Secessionists Triumphant

Charting a successful course to disunion

South Carolina

Generation 5 has been inspired by William W. Freehling’s The Road To Disunion: Secessionists Triumphant (reviewed here last year) to pen an excellent article on secession at VDARE.

He divides the secessionist camp into four distinct groups:

(1) Rhetorical Radicals – These men were the visionaries and vanguard of Southern secession like Robert Barnwell Rhett, Edmund Ruffin, and Nathaniel Beverly Tucker who had spent decades as the torch bearers of an independent Southern nation.

Nathaniel Beverly Tucker’s pioneering secessionist novel The Partisan Leader, which was a commercial failure at the time, will be receiving more attention here in the months ahead:

Tucker is probably best remembered for his 1836 novel The Partisan Leader. Set in the United States of 1849, the story depicts a war between secessionist guerrillas in Virginia and a despotic federal government led by President-turned-dictator Martin Van Buren. In Tucker’s future, the slaveholding states south of Virginia have already seceded, driven out of the Union by Van Buren’s centralizing government and exploitative tariff policy. While the Old Dominion itself remains under federal control, the plot of The Partisan Leader concerns the efforts of patriotic Virginian irregulars to defeat government forces and join the independent Southern Confederacy.

At the onset of the American Civil War, the novel was regarded by many in the North and South as a prophetic vision of the collapse of the Union. It was republished in 1861 in New York with the subtitle “A Key to the Southern Conspiracy”; a Richmond edition of 1862 is subtitled “A Novel, and an Apocalypse of the Origin and Struggles of the Southern Confederacy.”

Tucker picked the wrong state: Missouri turned out to be the epicenter of guerrilla warfare.

(2) Reformed Radicals – These men were the pragmatic radicals like William Lowndes Yancey who shared the disunionist vision, but who worked within the mainstream political process to sabotage it and precipitate secession.

(3) Revolutionary Insiders – The revolutionary insiders had not been long time activists in the secessionist movement, but they acted in 1860 at the right moment and provided the material support necessary to fan the flames of secession into a critical mass.

(4) Opportunists – The opportunists were moderates like Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens, and Robert Toombs – members of the Washington establishment in the 1850s, previously known as The Directory – who jumped on the secession bandwagon at the last moment when the movement had grown to a critical mass and secession had become inevitable.

Note: Utah has become the fourth state to be sued by the Justice Department for enforcing federal immigration law. We all know that Georgia or Indiana will be the fifth. As I explained last year, pushing these wedge issues like Arizona-style immigration laws have proven to be an excellent means to expose the tyranny that we are living under.

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  1. The coming disunion will be very interesting to witness. I wonder which state will be the first to say its had enough of this federal bullshit.

  2. DW,

    I personally think that it will be the one with a handful of business or industries that decide they’re better off without than with. State government acting on behalf of its majority economic interest is laughable to me in this day and age. governments at every level are captured, so it will simply be the one that who’s capturer has the most to gain. Tobacco? Maybe one with a big oil industry that stands to access oil trapped under federal lands or EPA obstacles? It won’t be because its citizens are fed up, thats for sure.

    Of course, whichever one it is will need to have the ability to trade and operate independently. So you can scratch the land-locked states. That leaves some of the old confederacy, North Dakota, Alaska and maybe Texas.

  3. “I personally think that it will be the one with a handful of business or industries that decide they’re better off without than with.”

    This is a much more likely scenario than puerile “The South Shall Rise Again” fantasies. A bankrupt and ineffective federal government will be powerless to enforce its absurd reams of taxes and regulations on corporate/local government entities capable of engaging in the productive creation of wealth. Hierarchically constituted and co-operatively aligned new entities will take over as the de facto governments of a failed USA.

  4. “Hierarchically constituted and co-operatively aligned new entities will take over as the de facto governments of a failed USA.”

    That’s a whole new angle, IMO. In that scenario, the U.S. reverts back to what it was in its early days: a loose association of states with little centralized power in the Fed Gov. In which case, there is no reason to break with the union.

    However, as money becomes tight the economic core axis of NY-DC will grab harder for resources which could cause the break. I guess it all depends on how hard the axis of evil (NY-DC) will fight before going down. If they make a desperate grab for taxes, regulations and other BRAesque type things -> state secesseds after industry stirs up the locals. If the power and influence slowly wanes -> states stay in Union but have more control of their own destiny.

  5. KrolAssociatesdid911: Good article. This website gets better every day. The Fed Monster is Babylon The Great Mother Whore. BRA are all PRINCE HALL MASONS put there by the Powers That Be. You are right about bringing in all the other muds to replace the blacks. Hunter has the hottest website that I have seen! Dr. John Coleman is right about the Black Nobilty. The Black Nobility is not Blacks, they are the Royals and Khazar Bankers and we are all their Surfs…………

  6. “A relative had a baby born a few years ago. They were offered to have their baby “chipped” – implanted with a microchiped for tracking/medical files, etc. For free. Soon it will be “heavily encouraged” and probably required for certain schools, jobs, etc.”

    Just on this horrific scenario alone, I would count the South (who has per capita, far more ‘conservative Christians’ than any other area of the US) to secede. This is straight out of the ‘666 paradigms’ known to Dispensationalists and Amillennialists alike.

    Kroll, your negativity sounds more like an operative to squelch vision, rather than someone with a valid opinion. The ‘chip’ thing clearly shows how little you understand either the South, or Christendom.

  7. Kroll is right about ZOG, wrong about non-ZOG. And by the way, the US lost the Vietnam War, and Isramerica is going to lose the Iran War, Big Time: closure of Hormuz Strait means >$300/barrel oil, and goodbye dollar. Subsequent economic collapse, combined with existential political crisis (3-way 2012 election) will lead to 20-25 state secessions by early 2013. First Tuesday in November, 2012. Then: 60 days to Fort Sumter.

  8. KrollAssociatesDid911, I’m interested in your views. Can you elaborate or link? Copy and paste? I’d like to give you my email add but you know what that’d mean. Any way, I’d like to communicate with you.

  9. God, HW, where do you find these youtubes? Great stuff! My three heroes!

    Whoever put this together kept presenting a picture of Louis Wigfall. w/o explanation. Wigfall was another prominent fire-eater, but was not introduced in the video.

  10. North Dakota can’t go it owns way; no ports, to easy to seal off

    IMO, the South won’t be able to secede again until the USA is breaking apart under its own corrupt weight. Maybe it will be Texas or one of gulf states that goes 1st so they can exploit their oil wealth, but once one Southern state goes, the rest will follow. Maybe not MD, FLA or northern VA since those states are already over run with foreigners.

    The South has a lot going for it in this regard. Oil and gas, farm land, industry, more military vets then any other region and of course a lot folks who are fed up with BRA and a history of doing it before

    However, if/ when it happens, no one will be really happy about. It won’t be interesting or fun

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