articles it makes a valiant point while dodging the power equation in 2011 BRA. He should be a historian, not claimant to leadership of a Southern revolt. He doesn’t have what it takes.

  29. Your sophisms are too easy to disprove; they are too easily refuted and quite boring.
    We will find more fertile deltas.
    1.African/Afro American was first used in the mid 19th century. forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=260015
    2.USA is a constitutional republic .redstate.com/dhorowitz3/2011/09/16/we-the-people-a-constituional-republic-not-a-democracy
    3.Of the total southern white population of 8,099,760 in 1860, only 384,000 owned slaves spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USASownership.htm

  30. Please, please, secede.

    As rational people, we’re begging you!

    We’ll be better off, and you volks can live in your dystopian dirtwater Republics, and vote for whatever knuckle-dragging caveman you want to.

    We’ll even do an exchange program. Plenty of my Upstate NY neighbors think exactly like you do. And some of my NY City relatives as well.

    You can take your’n from here, give us our’n from there, and we can all leave each other the f*ck alone. Which will be a first.

    This time, we promise we won’t stop you.

    SO GO!

  31. Please stop whining and just secede already. We will be happy to see you go, and happy to stop supporting you financially. G’won g’head, it will be best for everyone.

  32. Site Note: We basically agree with the Daily Kos, Gina and Tacos, Democratic Underground, Digby’s Blog, “Sadly, No” and other leftwing websites linking to this article that American Thinker’s latest article on “How Obama Betrays Martin Luther’s King’s Dream” is ROFL worthy.


    OD is pretty much “The Confederate Thinker.” Browse through our archive. You will find many posts like this one. See especially my commemoration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday.

  33. Gulag, I think secession is one of those things that sounds like a good idea when a person is only talking about it; however, actually doing it is something else again.

    The folks in states making the biggest hoo-haw about wanting to secede might want to consider what they would stand to lose by making such a move:
    No federal highway funds.
    No federal funding for crumbling state infrastructures.
    No federal education funding.
    No national guard.
    No U.S. military.
    No energy subsidies.
    No federal disaster relief.
    No U.S. Postal Service.
    No National Park Service.
    No public libraries.
    No federal environmental protection agencies.
    No receiving more federal monies than most southern states pay in taxes (I live in a northern State that only gets back around 86 cents in bennies for ever tax $1 paid in).
    Not to mention the enormous amount of natural resources within states that have no
    intention of seceding.

    There is more–much more–that southern states stand to lose by going their own way, but it mostly boils down to a quality of life that–now that slavery is not an option–would result in some very severe changes that will not return the South to its former days of white privilege and glory. Can’t happen. All developed nations of the world would never allow it to happen. And without slavery, how could the South–sans slaves–sans sufficient natural resources to support its own economy w/o federal support– hope to become any more wonderful than . . . Somalia?

  34. The folks in states making the biggest hoo-haw about wanting to secede might want to consider what they would stand to lose by making such a move:…Muldoon

    Yea and look what they get to gain, liberty, peace and prosperity for them and their decedents.

    The South is rich in resources, gas, oil and human capital. If we were on our own, we could go after that oil and gas.We could repeal the federal laws that crush manufacturing or maybe just live with in our means and have small lives of quite comfort

    All those things muldoon mentioned would be accomplished by the new governments. Maybe at only the “state” level, or maybe at a semi federal level with a new CSA

