Aftershock: Beyond The Civil War


Here’s another BRA documentary about Reconstruction: in the second video, we hear the origins of the “Civil Rights Movement” in the opposition of the Radical Republicans to the Southern black codes.

The violence in the South during Reconstruction is reminiscent of the chaos unleashed in Iraq or Kosovo under the American occupation. Next year, I’m looking forward to reviewing The Revolution of 1861: The American Civil War in the Age of Nationalist Conflict.

Note: The rise of the Ku Klux Klan and the White League is also covered. In the third video, you can watch the New Orleans Riot of 1866. See what happens to the scalawags and carpetbaggers.

In Tennessee, Bloody Bill Brownlow threatens to execute Tennessee state legislators (fourth video) who refused to vote for the Fourteenth Amendment. This is how Tennessee is restored to the Glorious Union and the Klan is born. In the sixth video, the Klan wages war against the carpetbagger D.P. Upham and Reconstruction in Arkansas.

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  2. Parson Brownlow not only actively prevented ex-Rebels from voting he even illegaly threw out the ballots of his fellow Republicans who were not of the Radical Republican faction.

    Ironically, Tennessee’s early re-entry into the Union facilitated the restoration of the ex-Rebels voting rights and as a result Tennessee swept pro-white Democrats into power in 1869 and they immediately started reversing Reconstruction laws by repealing legislation for Negro education and establishing poll taxes and literacy requirements as conditions for voting.

    A good CSPAN type video lecture by Professor Stephen Ash of the University of Tennessee on the career and times of Parson Brownlow can be seen here:

  3. (1) OD readers can meet Bloody Bill Brownlow in the fourth video.

    (2) Bloody Bill Brownlow threatened to murder Tennessee state legislators who refused to vote for the Fourteenth Amendment.

    (3) As noted earlier, East Tennessee was the biggest anti-Confederate stronghold in the South. This created a unique situation where under Lincoln’s 10 percent plan Tennessee was turned over to a Unionist dictatorship.

    (4) Tennessee was the only ex-Confederate state that was not placed under Military Reconstruction. That was because Brownlow’s Unionist dictatorship voted for the Fourteenth Amendment which was rejected by Kentucky, Delaware, and Maryland.

    (5) The 14th Amendment disenfranchised ex-Confederates and enfranchised “African-Americans” as voters.

    Under this Radical scheme, South Carolina was readmitted to the Union with the support of around 130 Whites in the entire state, most of whom were carpetbaggers. Less than 10 percent of Whites in Alabama voted to rejoin the Union. A quarter of Whites in North Carolina voted to rejoin the Union.

    (6) Reconstruction was only partially reversed: the 13th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, and the 15th Amendment are still part of the Constitution. The Southern states were also forced back into the Union at gunpoint. The term “Reconstruction” refers to the political reconstruction of the Union and it was successful in that critical sense.

    (7) The Radical Republicans impeached President Andrew Johnson for opposing their plan to “Africanize the Southern states.”

    (8) What happened to the anti-Confederate Unionists in places like Tennessee and Kentucky? Reconstruction so thoroughly discredited Yankees by making blacks into citizens that the South effectively became a one-party state. The parts of the South that had fought for the Union became Jim Crow states.

  4. “What happened to the anti-Confederate Unionists in places like Tennessee and Kentucky?

    Tennessees 1st Congressional District has been held continuously by either Unionist Party or Republican Party representatives since 1859. Tennessee has always elected a larger number of republicans to Congress than the rest of the Confederacy. Now that most white Southerners have switched over to the Republican Party I expect Eastern Tennessee will keep voting Republican for many more years to come.

    Under the failed policies of the BRA I expect to see white blue-collar (Reagan) Democrats in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to start voting more reliably Republican too. This doesn’t bode well for Obama in the 2012 election.

  5. Your right Hunter: If South Won we would not live in a world like we live in now. Check out JAMES P. and his latest Topics, Free Speech and Teutonic Warrior Chick….

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