  35. Mall Coon, I mean mulcoon,…..You remind me of why I hate this lying, fraudulent, dumbed down, BRA cesspool. Nothing personal, but if you were a proud American that took the time to learn history, you would hate it too. This Government has duped you and you have been living a lie your whole life. By 1860 every State forbid Federally funded projects because the private sector built better roads, railways, and any other type of infrastructure you can think of and they made money while doing it. This Government has you mentally enslaved into thinking that we would be nothing without it. It has totally distorted history and robbed Americans of their Heritage and the glorious successes of free-market capitalism. Everything negative thing that you know about Capitalism (robber barons, monopolies, trusts) is a total lie. This Government has never told the truth about anything that doesn’t give them the glory and the credit. This Government has implemented every toxic Marxist piece of legislation in hopes of collapsing our economy. This Government has done things to our troops and to other freedom seeking nations that would have you wiping your ass with a flag (Stars n Stripes) every time you took a shit. It has financed every Communist nation that has ever existed and it just allows us enough freedom to create the wealth to do it. They keep our economy crippled. This is not America. Free-market Capitalism has been fed every poison pill, that these traitors can feed it. An independent South would have flourished and the North free loaded off of us anyway, by not helping to fund the Fed Government or join the fight in the war of 1812. The North did not want to loose their free ride, that’s why they refused to let us go. The North is one colossal parasite that has been feeding on us and robbing us blind. Now the whole nation exists to keep funding this Gov and their crimes against humanity. The World is their playground for their sadistic experiments and war games. They fear the day, when the South wakes up and the American Spirit gains momentum. They had the audacity to erect a monument to honor Lincoln. The man that inspired Marx.

  36. Just wanted to add, I used the term BRA in my first sentence, but black people are just pawns in the Game that Puritan weasels play. I don’t hate black people, but I’ll talk shit about them. They milk the victim role that the Yankee has given them, but the only thing they are running is their mouth. My hate for the Yankee runs deep in my heritage and pre-dates America. England had Northern Yankee Weasels and a laid back South also. They hated each other so much, they colonized America in the same way. Weasels went to Boston and the men went to Virginia. All this Heritage has been denied us, because the backstabbing, imperialist, do-gooder, hypocrites, have been in charge since Lincoln Uber Alles, the weasel lawyer and original Marxist decided to seize power so they could model America after his Mercantilism practicing Northern England. The shit that Lincoln and Obama do, is straight out of the “Liberal Tyrant Prince Playbook”. It’s a collection of classic writings that teach how to Dupe, Rob, and Rape. Every civilization in the history of mankind has had a Mao or Stalin, and they write a book to add to the collection. Manipulating currency and stealing peoples freedom, using lawyers and politicians was perfected in B.C.. Plato and Aristotle would not believe that people are still giving away their freedom. Plato wrote the original socialist fantasy book, and Aristotle was the Southerner that called him a sick little Yankee prick. We are a nation of idiots and that was done to us on purpose. Obama can get away with anything he wants and blame it on the boogie man. He can win every argument with “They wanna bring back slavery!” My world does not revolve around black people. That is the narrative, that the Liberal Yankee wants to write about me and my Southern Heritage. They don’t run me or my worldview. Black people are a tool in the Yankee bag of tricks. They are used as a distraction and a smokescreen. I don’t hate’em and they don’t run my world. I know all the stereotypical shit they do because I’m observant. I don’t hate a cat, but I know it doesn’t bark. I went to schools that were 95% black and they were taught to hate me and they were taught to hate the South. They are taught to be racist, but that’s OK because it serves the Governments purpose. Homeland Security will never label them on a watch-list.

  37. Damn you Southrons are like women, with your little petty hatreds and ancient gripes. Hatfields, McCoys, Yankees, this, that. Let it go man. What, your culture will be destroyed without your petty gripes to cobble it together? Than what good is it?

    Shit, more I think about it without Yankees to hate you probably would have imploded long ago.

  38. The multiplying nigs then show up on data that suggests southern states are stupid, fat and on welfare.

    Meanwhile reasonably well off whites there are skinned by taxes.

  39. I would like to hear you expound on Aristotle and Plato though, for my further understanding of the North/South dichotomy.

    My personal belief is Christ + Pythagoras = White

  40. preach on brother lsmith8675309; need I remind you Landshark, you do the same thing bitching about how TV is degrading your culture

  41. Plato was a fan of Spartan proto-socialist oligarchic rule. and an enemy of Democratic Athens.

    I’m not sure where Socrates fell in there.

    Aristotle was all about moderation. He didn’t rate deomcracy or absolute monarchs. He liked an aristocracy.

  42. Stone,

    Mass media is degrading to all white culture. Southern and Northern. We all agree on this. We all agree that Hollywood is run by Jews and is a cesspool. That’s not my special gripe.

  43. the thing is, our culture has been under attack longer then there has been TV so perhaps we’re more pissed off about it, more fed up etc etc

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